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evo mane attention protein treatment 150ml 140ml

4.6 of 68 reviews


4 instalments of $8.50


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4 instalments of $8.50


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an intense protein re-constructor. the more it's used, the stronger hair becomes.
  • Cruelty Free

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo mane attention protein treatment 150ml

evo mane attention protein treatment 150ml

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4.6 of 68 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great masque


I like to try different hair masks to see what really works for my hair - fully bleached/peroxide blonde which I straighten (poor hair) and so far I find the Evo masques the best. This one makes my hair feel a litter stronger than the others so have bought multiple times. Would recommend
  1. Treatment that works!


    I have tried many hair treatments and don't often see results quickly, however this product made my hair soft after one use. It is easy to apply and smells amazing. I have been using this product for about 6 months and I have seen noticeable changes in my hair as it is softer and stronger now!
  2. Impressed!


    This EVO treatment is one that actually works for me! I have tried a few hair treatment products and this is the best one I have used. It has made a big difference to the health of my hair and feels a lot stronger. I continue to buy this treatment time and time again.
  3. Great masque


    verified purchaser
    I like to try different hair masks to see what really works for my hair - fully bleached/peroxide blonde which I straighten (poor hair) and so far I find the Evo masques the best. This one makes my hair feel a litter stronger than the others so have bought multiple times. Would recommend
  4. Saving grace


    verified purchaser
    Been using this treatment for a good few years on thin, frizzy, heat-damaged (and sometimes) colour-treated hair and it is an absolute life saver on the worst hair days. More recently I’ve had issues with very dry and weak hair from greying and poor-health, leaving it practically unresponsive to even the most-nourishing conditioners, so I use Mane Attention as a bi-weekly conditioning treatment; w...
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  5. Awesome!


    This guy is awesome! Leaves hair feeling MUCH softer and manageable, including damaged and split ends. Doesn't leave hair feeling crunchy.
  6. Ooh, silky!


    verified purchaser
    I have like 30" dead straight, fine and limp hair. My biggest problem is split ends so I really need a good treatment to try and prevent them from happening. I received this as a tester in one of my orders and oh my god. It actually lasted a fair while for a tiny tester, and even when using a tiny amount it spread so well through my hair and once washed out, my hair was sooooo silky smooth. I'll b...
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  7. Smells amazing


    verified purchaser
    This was the first protein treatment I purchased for my hair and I was actually surprised with the results. After use my hair was definitely smoother and felt less brittle. I'm not convinced it can rebuild damaged hair, but it certainly makes it look better.
  8. Smells amazing


    verified purchaser
    This was the first protein treatment I purchased for my hair and I was actually surprised with the results. After use my hair was definitely smoother and felt less brittle. I'm not convinced it can rebuild damaged hair, but it certainly makes it look better.
  9. Does the job


    verified purchaser
    It's proper treatment and delivers a good result. I wouldn't say it is the holy grail of hair treatment (still looking for that), but overall it's a right product. It can feel a little oily at times. I have straight, long, coloured hair.
  10. Disappointed


    I received a sample size of this product.
    The smell was too strong and the feel of my hair was like it had silicones through it and heavy weighed down.
  11. Absolutely LOVELY treatment


    My hair type is thick, long, tends to be on the oilier side and balayage colour.
    This treatment is the reason why I have long healthy hair today. I decided to grow out my above-the-shoulders-bob 1.5 years ago and thanks to weekly/bi-weekly treatments using this stuff (also Olaplex) I've only needed 2 tiny trims and my hair is in the best condition it's ever been in and has grown half way do...
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  12. If your hair loves protein - this is for you!


    A very rich hair treatment - high in protein so beware if your hair does not like protein based products. I used it on my ends only with great results and made sure I washed it out completely. Left hair feeling bouncy and nice!
  13. Brass no more


    This took the brass out of my brown hair ( even though it is designed for blonde hair!) I also followed it up with the conditioner which sealed the deal!
  14. Great treatment


    This is a really good treatment for helping to rebuild the hair. Helps to strengthen the hair and makes hair nice and soft
  15. Smoothing hair treatment


    Received a sample of this and found it smoothed out my hair (long naturally straight) and hair felt less brittle after
  16. Great deep treatment for hair


    I received this as a sample and I really liked it. This treatment is very lightweight yet a very effective deep hair conditioner. It gives my hair the nourishment I need because I colour it regularly. It does not weigh your hair down. Use it at the beginning of your shower and by the end your hair is silky smooth. It is great for fine hair like myself. I will be buying a full size.
  17. Evo-lution!!


