How to Give Your Hair Volume With This French Girl Technique

As Christophe Robin says: “French girls never have flat hair”. So, if you have thin or fine hair and want volume that lasts, you might want to try this technique.

Christophe Robin is an expert colourist and hairstylist who has designed a range of hair products that help transform hair with a range of needs and concerns

This volumising ritual is no different, and has been tried and tested by our Beauty Editor Joanna Fleming, with impressive results.

How to Add Volume and Texture to Fine Hair:

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How to add volume to fine hair?

Volumising hair is all about using the right products, with the right techniques. You’re going to want to keep everything lightweight, deeply cleanse the hair, and use the right tools to create a breezy blow out. 

This routine will show you how to get full, voluminous hair using products from Christophe Robin’s volumising range

Step 1: A nourishing deep cleanse

Step 1: A nourishing deep cleanse

Nothing boosts the body and shine of your hair like the Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste, which emulsifies when you apply it to the scalp. This gentle formula diminishes build up, absorbing excess oil with the inclusion of Rhassoul Mineral Clay. 

Use this product once or twice a week instead of shampoo. Simply place a teaspoon amount of product into your hand and later it up before rubbing your palms together before applying it to wet hair. Massage the product into your hair and let it foam before rinsing it out thoroughly.

Step 2: A lightweight conditioner

Step 2: A lightweight conditioner

Add a lightweight and nourishing conditioner to your routine like the Christophe Robin Volumising Conditioner. This formula softens and protects the colour of your hair using botanical extracts to improve your hair’s health, strength and boost volume. 

Apply to the lengths and ends of your hair, leave in briefly, detangle and rinse out. 

Step 3: A volumizing mist

Step 3: A volumizing mist

Next, apply the Christophe Robin Instant Volumising Mist with Rose liberally to the roots and lengths of your hair before massaging in the product with your fingers to improve absorption. This fine rose scented mist will give your hair a huge amount of lift and hydration, without the grit of conventional styling products. 

Step 4: A brilliant blow out

Step 4: A brilliant blow out

The key to a brilliant blowout is to use the right tools. For voluminous hair we recommend pairing the ghd Helios hairdryer Black with the evo bruce 28 natural boar bristle brush. This combination is guaranteed to take your hair to new heights as fine hair certainly benefits from the volumizing effects of a boar bristle brush.

The Final Look:

The Final Look:

This super voluminous, glossy blowdry was created with the lovely team @quecolour

Volume Boosters:

  • Make sure you use a hair scrub or mask that is going to eliminate build up for ultimate volume.

  • A powerful blow dryer like the ghd Helios hairdryer is a sure fire way to boost volume in limp locks. 

  • Avoid heavy thickening products that may in fact weigh hair down.

This routine was transcribed by India Williams

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