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4.9 of 60 reviews


4 instalments of $55.00


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4 instalments of $55.00


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Adore Beauty is an authorised stockist of ghd. Enjoy a 1 year manufacturers guarantee and free shipping on the ghd air professional hairdryer. With advanced ionic technology and a powerful 2100W motor, the ghd air professional hairdryer is much more than your average hairdryer.

Hair is softer, shinier and results last longer. The choice of two nozzles and variablr temperature and power controls, means you can tailor your blow-dry to your specific hair type.

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SUPERIOR - 100% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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ghd air professional hairdryer

ghd air professional hairdryer

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4.9 of 60 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best dryer out there


I have lots of long thick pretty wild hair, and my GHD dryer is pretty much the only one I ever use (I have a few other brands in my cupboard). It feel comfortable in my hand and doesn’t leave me with an aching wrist. I find that the drying time isn’t much faster for me than other brands, but the finish is better. My hair looks smoother even when I just do a simple dry with a big paddle brush. Definitely a staple tool.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great but not the best of the best


I love my ghd dryer but Its not my go to. It heats up amazing and super fast but the only downfall is the weight of it. It’s super heavy which makes my arms sore if your there for a while blow drying
  1. Great but not the best of the best


    I love my ghd dryer but Its not my go to. It heats up amazing and super fast but the only downfall is the weight of it. It’s super heavy which makes my arms sore if your there for a while blow drying
  2. Best dryer out there


    I have lots of long thick pretty wild hair, and my GHD dryer is pretty much the only one I ever use (I have a few other brands in my cupboard). It feel comfortable in my hand and doesn’t leave me with an aching wrist. I find that the drying time isn’t much faster for me than other brands, but the finish is better. My hair looks smoother even when I just do a simple dry with a big paddle brush. Definitely a staple tool.
  3. the best


    bought it with doubts but so far the best hairdryer i have used. It wont make your hair feel very dry after drying your hair. this dryer leaves your hair silky smooth.
  4. amazing


    This hair dryer is amazing. Works much better the cheaper alternatives. Drys my hair super quickly and leaves my hair feeling soft and hydrated after using, Love this hair dryer
  5. worth the money


    Having used cheap hair dryers all my life I didn't think I would find much of a difference, but it definately dried my long hair quicker. My hair looks and feels nice afterwards. is worth the investment if you always blow dry your hair
  6. worth the price!


    i have always used cheap hairdryers but after using this i will not turn back. it really does make a difference as it is quicker, and leaves my hair so much softer.
  7. Fantastic dryer


    Like most GHD products, this dryer is amazing! It dries my thick, curly hair in less time than most and is lightweight which is great for travelling with The only negative is that it is a little pricey but comes with a 2 year warranty so is still fairly good value.
  8. Excellent


    I love this hairdryer so much I bought one for my Mum. After using cheap hairdryers all my life I was completely blow away by how much smoother and mandible my hair is after styling it with the GHD. I have what hairdressers have described as "difficult" hair. It's wavy and thick. I wear it straight, and it hardly needs straightening after I've blowdried it with this hairdryer. I highly recommend it.
  9. Love my GHD


    Fantastic hairdryer - dries my hair really quickly and its easy to handle. Definitely worth the splurge.
  10. Amazing!


    This is amazing I used my friends one and my jaw dropped at how fast it dried my hair and it left it feeling so soft ! Buying one for myself now
  11. Worth the price, 6 years still working great


    You definitely notice the difference when comparing to a cheaper hairdryer.
    People always ask if I just got a blow wave at the salon on days I wash/blow dry my hair! It works pretty quickly and makes me hair sooo smooth
  12. Best Hairdryer


    This hairdryer is so light weight and does such an amazing job! I cant live without my GHD hairdryer !
  13. Best hairdryer ever!!...


    I was lucky enough to borrow my sisters GHD hair dryer and OMG it is a life changer. It cuts my blow dry time in half! Loved it so much I went and brought one as I didn't want to give it back lol
  14. Powerful, lightweight and quiet


    Lightweight, so easy to pack for travels
    Not too loud
    3 heats settings and 3 intensity settings- good for styling

    Only thing is, the buttons aren’t very easy to use, but they’re good enough

    Would buy again
  15. Best hairdryer on the market!


    It's so powerful and gives my hair so much bounce. I love it!
  16. Best hair dryer ever!


    I never thought I would actually fall in love with a hairdryer haha. Until I brought this one it is just as amazing a a salon hair dryer. I have very thick hair which holds water and would usually take ages to dry with a regular dryer. With the ghd dryer I can dry my hair in a matter of minutes. Every girl should have one of these.
  17. Good hairdryer, great quality.


