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Here you’ll find everything you need in terms of coloured hair, from purple shampoos to keep your blonde looking fresh, to at-home colour, to root touch-up products for when your hair has grown out. Coloured hair takes a bit of admin, but we think you’ll agree, it’s worth it when you get your shade just right. Maybe you’re a creamy blonde, maybe you’re a sassy red, maybe you’re all about a rich espresso brown. No matter your hue, we’ve got what you need.


How do I take care of coloured hair?


With great delicacy, is the short answer. Coloured hair needs gentle treatment, so as to avoid fading and damage. Christophe Robin Colour Shield is worth checking out, as is Pureology Strength Cure. You want gentle cleansing, and good nutrition, without stripping your hair of its moisture and colour.


Of course, there’s also colour maintenance to consider. We’ve got a wide range of toning shampoos and treatments to keep your colour looking vibrant. Blondes tend to have a lot of time for KEVIN.MURPHY Blonde.Angel.WashKérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet, and ELEVEN Keep My Colour Treatment Blonde, among others. On top of that, hair of just about every shade will find a colour-boosting treatment in the evo Fabuloso range. From platinum to mahogany to copper, it’s a pretty extensive range, and these conditioners seriously work.


What about when my roots are growing out?


First of all, we feel your pain. There’s always that week or so before your appointment when things start looking a little bit less than fresh around the root. Good news: we’ve got some very effective and easy-to-use root touch-up products to see you through. Try ColorWOW Root Cover Up if you prefer a powder application - it comes in 8 shades and lasts through exercise and even swimming. For those who prefer a spray, there’s Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray, which comes in 5 shades. Too good.


What colour should I dye my hair?


This is a supremely personal choice, and it depends on a number of factors. Will you be colouring it yourself, or visiting a professional? How much upkeep are you realistically going to do? Do you want a bold new look, or just a bit of an update?


There’s some real soul-searching to be done here, but remember: going blonde is best left to the professionals, red hues need a fair amount of maintenance, and you can’t put a lighter colour on top of a darker one. You’ve got this.


How do I dye my hair at home?


Carefully, friends. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got old clothes and towels on hand, first up, and please do use gloves. Remember that longer, thicker hair may require two boxes of dye, and follow all the instructions that come with the pack. Processing times and exact instructions will vary depending on whether you’re using semi permanent or permanent dye, and whether you’ve coloured your hair before.


With all of that out of the way: excellent results are absolutely possible. Check out our BeautyIQ video on the subject over here.

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Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo 300ml
Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo 300ml

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Got this after my dyed brown hair (was a blonde) was fading. It much such a big difference and pro-longed me having to go back to the salon. Highly recommend. The only thing I don't love is the smell but at the end of the day if it improves my colour I really don't care!
ELEVEN Keep My Colour Treatment Blonde
ELEVEN Australia
ELEVEN Keep My Colour Treatment Blonde

Best beachy blonde

I have tried alot of blonde treatments and this is by far my favourite. Great if you like beachy blonde hair
Fanola No Orange Shampoo - 1000ml
Fanola No Orange Shampoo - 1000ml

Smells terrible!

Lathers nicely, but they couldn’t have picked a more disgusting scent, it smells just like men’s Lynx deodorant. I’ve only had one wash with it so far so it’s too soon to say if it is working

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