What Straightener Plate Size Is Best for My Hair?

The right flat iron can give you straight, sophisticated locks with a luxuriously glossy shine. Like all heated styling tools, though, flat irons pose an unfortunate dilemma: the heated plates can dry your hair, producing breakage and damage that undoes the shine you hope to achieve.

Choosing the right plate size for your hair texture, hair length, and styling needs can help you reduce damage whilst still achieving envy-inducing locks. Here's what you need to know.


What Straightener Plate Size Is Best for My Hair?


Why Straightener Plate Size Matters

It's simple physics: the larger the plates are, the more heat will be applied to your hair. Larger plates also make it easier to style larger sections of hair. If you have very coarse or curly hair, large plates produce results more quickly and eliminate the need to straighten the same section of hair repeatedly.

Smaller plates, by contrast, are less damaging, since they expose each section of hair to slightly less heat for a slightly shorter period.

Plate size isn't the only factor affecting heat concentration and damage. The type of plate can affect how evenly heat is applied to your hair, how damaging the heat is, and how quickly the straightener heats up.


What Straightener Plate Size Is Best for My Hair?


Which Plate Size Is Right for My Straightener?


One-inch straightener plates are the most common and popular option because they work for most hair types. These straighteners balance effective straightening with minimal damage. If you're new to straighteners or not sure which size will work for you, try the ghdV Gold Series Classic Straightener Styler 24 mm.

A slimmer straightener such as the Cloud Nine C9 Micro Straightener could be an excellent choice if:

  • You frequently travel and need a portable straightener.
  • You have very fine hair that is easily straightened.
  • You have damaged hair and want to minimise heat-styling time.
  • Your hair is mostly straight and just needs a quick run-through to adopt the texture you want.
Some people need a true workhorse, such as the ghd V Gold Professional Max Styler. Consider wider plates if:
  • Your hair is coarse or very thick.
  • Your hair is curly and tends to be difficult to straighten.
  • Your have strong, resilient hair that isn't prone to damage or breakage.
  • Your hair tends to get frizzy as the day goes on.
  • You can easily go two days between shampoos.

Working With a Straightener That's Not Ideal


Maybe you've already shelled out for a costly flat iron, only to realise it's not the right choice for your hair. Learn from your mistakes and remember that a quality straightener will last for years and reduce damage to your hair.

It's worthwhile to take some time to research your options and save your money. You can get it right this time! In the meantime, these tips can save your hair:

  • Use a thermal protectant every time you straighten.ghd Heat Protect Spray is a great choice.
  • Reduce your reliance on your straightener by shampooing only every other day. The additional oil your hair accumulates will protect it, and your style will last longer.
  • Straighten your hair in small sections so that you only need to straighten each section once. Repeatedly running the same section of hair through a straightener can produce incredible breakage.

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