The Best Scented Luxury Candles To Gift

What’s better than getting a fresh new luxe candle? Not much, if you ask us!

Home fragrance is a key part of our everyday lives. When your home smells beautiful and inviting, it’s another little boost that makes your everyday routines that much more special. Adding scent to your home increases mindfulness, makes an everyday moment instantly more luxurious, and adds a unique layer of atmosphere to the home that can’t truly be replicated in other ways. 

Now, everyone has their preferences, and we all know what types of scents we love - and hate. This can make a scented candle or diffuser gift feel like a risk, but it’s not as impossible as you may think to find a universally appealing home scent. We’ve gathered our favorite options for gifting home fragrance to make any occasion a breeze, so read on for your best bets for candle gifts this year!

"This was my first time trying Urban Appthecary and I loved it. The smell is lush and inviting. I loved it so much I came back and bought the larger size! Suits my decor spot on too!" - Cassandra ★★★★★

The Urban Apothecary Velvet Peony Candle contains a rich and intoxicating collection of florals, which burns like a true delight. This heavenly scented candle was inspired by memories of a wedding in the English Countryside, and evokes a sentimental romance. This hand poured candle has a 15 hour burn time and contains notes of Peach, Raspberry, Peony, Rose and Amberwood. Let this gorgeous soy wax candle burn, full of bloom, in your home in it’s gorgeous mouth-blown jar, that will suit any decor.

"I love everything about this candle! It has a gorgeous sage green vessel, the smell is Devine and the story behind them is so cute! Each candle is name after a different park in Fance and the map of the park is on the outside of the box. This candle seems like freshly cut flowers - so instead of having to get to the florist...I just burn this candle instead!" - Kristy (Adore Beauty Staff) ★★★★★

Kerzon Tuileries Palais-Royal Candle is a rich floral candle, with deep woody depths. Inspired by the Tuileries Palace, in France on the river Seine, this candle blends freshly cut flowers with a river side scent. With Aquatic top notes, Hyacinth, and Woody Green base notes, this candle has a fresh and delicious fragrance. Made from biodegradable wax, with a natural cotton wick, this hand poured candle is a perfect gift for anyone environmentally conscious.

"This candle is worth the price. The scent that comes from it is stronger and more pure than any other candle I’ve tried - and I’ve tried so many. I love the history of the candle and the quality really shows. It’s going to last awhile too! Very happy with this candle, will try the rose one next!" - Siobhan ★★★★★

Carrière Frères Tiare Gardenia Candle has a heavenly summer fragrance that smells like delicate Gardenia Blossoms. This high quality candle uses a blend of waxes that enhance the single note of the candle, making it more complex. This candle looks beautiful in any room, and fills it easily with it’s lovely, fresh scent. A thoughtful candle with a delightful and simple scent, that makes an extremely memorable gift.

"Lola James Harper makes really nice white floral scented candles and this is another beautiful one. Burn time is good and the scent is soft but sustains for quite a while" - Amanda ★★★★✰

Lola James Harper #7 The Rainy Days in the Lake District Candle 190gm presents a distinct scent of a peaceful rainy day in the countryside. Made as a tribute to holidays in the Lake District, green meadows and serenity, this candle is truly a breath of fresh air. This candle contains notes of Myrrh, Labdanum and Ylang-Ylang. A relaxing candle that will help even the most stressed out person unwind. With a burn time of 50 hours, this luxury candle is worth the splurge, and will make a great personal gift that is both relaxing and unique.

"I just adore this. It has a beautiful sophisticated scent. It perfumes quite a large area when lit but is not overpowering. It makes me want to stay home all day to enjoy it. The perfume is not strong when lit so don’t be disappointed when you first open the elegant packaging." - Catherine ★★★★★

Paired with a glass of scotch, you cannot do better for the current or future CEO in your life than Lumira Glass Candle – Cuban Tobacco. A rich, warm, earthy scent, it’s the kind of candle ideal for a first apartment housewarming or a kind gesture after closing a deal. Top notes of cardamom, tangerine, and clove bud give way to clean floral heart, resting in a base of mahogany, musk, patchouli, vanilla, and tobacco. The ultimate in truly sophisticated candles, you’re certain to impress with this candle that’s favored by both women and men alike.

"I got this as a house warming gift for someone who loves candles. It's like the rolls royce of candles given the price. It is so so expensive but beautiful and any gift recipient would surely love it" - Mandy ★★★★☆

For the true candle aficionado, nothing makes a statement like a Cire Trudon candle. Some of the finest candles made the world over, Cire Trudon’s reputation for excellence in candle-making precedes them with just a whiff of the Ernesto candle. This boldly luxe candle blends strong notes of leather, rhum, and bergamot with a warm, earthy base of oak moss, amber, and patchouli, building a scent evokes a sultry confidence in all who smell it. If you’re looking to not just gift, but truly blow them away in presentation and product, go for Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle.

They all sound pretty great, right? Well, in even better news, they’re all soy-based and vegan, so they’re a safe gift for all of your friends and family - animals included.  We hope this helped you in your home fragrance gifting journey. If you’re still not sure, check out our gift guide to candles, and light one up while you read - you’ve earned it!

So, let's recap the Best Scented Candles To Gift

  1. Urban Apothecary Velvet Peony Candle

  2. Kerzon Tuileries Palais-Royal Candle

  3. Carrière Frères Tiare Gardenia Candle

  4. Lola James Harper #7 The Rainy Days in the Lake District Candle 190gm

  5. Lumira Glass Candle – Cuban Tobacco

  6. Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle

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