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ghd Unplugged Heat Protect Spray 120ml

4.5 of 97 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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a thermal spray to help protect hair from hot styling tools.

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Wavy

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ghd Unplugged Heat Protect Spray

ghd Unplugged Heat Protect Spray

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ghd Unplugged Heat Protect Spray Reviews

4.5 of 97 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Just a decent thermal spray


I feel like you can’t really go wrong with thermal sprays, especially the high end ones. And GHD did really well with this. Adds a nice shine and I actually like the scent. I find it doesn’t sizzle and steam with the straightener or curler like other thermal protectants and it definitely doesn’t leave any yuck or thick residue like others do! Will definitely continue to purchase

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells good


Smells good, and I trust it helps protect from heat however it doesn’t really help with frizz so you’d need something else to put through your hair after drying
  1. Just a decent thermal spray


    I feel like you can’t really go wrong with thermal sprays, especially the high end ones. And GHD did really well with this. Adds a nice shine and I actually like the scent. I find it doesn’t sizzle and steam with the straightener or curler like other thermal protectants and it definitely doesn’t leave any yuck or thick residue like others do! Will definitely continue to purchase
  2. Nice


    I do like this product, i don't straighten my hair all the time but I do feel it helps protect my hair when i use it.
  3. Works great


    This works great and it smells nice. It's helped a lot with the split ends which I struggle with sometimes. But it doesn't help much with the frizz.
  4. nice product.


    Smells nice and sprays on evenly without leaving thick residue.
  5. Has worked amazing for me


    I’ve loved using this with my ghd straightener. I believe this has helped me a lot. I have super brittle bleached hair and this helps me keep it safe from heat!
  6. Love this one


    verified purchaser
    I've tried a couple of different heat protection products, but this is the best.
    Others have made my hair feel dry and dull. This one does feel like it's protecting your hair and leaves it feeling very soft.
  7. Good protect spray and smells gorg


    I use this with my GHD straightener and it's a good match. The spray itself it's light so it doesn't weigh down my hair when I curl it.
  8. Nice and light


    This spray smells quite nice. It is light and doesn't leave a residue after heat styling so my hair looks clean and shiny
  9. Works well


    This is a great heat protectant spray that works well and smells so good!
  10. I love this stuff


    Does a great job protecting the hair and making it feel smooth!
  11. Good Heat Protector


    I have fine damaged hair and since using this I've definitely noticed a reduction in damage from hairdryers and straighteners (my hairdresser agrees!) You do still need an oil or serum for flyaways and glossy finished hair, it's a very light product
  12. Works wonders!


    I normally use the ghd split end therapy product before styling & heating my hair, but I thought I'd give this product a go. It works really well! Does not weigh your hair down & bonus, super easy to apply!
  13. Smells good


    Smells good, and I trust it helps protect from heat however it doesn’t really help with frizz so you’d need something else to put through your hair after drying
  14. Light and smells great


    Really light to wear, don’t need a lot and it smells great!
  15. Really Works!


    This was so nice to use, it's very lightweight and the mist was gentle. I really felt like it protected my hair from my straightener and it left my hair looking tamed, silky and frizz-less.
  16. Works perfectly


    Fantastic heat protection spray that works really well and doesn’t leave your hair sticky or dry just a lovely glossy finish! Definitely recommend
  17. Works Perfectly!


    I bought this awhile back and it works just as it should, I have really dry ends and avoid using styling tools when I can to avoid damage before but since using this I've really noticed a difference and can use them much more frequently. Smells nice and the mister is great! No big squirts of product it comes out realty fine.
  18. Good for dry hair

    Regina Fuentes

    I wear heat heavily on my hair, this is a good product to use on my hair before putting heat on it. Keeps the hair healthy and fresh
  19. nice smell


    Not sure if this is better than other heat protection sprays and is abit more expensive
    The smell is really nice and my hair feels soft after use but just didn't really feel a difference between this and cheaper brands
  20. Smells amazing and does the job!


    I have used plenty of heat protective sprays and this is by far the best. I have thick wavy hair but only need a few spritz’s before using my ghd iron to get smooth hair that doesn’t crunch when you comb through afterwards (so many cheap supermarket brands do this!) Bonus is that it also smells amazing!
  21. Doesn’t protect my hair against heat


    I bought this heat protector to protect my hair when blow drying. However, I don’t feel it works very well as my hair feels very dry and brittle after blow drying. It smells pleasant enough but I won’t be re-ordering.
  22. Good product


    Light and doesn't weigh hair down, and bonus is it smells great!
  23. Not heavy


    I love that this spray is really light, doesn't make the hair feel heavy or dirty after us,can notice my hair is healthy looking too, so I assume its working!
  24. Decent heat protection


    Generally a decent heat protect spray, although does at times feel like it’s not really doing too much or having the desired effect as a spray! Smells really good!!
  25. Fantastic product


    Fantastic product that doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it feel greasy.. love this a lot
  26. Great protectant


    I love the feel of my hair after using this, my hair feels super smooth also!
    I use before straightening with my ghd
  27. Necessary


    So necessary when you're using styling tools, this works well for me, my hair also feels soft after use not sticky like cheaper brands.
  28. Lovely!


