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Glasshouse A TAHAA AFFAIR Candle 380g 380g

4.8 of 91 reviews


4 instalments of $12.49

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4 instalments of $12.49

Or 4 instalments of $12.49 with LEARN MORE

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Experience the luscious blend of caramel and vanilla that is Glasshouse A Tahaa Affair Candle. A long-time Glasshouse fan favourite, this sweet and sensual candle evokes the luxury of a Polynesian sunset.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Glasshouse A TAHAA AFFAIR Candle 380g Reviews

4.8 of 91 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I'm not usually drawn to sugary sweet scents, but this candle is something special! It's very strong and I only burn it for an hour at a time, but it makes my whole apartment smell delicious! The caramel notes are particularly strong. An absolute dream of a scent!

Most Helpful Criticism



It's hard to criticise what is undoubtedly the best seller in the Glasshouse range, however this scent is far too sweet for my liking. The product itself is of the usual high quality expected from Glasshouse and the component is gorgeous as ever. The scent is VERY over powering with strong notes of caramel and burnt sugar. Definitely not one for me!! :( sorry GH!!!
  1. Sweet


    verified purchaser
    I'm not usually drawn to sugary sweet scents, but this candle is something special! It's very strong and I only burn it for an hour at a time, but it makes my whole apartment smell delicious! The caramel notes are particularly strong. An absolute dream of a scent!
  2. Scents the room without even being lit


    This candle is hands down one of the strongest-fragranced I've ever owned - but in a good way, because it smells delicious. Honestly it's sometimes enough to just take off the lid and not burn it, because it still fills the room with that perfect vanilla caramel combo.
  3. Such a lovely scent


    To me, this smells like fresh cookies baking in the oven on a rainy day. Perfect for relaxing with family and friends, this one is an all time favourite by many.
  4. Delish


    Amazing smelling candle. New formula not as good as before though.
  5. All Time Favourite Perfume


    This cancel smells so delicious. It is super strong so it lingers all day. If you like gourmand scents you’ll love this candle. It is super sweet and creamy. A little expensive for a candle but worth it, it last ages and smells amazing
  6. One of my favs!


    This is one of my tried and true favs! A beautiful scent that smells so luxe, it is the perfect addition to make any room smell amazing!
  7. The real OG


    verified purchaser
    This is the first Glasshouse candle I purchased years ago, and have since repurchased again and again. It smells incredible, even when it isn't lit. When I received my parcel, the postie commented on how nice the parcel smelled.

    If the postie can smell the candle even when it's wrapped up and in a box then what's not to love? It's like stuffing your face in a vanilla-caramel marshmall...
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  8. The scent is delicious! Can't get enough


    verified purchaser
    This candle is the best discovery I have ever made. They last quite a while, but I have gone through a fair few! I gift it to all my friends. It brings comfort and a sense of warmth, while smelling so delicious and sweet. The scent isn't too over powering, but you will get addicted. 10/10!!
  9. Sweet scent


    Vanilla and Caramel two perfect mixes to make your cozy home incredible with a sweet scent.Sit this beautiful candle anywhere in your house and you can smell the breathtaking sniff from anywhere!
  10. Fabulous Staple


    Always a great classic candle to go for as a gift or for yourself that really sweetens up the place! Really strong, present and adds a nice touch to any area needed to relax! Love this one so much.
  11. Caramel bakery


    Beautiful caramel/vanilla baked goods scent. So fragrant and the scent fills the whole house!
  12. Perfect if you love sweet scents!


    Bought this as a gift for my mum and she absolutely loved it! It is definitely more on the sweet side.
    It burns for a long time, fills the room with a great rich scent.
  13. Smells delicious!


    This candle smells so good! I like Glasshouse candles because they're cruelty free, vegan and are great quality.
  14. Vanilla dream


    If you like vanilla scents you'll love this - it's strong and will fill a room without trying. I've been through two of these now and am considering buying a third.
  15. Always A Great Candle


    Such a staple scent that's infectious and sweet. From time to time I can get a bit sick of the scent but it can be a delicious treat for anyone.
  16. A classic scent


    I love this caramel and vanilla scent. It is creamy and warm without smelling cheap or overpowering.
  17. will forever repurchase !


    will forever repurchase this scent along with products that have the TAHAA scent. sweet and caramel like, with a scent that lingers for hours after the candle has been blown out. doesnt burn weirdly (cave in) when wick is properly trimmed , which means youre able to burn to near the bottom unlike most candles. if you're into super sweet scents this ones for you
  18. This candle lasts long and doesn't tunnel like most cheap brands do