    What can I say about this product! I will say this, it is worth the hype! It is perfect for dry, damaged, color treated, brittle hair that needs some much needed love and attention. I recommend using this in between olaplex treatments, it restored my hair, I have been bleaching my hair for a long time and I get snapping and split ends, not to mention the texture of my hair changed from dry and str...
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  18. great for dry hair


    I have long brunette hair with minimal styling damage but dry ends from residue of previous bleaches. I love this treatment. it leaves you hair soft & lightly scented but it doesn't weigh my thick hair down & I find with other treatments they increase your frequency of wash, this does not. I use this more as a mild improver/maintenance, if you have extensive damage from bleach im not convinced thi...
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  19. Soft and silky hair


    I have blonde hair that can be left very dry after dying and toning, this protein treatment makes my hair softer than ever, I can’t believe that after just one use my hair could feel so nice I first tried it as a sample and have gone on to buy the full size.
  20. Not for me


    I do not feel this did much good to my hair. I need treatments to make my hair soft and more manageable, and don't feel like this did that. I had trouble brushing my hair after. I actually gave this away since I didn't like it after a few uses. I have thin foiled blonde hair
  21. Excellent and immediate revival for dry and damaged ends


    I left the hairdresser with very dry and damaged ends (that frazzled look) after bleach and heat damage. I have thick, coarse hair that is prone to dryness naturally but this was next level.

    I went immediately to buy this product upon recommendation from my hairdresser and I first applied it like a masque, leaving it on for about 30 mins wrapped in glad wrap, and blasting it with the...
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  22. A Must Have!


    I purchased this product after bleaching my long thick hair for the first time and realising my hair lacked protein. After using this product the elasticity of my hair returned to normal and it left my hair feeling and looking healthier
  23. Love the EVO range


    This leaves my damaged hair feeling healthy, and soft, will repurchase.
  24. Leaves my hair thicker and beautiful!


    I actually get compliments on my hair now!!!
    I've been a user of EVO treatments for a while now, but my absolute favourite is this one - thickens up my hair and leaves it looking much healthier! I find my hair styles so much better after using also.
    I use it once a week or alternate weeks with EVO's Great Hydrator treatment.
  25. Wow


    Wow is this good! So lovely to use and helps my styled hair.
  26. SAVED my hair


    I have naturally dark black hair which I have bleached to a pale grey. I regularly use olaplex and moisture packs but was struggling to revive my hair from the last bleach session. I used this and it instantly brought my hair back to life. I am using twice a week and have noticed it really has brought back the strength and elasticity to my overprocessed hair. Will be buying and using regularly alo...
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  27. Helpful Healer


    I purchased this product after bleaching my long thick hair for the first time and realising my hair lacked protein. After using this product the elasticity of my hair returned to normal and it left my hair feeling and looking healthier
  28. Good for dry hair


    I use this on my bleached and coloured hair, after using it feels softer and more manageable.
  29. Did nothing for my dry hair


    I bought this in the hope of reviving my sad dry hair, however, it did absolutely zilch to help my dryness and friziness. In fact, I think it may have dried out my hair more!
  30. So good!


    I was weary to try any protein treatments but this one is a plant based protein. This I recently learnt means that your hair will only absorb the protein it needs and nothing more. It's fantastic because it doesn't make your hair brittle like other protein based treatments. This one is so lovely on my hair, it's done a great job of reviving it! I highly recommend. Oh and it has a really yummy smel...
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  31. Great product


    I’ve used this religiously for the last 12 months as a weekly treatment. One bottle goes a long way. Helps to smooth out friz and control when styling
  32. great partner to 'the great hydrator'


    i use this very rarely because I'm terrified of protein treatments, as I've heard they can damage your hair with too much use. i alternate this with my 'the great hydrator' (also by evo) and find that they give a similar effect to my hair once dried. i just have to be sure to rinse it out really thoroughly.
  33. Everyone is Sleepin' on this Treatment


    This product isn't getting enough attention... It completely saved me. I have curly, thick, frizzy hair that really suffers when it doesn't get enough moisture and attention. This treatment made my hair much silkier, and gave it a really nice sheen without weighing it down or making it oily (a dream for frizzy haired people that still want some volume). It was much easier to brush and even after o...
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  34. Great product


    I have dry, thick, colour damaged hair. This has helped my hair feel so much softer!
    Definitely a product I'll continue to buy!
  35. One of the best hair products I have used.