    I use this on my hair when it is towel dried just before drying with the hair dryer. I then spray it lightly on my dried hair before using my ghd straightener. The first thing you notice is the intoxicating fragrance! They should sell this scent as a perfume it is divine. So far it has helped in heat styling, there isn't a tacky build up on the hair and it leaves the hair shinier than compared to...
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  29. Love


    I love this spray, I had used a lot of cream heat protection in the past and I find it really can make hair feel heavy, this however is super light.
  30. Love


    Love love love this spray. Beautifully scented adding shine and smoothes the hair. Does not feel tacky or leave residue on my hair. Definate repurchase for me.
  31. Such and easy and convenient heat protector spray


    A heat protector has always been a must have in my hair styling routine! However this spray is oh so convenient and easy to use, the price is inexpensive too in comparison to any other brand! I would definitely recommend this spray due to the convenient spray and protection that it provides!
  32. Works!


    I use this spray every single time I heat style my hair. Love the smell and the smooth shiny finish this spray gives. A bottle lasts for ages as only a little spritz is needed on each section of hair. Recommend!
  33. Great spray heat protector


    I have used cream/gel heat protecting products in the past and I found they left my hair with a heavy feeling or left residue. This product being a spray is so much better and I can spray it on whilst blow drying, rather than having to put the blow dryer down, to apply the product, then wipe my hands before continuing to blow dry. It leaves no residue and does not weigh my hair down.
  34. Prevents split ends

    Perfecting skin

    I noticed that because i straighten my hair approximately everyday i was getting a lot of split ends. But since i started using this hair spray before straightening my hair i noticed that i stopped getting split ends. So i think this truly protects the hair from the heat. I have long color treated hair
  35. Magical product!


    The perfect accessory to my favourite straightener. This product leaves my hair silky smooth and in great condition for up to 48 hours. Highly recommended!
  36. Protect hair from heat damage


    If you are using a good hair straightener invest in a good hair protection from heat. Smell great too.
  37. Great lightweight protectant


    This product is so reliable, doesn’t weigh my hair down and protects it from heat. A total winner!
  38. A must before styling with heat tools


    I always put this on my hair before I straighten it.
  39. Average results


    I did notice that the spray was protecting my hair more than other products, but it also made it feel a bit heavy with product and would clump a little.
  40. So good


    Left my hair feeling soft and really worked well with my ghd starightener
  41. Awesome product


    So easy to use - my favourite every time and leaves a light shine in hair
  42. Frizz tamer


    I have quite frizzy/dry hair - have started to use this spray and have found it leaves my hair less poofy and smells great!
    Not sure how well it works yet as a heat protector, but will definitely keep using just on how nice it has made my hair look
  43. Good value for money


    Great heat protect-ant.
    I use it before I straighten or curly my hair.

    It stops the frizzled and over cooked looking hair from too much heat.

    It doesn't leave a noticeable residue in your hair.
    I like that you can twist the cap so it doesn't spray when travelling.
  44. Does the job


    Does exactly what it describes, at a reasonable price. I wouldn't buy it for a styling product (for volume or anything), but for heat protecting your hair - it's good.
  45. Ok product


    I'm still unsure about this product. It may protecting my hair from the heat but I've always found it to make my hair sticky. I've always used it on dry hair before styling and i also find it dries that way too so my hair is super knotty after it dries. I have super dry coloured hair and Not sure i like this product. I don't think i would re purchase
  46. does the trick


    i'm not huge on scented products but the smell of this product is very much welcome! no headaches for me. I tried styling my hair without products before and will never do it again, it really can be quite drying and damaging. This product does the job it says and my hair is better off for it.
  47. Divine smell and seems to work!


