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If you are looking to add a little oomph to your look, you can’t go wrong with a volumising spray, foam or mousse. There are many formulas from premium hair care brands, so there is sure to be one to suit your hair type and purposes.


Need something that will hold your hairstyle from work meetings to after-work drinks? A volumising spray will give you lift and hold all day long. Eleven Australia is one of our most popular hair product brands. They have a product for every hair type.

Add some texture and volume with I Want Body Texture Spray, a powder and liquid combination hair spray from Eleven. For oily hair, the Eleven I Want Body Volume Powder provides a dry & gritty texture look, removing excess shine. If your hair is fine, perhaps a lightweight volumising foam, like the I Want Body Volume Foam will do the trick.

Curly hair really benefits from a volumising mousse, with a flexible hold and curl defining qualities. The massive range of gorgeous haircare products available at Adore Beauty is sure to contain something perfect for your luscious tresses.

Adore Beauty’s skincare, haircare and makeup collections are full of thousands of quality products. If you need help deciding which are best for your skin and hair type, send our expert team a message. Shop now and pay later with the convenience of Afterpay.

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O&M Desert Dry Volumising Dry Texture SprayO&M Desert Dry Volumising Dry Texture Spray
O&M Original & Mineral
O&M Desert Dry Volumising Dry Texture Spray

Not for me

This would be great for blondes as a texture spray. It doesn't do anything for me as a dry shampoo and leaves a white cast in my brunette hair.
Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising PasteChristophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste
Christophe Robin
Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste


While I wanted to give it a 5 stars, but I may have to down a star because it does dry ur hair and makes it tangle, I also found the result seems to be a bit better to not use a conditioner afterwards, the effect lasts about 2-3 days (even with hair washed daily with normal shampoo).

With drying and hair tangle being said, I kinda feel like that’s how it creates that effect though, I don’t mind it and I kinda like it, it smells divine, a full head or rosey smell, goodness me, French people are good!!
evo haze styling powder refillevo haze styling powder refill
evo haze styling powder refill


This is the best texture product I’ve tried. Helps bring life to my fine (and flat) hair, adding volume and texture.
evo haze styling powder pump 50mlevo haze styling powder pump 50ml
evo haze styling powder pump 50ml

Must buy

I have really fine hair and this gave me volume all day and if you rub it again it works, AGAIN! I’m always skeptical of reviews I always think it’s the company writing them but this little blonde is all for this product!! Buy it!