How To Keep Your Hair Straight and Sleek

Straight, sleek, glass hair is on trend, but achieving that Kim K inspired look is not as easy as it seems, even with the best of stylers.

In this routine Natalie Anne shows us how to perfect this straight and lifted style with the ghd platinum+ white hair styler so you can master the technique of achieving smooth, straight hair without catching, frizz or flyaways.

These straightening tips will elevate your look, keep your hair straight and help you protect your hair against heat damage

Sleek, Snatched Hair Tutorial with Natalie Anne

How to Get Sleek Straight Hair at Home

Step 1: Start with a heat protectant

Step 1: Start with a heat protectant

Start by protecting your hair with a thin layer of the ghd Heat Protect Spray 10-15 cm away from your head, combing it through your hair so it is evenly distributed. You can do this step before you blowdry your hair. Section the top of your hair with crocodile clips.

Step 2: Hair contouring

Step 2: Hair contouring

Section the hair so when you pull it back it will lift the cheek bone. This is usually the 2cm of hair just above your ear, at the front of your face. This will accentuate your highlight. Do this on both sides of your head and pull it as tight as you want it before tying it with a clear, snag free elastic.   

Step 3: Let the top section down

Step 3: Let the top section down

Let the top section of the hair down so it is covering the pulled back section and get ready to straighten your hair. 

Step 4: Start styling 

Step 4: Start styling 

Section your hair again to start styling on one side first. Take a small section and a comb and begin by combing through the hair from the root before following up with the ghd platinum+ white hair styler. Take it slowly and be gentle for optimal results. Repeat in small sections on both sides of the hair until the look is complete.

Step 5: Fix frizz and flyaways

Step 5: Fix frizz and flyaways

A great tip for those who find that hairspray ruins the softness of their look is to apply it with a fluffy makeup brush. Applying ghd Final Fix Hairspray will lightly smooth the hair and get rid of frizz and flyaways. Otherwise you can use a toothbrush or similarly shaped edges brush for the hair.

Step 6: Cover the bump

Step 6: Cover the bump

Cover the bump of the small high pony by taking the back of the hair in small sections and lightly back comb it towards the root with hairspray and a small comb. This will create enough height and volume to hide the bump.

How do I keep my hair straight for longer?

If you like this sleek, straight look, you probably want to know how to keep it that way for longer.

The key to maintaining a straightened effect is in the pre-styling steps. Start by making sure your hair is adequately cleansed, and use a quality heat protectant before styling to keep hair frizz free. 

If you are still struggling to keep your hair straight, try using some light hold hair spray as Natalie Anne shows us in this routine. 

Styling Tips:

  • Try straightening your hair in smaller sections.

  • For straight, shiny hair, straighten small sections slowly. Take your time!

  • Don’t use too much tension on your iron, gentle is better!

This routine was transcribed by India Williams

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