We've Found the Best Combs for Curly Frizzy Hair

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt when it comes to managing curly hair is that it’s all about using the right tools.

To comb hair or brush hair? That is the question!

Curls are different to straight hair. Brushing or combing your hair can quickly go from harmless task to frizz attack.

Sometimes, even simple detangling becomes a disaster.

Grooming curly hair might seem like hard work, but we just need to understand that it can be fragile.

Curly hair fibres are irregular in shape (elliptical) and texture. This means the hair shaft can have ‘high spots’ where the cuticle is lifted slightly higher in some areas than in other areas.

The cortex of the hair becomes randomly exposed, thus vulnerable to damage, humidity, and dehydration. This is why, when you use a hard brush on it, your hair may freak out and get super-frizzy.

The brush disrupts and breaks the individual curls, stretching their structure, which leads to frizz and damage.

What's the Best Comb for Curly Frizzy Hair?

It depends on your curl type and what you’re using a comb for (e.g., detangling vs styling). But the safest option is a wide tooth comb. Wide teeth will glide through your hair without breaking up your beautiful curls.

Whether you want to achieve well-defined curls or sleek, smooth hair, follow our tips and tricks on how to correctly comb curly hair.

Combing is the perfect multitasking shower activity. We often get asked, Is it bad to comb wet hair? Truth is, yes it can be damaging for other hair types but when it comes to curly hair, it's better to comb it when wet.

The best way to comb curly hair without making it frizzy is to comb it when wet and (preferably) with some conditioner on it.

The secret of how to comb hair properly is to start by combing just the ends and gradually move up. First, comb through any knots in the lower sections of your hair. Work your way up with a wide tooth comb for curly hair, being gentle and holding your hair in place to put less stress on those strands.

In this scenario, always opt for a comb, as it’s gentler on the structure of curly hair. 

The Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb works on all curly hair types—fine, thick, frizzy. This anti tangle comb can be used for tidying wigs and hair extensions too. The wide spacing of the teeth lets you comb curls easily when they’re wet. This comb moves through curly hair easily without snagging or breaking it.

If you’re a little more #HighMaintenance and a regular comb just won’t cut it, reach for the Janeke Gold Large Wide Tooth Comb, which is handcrafted with 24-karat gold. Suitable for all hair types, including very curly, tightly coiled hair, this anti-frizz comb won’t cause breakage of your beautiful curls.

We've Found the Best Combs for Curly Frizzy Hair_woman with coiled curly hair_1080x900We've Found the Best Combs for Curly Frizzy Hair_woman with coiled curly hair_1080x900

Wait, does that mean I can never comb my hair when it’s dry?

Honestly, if you want to avoid frizzing up your curly locks, you probably don't want to be combing it when your hair is dry.

But if you don't have time for a full hair washing session and still need to do some detangling, we recommend doing so by getting the hair damp first. Using a detangling spray or nourishing hair oil will help lubricate your curls and prevent damage.

And opt for a wooden wide tooth comb to prevent breakage as much as possible.

A wooden comb is gentle on the scalp and helps distribute sebum, preventing your hair from drying out.

You may be thinking, Is a plastic comb good for hair? A plastic comb can be too tough, producing static electricity in the hair and potentially breaking your locks.

As curly hair is more sensitive when dry, the main factor in how to comb curly hair without it getting frizzy, is to be gentle.

Comb your hair with care and don’t get too rough with those knots; it’ll only lead to frizz and split ends.

If you hit a snag, use your fingers to gently separate and detangle. Then use the comb to finish.

One of the best anti frizz combs for dry curly hair is the evo Roy Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb. Made from FSC-certified, sustainably grown hardwood, this anti-static comb is perfect for detangling your mane. Use your favourite styling product with this comb for frizzy hair to distribute the product evenly.

Do guys with curly hair have to follow the same rules?

The same rules apply on how to comb curly hair for males. After shampooing and conditioning, comb sections of your hair until knots are removed.

This elegant tool is handmade with smooth, tapered teeth (less snagging!) and rounded edges to stop breakage. Perfect for slipping into your pocket to keep your locks in place throughout the day. If your hair is particularly troublesome, you can also spray a leave-in conditioner onto the comb to further protect your locks.

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