    I don't buy clothes or shoes, I literally have an obsession with hair care products. I purchased this treatment because my hair dresser had recommended it to me.The roots of my hair can get very oily however my ends are constantly dry and brittle. I use this probably every third night just in the ends of my hair. I generally wash it out unless I can feel my ends really need it then I sleep with it...
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  36. Great product. Have repurchased.


    great product, but use under your hairdresser's instructions. some hair types shouldn't be using a protein treatment too frequently or it can cause further damage. Be sure to wash out thoroughly. alternate with the evo hydration hair mask if you need a treatment but not protein. :)
  37. Exceeded my expectations


    I have really long, healthy but highlighted hair almost to my elbows. I've tried it all, and even though I only wash my hair twice a week and use heat protectants it was still a little on the dry side. After 1 wash, this has made a huge difference, my hair is a lot softer and smoother but seems stronger. Plus, total bonus - you only have to leave it in for 5 mins (unlike some other masks). Will...
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  38. works great


    I don't normally use a protein treatment for my hair but I might as well should! Got a generous sample of this product from AB and it worked great for my crunchy hair! Definitely getting the full size product when it ends. It reduces breakage and moisturizes my hair for the day. A little goes a long way.
  39. Saves my hair with just one use!


    I have damaged hair due to multiple bleaching. I love this product, makes my hair really strong and smooth only after 1 use. Love the packaging too, more hygienic than scooping in with your hand!
  40. The "mane" event in hair care!


    I have fine hair which seems to get quite dry and brittle. I do bleach my hair (professionally of course!) and also straighten/curl/blow dry up to 4 times a week and know that this is damaging my hair. But this treatment has been a god send. This is by far the best hair treatment I have ever tried. My fine hair is beautiful and shiny and isn't knotting as much as it normally does. It feels stronge...
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  41. Hands down best treatment


    I have thick hair with curl that often turns to frizz. When I was a teenager and my hair was looong my hair was entered into hair comps and even won a hair expo - I've never found a protein treatment that gets the results that this one does. My hair is really transformed and is the smoothest and silkiest it has ever been! So glad I've found this product. I have tried a few others since but nothin...
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  42. Split end saviour


    Received a sample of this in one of my orders and will definitely be buying it myself. Use it about once or twice a week and it has made all the difference, with thin and fine hair it's often hard to keep the ends in good condition without getting and oily feeling or like my hair is weighed down. So easy to use and feels great.
  43. Only mask I use!


    I love Evo and have been using their products for years. I'm very low maintenance - i hate doing hair masks, But I love this one because I feel that I get good results with our having to leave this in for too long. I'll usually do this mask Once a week with all the other shower chores like shaving/ exfoliating etc - and wash it out once i'm done with all this. It leaves my hair very soft and smoot...
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  44. Leaves my hair silky smooth


    I have dry unruly hair and this is liquid magic! As soon as I put it in I can easily glide a comb through. Also my hair is super soft and manageable afterwards.
  45. Wonderful hair repair product!


    Not quite sure how this product doesn’t get so much more love than it currently gets. I am IN LOVE with this product. I have dry, chemically dyed hair so I do need to make sure I am giving my hair a bit of TLC. I saw a noticeable difference in my ends after a few deep treatments and I find that it also makes my colour a little more vibrant. I mostly use evo products, and this one is another stando...
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  46. A must


    Have been using for 3 years and it has saved my chemical treated hair. Best to alternate with the moisture treatment
  47. Great protein treatment


    I like to alternate this with the great hydrator mask and I find that they work really well together. My hair is quite brittle after all the years of bleaching so I like to know that I'm putting some protein back into it. I don't know if I would repurchase again as I am more of a pureology fan but I definitely recommend giving this a go.
  48. Smoothing


    I got this as a sample for Adore Beauty and thank you it’s such an amazing product. It’s so good for my blonde hair as it tangles so much. Also a little goes a long way. Will be buying the full size!!!
  49. Awesome!


    I have noticed new hair growth and less breakage . It smells great. Its thick so it grabs onto the hair. I alternate between this and the Repair me rinse and Repair me wash. I have coloured hair so i find mixing it up and not iver washing helps as it is this aswell.
  50. Hair felt strengthened


    Received a sample size of this, my hair is coloured blonde and quite dry on the ends. The ends felt strengthened but not that hydrated - I think combined with a hydrating shampoo this would be great! Size is quite good for the price.
  51. wish it was bigger in size!


