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Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse Fragrances Authentic

Official Stockist of Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse believes that fragrance has the power to transform every moment – to put life in an illuminating light, no matter what the occasion. Glasshouse elevates the everyday to take you places and lift your spirits with unique beauty.

Whatever the moment, wherever you are, you’ll love it all the more with Glasshouse. Collections include Candle, Hand Creme, Nourishing Body Bar and Hand Wash


Glasshouse Fragrances are committed to using only the highest quality industry approved raw materials. All ingredients are vegan-friendly, and never tested on animals. All proudly handmade in Australia.

Glasshouse Fragrances

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From a spark of imagination, Glasshouse Fragrances has grown to become a local and global favourite. Founded in 2006, all Glasshouse's beautiful collections are made in Australia using only the finest materials.
Glasshouse Candles
Handmade in Australia in beautiful glass using the highest quality non-toxic wax and natural lead-free cotton wicks, each luxurious candle will make you feel a world away.

Our proprietary blends of waxes and fragrances always ensures that the three layers of fragrance notes; top, middle and bottom are ever present in the candle, making the use of Glasshouse Fragrances candles products a most enjoyable and sensual experience.
Glasshouse Nourishing Body Bars
Glasshouse Nourishing Body Bars are Triple French Milled to create a luxurious, foamy lather. Rich in Almond Oil and Vitamin E, each Glasshouse body bar contains antioxidants to leave your skin silky soft and sweetly scented for a soul-lifting experience.
Suitable for all skin types. Our Nourishing Body Bars are not tested on animals, free from Parabens, PEGS, Sulfates and contain no animal by-products.
 Glasshouse Hand Cremes
Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Cremes contain nourishing Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil to deeply penetrate the skin and keep your hands soft and supple. Delicately scented and enriched with Rose Hip Oil, these non-greasy cremes are absolute beauty musts. Suitable for all skin types. Glasshouse Hand Cremes are not tested on animals, free from Parabens, PEGS, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes and contain no animal by-products.

Glasshouse Hand Washes
Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Washes are enriched with Rose Hip Oil, Vitamin E and Argan Oil to help protect and nourish skin. Each of our luxurious Hand Washes are delicately perfumed to leave your hands cleansed, hydrated and irresistibly scented. 
Glasshouse Hand Wash contains no Parabens or PEGS, are not tested on animals, vegan friendly & made in Australia.


Some common questions:

Why is there a black residue around the rim of my candle jar?

A candle wick requires trimming between burns or if the candle has been burning continuously for two or more hours. The wicks should be trimmed to about 7mm from the wax, only then will the candle stop emitting carbon - the black residue. If there is black residue on the glass of your candle jar, dampen a piece of paper towel and wipe clean.

My candle is not burning properly. What should I do?

Always make sure that both wicks are lit when using you candle. If you are still having problems such as one wick will not stay lit, look to see if the wick has been trimmed too short (less than ½ cm). If so, keep lighting the wick that is too short or perhaps remove some of the liquid wax . If that does not work or your candle is burning straight down the middle and leaving more than 10mm of wax on the sides of the jar, contact us so we can help.


Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your Glasshouse Candles. 

Glasshouse Candle Safety
1. Burn your Glasshouse candle on an appropriate flat and heat resistant surface.
2. Ensure wicks are always upright and trimmed to 7 mm during use and each time candle is re-lit.
3. Avoid using in drafty areas, near an open window, air duct or fan.
4. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
5. Never allow the candle flame to come in contact with the side of the glass
6. Never burn a candle for less than 1 hour or more than 4 hours at a time.
7. Stop burning when 13 mm of un-melted wax remains in the bottom of the glass.
8. Never introduce liquids or foreign objects into your Glasshouse candle and keep it free of wick trimmings, matches and any flammable materials.
9. Do not use water to extinguish candle.
10. When not in use, keep candle covered to avoid dust build up.
11. Do not use if the glass is cracked or chipped.
12. Prevent soot from forming on the glass by keeping wicks properly placed and trimmed.
13. If the glass becomes blackened while burning, extinguish the candle, allow to cool, and clean with a dry paper towel.
14. Container candle burn times vary. Fragrance, colour, burning habits and environmental conditions affect the time that a candle will burn.
Important points to note:

- Burn within sight
- Keep away from things that catch fire
- Keep away from children
- Do not use your candle lid as a candle snuffer. Always wait for the glass to cool before replacing the lid.


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