    Beautiful candle & scent, perfect for winter nights on the couch! Glasshouse candles are worth their price because they are the only scented candles I've come across that don't tunnel like most cheap brands do. All the wax fully melts - I would highly recommend.
  19. Classic


    This is a classic from Glasshouse, perfect for cooler months. The candle smells like butterscotch and vanilla and fills up a room easily. Perfect when having guests over.
  20. Favourite candle


    Leaves my room smelling soo good. The scent lasts a long time and I burn the candle all the time and it has lasted a decent amount of time, highly recommend!
  21. Delicious smell


    I love this caramel smell so much. It really warms up the house, so many happy feelings, like a beautiful lollies shop. Will purchase other scents as well.
  22. The perfect scent


    This is one of the few candles that actually fill a large space with their scent. It also lingers for a long time even after the candle has been put out.
  23. best candle out there


    the smell is amazing and there is nothing that beats it, this candle lasts a long time and gives off a scent even when its not lit, its my all time favorite
  24. Gorgeous scent


    This Glasshouse candle is such a classic! The warm vanilla scent is perfect for the winter months and keeping cosy- this scent is definitely one that has a good throw. The only qualm about this candle is not only the cost, but also the quality of the wicks. I have found them to be not the greatest quality considering the cost of the candle, and it can break off quite easily. Other than that, the c...
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  25. Beautiful scent

    Melissa D

    This is my go to candle. Always burning, and recommended to all my friends and family when they comment on how lovely the house smells.
    Love it!
  26. Nice and sweet


    I think this candle is absolutely wonderful, I had to buy it after I asked what smells so great in the Peter Alexander store , Its really sweet, smell like a caramel cake. Definitely will repurchase it.
  27. Best Candle Ever


    Absolutely obsessed with this candle along with everyone else. I don't even need to light it for it to be smelt throughout my house. Gorgeous, sweet, warm - a winner every time! I'm forever getting comments about how great our house smells when we have guests and it's all down to this scent. If you don't like sweet smells you likely won't enjoy this but if you do it's a must buy!
  28. Quite sweet


    This is a nice smell, but can quickly become overwhelmingly sweet if it's left to burn for too long. Other than that the packaging is really elegant and this candle lasts for hours
  29. Favourite smell ever!


    It is an amazing candle, it lasts for a long time but there are cheaper options. I buy it once every now and then, and ask for it for a Christmas present but I don’t buy it constantly as much as I love due to the price.
  30. Caramel goodness


    The perfect candle to burn when you want that cosy, just baked up a storm scent but the worst candle to burn when you are on a diet and willpower is low.
  31. OG Candle!


    One of the first candles i ever bought (over 7 years ago), and one i'll repurchase forever. It's sweet and inviting with beautiful warmth. I still find it has some freshness to it, i don't find it sickly sweet.
  32. YUM


    This scent brings only happiness. Smooth but sweet caramel and vanilla fills any room quickly. I am able to burn it for just a few minutes each night and fall asleep with the scent around me, not using up too much of the candle so I find it lasts longer too!
  33. Love love love


    My absolute favourite! Love the scent and lasts a long time!
  34. Reminds me of Peter Alexander


    Love this! Always walked into PA and smelt this, such a beautiful candle, high quality. Feels like my OG candle from now on.
  35. Always come back to this


    No matter how many candles I try I always come back to this. Makes your home smell like buttered popcorn!
  36. The best


    My favourite candle by far, scent stays in the room even if it isn’t burning! Love it
  37. Delicious


    I first came across this candle and scent and my Dental Clinic and immediately fell in love with the scent. I am a sucker for anything with vanilla and so I purchase my first candle and its already finished. I just love the smell and its so calming especially when I have a mini spa day at home. I highly recommend it if you like sweet scents. Also note that it is quite a strong scent in a good way....
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  38. Smells amazing


    AMAZING smell, love using this to help me relax and unwind, or great scent to light when having guests over. Have re-purchased this about 5 times now in all different sizes. Only thing is the price is a little high. Overall a great product for those who love a sweet smell.
  39. Buy this for your home!

    Absolutely divine!

    My sister went to her friends house and they had this candle. She loved the smell and then bought the candle for her home; when we visited her we too loved the candle and have now bought 2 of these for our home.

