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ghd Paddle Brush

4.6 of 72 reviews


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4 instalments of $10.50

Or 4 instalments of $10.50 with LEARN MORE

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ghd Paddle Brush: the must-have, do everything brush. Fast and effective styling on mid to long hair.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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ghd Paddle Brush Reviews

4.6 of 72 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Expensive but you get what you pay for!


I love this - it glides through hair without snagging or pulling and effortlessly works through tangles. It's really comforting to see minimal hair in there once I'm done!

Most Helpful Criticism

Already broken


I really loved this brush, the size was good and it felt so nice in my hair, it never pulled. Unfortunately after only having it for a few months the brush is already making a rattling sound and the silver accent on the end is loose and moves around. Given the price I would have expected it to be more solid made
  1. Expensive but you get what you pay for!


    I love this - it glides through hair without snagging or pulling and effortlessly works through tangles. It's really comforting to see minimal hair in there once I'm done!
  2. Lovely


    I got this brush free with a straightener and that was 3 years ago and it’s still perfect
  3. Amazing usage


    I used GHD product, but this is the first I bought a paddle brush. I like it very much.
  4. A good solid brush


    My old faithful of 12 years broke when my daughter used it as a toy. So it was a good excuse for a new hairbrush! I liked this one as I read it had a bit of weight behind it and it’s true! It feels luxe without being heavy. It does the trick and brushes my hair so I can’t fault it!
  5. Does the job!


    Great quality paddle brush, easily detangles my big knots!
  6. Lightweight and perfect for thick hair!


    verified purchaser
    The best brush that gets right to my scalp. I have very thick hair and found it so hard to find a brush that could brush all my hair. I just bought my second one after I had used my old one for ages!
  7. Luxury Brush


    I love how this hair brush feels in my hand. It's very well made and makes hair drying a more pleasant experience. I love using a hair brush to dry my hair and this is great for those who has thick long hair.
  8. Already broken


    I really loved this brush, the size was good and it felt so nice in my hair, it never pulled. Unfortunately after only having it for a few months the brush is already making a rattling sound and the silver accent on the end is loose and moves around. Given the price I would have expected it to be more solid made
  9. Doesn’t tug


    Great for brushing over to soften curls. Doesn’t tug & pull hair. Brush has a nice weight to it. Great quality brush.
  10. Perfect


    I have long and thick hair and this brush is perfect! I have tried other brands but always go back to this. Quality product.
  11. Big and detangles


    Great big brush for long hair, detangles hair easily and I can brush all of my hair in 3 brushes. I have had this brush for 5 years and still looks good as new with all the bristles intact.
  12. My favourite brush :)


    I love this brush. It looks super sleek with its matte black and silver accents. The brush head is huge but so easy to work with. It doesn’t pull my hair and it’s feel great and study quality . Really happy with it
  13. Great for straightening hair


    I received this brush free with my ghd it's fabulous for straightening hair along with your ghd. Highly recommend
  14. Fantastic Brush


    Amazing quality brush. Love how sturdy it feels when holding it, yet lightweight.
  15. Great brush


    Recieved this as a free gift with my Ghd hair straightener! Works great to brush and detangle hair dry or wet especially thick or frizzy hair! Lasted me more than 7 years! Would recommend
  16. Love it


    I absolutely love this brush. It’s great quality and looks amazing and sleek. I love a good paddle brush and this doesn’t disappoint. Great for getting knots out and great for thick hair
  17. average


    you can find just as good one sat the pharmacy or supermarket for cheaper
  18. Was bigger than expected


    The brush was bigger than I expected it to be but I still love it. Looks very luxurious and doesn’t rip my hair out. I am getting used to it being bigger
  19. Love it


    Was suprised at how big it was when I recieved it, wasn’t expecting it to be so big. But it’s great! Looks lovely and works really well on my thick hair
  20. Nice brush


    This paddle brush is nice. Smooths my hair when blowdrying and is durable.
  21. Fave Paddle Brush


    I love this brush. It combats frizz and makes my hair feel so smooth. The only downfall is the price.
  22. Great for thick hair


    I receive this with my hair straightener. It’s Great for thick unruly hair but doesn’t help too much with tangles
  23. Excellent


    This is an excellent product and a dream paddle brush to own. I have purchased this the second time. High quality, very well made and nice to hold. It makes drying my thick hair enjoyable. Highly recommend it.
  24. Excellent Brush


    I bought this brush to replace my old paddle brush to dry my hair.