    This dryer looks great and is good quality like all GHD products. It dries hair quickly and seems to make it smoother than a lot of cheap hairdryers. It also can go really hot.
  18. Great hairdryer


    I loved this hairdryer so much I bought one for my daughter as well. Good sturdy dryer that doesn’t make the hair brittle and frizzy. Perfect for use with ceramic brushes.
  19. Very happy!


    I bought this hairdryer for my mum for Christmas and she loves it!
    Very happy- worth the price.
  20. massive fan


    Great hairdryer, quickly dries hair with minimal fuss (doesn't over dry hair in any way). The cord is generously long which I don't mind. It would be ideal if it was a little less bulky (can be a bit awkward to use) and a little lighter.
  21. Obsessed with this Hair Dryer


    ghd have always been a go-to for me in terms of hair styling equipment, but I'd held out on getting one of their hair dryers for years... I wish I hadn't, because this is the best hair dryer on the market! It makes styling my hair so easy. Highly recommend.
  22. Simply The Best.


    Before buying this hairdryer I was convinced I possessed neither skill nor patience to blow dry and style my really, really thick, inconsistently wavy hair. Turns out I just needed the right hairdryer… and this is it. Salon strength in heat and power, I actually look forward to using it. (Previously, just looking at my old hairdryer would fill me with dread.) The concentrator nozzle does get very hot and due to it’s width I have to remove it when done in order to fit in my holder / storage rack… but the cool shot button helps bring it back to a touchable temperature fairly quickly and I use a hand towel just to make sure I don’t burn my hand when taking it off. Very happy with this product. Best hairdryer I’ve ever owned.
  23. Powerful, easy to hold


    - multiple settings of heat and power. Easy to use
    - good size and weight
    - love that the back is covered so you don’t need to be scared about hair getting caught.
    -only had it 6 months but I am confident it will last a long time


    After using a friends GHD air I immediately went out and bought one myself.
    This dryer cuts the drying time in half without damaging the hair could not live without it
  25. High quality, powerful


    I fell in love with the GHD Air Professional Hairdryer! It looks so sleek and is incredibly easy to use. What I love is that it is so powerful, it dries my hair in no time! It leaves my hair silky smooth and after so many years, has not failed me. The hottest setting is very hot- ideal for use in winter, but make sure you use a heat protectant. The moderately hot setting is perfect for regular use, and still dries the hair efficiently. There have been some comments that this hairdryer is heavy- however I did not find this the case at all. This hair dryer is worth every dollar!
  26. Frizz Free Fun!


    My ultimate styling companion! This is one tool I absolutely could not live without. I never invested heavily in hair dryers but was lucky enough to be gifted this - it's unbelievable. Catches the fly aways, ensures a smooth, quick blow dry every time, it truly rivals the salons!
  27. Best out there


    Amazing product and so well designed. Its very lightweight, and so beautiful and sleek looking. The price is hefty but well worth the bucks and there are always good deals or discounts on it. I like how it makes my hair volume-full after use. It dries my hair very quick and I do not find it to be damaging. Would recommend this as a staple product in the household as mines lasted a long while.
  28. Amazing


    This is my first hairdryer and I'm so impressed. Not sure what took me so long!
    It's easy to handle and has good speed and heat settings. My hair looks amazingly sleek and shiny and so much more polished than when I allow my hair to air dry or use the old gym hairdryer.
  29. The best dryer ever


    Such an amazing product! Had this for a while now and it is so durable! It has great temperature control and dries my hair quickly. I use it every day!
  30. Great for silky smooth hair


    Great hair dryer for silky smooth hair. Dries my hair wouldn’t any frizz.
  31. Powerful but heavy


    I have very thick hair with a slight wave this dries it super straight and quickly only issue is that it’s quite heavy- otherwise great hairdryer
  32. The best hairdryer


    I have been using this GHD hairdryer for many years now first purchased overseas. This is my second one as the previous one stopped working (after 3-4 years and many many uses) It is the most effective for reducing frizz and dries my hair smooth (which is very thick) in 5-10 minutes. I would suggest using a heat treatment as the temperature is hot compared to other 'cheaper' hairdryers. It is 100% worth the price.
  33. Great hairdryer would recommend


    I have thin hair and this hairdryer works perfectly. It took me a few days to get a good pattern and now that I have I absolutely love it. It is weighty but it doesn’t take long to dry your hair so there is no issue. My hair appears smoother when using this hairdryer.
  34. Best hairdryer I've used


    I bought this after buying and loving the ghd hair straightener. Like that product, this one is also worth the money. It's so good! It dries my hair quickly and leaves it looking soft and not frizzy at all.
  35. best hairdyer


    this hairdryer looks good and it faster than others and doesn't seem to damage my hair.
  36. Great Hairdryer!


