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Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara 8g

4.4 of 371 reviews


4 instalments of $9.00

Or 4 instalments of $9.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.00

Or 4 instalments of $9.00 with LEARN MORE

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Everyone wants lovely, lusciously long lashes! Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara has ancient roots to prove it will stand the test of time. Goddess Mascara is rich in waxes, and nourishing oils, and helps to strengthen your lashes while lengthening them at the same time.

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GREAT - 80% recommend

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Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara

Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara

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Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara Reviews

4.4 of 371 reviews

80% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A joy to use!


I love that this mascara is nourishing for my lashes and is so easy to remove in the shower by very gently pinching off. It provides great definition and the ability to build upon for more volume.

Most Helpful Criticism

Flaked on me

flaked on me

Unfortunately this flaked and smudged on me which is my number 1 no no with mascara.
  1. Lovely lashes


    I love how my lashes look with this mascara. For me it’s impossible to over do them, they don’t clump! But I have very oily lashes and it always smudges...but I think potentially that’s more me than the mascara.
  2. Disappointed


    I read all the amazing reviews of the product before I purchased it, but unfortunately it wasn't for me. I experienced a lot of product transfer and smudging beneath my eyes after several hours of wear and was really surprised by the rave reviews. Will not be repurchasing.
  3. Nice formula, heavy!


    Lashes are lengthened and thickened. The formula is quite sticky and so you need to work quickly. I curl my very straight lashes and they curl fell out within a minute with this mascara but was able to be saved somewhat using a spooly brush. If I had curly lashes this would be a 5 star review but not suitable for straight thick lashes unfortunately.
  4. A joy to use!


    I love that this mascara is nourishing for my lashes and is so easy to remove in the shower by very gently pinching off. It provides great definition and the ability to build upon for more volume.
  5. Not bad


    It coats the lashes well but it can transfer to the lid.
  6. My Favourite Mascara


    The Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara lengthens, separates, and shapes eyelashes. This product lasts well throughout the day without smudging or transferring onto the skin. I don't usually purchase mascara at this price point however, since receiving a sample from adore beauty I only ever use this product.
  7. Holy Grail

    Georgia B

    This is my everyday; work to evening; one coat or three; stays in handbag at all time mascara!

    Amazing and worth the slightly steeper than most price tag!!
  8. Holy grail mascara!


    I think I may have tried upwards of 50-100 different mascaras in my life... Eye of Horus Goddess takes home the prize! I just can't have anything else now! I have maybe 12 little sample/travel size mascaras in my drawer that have been disowned because I can't take my eyes off this gal! (Pun intended)
  9. My holy grail mascara


    This is my holy grail mascara - it separates and lengthens your lashes with zero clumping. It's as close as you get to false lashes and is so flattering. It does travel a little under my eyes by the end of the day but my lashes still look perfect so I don't mind.
  10. LOVE


    I got this mascara as a sample/gift with puchase, and I have just re-ordered the full size. This mascara is great for lengthening and gives you a fake eye lash look! It doesn't clump or give me panda eyes. Also quite easy to remove. Will purchase again.
  11. Good


    Coates the lashes and makes them appear thick and provide a decent length.
  12. Great Everyday Mascara!


    I keep coming back to this mascara! It’s perfect for a natural everyday look.

    The formula is quite natural so doesn’t irritate your eyes, it’s good for creating length, not so much volume though.

    The ingredients claim to nourish lashes too which is a bonus! It hardly flakes or smudges on me, even in the rain and it’s super easy to take off which just water.
  13. Fake Lashes without the Fake


    This product is seriously delicious!! I love it. It gives length and volume to even small, stumpy lashes. Definitely a WOW factor product!
  14. Flaked on me

    flaked on me

    Unfortunately this flaked and smudged on me which is my number 1 no no with mascara.
  15. Decent Mascara


    This is really decent mascara and im enjoying using it but i dont know if I'll get it again - it doesnt have the wow factor for me. Great as a day time natural looking mascara though.
  16. Long lasting lengthening


    I keep coming back for this one - it does not clump or flake, and lengthens beautifully! Lasts all daytime. Love it!
  17. my go to mascara


    I am in love with this mascara! darkens and lengthens/thickens without going clumpy or looking fake. I love that you can add layers and build it up for a more dramatic look or just do 1-2 swipes for a more natural look. Its lasted me longer than anticipated as well!
  18. Perfect Mascara


    This mascara doesn't smudge, doesn't need to be waterproof, gives you the fullest most glamorous eyelashes with only a few strokes. You will never need to spend more on a decent mascara. This mascara has it all at such a great price. I love the smaller size for travelling.
  19. Soooo good!


