What's the Best Flat Iron or Straightener for Curly, Frizzy Hair?

Changing up your hairstyle is always fun. If you have curly hair, there's no easier way to transform your look than with a straightener.

You should always consider your hair type when picking out hot tools. If you have frizz-prone hair, you can learn what to look for in an effective straightener.


Cloud Nine Wide IronCloud Nine Wide Iron

Straightener Plate Materials

Ceramic plates are the most popular, as they're designed to glide smoothly over hair with even heating. No cold or hot spots! Ceramic straighteners are also great at locking in moisture and adding shine to the hair.

Titanium plates are smooth metal plates that transfer heat more quickly than ceramic plates do. However, titanium straighteners can be slightly more difficult to use, as their super efficiency may cause overheating and hair damage.

Tourmaline plates are found on the most expensive straighteners, as they're the most technically sophisticated. Tourmaline emits a huge amount of negative ions, which help to reduce frizz and leave your hair looking even smoother after straightening.

Which plate should I go for if I have curly, frizzy hair?

Tourmaline straighteners are particularly good for those with curly, frizzy hair, as they're highly effective even at a lower temperature. We also recommend ceramic plates, as they don't dehydrate your hair as much during straightening.

The Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Straightener features a ceramic plate with a tourmaline surface. You get the benefits of tourmaline without the steep price.


The secret is out - get the hair styler that everyone is talking about. Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Straightener has a specialised Accelerator Microchip to give it incredible heat acceleration to your ideal temperature. Featuring a digital display so you have complete control of your at-home hair styling experience.

Wide Plates or Original?

When shopping for a new flat iron, you may notice that many come with a wide-plate option at no extra cost. Wide plates are great for coarse, thick, or long hair, as they provide more grip and let you straighten more hair at one time. You can easily cut down the time it takes to straighten your hair with wider plates.

Our staff favourite for curly hair is the Cloud Nine Wide Iron, which combines ceramic technology for smoother hair, and wider plates so you can get the job done quicker.

The Cloud Nine Wide Iron has all the fantastic technology of the Cloud Nine Iron but with wider plates. Ideal for very long, thick, or curly hair, the width of the irons allows you to style more hair, faster.

Let's talk heat!

If you have frizz-prone hair, then you will want to use the lowest straightening temperature possible, as heat damage can cause frizz. However, the curlier your hair, the more heat you need to actually straighten your strands. So if you have curly, frizzy hair, you may feel like you're in a bit of a catch-22!

The best thing to do is to protect your hair well prior to straightening. Always use a heat protectant such as evo icon welder heat protection mist before using hot tools, and apply a serum to help smooth hair. We recommendO&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum, which works in conjunction with hot tools.

Investing in a better quality flat iron, or one with tourmaline technology, will help you get up to those high heats without causing the damage that an uneven metal plate may.

If you have fine and curly hair, you want to choose a straightener with adjustable temperatures. This way, you can change the heat as you straighten, depending on the texture and density of your hair. We recommend the Cloud C9 Nine Iron, which has low, medium, and high heat settings.

Utilising state of the art temperature control technology, this revolutionary styler creates effortless looks in an instant- without the fried locks you’ve come to expect from other styling irons.

The Final Thing to Remember

If you do suffer from frizz, your hair is probably dehydrated and could be damaged. Straightening damaged hair is never recommended. We advise you focus on rehydrating your hair before turning to a flat iron. Browse our products for dry and damaged hair to get your mane back into shape.