    I recently upgraded my old Diva hairdryer after the back of it caught fire mid-dry. I thought I was impressed with how well that hairdryer worked, until I used my ghd. It dries my hair so fast, it's not overly noisy and it's really easy to use.

    If you're in the market for a new hairdryer, I would highly recommend this one!
  37. Best hairdryer!


    I have extremely long hair that takes a long time to dry. This hair dryer is so fantastic and dries it quicker than most other dryers, and leaves it feeling great!
  38. Great hairdryer, would 100% recommend to anyone considering it!


    I have very long hair, so using the right products on it is a must if I want to keep it healthy and as long as it is. That includes hairdryers, normally which I steer clear of due to them being heavy and awkward to manage while trying to dry my hair, heat settings too high (damages my hair) or too low (doesn't dry it quickly enough). I have none of the above issues with this hairdryer. It's lightweight and easy to use, a long cord that doesn't get in the way at all, and gets my hair dry in a decent amount of time. I end up with nice smooth hair and very little frizz. I am very happy that I spent that extra money to purchase this product.
  39. Great little hairdryer


    It's probably a bit heavier than the average hairdryer but it really smooths out the hair and dries it so much quicker than my other previous hairdryers.
  40. Favourite!


    Been using this for a while and I love this lightweight hair dryer. Because of it's size, it's easy to take with you when you travel as well.
  41. If I could give it 6 stars I would


    Light weight, easy to handle, smooth beautiful, frizz free hair at last!
    After the disaster that was my heavy Parlux that would overheat and always make my hair super frizzy unless I had it on cold, this is utterly divine. I will be enjoying my GHD workhorse hairdryer for years to come. Recommended by my hairdresser who has the same one. I thoroughly recommend as well!
  42. Amazing


    An extremely lightweight hair dryer that packs a punch. This hairdryer drys my hair in a fraction of the time compared with other brands and leaves the hair extremely soft and damage free. Well worth the purchase; something you won't regret
  43. Thick hair don't care!


    I have thick hair and I have A LOT of hair. I have to section my hair into 7 or 8 layers if I want a smooth blowdry. This hairdryer has cut my blow drying time down from 45 minutes to about 20 minutes. The result is great - smooth and frizz free but not dry. I am a huge fan. Even if I just want to do a rough dry without sectioning my hair, this does an excellent job. This dryer was recommended to me by my hairdresser and it was worth every cent.
  44. Cut my drying time in half!


    I have thin but a lot of hair. It has been through many bleaches and takes forever to dry. My GHD hair dryer saves me so much more time and the nozzle concentrates the heat so when I blowdry downwards it helps to de frizz my hair so much. I don't take forever in the bathroom now and it kind of pre-straightens my hair before I style it!
  45. YES!


    The Holy Grail of hairdryers! you know its good when your hair dresser uses the same one!
  46. love it!


    I had an old VS cheapie which would overheat and die periodically, MY LIFE HAS FOREVER CHANGED with this hairdryer! Honestly did not realize what I was putting myself through. I have thin hair but it's long and there's lots of it, so taking less than half the time is amazing and the amount of frizz/static is incomparable. I also use it to dry my little dog after a bath and even noticed the difference in her fur! Love love love love it!
  47. Amazing Quality!!


    I bought this hairdryer, because, I recently started my hairdressing apprenticeship. I needed a high quality, reliable hair dryer, that can run for long periods of time and get the job done quick. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. It's everything it says it is. It's design is aesthetically pleasing, really lightweight and comfortable to hold and manoeuvre. I can create multiple different looks because of the different heat and speed settings, and the cool shot button is amazing!! It's AC motor is so powerful, it dries hair in half the time that my old dryer did, and because of the ionic tech, hair is so soft and shiny! And all for $160! Amazing value for money! 10 out of 10 would recommend. Clients are always satisfied with the result when I use this dryer to style. I'm in love!
  48. Amazing hairdryer.


    I bought this hair dryer in the set with the diffuser and brush but it doesn't appear to be for sale at the moment. Honestly I have been told so many times not to buy this because its not worth the money but I 100% disagree.