    The thing I love about this mascara is that you don’t have to put a lot on to have a great effect. In saying that, when I’m going out & want a bit more glam, you can easily put a bit more on without your lashes looking overdone & clumpy. Great all rounder.
  20. <3

    Laura W

    MY FAVOURITE MASCARA EVER!!! Seriously this is amazing, I will never use a different mascara again. I love this product and will be using it for the rest of my life, seriously!
  21. Fantastic


    Better than my Dior mascara. From brush to texture to colour. Absolutely fantastic. Lashes look long and no clumping. Highly recommend
  22. Love it


    Doesn't clog gives volume and length and easy to remove.
  23. Not good for long fine eyelashes


    I am super grateful I received a sample of this mascara because had I bought it, I would have been thoroughly dissapointed. My eyelashes are long but because they are very fine, I need a mascara that will flow from root to tip. This is not that mascara. For me the formula is too thick and the brush design is terrible as it doesn't grip my lashes.
  24. Mo clumps, mo problems


    I was nervous about finding a new mascara as I needed something that was contact lens friendly, didn't clump and actually lengthens and I can say that so far Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara does that!

    I have thin lashes but I can see the lash definition after applying a few layers (note - a few, not one or two which is why I had to mark it down) but the fact that it doesn't clump after...
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  25. Such a nice look! Natural but still very defining


    I received this during a promotion as a gift from adore and is the first product I've tried from this brand. I must say I was really impressed by how it looked on. It darkened, defined and lengthened my lashes without looking clumpy at all. I've had to take off one star as I have found it doesn't last the whole day when my skin gets oilier in warmer/humid weather but its going to be my new go too ...
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  26. Subtle but great


    I got this in the brown and it's definitely a subtle everyday look, which is what I wanted.
  27. Love it


    Love this and prefer it to the other eye of Horus mascara which is the bio one! This one is a lot easier to use! Not clumpy at all and gives a nice and natural volume
  28. Not bad


    I really wanted to love this mascara but I found it didn't last all day in the humid queensland climate.
  29. Love it!


    I received this mascara as a sample and I love it. I have very sensitive eyes and this is the only mascara that doesn't make them itchy. Also love the natural look it gives to my eyes. Love it for an everyday look.
  30. Very natural


    This is a great mascara if you want long thin coated lashes it’s not clumpy nor did l find it flake or run under my eyes. I would recommend this for a more natural look would definitely recommend.
  31. Lovely mascara


    This is a really nice mascara. It is more lengthening rather than volumising, and not clunky at all. I received this as a sample and will definitely be purchasing the full size to add to my collection.
  32. Officially holy grail mascara


    I received this as a gift with purchase from adore and ummmmm my mind is blown! I have officially found my holy grail mascara. I have extremely sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses so I am super careful about what I put on my eyes. I'm also very fair with blonde eyelashes. This mascara makes my lashes look beautiful. I curl them with an eye lash curler first and apply the mascara immediately a...
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    I love this mascara so much, it's never clumpy and always glides on super easily! It's so quick to apply, no need to go over my lashes 15,000 times!
  34. there is reason this one wins awards


    Honestly, best mascara I have found in AAAGES. Makes your eyelashes look fake when theyre real
  35. Not too bad


    I liked the colour & the pricepoint, my only complaint is that it wipes off too easily, and I often find it under my eye or on my brown bone.
  36. Love!


    I love this mascara! It really does appear to lengthen my lashes, it applies well and doesn’t rub off throughout the day!
  37. Goddess Mascara


    I received this mascara as a sample. I like the applicator and how it lengthens and darkens my lashes.
  38. Disappointing


    I was so excited to try this product after reading all the reviews however, I was so disappointed with this product. It made my eye lashes feel very stiff and uncomfortable to the point where I wore it twice and refused to wear it again. Not worth it.
  39. Love a cruelty free option


    This is my second purchase, i use it daily and love it! I can sometimes get a reaction by the end of the day to mascara and my eyes are itchy but doesn't happen with this. It is lovely and applies smoothly
  40. Looks beautiful but transfers


    I really like how this mascara looks, it makes my lashes look amazing BUT sadly it transfers so easily ontol my brow bone area, even when I’m wearing concealer/primer and shadow. Luckily I got this as a sample as a gift with purchase from Adore, so I’m glad I tried it but sadly won’t repurchase because of this reason.
  41. Good but hoped it would be great