    It is well made and feels so nice to hold. I can't be happier that I bought this item.
  25. worth it

    very good

    if your looking to spend money on a good brush that won't damage your hair more then it already Is id recommend this one
  26. no frizz or breakage


    received this brush as a gift with my GHD straightener. I would never think to pay for a brand name brush but this really does make a big difference. glides through my hair easily without ripping anything out. my hair is quite frizzy and curly naturally and I find this brush tames it.
  27. Great brush


    Great for detangling and keeping your hair looking frizz-free and smooth
  28. Great for detangling


    This paddle brush came as a bonus when I bought my GHD Creative Curl Wand. I like the size of it and find it great for detangling. I also like to use it when blow drying my hair. It gives it a nice finish.
  29. Love it


    I own a few different brushes for different things! I love this paddle brush for everyday brushing and some straightening. The sleek design is really cute too
  30. Everyday brush


    This is my everyday brush for long thick hair, I do however think you can get the same for cheaper
  31. The best brush

    Chele Pagno

    I do not know how I ever lived without it! I My hair never tangles in it, and it never tugs in my hair. I have long and incredibly thick hair, and this brush makes my hair so smooth and sleek! My hair can sometimes get quite frizzy, and I think this brush somehow helps to tame it a little. This brush just feels so nice to use. I love it so much.
  32. Detangles my hair


    This brush easily detangles my hair. it leaves my hair soft and smooth.
  33. Good brush


    Great brush for long, thick hair. It prevents breakage and leaves hair feeling soft and frizz free.
  34. Top Quality!


    A solid and wide brush that gently detangles my long, thick hair without causing frizz! Have also found it perfect for helping to create a silky, smooth finish when blow drying. Definitely one of, if not the best paddle brush around!
  35. just ok


    i received a smaller size from the free gift and i will not recommend it because it cannot detangle my hair and sometimes create more tangle!
  36. Ok


    Good brush but nothing special. Others can do the same job.
  37. Smooth and gentle


    I received a mini version of this paddle brush in a gift set but I have short hair so mini is big enough for my hair. It detangles really easily and hair looks shiny again. I even used it on my 5yo daughter who has long hair which tangles easily so she always complains when I brush it and she was much happier than usual.
  38. Best paddle brush


    I have long hair, and used many different brand paddle brush, no doubt, I love GHD best, this brush actually recommended by my hairdresser, I love it’s design , it’s looks so elegant. The quality of this brush is incredible. The most important thing is when it’s touch on your scalp, feels so comfortable . Happy purchase! Highly recommend!
  39. Great Brush!


    I have had this brush for years and it's still in great shape! Easy to blowdry with, definitely worth the dollars!
  40. Amaze


    My most favourite paddle brush gets rid of my knots doesn’t make my hair snap love
  41. Great


    I loved this brush! I've used it for about 3 years before the glue sadly came unstuck and the rubber part of the brush came out of the handle. It did me well while I had it and I loved how sleek it looked on my dresser. It detangled my hair really well and with ease.
  42. Nice and gentle brush


    Great brush for thick and frizzy hair! As it’s a large paddle brush it is quite gentle and brushes really well
  43. Love this brush!


    Definitely the most versatile brush I have used. Super gentle when using it on wet or dry hair and can withstand the heat when using it to blow dry my hair. Very good value for money.
  44. Works well on thin dry hair


    I love this paddle brush, I have had it for three years now and it has not failed me once. It is really easy to blow dry my hair with, does minimal damage to my hair when I'm really tugging out knots and actually gets rid of the knots in my hair so easily. Maybe the old brush I had was useless but in comparison, this brush is AMAZING.
  45. Such a great brush!!!


    My most favourite paddle brush! Such good value as mine has lasted a long time!! Holds up to the hottest temp of my hair dryer
  46. Not recommended for very thick hair


    I have thick hair and used this brush to smooth out my hair paired with my hair dryer. Unfortunately it broke in two. I purchased another one and the same thing happened.
  47. It's an OK brush


    I don't feel it's anything amazing but it's an OK brush I just think the price is a little high that's all. I don't have anything negative to say other than that. It does get my knots out ok.
  48. good for thick hair


    it detangles my thick hair very quickly and easily. i carry it everywhere. can't imagine using any other brush ever again.
  49. Excellent!