    Compared to my Remington one I had that kind of died this hairdryer is so much lighter and dries my hair even quicker. I was considering getting the GHD aura but I decided on the air due to the price difference and some reviews I'd read but the air is amazing.
  49. Love this hairdryer


    Really noticed the difference when I upgraded from a babyliss hairdryer to this. It feels really well made and is quiet for such a powerful dryer. Dries my hair quickly and little to no frizz! Best investment!
  50. Best


    Upgrading from my smaller travel ghd hair dryer I've had for years to this beauty I now get "gorgeous hair in half the time!" I love the variable power modes and temperature controls as I have quite thin/fine hair at my ends but thick/soft hair on my roots. I'm absolutely buzzing with the cool shot button as it helps lock my finished style in place (those flyaways are hard to fight). It's easy to hold in both hands and the power cable makes hair drying a breeze!
    Would recommended to every woman or man that needs that decent hair dryer.
  51. So far so good!


    I have only had this hair dryer a few weeks and after only ever owning a cheap Kmart hair dryer this one is definitely amazing. It dries my hair super quick and is easy to use. The only downside I have found is that it is a little heavy to use. Apart from that I would definitely recommend!
  52. Blown away!


    I just used this hairdryer as my old travel ghd broke finally after 8 yrs! Omg, this is amazing! Not only it's quieter and dries quicker, but HOW it dries and the end result is what makes this baby a winner!
    Hair is smooth and so much less frizzy I never ever thought I could achieve this at home without any hair products. So so happy and I never would have gotten anything other than a ghd anyway, but this hair dryer blew me away (no pun intended
  53. Great product!!


    I just got it this week and I’m already in love!!! Literally the best investment!! I have nothing else to say than buy it! You won’t regret it!
  54. Superb Product


    I’d been using mid-range hair dryers in the past and had a Vidal Sassoon for around 4 years . It was okay; it was actually still working yesterday when I threw it out but the power switch just stuck and so I decided to replace it with the GHD Air. The Vidal Sassoon it was noisy and took me around 20 minutes to dry my medium length, thick hair. My hair is wavy and also contains grey, which means it tends to be coarser than it used to be and tending toward frizziness. In order to beat frizz my hairdresser, who has the same hair type, said you need to remove every last bit of moisture from your hair: get it dry, then give it an extra minute while winding it around a barrel brush to really make sure it’s fully dry. I’ve found this works every time.

    I’d read mostly glowing reviews for the GHD Air: some people said they’d had the same dryer for 5 – 6 years while some said it stopped working after 18 months (the dryer comes with a 12 month warranty), so I thought I’d take a chance and hope that I was one of the ones with a dryer I wouldn’t have to replace for a very long time!

    This incredibly powerful dryer means it dries your hair in record time. I’ve never achieved such a smooth, frizz-free result in such a short time (10 - 15 minutes) as when using this GHD. It has a cool option to set your hair and the hottest setting is almost too hot to bear for long. It is much quieter than any dryer I’ve used and is basically a salon quality instrument, comparable to the one used at my hairdresser’s. Retailing at $200 I was lucky enough to have bought mine from Adore Beauty for only $160 and was delighted with the free express delivery that brought it to me the following day. Whether or not it stands the test of time I don’t know but after using this beautiful dryer I know that, reliable though it was, I can never go back to Vidal Sassoon.
  55. SO worth it

    Elle R

    Oh my! This hair dryer is amazing! Felt abit guilty about the price and one use that feeling went away quick smart! My hair is so smooth and shiny. I dry my hair with a round brush and get amazing volume.
  56. Super fast & soft


    I am in love!!!

    I have thick belly length hair that has always taken me forever to blow dry.
    I saw the reviews for this hair dryer and decided to invest and give it a go, I am super glad I did. It dries my hair incredibly fast and doesnt leave it feeling damaged or dry.

    My main concern with my hair is its dryness and how time consuming it is due to length/thickness, but using this hair dryer cuts my hair time down dramatically!!

    Sleek design, love the cool stream button, light to hold and quiet compared to other hair dryers I've used! Still makes noise but definitely not overpowering.

    Highly recommend.
  57. Best hairdryer so far...


    Love it...best hairdryer I've used in a long time. Dries fast & smooth, very quiet & easy to handle!
  58. Worth every cent


    I was thinking of upgrading from my vs Sassoon but was hesitant to spend too much money for something that was probably going to be exactly the same. I purchased it anyway, and oh my god it is amazing. It is soooo much faster, dries my hair completely and doesn't leave any damp patches at the scalp like my vs, it also dries it straight as opposed to fluffy and frizzy. It feels much silkier than after with my VS. So definitely worth it. Only thing is I think it is a tinyyyy bit heavier than my vs but that's fine.
  59. Hair never been better!


    There's a reason why professionals prefer ghd. My hair has never been dried so quickly or smoothly. I can control the heart with ease and my hair doesn't feel unruly or crunchy afterwards :)
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