    I do like this mascara but it isn't the best I've ever used. It is lengthening, moderate volume and best of all it stays put, definitely no smudging or flaking which is a huge bonus. My only criticism is that it is very drying. I didn't take it off once at night and sooo many lashes all fell out in the morning. I probably wouldn't buy again because it's so drying
  42. Almost Perfect


    I got the Babylon Brown Goddess Mascara. It has been really hard to find a nice, quality, brown mascara that wasn't upwards of $50 so I was really happy when I found this. Colour wise it is a great subtle colour. I also received the black variety of this mascara as a sample when I ordered. Comparing the two I notice the brown does not have the same lifting capabilities as the black. Despite this, ...
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  43. Must-have Mascara


    I recently purchased this mascara based on the number of 5 star reviews in Adore Beauty. And I am so glad I did!! It is hands down one of the best mascaras I have ever used. The brush is amazing, the consistency of the product is spot on - if I had to pick out of some seriously awesome mascaras on the market, this one would be the one:
  44. Awesome Mascara


    I got this mascara as a sample with my last order and it is divine, i have been recommending it to all of my friends, the results are intense, long lasting and it washes off easily with water at the end of the day. I will be being a full size of this one as soon as my sample runs out.
  45. Sadly allergic


    I purchased this because I heard amazing reviews on it and that it was great for sensitive skin. Unfortunately it causes me eczema on my eyes. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend getting your hands on a sample despite other reviews. I also found it a bit gluggy and clumping
  46. Unfortunate Reaction


    The mascara itself was good but unfortunately it gave me a terrible allergic reaction around my eyes. Wont be buying from this brand again.
  47. Good Quality Mascara


    This mascara gave my lashes good length and definition, without being clumpy. I have found there to be similar products at a cheaper price point, but it is still quite good value.
  48. Brilliant mascara


    Really good mascara, have had comments about my eyes since ive started wearing it. Very good black colour.
  49. Brilliant mascara


    Really good mascara, have had comments about about my eyes and the mascara ever since i bought it!
  50. Good but tricky to remove.


    I wasn’t as amazed as I thought I would be but this is a pretty good mascara. It took a few weeks to warm up and was very subtle to start with. It’s now at a stage where it’s applying way better, more product is coming out and after two coats my lashes are nicely separated and fan out a bit. It’s comfortable to wear and I forget it’s there, no crunchy lashes. I do find the removal a bit of a bore ...
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  51. Budget friendly


    While I probably wouldn't opt to wear this mascara over my favourite ones it is a great cheaper alternative!
  52. Hate that i love this mascara so much


    Received a sample of this mascara, fell in love with it, very annoyed that i now have to replace my $10 Mabelline mascara with this. The brush on this mascara is great, and does a really good job of separating out and pushing up my lashes. The formula isn't clumpy and gives really good hold.
  53. Simply the best


    I'm such a big fan of this mascara. It never flakes off, stays all day. Great buildable formula and comes off super easy with warm water. It's perfect!
  54. okay


    this was okay, not the best i have ever had but it did the job. I found it a bit clumpy.
  55. Defines lashes, applies well


    I received a sample of this product and I've been very impressed. The brush defines the lashes well and creates good length. Product does not clump and applies well. Looking forward to purchasing in future.
  56. Not my favourite


    Found this didn’t add very much length or fullness. It clumps really easy also and has some fall off during the day
  57. Biggest lashes ever


    I received a sample of this a while ago and after a couple of uses I knew I’d be purchasing the product. The brush is so easy to use and nothing comes out clumpy. It glides onto my lashes beautifully and adds volume and length. I find it makes me look like I’ve had a lift/natural looking extensions. Even after a full day of work I’ve noticed that my lashes still look fab and haven’t smudged ages a...
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  58. Disappointing


    This mascara was such a disappointment. My favourite mascara is YSL faux cils but i wanted to try something different and love that this one is cruelty free.
    However, it is sooo bland. Performs exactly the same as a mediocre store bought mascasa. Doesnt noticeable thicken, doesnt give volume.
    Will definitely not buy again.
  59. Great wand/brush


    I love the brush on this mascara - it has a great shape that really separates lashes and lifts them as well. The colour is rich and black, but unfortunately is smudges on me. I do have to note that most mascaras smudge on me... so if you have very demanding eyelashes and formulas easily smudge on you, this might not be the mascara to go for.
  60. Not bad, but could be better