    I can't get enough of how divine this product smells. I find it lingers nicely during the day too, and it also seems to extend my blowdry slightly. I'm not sure how well it goes at protecting from damage, but my hair does feel nice and sleek after using it.
  48. must have


    This spray is an absolute must have if you straighten your hair. My very dry hair used to get very badly damaged as a result of heat styling, and as long as I use this, I can go a lot longer between haircuts without looking frazzled. Does an excellent job.
  49. My favourite heat protectant


    Such an easy to use and great heat protectant, smells great and compared to other salon brand heat protectants it's quite affordable
  50. Heat protector


    This is my go to for any heat protector smells amazing and does the best job
  51. Wouldn’t go near heat without it


    I love the smell of this heat protector. I like that it is light and no greasy feeling on the hair. It does the job well
  52. Wouldn't go near heat without it


    Love this product. As someone who regularly styles their hair I know just how damaging it can be - this is amazing for anyone who curls or straightens.
    It smells amazing and doesn't have too much texture to it, unlike competing products!
  53. Does the job


    This spray does the job, however in my opinion, you need to be careful in applying the spray in sections for full effect. I would also not rely on this alone and apply serums and hair masks to your hair in preparation beforehand
  54. Greasy


    I don't know what it is about this spray... But it made my hair OILY after spraying onto clean hair! I wouldn't recommend it based on this alone.
  55. Good heat protector


    I love the smell of this heat protector. I like that it is light and no greasy feeling on the hair. It does the job well
  56. Alright!


    Was alright, love the smell. But didn't see any results really.
  57. Ok heat protectant


    This heat protectant is ok but I found it makes my hair greasy if I use to much. Nothing special.
  58. staple in my hair drying routine


    This products has become staple in my hair drying routine. My hair doesn’t feel crunchy after styling and when used in combination with the ghd volume foam, it prevents the frizz in my hair although I do think that is is not marketed for anti-frizz but that is a bonus.
  59. Ok


    Does the job like any other heat protectant product really. Pretty pricey and you can find cheaper products that does the same thing for a lot less money. Smells very nice though, like you just stepped out of an expensive salon.
  60. Does the job


    Not the hugest fan, it did the job. I dont think it really made my hair visibly healthier or feel better but it didnt make it worse
  61. great product


    i’m very forgetful when using heat protectant when straightening my hair but the times i’ve used this my hair has felt so nice and smells so great too and the smell actually lasts which i love.
  62. Great product


    This is a great heat protect spray. Feels light and smells nice. Highly recommend my hair feels soft after use too.
  63. Work and smells amazing!


    I bought this because Sammy Robinson uses it from YouTube. It’s really great - works a treat and makes my hair smell nice! I’m nearly finished with it but I’m definitely buying another bottle!
  64. first choice


    when I bought my curling wand the first heat spray I looked at and purchased was this one and I will continue to repurchase also for me because my hair is so fine I have to use sparingly/spray for a distance or else it makes my hair crispy.
  65. Works well and smells great


    Smells great and protects hair from heat damage. I have noticed a big difference in my hair since using this product. My hair isn't drying out as much as it use to before using this.
  66. Smells so good


    I’ve used this stuff for years it’s kept my hair looking healthy when using heated tools and smells amazing!
  67. Didn’t work for dry hair


    My hair still felt dry after using this, my hair is naturally quite dry and curly.
  68. Drying


    I have dry, wavy hair and have used other heat protectors that leave my hair shiny and nourished however i have found that this product left my hair dry and fluffy and difficult to control. I do think it could be my hair type but i wasnt impressed and would not purchase again. The smell is amazing though.
  69. Prevents damage


    Noticeably prevents damage with each use. The days I forget to use this product my hair hates me for it. Not only does it prevent damage but it helps to tame fly aways and prevent frizz. A must have product when straightening hair.
  70. Best Heat Protection


    10/10 best product for heat protection. Gives the salon feel at home and easily prevents any damage to my hair and also great to apply for those little flyaways at the end.
  71. Practical Task/Demonstration Assessment

    Mr Joe

    I have been buying these products for the last few years but nowadays I don't have time to go pick up hair products as I don't have any GHD suppliers or stores near enough to me to make it a reasonably easy task.
    This website was awesome to try out for a first time, I bought a few GHD products and on top of what I bought I received a chocolate bar and of course a few samples packets.
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  72. does the job


    Smells amazing, however makes my hair a little dry(I have fine, coloured hair). Great formula, love how its not oily and does give hold but have to use other products like an oil/cream so my hair doesnt look and feel like straw. For the price, I wouldn't rush to buy again.
  73. Hair salon quality at home


    The smell alone is divine! It reminds me of being in a hair salon so you really feel like you are getting a treat when you use it. It’s great for protecting your hair against the heat of stylers, straighteners, hairdryers and curlers while leaving hair with a "no product" feel. Oh...and did I mention the salon smell?
  74. Perfect heat protect spray


    Smells great and does exactly what it should. One of the best heat protect sprays I have used (I have thick long hair).
  75. Woohoo!