    Everyone who comes over loves the smell! It can be sweet when unlit but us absolutely divine. The smell radiates through your home.
  40. Delicious


    Smells so yummy and cozy. Long lasting warm scent that fills the house
  41. Strong scent


    The scent literally permeates in and throughout and it smells so sweet! also very long lasting candle. Smells like peter alexander when ive got this lighted on in my house
  42. Smells yummy


    Love this candle smells so good and really makes the whole room smell! Well worth the price
  43. really nice


    This is a really strong and sweet smell. It smells like caramel and a bit musky, but in a nice way. It is very strong too so you only need it on for a little bit for the whole house to be smelling
  44. Can I eat it?


    Best candle ever. Have purchased countless of times. Smells devine and can even smell it on my clothes when leaving the house
  45. Yummy!


    One of my all-time favourite candles, such a good smell! If you don't like sweet-smelling candles, not for you.
  46. Smells amazing


    This smells amazing!
    I find that I can’t have it on for longer than a couple of hours though as the caramel smell becomes too much!
    Absolutely gorgeous though!


    I struggle to find candles that will actually carry scent throughout my whole house but this one is amazing. I always get complimented on how nice my house smells when I have this burning. I have bought so many & will keep on buying them forever!

    It's very sweet which I like - smells like melted caramel.
  48. Yum!


    Such a sweet and smooth smell. I can smell it through my whole house!
    Makes me so relaxed to see the flames and smell the scent of this candle... I have repurchased many times. Can't beat it!
  49. Nice


    It's definitely one of the strongest smelling candles I have ever come across which I like, so it feels like your getting your moneys worth every time you walk into your house. But the sweetness is not for the fainthearted. By the end of the candles' burn I was pretty over the sickly sweet smell. Distance makes the heart grow fonder I guess.
  50. The best


    Best longest burning candle that has such a nice and long lasting smell! Well worth the price.
  51. luxury candle


    Glasshouse candles smells really divine, this will easily makes such a perfect gift for pretty much anyone. I find that this candle Burns for really long time and if the room it's more like a bedroom I can get away with Jess leaving the lid off without burning out and I can still smell the candle. They have a wide range of other fragrances as well
  52. amazing


    burns for a very long time and has the nicest smell ever
  53. THE BEST


    My absolute favourite candle in the world! Have been through so many and i cannot get enough!
  54. Worth the hype


    Hands down my favourite candle all time. I love that you can smell it all day even if its not burning
  55. Amazing


    My favourite gladshouse scent. So sweet and nice, Love the new paxkaging
  56. Love it but the NEW packaging is terrible


    The smell is amazing and yummy, the candle lasts long and the smell lingers in the air days after you lit it so its nice to get a whiff here and there. Only complaint really is about the new packaging. The box smells toxic when you open it, not sure from what, and the glass lid isn't as secure as the old packaging and is a bit more flimsy.
  57. such a lovely smell


    love this one, so strong and caramelly, lasts for ages too
  58. I’ve been buying this candle for years!


    I’ve been buying this candle for years! Glasshouse candles are beautiful quality. Tahaa has a strong, rich vanilla caramel scent. If you love a gourmand fragrance, you’ll love this candle!
  59. Lovely fragrance


    Bought this after reading the reviews. Lovely vanilla and caramel fragrance that lingers in the air even on the next day.
  60. Very sweet scent


    I really like this one, but that's also because im a fan of sweet scents. This is really sweet and is pretty strong so might not be for everyone. Would definitely recommend, but might not recommend to get as a gift for someone unless you're sure they're a fan of sweet caramel-vanilla scents.
  61. Love this candle!


    I've been purchasing Glasshouse candles for a long time. Tahaa affair has such a strong, sweet smell that I love. I have such a sweet tooth so I really love feeling immersed in sugar smells hehehe.
  62. All time favourite!


    My favourite candle EVER (and I am candle obsessed)! I love strong scents, as well as anything vanilla, and this has both. It's definitely a sweet, caramel scent and it's very powerful so if you're into a more subtle smell this one might not be for you. Makes my whole apartment smell amazing, and provided you trim the wicks it lasts forever.
  63. love love love


    This is currently my fave candle!!!! It's such a lovely sweet scent
  64. Delicious


    This is the best smelling candle that I’ve purchased for about 3 years now. The whole house smells delicious when you light it!
  65. My favorite candle! EVER!