    I love this hair mask, and I'm sad I finished it so quickly. Makes my hair so soft and smooth, but doesn't weigh it down. Please make a bigger size for addicts like me!
  52. Great hair mask

    Kat (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love this product! Leaves my hair feeling fantastic, so soft and smooth after use! I have recommended it to my friends and they've said exactly the same things. Works wonders.
  53. A nice product.


    This is a good, reasonably priced protein treatment mask. It helps to provide shine and condition your hair if you've given it a beating with chemical treatments or styling. It relies heavily on silicones (and not so much on protein) to do this so keep that in mind if you are not keen on the 'cones. The effects only last a couple of washes but as a weekly treatment it is a nice pick me up when hai...
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  54. So good!

    Louise (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is such a great maintenance product! I have quite fine hair and super dry ends due to colour damage and I've found this a life saver for treating my split/dry dead ends. My hair feels super soft after use and I don't mind it leaving my hair greasy or heavy at all. I also love that it is super affordable and easy to use - I just apply it after shampooing, go on with the rest of my shower routi...
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  55. Amazing


    Nothing works on my hair, no treatments, I only use coconut oil. I read the reviews and thought let's try it! I've used it twice and it is so good!!! My hair is dry, brittle, frizzy. It has made it so soft to the touch.
  56. So good


    Great repairing treatment and smells so good. I have thick, long hair so I use a fair amount. But well priced and lasts.
  57. Great treatment for lightened hair


    I have thick lightened hair which is quite sensitive to humidity and find this treatment really good for giving back moisture and strengthening as my hair is prone to breaking if not cared for well. I wouldn't say my hair is super soft and silky after but it definitely feels good.I found this a great treatment because sometimes when i use a treatment for the moisture it can cause my hair to get a ...
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  58. Good but not great


    Doesn't seem to work on me, leaves my hair a bit soft but not amazing.
  59. Amazing!


    After one use my hair felt significantly softer and smells amazing. Didn't make my hair feel oily especially having such thin hair! Absolutely love!
  60. My hair feels great!


    This Evo treatment is such a nice product! My hair feels so soft, smooth and my hair is really shiny. I would definitely recommend.
  61. Amazing for hair extensions too!


    I have tape hair extensions and was looking for something to make them less knotty and silky smooth towards the end of their life. This treatment is absolutely amazing, I received a sample and then bought the full size. A little bit goes a long way, I use it after conditioning and brush through and my hair is so smooth. Doesn't weigh it down or have oily residue. I was worried that it would be too...
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  62. Fantastic


    This product was great for my hair which was dry and brittle and breaking easily. I use this twice and weak and noticed less hair falling out and I don't have to wash my hair everyday as this does not weight it down. Highly recommend
  63. Beautiful treatment


    Evo mane prescription protein treatment is such a beautiful treatment! My coarse curly hair feels instantly softer and more manageable. Plus the cheeky script on the packaging keeps me entertained while I'm waiting for the protein treatment to do its stuff. :)
  64. Highly Recommend!


    I have been using this for a couple of years now.. It's heaven sent! No other treatments can ever live up to this product. I have tried literally everything over the years and being a hairdresser myself, would never recommend a better treatment than this one. Use once a week and your hair will thank you for it!

    The cheeky packaging adds a little extra, I always have a bit of a giggl...
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  65. hands down, the best hair treatment!


    my hairdresser introduced me to the evo products and i love them!
    this treatment is awesome! leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. my hair feels better in general after using the evo treatment! love it!
  66. Controls frizz


    My hair is dry, curly and coloured and this product has helped to relieve the dryness and frizz. It smells wonderful but isnt overpowering later on your hair. My 4 year old daughter has used it in her curly hair also. It helps to make it soft and knot free for a few days.
  67. Great product!


    I have very dry frizzy hair. This product is fantastic, it makes my hair soft, and has calmed the frizz. I have the shampoo and conditioner, which are ok. But the treatment is the real find. Buy it!
  68. Anonymous

    I usually find that most hair treatments lack in something - either the processing time, the scent, or the formula - but this one ticks all the boxes! I have quite fine hair but a lot of it so I struggle to get bouncy, healthy shine with most conditioners/treatments but this one does it for me even when I'm in a rush and need to 'wash and go'; it isn't heavy, nor do I have to leave it in for twent...
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  69. Anonymous

    I didn't notice a huge difference after using this product the first time on my hair, but the after the 2nd I noticed a significant improvement in softness, texture and general appearance of my hair. I found a decrease in frizz and flyaways, and smooth, strong, beautiful hair. I will definately buy this product again.
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