    I really loved the application of this product, it doesn't clump and glides on really nicely. It is also easy to wash off and doesn't damage your eyelashes. However, there is no noticeable volume gained by using this mascara which somewhat defeats the purpose of it. I wouldn't recommend this product unless you have thick lashes already.
  61. Best mascara hands down


    So smooth and clump-free and glides on and it's cruelty-free and I feel like a proper Goddess and I could go on !!!
  62. Hands down best mascara ever


    It's the first mascara that I ever used that doesn't clump no matter what. I'm in love.
  63. Best Mascara Ever


    Literally the best mascara I have used. I am super fussy with my lashes and have repurchased this over 10 times nothing compares - It also washes of so easy and doesn't leave black all over your eyes.
  64. The goddess of all mascaras


    I received a sample of this with a recent Adore Beauty order and can I just say,, I was never a big fan of wearing mascara during the day....UNTIL NOW! It separates every lash and looks so beautiful and natural. It's a combination of a great brush and non-clumpy formulation that makes this mascara the best! I even layered it for a night out and it didn't make my lashes clumpy or like spider webs. ...
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  65. It’s okay


    I’ve tried better mascaras but it wasn’t bad. It just didn’t hold up a curl and looked a bit clumpy. It did separate my lashes nicely though once they dried a bit.
  66. best mascara of all time!


    Leaves my lashes looking so bold and lifted. Doesn't look clumpy at all!
  67. Great! But smudgey


    I love this mascara! It volumises and lengthens but with my hooded, oily eyes the mascara is prone to smudging. Otherwise absolutely love it
  68. Great masacra, difficult to remove


    A really great mascara, could not fault the look of it. I use micellar water to remove my eye make up due to cleanser irritating my eyes and unfortunately I really struggle to get this off which is a shame.
  69. Underwhelmed


    I had high expectations of this product after reading it was shortlisted for a beauty award. However the only positives I can say about it is it doesn't clump on application, doesn't smudge and washes off easily. Instead I found it to be an extremely underwhelming product. It had no noticeable effect on either lengthening or thickening my lashes which was extremely disappointing. I will not be buy...
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  70. Must try


    This mascara does all the hard work for you. The combination of a thick but workable/forgiving formula with this style of wand means that you can swipe endlessly without clumping. It just keeps lengthening and separating each lash beautifully. I would also say it provides light to medium thickness. If you’re into extra thick, drag queen lashes...maybe not for you. But i won’t be buying anything el...
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  71. All Hype


    This is all hype. Ysl faux cil mascara is my holy grail but thought id try this as heard so much hype.
    It clumped and was no different to the ones i pick up in coles. :-(
    Very dissappointed.
  72. Amazing!


    Doesn't smudge on my oily eyelids, and gives volume without clump. Love it!
  73. Best mascara


    This is my favorite natural mascara. It applies cleanly (no clumping) and stays put all day. It's also Still quite easy to remove - I just use my normal cleanser. Goes a beautiful result of long, black lashes
  74. Worth the hype!


    The packaging is gorgeous. The wand is the perfect shape and the bristles really grab your lashes to coat them well. I'm loving it!
  75. Best Mascara I've used


    Does not smudge but also easily removable, and does a good job of lengthening without clumping!
  76. Natural beauty


    I used this mascara a few years ago and strayed away. The last one I tried (major brand) irritated my eyes so when I saw this one on AdoreBeauty I figured I’d give it a go again. So glad I did! It gives you a naturally plumped up look and no irritation. Love it.
  77. Really like it!


    I really like this mascara! Wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought it as I haven’t tried this brand before but I loved the way it applied to my lashes, wasn’t at all clumpy the wand is a really good size and applies it equally! Makes my short lashes look lovely and noticeable! Would repurchase
  78. Beautifully Natural


    I have recently purchased this mascara in the brown, to use for my everyday makeup look ( I have platinum blonde hair so I only wear black mascara for occasions). It's been really difficult to find a nice brown mascara, and this has absolutely rocked my socks off! I have long lashes that are blonde on the ends, and this mascara delicately outlines each individual lash AND DOESN'T CLUMP! The brush ...
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  79. Hated this product


    I read great reviews before purchasing, however I found this mascara failed at every turn. It was messy to apply (very wet, constantly transferring to the eye lid), and wore terribly throughout the day (racoon eyes by 5.00pm).
  80. Best mascara ever!!!


