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evo liquid rollers curl balm 200ml 200ml

4.4 of 50 reviews


4 instalments of $8.50

Or 4 instalments of $8.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.50

Or 4 instalments of $8.50 with LEARN MORE

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a styling balm that holds curls together and prevents the dreaded frizz. go away frizz!
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Curl control
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo liquid rollers curl balm 200ml Reviews

4.4 of 50 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good product


I really like this product, I apply to damp hair and let it air dry to boost my natural waves. It does feel a bit gritty so wouldn't use it daily.

Most Helpful Criticism

Holds curls together


Love the hold that defines curls
  1. Great curl, a little too much weight?


    Tried this to bring out the natural curl in my hair after using straightening balms for years - seemed to weigh it down too much, but may have been that I used too much. Will keep experimenting to get it to work, because load of other seem to like it..........................
  2. Good product


    I really like this product, I apply to damp hair and let it air dry to boost my natural waves. It does feel a bit gritty so wouldn't use it daily.
  3. This feels like it should cost more


    I have recently ventured on the curly girl method path and chose this for my curl balm. I love it, it smells great, has a lovely texture and feels hydrating. It defines my curls nicely and helps to control my frizz. I also use it as my daily refresher product, putting it through then following with water to reset my curls. It doesn't build up on my hair or make it oily. It's also a huge bottle and...
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  4. Good product, need more time to decide


    I purchased this product after reviewing Adore Beauty's list of Top 10 curl products to help define and maintain waves and curls. I have naturally wavy hair, some days more wavy than others and really want to boost, so have been looking a leave in curling product, which this one is. When I woke up in the morning after putting this through my hair after a shower at night, it did feel a bit like I s...
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  5. Great Product!


    My Hair is softer and my curls are bouncy and defined, I put a 20cent coin amount in my hair while it's wet and let dry naturally it does seem to leach blue onto things while your hair is wet so wrap your hair in a towel if you're going to bed with wet hair
  6. Really makes an impact


    I have very long, thick, curly hair. this made my hair look and feel very nice! I find that very few hair products have any impact. This one does.
  7. WOW!


    Received this as a sample and couldn’t be more impressed! Find it so hard To get a product that works well with my curls and I was 100% impressed
  8. At lats.


    Something which tames my frizz without killing my curls. Don't be shy. Use heaps if really dry hair. Can at last go out wihout drying my hair without having otue it down to kill frizz.
  9. Fine for sometimes


    This product works really well for curl definition and hold without being crunchy or gross texture wise. It spreads easily through the hair and makes it look shiny and healthy.

    The only critique I have is that it does make the scalp and hair feel a little sticky and dirty and I don't think I'd be able to use it every day without having to wash way too much. Maybe more of a night out t...
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  10. Curls best friend


    I bought this and a few other pieces in the curly range and oh my god! My curls haven’t been this defined and frizz free for years!
  11. Curls best friend


    I bought this and a few other pieces in the curly range and oh my god! My curls haven’t been this defined and frizz free for years!
  12. Saved my marriage


    And when I say marriage, I meant my relationship with my curls. My hair and I are always having an argument where it always ends up with it winning because I cannot for the life of me tame it so I just let it do its own thing or I just end up straightening in. We're always on the brink of a divorce but then came liquid rollers and my hair and I have been happy ever since! Could not recommend this ...
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  13. So good


    My mum loves it !
  14. Holds curls together


    Love the hold that defines curls
  15. My curls love it


    I was recommended this by my hairdresser last year and have only just repurchased. I use pretty generously and a bottle saw me through a year, so I love that. It doesn't have an overwhelming curl hold, but it creates a softer 70s shaggy hair look which I'm loving. If I want a bit more hold, I'll put a bit of gel over the top but I rarely do. Smells amazing too!
  16. Crispy


    If you don’t mind the crispy feeling you get when this dries in your hair then I’m sure it’s fine. Doesn’t do enough for my to get passed the feeling of crispy product filled hair. There are better products out there but for a lesser price you may enjoy this
  17. Light, but luxurious.