    This smells amazing! It is my favorite candle i've ever owned!
  66. Sweet

    Sandra C

    Love this scent, very sweet although I prefer fruity and sweet perfumes, aromas etc. Definitely when first opening do not need to use longer than 10 minutes as the smell can be quite strong, although compared to cheaper candles it does leave a scent in your home!
  67. Smells so good


    My favourite candle of all time. Smells so good and edible and the fragrance lasts for a long time
  68. Peter Alexandra Scent Candle


    I am obsessed with this scent! I love how homely and soothing it makes the room feel. I originally smelt it in the Peter Alexandra store and have loved it ever since. I prefer to buy it at Adore Beauty compared to their as you can get discounts and freebies here with your order for the same product! This is a must have!
  69. Favourite!


    My go - to candle. I'm a sucker for anything sweet and gourmand and this is it. The fragrance reaches the whole house. Dont even need to burn it for long... if you blow it out and leave the lid off, it still smells delish.
  70. The best candle on the market


    This has been my favourite candle for years. I have tried many brands, including making my own candles, and have never found a candle that is as delicious smelling as the 'Tahaa Affair' by Glasshouse. It makes the whole house smell like freshly baked cookies, and whenever I have friends over they always notice the smell and love it. I also have the diffuser which also is great.
  71. Love


    Love the glass it comes in and the smell is beautiful. Even when not burning you can smell the aroma
  72. Smells like Candy


    Same smell as Peter Alexander. I love sweet tones and the Glasshouse candle is perfect. Lasts a long time, smell is strong and beautiful box after candle has burnt out.


    good LORD this candle smells insanely good! If you like sickly sweet dessert scents then it is definitely for you. The candle lasted for ages and I tend to burn my candles for hours at a time. Have purchased multiple times.
  74. Such great candle!


    I love glasshouse candles! They smell amazing and last so long. They also look beautiful.
  75. My fav


    First had this given to me as a wedding favour and I was hooked. Strong scent. Some might say overpowering but I love it.
  76. Best smelling candle


    This is by far the best smelling candle Iv ever bought. The smell isnt too over powering yet lasts even after the candle has been blown out. Will continue to purchase
  77. the best smell


    this smells so strong like caramel and i love it. If you have been to a peter alexander store this is the candle they always have going. Love this
  78. Vanilla deliciousness


    If you like super sweet delicious scents then this is for you. It has a very strong, yummy fragrance that will spread through the whole house. It's super yum and I always repurchase.
  79. So delicious


    This is my absolute favourite candle. It has strong caramel and vanilla notes and not too sweet. It fills the whole house and lasts a long time. I'll definitely be buying the 760g one next!
  80. All time favourite candle


    This candle smells like sweet caramel and vanilla all in one. The scent is strong enough to fill a big room when lit and the smell lingers for hours afterwards
  81. Lovely warm and sweet scent


    Am on my third one of these - beautiful packaging, beautiful candle, beautiful scent - both warm and sweet in a rich caramel-y way.
  82. The BEST candle


    The most beautiful sweet scent, smells like cookies baking in the oven!
    If you love a sweet scent, this is the one for you.
    The smell lasts a long time after burning and will give your room a lovely spruce up
  83. smells so sweet


    i love this smell, if you have been to Peter Alexander this is the smell that they have in there. super sweet and strong the smell lingers for a long time.
  84. My Favourite

    Tea Sommelier

    If you've ever walked into a Peter Alexander store, then you've smelt this candle alighted. A Tahaa Affair is their preferred candle of choice and it does represent their brand identity. Having said that, you can't go wrong with this candle: caramel, vanilla and coconut, it's a classic. Despite Glasshouse's large variety of candles over the years, I still come back to this scent no matter what. Th...
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  85. Smell a bit different to the original


    Maybe I'm wrong and it's just the new packaging, but the new Tahaa candle smells slightly different to the original Tahaa candle, which was absolutely scrumptious. This is still nice, but doesn't seem to have the same toffee, caramel sort of scent. It seems a bit lighter. I absolutely loved the original (it can be sickly sweet, which is why it's better to burn in a bigger area).
  86. Favourite Candle Of All Time


    If you like super sweet delicious scents then this is for you. It has a very strong, yummy fragrance that will spread through the whole house. It's super yum and I always repurchase.


    It's hard to criticise what is undoubtedly the best seller in the Glasshouse range, however this scent is far too sweet for my liking. The product itself is of the usual high quality expected from Glasshouse and the component is gorgeous as ever. The scent is VERY over powering with strong notes of caramel and burnt sugar. Definitely not one for me!! :( sorry GH!!!
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