    This mascara is honestly amazing, did my eyelashes wonders. It lengthened, separated and volumised my lashes. Definitely will repurchase.
  81. Nice and natural


    Perfect for daytime if you're going for a casual, relaxed look. One coat is enough and it glides on beautifully - no clumps or mess. I've gone from the gym to work without having to reapply.
    Also, removal is super easy with just a makeup remover pad and water.
  82. Good, but not quite up to the hype


    I had high expectations after all the hype around this product.
    While it is a good mascara, I’ve definitely used better. Doesn’t make a huge difference to thickness or length of lashes, however coats evenly for an everyday “your eyelashes but better” look.
    Still a good product, but next time I will probably spend a bit more and go back to my old fave Lancôme Hypnose.
  83. Hands down the best mascara ever!!


    I am totally blown away by this mascara!!! Not only does it have zero fall out but it also lasts all day long and the lift it gives my super straight lashes is amazing!!!!
  84. Amazing


    I have been trying to transition to more clean/natural make up and skincare and saw some advertisements for this at a few retailers and on social media so decided to give it a go. I am in love with this mascara, it doesn't run, there is no irritation and it stays on all day. I don't think I've used it for long enough to see any benefit from the ingredients that they put in it for the health of you...
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  85. My favourite mascara


    I'm blonde with fair skin and I don't like to wear a lot of makeup. When I do, I try to go for a more natural look. One application of this mascara in brown is perfect for me. It doesn't look too heavy or clumpy and the brown adds enough emphasis on my eyes without it being unnatural. I'm so glad I read through so many good reviews and decided to give this mascara a go.
  86. quite clumping


    Clumps up when you put a second coat on. I was quite sad about that :(
  87. Best ever mascara


    I don't live without this mascara.
    Plump , beautiful , lengthy, non clumpy lashes.
    I keep in constant supply.
    Best I've ever used though inika is right up there too.
    I recommend this to all my friends.
    Best ever.
  88. Lashes for days!


    This mascara has been heaven - from the moment I purchased it to now (nearly empty). It separates, volumes and lengthens my lashes and I don't have to feel bad about using any nasty chemicals. I find it super satisfying and convenient to just massage it away with some warm water and not end up with panda eyes.
  89. Doesn't clump


    Great mascara for everyday use. Doesn't clump and lifts and lengthens the eyelashs quite well
  90. Will never buy another mascara!


    I had heard so much about this mascara but thought it was a little pricey so always opted for another option. I finally decided to treat myself a few months ago and this mascara is amazing! After one application your eyelashes look SO much thicker and longer! It is also super hydrating and nourishing, and as a result I have noticed that my eyelashes are healthier, longer and thicker in general.
  91. HG


    Wow ! It is actually goddess I admire it love it just amazing love how my lashes look with these on !
  92. Lasts all day


    Really love mascara, my new favourite. It separates the lashes well and doesn't clump, smudge, or flake. It lasts a full day and night too! So awesome!
  93. Way better than Better Than Sex mascara


    This mascara has the same hourglass wand like the Too faced better than sex mascara but this mascara is so much better. It allows dark, doesn’t smudge and holds my curl all day. Would strongly recommend.
  94. Eyes have it!

    Elle H

    I received a deluxe sample of this and it really is great at making your lashes pop. I have short, light, straight lashes and this mascara gets the best out of them!
  95. Good


    Doesn't clump and stays on all day, also dries very quickly which works great for my hooded eyes as it doesn't transfer over to my lids like some other mascaras.
  96. doesngt smudge


    this mascara doesnt smudge or shatter and looks great! definitely recommend !
  97. Nice mascara


    Got a free sample of this. It is a nice mascara. Easy to apply.
  98. Great at not clumping but not WOWED


    I bought this after I heard about it on the Beauty IQ podcast, while I thought it was fine I wasn't wowed by it. I thought it came off really easily and it didn’t clump but other than that I thought it was just an average mascara. I don't have strong feeling about it either way.
  99. lasts for hours


    this mascara lasts for hours on end! it doesnt smudge at all and lengthens the lashes beautifully. Definitely recommend!
  100. Grew on me!

    Emma Loves Makeup

    I hated this product at first finding it way too clumpy and messy to apply - it felt like the mascara brush was not quite the best match for the formula. But over time I did find myself liking it more - maybe as the quantity of mascara depleted it gave me a more even result? It definitely separated my lashes nicely and gave me very long lashes, but I did find it smudging and wasn't as waterproof a...
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