How to Create Beachy Waves Using Mr. Smith

Create beautiful tousled waves with help from Creative Director, Freda Rossidis from Mr. Smith Hair.

Freda Rossidis, Creative Director at Mr. Smith, shares her top tips on how to create effortless beach waves using the best of Mr. Smith’s styling products for volumising thin hair.

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This simple hair routine will leave your hair instantly volumised, so even those with thin and fine hair can add some extra dimension and texture to their look.  Adore Beauty are an exclusive stockist of Mr. Smith Products, carrying their range of incredible sulphate free shampoos, body wash and hair styling products

How To Easily Style Thin Hair Using Mr. Smith

The products you'll need to create beachy waves using Mr. Smith...

How Do I Transform Fine, Limp Hair into Tousled, Beachy Waves?

Create effortless beachy waves on fine hair by manipulating your hair with styling products that give you the shape and control you want. Even those with the limpest locks can follow this easy routine, using Mr. Smith products to achieve these gorgeous beach waves. 

Mr Smith Styling TutorialMr Smith Styling Tutorial

Step 1: Start with The Foundation 

Step 1: Start with The Foundation 

Mr. Smith The Foundation provides a great base for styling, giving the hair a lot of substance, grit and texture. We recommend applying this hero product from roots to ends. You can apply this on wet or dry hair, however applying it to dry hair gives it more grit. Like any product with a fixative, it is important to make sure you brush it through with a brush or a comb. This impressive product also doubles as a heat protectant!

Step 2: Blow Dry and Begin Shaping the Waves

Step 2: Blow Dry and Begin Shaping the Waves

When you begin blow drying your hair, start moulding it into the desired shape. Bend, twist and scrunch your hair into place, going section by section, instead of blasting it all at once.

Step 3: Create Soft Waves with a Curling Iron

Step 3: Create Soft Waves with a Curling Iron

To create beautiful, effortless waves Frieda uses the ghd curve classic curl tong 26mm. Always start at the front of your hair taking small, vertical sections and wrap them around the wand. Always takes your first two sections back, without leaving the iron in there for too long. Then, start alternating the direction you wrap your hair around the wand for natural looking waves. Polish the ends by slightly curling them so they are not just straight. Remember to keep the angle of your curling wand vertical, and importantly, consistent!

Step 4: Smooth Hair Out with a Serum 

Step 4: Smooth Hair Out with a Serum 

Start with two drops of the heavenly scented Mr. Smith Serum. Start at your roots and work through to the ends, in sections. Then shake out your hair to see the results. 

Step 5: Boost Volume with a Texturising Spray

Step 5: Boost Volume with a Texturising Spray

Finish off your look and create instant volume with Mr. Smith Texture Spray. Concentrate the spray on the roots and spray just a small amount onto the ends. 

Hot Hair Tips: 

  • Always remember to brush through fixative products with a brush or a comb.

  • When trying this routine on curly/frizzy hair you must towel dry it, distribute Mr. Smith The Foundation through the hair evenly, comb it and twist it! Remember to avoid brushing it through your hair, and avoid trying to manipulate it as it dries, just let it sit and form. 

  • When creating a natural look with a curling iron take the first two sections from the front, back and then start alternating for an effortless wave. 

  • Always keep the direction and angle of your curling wand consistent. 

  • Create an effortless evening look by pulling this hairstyle back into a ponytail or knot, using a small amount of Mr. Smith Leave In to keep things sleek and smooth.

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