    Peter C.

    I love this. It smells great, and does exactly what heat protector spray was made to do. Holds curls and keeps straightened hair for hours!
  76. Love


    Never used a heat protector as it usually leaves my hair feeling and looking tacky. Found this product to be very different, doesn’t leave a residue behind and hair looks clean and softer once straightened
  77. Smells amazing


    Love the smell of this product! Good value for money and works well as a heat protector spray before straightening/blow drying.
  78. Helpful straightening protector


    I use this on dry hair when I am heat styling to protect my long fine hair. It doesn't weight it down and has a lovely scent to it.

    Helps keep the straightening longer and smooths hair well.

    I always use this sparingly so as not to make the hair really damp.
  79. Awesome


    Never paid much attention to my hair before but have always been frustrated with how gross it always looked. Decided to start taking light care of it and use this product before I blow dry, have definitely noticed it has been a lot softer since using it and the smell is great
  80. Worth it!


    I've been a bit dubious of heat protectants in the past, but I've been using this since my last hair chop and I've noticed that despite blowdrying, straightening, curling at high temps, my hair has maintained moisture and there's less breakage. Plus, it smells lovely!
  81. Saviour!


    I didn't really think heat protectants worked much until my hairdresser showed me this one. She sprayed some onto one hand then applied the hair dryer heat to both hands. The one that this was sprayed onto took significantly longer to show redness from the heat. After that I was sold! This product is super lightweight, smells amazing and reduced frizz. A must-have for me now.
  82. great!


    So lightweight doesnt impact the styling of your hair. Smells great and lasts for ages
  83. Nice fragrance

    November Rain

    I like GHD unplugged heat protect spray's fragrance, it makes my hair drying process more enjoyable. However, I do not feel any difference before or after use. I have coloured hair and after drying my hair end is frizzy.

    This heat resistant hair spray costs $20, pricey for 250ml product(probably the brand name makes it cost so much). I might choose other brands heat protect products....
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  84. Best heat protectant I have used


    I love this product. I thought I would try it after running out of my usual salon thermal spray and I don't think I'll ever go back. I have thick, coloured blonde hair and this heat protectant makes my hair feel so fresh and smooth every time I use it. The only negative is that it doesn't smell the greatest - but that won't stop me from continuing to use it!
  85. LOVE!


    I love the GHD products. Their smell is amazing. This one always makes my hair feel lovely and smooth. I have tried other heat protectors, but this one is my favourite.


    Smells and feels great on your hair. I have tried it on my own hair as well as friends and can say it will work wonderfully on all hair types
  87. You need this in your life


    I never used to use a heat protector before blow drying and straightening my hair. After my hairdresser did an assessment and showed me how damaged my hair was, he couldn’t stress enough the importance of using a heat protectant. After my hair was nurtured back to health, I haven’t been able to put this product down. It is super lightweight and doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky afterwards. My h...
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  88. Non-greasy and protective


    I used to use this product years ago and found it much too heavy but the formulation has come a long way. It’s quite light - doesn’t make my hair lanky at all. It also smells amazing and works really well on damp and dry hair.
  89. Does what it says!


    Although I've only used the product for a few weeks, I have noticed a difference in my hair after blow drying or straightening. I've been spraying it on the ends, and they now feel less dry/ brittle, and there is less overall frizz. My hair also feels softer, so I will continue to use.
  90. It does what it says


    This does exactly what it is meant to. I don't love the way it leaves feeling my hair - it kind of destroys the point of using nice hair products. It doesn't smell terrible though, which is a bonus.
  91. Great product and highly recommend!


    Second purchase as I'm loving the product. It leaves hair smoother and less frizzy, smells great and I find it better than all the other heat protection sprays even though this one is much more pricey. I recommend to try it out!
  92. great price and a great product


    I love that this isn't going to break the bank. It works wonders and smells great without leaving residue on hair
  93. Smells divine, does the job, no crispy hair.


    I'm so glad I have this product. It smells amazing. Does the job, lasts a while great price! You can't go wrong!
  94. Love this heat protector!!


    I have long thick wavy hair that can sometimes frizz and this is the best heat protector I have used. It smell so great like I have just walked out of the hairdresser - so great to freshen up your hair while blow drying or straightening.

    It also leavers shine without build up or grease!
  95. lovely scent and light hold


    I needed a new heat protective product and really didn't want to spend a fortune. I was pleasantly surprised with this spray. The light spray has a gorgeous fragrance that makes me feel like I've just stepped out of the salon, and not only does the product protect my hair but it also helps hold styling. All of this without a sticky or hard hold. Perfect.
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