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Finding the right hair brush for your luscious locks can be difficult, but it is difficult to go wrong with our range of quality paddle brushes.


If you have thick hair, look for paddle brushes with stiff, synthetic bristles that will help to detangle your locks.


Boar Bristle brushes like the evo Conrad Boar Bristle Paddle Brush, are perfect for people with oily roots and dry ends, moving natural oils down the shaft of your hair follicles while you brush. Use the Conrad Boar Bristle brush to smooth flyaways and frizz when creating a elegant updo look.


If you’re looking for a brush to use while you blow-dry a vented brush may be more appropriate. Adore Beauty also stocks a range of hair styling appliances, including hair straighteners, curling irons and savvy hairdryers.


Looking for premium haircare brands? Adore Beauty stocks only the best, from GHD, evo and Aveda. Shop your favourite brand quickly and easily and get expert advice from our team.


Take a look at our collection of luxurious haircare and first-class skincare products today. Whatever your hair type or texture, our products are sure to please. Shop now and pay later with the convenience of Afterpay and get free shipping with every order.

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MOROCCANOIL Ceramic Paddle BrushMOROCCANOIL Ceramic Paddle Brush
MOROCCANOIL Ceramic Paddle Brush


This is actually quite a good paddle brush but to say it's a "ceramic" paddle brush seems a bit of a push. I can't tell which part of it is ceramic!
The Wet Brush Epic Deluxe Rose Gold Quick DryThe Wet Brush Epic Deluxe Rose Gold Quick Dry
The Wet Brush
The Wet Brush Epic Deluxe Rose Gold Quick Dry

Great brush

I bought the black flexi wet brush a while ago and it is amazing at brushing out stubborn knots without hurting. I even used it on my 4 yr old who has a very sensitive scalp. So I bought her this one so she has her own, but this ones more rigid and has a different feel. Still great, but we prefer the original one.

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