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Colour Maintenance

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Colour Maintenance

Luxe Colour Maintenance
Nothing beats changing things up and going for a new hair colour. Whether you're just switching it up for the season or fancy a completely different long-term look, a new hair colour can take years off and give your overall style a fresh edge. Whilst your new hair colour won't last forever (and that's part of the fun, right?) you can help prolong the hue and eliminate any unwanted tones. Our Luxe colour-maintenance collection ensures that your hair retains its brand-new colourations AND nourishes your locks in the battle against colour damage. Our top-of-the-line haircare for coloured tresses can also bring that salon experience to your home every day, so you don't have to wait for your colour touch-ups to pamper yourself! Whether you're on a mission to keep brassy tones out of your new blonde locks, maintain the vivid flame of your red hair, or make a slight change in colour temperature, our Luxe colour-maintenance products ensure your hair colour stays exactly how you want it between processing. From colour-retaining shampoos and conditioners to intensifiers and hydrating hair masks, our Luxe range helps you keep your new favourite shade as long as possible!
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Professional Colour Maintenance
When using a DIY hair dye, you run the risk of uneven results. Boxed hair colours can also be incredibly damaging to hair. We always advise you pay a visit to your salon if you're after professional results when it comes to your dye job. However, if you want to maintain your new colour and keep it looking vivid and fresh, our Professional colour-maintenance range gives you those desirable salon results in between visits. If you want to rehydrate and repair after colouring damage, we've got plenty of masks and treatments to restore your hair to its naturally healthy condition once more. You may notice some unwanted colour tones coming through. We have treatments available to fight any brassy, coppery, or ashy cast that may pop up in between dyes. We also have products that intensify your hair colour or switch up the colour temperature subtly. Of course, if you just want to retain your gorgeous new hair colour, reach for a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner to lock everything into place. Whilst the salon is the best place to deal with actual hair colouring, you can maintain that colour at home with our Professional haircare range.
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Essentials Colour Maintenance
Nothing beats the feeling of a brand-new hair colour, a complete change in identity, and a fresh start all round! However, very quickly, you may notice your new colour starting to fade, developing unwanted tones, and generally losing the oomph that it once had. Fixing up your new hair colour doesn't have to mean another expensive, time-consuming visit to the salon. You can maintain your hair colour at home with our Essentials colour-maintenance collection and prolong the time between your salon visits. If you have coloured hair, your haircare routine should reflect that. You now need to rehydrate and nourish the hair after the damaging colouring process so you can keep your hair colour bright and healthy-looking. Our Essentials range helps you look after damaged, coloured hair and eliminate any unwanted colour tones, all at affordable prices. Whether you're switching up your shampoo and conditioner, or using in-between salon treatments to keep your colour lasting, you shouldn't have to spend a fortune on maintaining the hair colour you already paid so much to achieve. Shop our Essentials range to find the perfect products for your new hair colour.
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