    This brush gets all the knots out of my thick, wavey hair and is easy to clean. It's a great all 'round brush. Would definitely recommend.
  50. owned this for 8 years


    this brush is amazing and has lasted me so long. it really massages my scalp but is still gentle on my hair
  51. Awesome brush


    I absolutely love this brush and use it every day for styling and detangling. Great multi-purpose brush.
  52. Love this bush


    Love this for brushing my thick knotty hair gets the knots unlike any other brush
  53. Great for de-tangling hair


    This brush is good quality and is great for de-tangling hair, however I wish they also released one in a wood finish!
  54. Silky smooth, pleasure to use!


    Really love using this brush, it is a pleasure to use on my unruly thick hair. Leaves it silky smooth!
  55. Great for fine hair


    This is a great all rounder brush for long hair. Detangles really easily and is my go-to for straightening. Fantastic quality brush.
  56. Good paddle brush


    I really like this GHD brush for getting my long, thick hair nice and smooth whilst blow drying with my GHD Air hair dryer. I then only need to use my fingers to run my GHD straightener through my locks afterwards to get a really, really good result. Great brand. I would definitely recommend this paddle brush. The only thing I find is it's a little tricky to remove stray hairs from.
  57. Such a good brush


    I have thick hair that is quite damaged. I purchased this brush after my other ones broke and i am so impressed. I have never been too fussy about brushes but this one is really really good. It gets rid of any knots and leaves my hair so soft without causing lots of breakages. I would definitely recommend this.
  58. Smooth


    Brushes through my hair very smoothly (that being said my hair is not really tangly). Recommend :) Bit pricey though.
  59. Great for detangling whilst straightening


    Great brush to use whilst I straighten my hair. This brush is great for getting tangles out of my curly, thick, unruly hair
  60. Great brush


    I use this with my GHD hair straightener and it helps my hair smooth when I straighten it.
  61. Best paddle brush I've tried


    Used a wet brush from around a year prior, this definitely beats it! Brushes through my thick curly hair with ease and doesn't leave it staticy!
  62. Great all-rounder


    I bought this brush for my daughters really curly hair. I had read mixed reviews for this being a good detangling brush but thought I would give it a go myself. Brushing my daughter’s really curly hair usually ends in tears but this brush is seriously the best. No more tears and takes no time to get rid of knots. Feels very gentle on wet and dry hair and really has been a game changer for us!
  63. Good brush


    This is my second favourite brush. The paddle is easy to hold and the brush is great for de-tangling hair
  64. Great for using whilst straightening


    This brush is great to use whilst straightening my hair. It is easy to clean when it gets product build up on it too.
  65. Gentle brush


    I love love love this brush! It's nice and gentle and is my go-to for hair brushing.
  66. There are no words for this brush.


    Hands down the best purchase I have ever made. This brush is extremely gentle on the hair and feels like you are brushing your hair with clouds when compared to other brushes. I will never purchase another style or brand of brush again. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.
  67. Love itt!!!!


    Gentle on scalp, easy to clean. Detangles hair without much breakage and excellent for using it to blow dry.
  68. Great for straight hair


    While it’s definitely not a brush you want to knock off your vanity and onto your toes (been there done that!) it is amazing for achieving straight hair when blow drying and is the only brush that can easily brush through my crazy hair without getting all tangled.
  69. Amazing!!!


    I am currently on my second brush..This is the only one that will brush out my wet over processed hair with ease but not only that, The blow drying time is super quick! From wet, I get a straight hair in 15 minutes eliminating the need for extra flat irons. Love it!
  70. Love this brush


    I have had this brush for a couple of years and love it. It cleans up nicely, is sturdy, and works wonders for my hair. I have used other paddle brushes, but none compare to this one. The price may seem a little steep, but I think it is worth it for a brush that is durable.
  71. Gentle on the hair


    Love this brush! I've been using this for a few months now. Very gentle on the hair and great for detangling.
  72. Great for blow wave


    I have fine hair but lots of it. I don’t find it effective in detangling at all but is the best brush around for blow drying straight! I am still learning how to do this so I don’t straighten as often and this brush is the best to learn with. Also, my hairdressser uses this so I guess the pros use it too! Plus it comes in a fancy box :)
  73. Great brush!


    I’ve had this brush for 2 years now and it’s still going strong. I use it every day and there’s no sign of any wear and tear. It feels nice and smooth and detangles my hair really well.
  74. Great Brush!


    Love the feel of the brush and great for untangling thick hair :)
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