    Easy to apply and get lovely bouncy curls. The curls do not hold but they definitely curl and have movement. Nice smell, not sticky and leaves a nice soft feel to hair. Does not weigh hair down, or make it oily.
  18. Effective


    Good combo of moisture and curl so I keep coming back. My hair is super thick and frizzy. If I use it according to the instructions I look like Seinfeld's Elaine Benes in the first couple of seasons. But if I use a fair bit on my hair before stepping out of the shower and wrapping my hair (aka Curly Girl Method except I still shampoo) I look like Elaine in the final season - defined curls all r...
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  19. Great for natural curl look


    I run this through my hair when it's wet and it dries with the nicest, natural curl. I'm a big fan of it.
  20. C.U.R.L.S.


    Without fail, every time I use this balm I get asked if I’ve “curled” my hair - I have naturally frizzy and wavy-curly hair that I’ve been straightening almost every day since I bought a flat-iron in high-school, so very few people get to see my locks in their raw state these days. I’d honestly forgotten my hair actually had the ability to produce such defined ringlets until I first used this. My ...
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  21. Great for my curls


    This is so awesome. My frizzy curls are great after I use this. Really glad I got this.
  22. Great hydration


    This is a heavy duty product and I wouldn't recommend for people with very fair hair. I only use a small amount of this but it works a treat for my frizzy days!
  23. My go to


    I was recommended this product by a curly haired friend and haven't gone back since! I've tried so many similar products over the years but this is my favourite. It gives my curls definition without being crunchy - I just scrunch in while my hair is wet and leave to dry for soft curls without needing any styling, or dry with a diffuser for more defined curls. As other reviews mention it is quite t...
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  24. Loooooove this stuff


    I use this in conjuction with a salt spray, about half & half, braid my hair, leave over night & enjoy heat free styling that stays put for most of the day. Always get compliments on my hair when I do this.

    Moisturizing, helps curls stay in place & be more defined. As a straight hair gal who loves some curl, this is good stuff.

    As with some other reviews of this that I sa...
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  25. Great for thick hair


    I have thick wavy curly hair. I was actually sent this product as a sample and really like it. It smells nice and doesn’t give you that crunchy look as it’s more of a curl moisturiser. With that being said it would be quite heavy for fine hair.
  26. heavy but effective


    This curl works, smooth defined curls it will deliver but it feels a tad tacky and heavy on my hair which is rather fine.
  27. I'm in love!


    For most of my 40-odd years I've believed myself cursed with frizz. But I've just discovered that I actually have curls - all thanks to this amazing product. For the first time ever I don't even want to straighten my hair. Will definitely purchase again. And again.
  28. Makes your curls defined but soft


    I love this curl balm, it defines my curls and makes them soft and bouncy! I don’t like the crunchy look for my curls so this product is perfect, I scrunch it in while my hair is damp and I love the results every time
  29. Great for curls


    Love this product.

    I have wavy/curly hair that tends to frizz and this makes the curls form and sit nicely. I also use it to reset my curls a day or two after washing and it works really well. Can be a little heavy in the hair if you use too much.
  30. So far the best curl balm I have found


    I have very curly hair and rarely wear it curly, always straightening it! I took this away on a holiday recently and used it everyday and was pleasantly surprised. I have purchased so many curly hair products over the years that just don’t seem to work, but this reduced frizz and made my hair wearable when it’s curly!
  31. It's ok


    I'm not sure if I would purchase - received a sample and still trying to work out the best way to make it work for my half wavy/ half curly hair. It hasn't reduced my frizz but does define the bumps.
  32. Moisturising, adds definition. Not drastic results.


    This is a nice balm for after washing, it adds moisture to my hair and reduces frizz a little. It doesn't emphasise and add bounce to my curls as much as some other products so I probably won't repurchase, but it does give some definition. I probably won't repurchase though.
  33. Curl Lifesaver


    My hair is so fine that curls tend to drop out quickly after heat styling. This balm helps to add definition to my curls and keep them all day.
  34. Great


    I honestly just use this product to tame the clean hair frizz, will be repurchasing.
  35. Amazing


    I love this product so much, I've ditched straightening thanks to this product! My hair is wavy but dry and prone to frizziness, which dulls the wave after I wash it. This product gives me perfect beachy waves with no heat needed - It's amazing and I'll always rebuy! Highly recommend trying this curl balm, I've never used one that works this well before.
  36. Different


    A very different kind of product, fun to use and apply.
  37. Must Have!


    I have naturally wavy hair and I was looking for something to give it some extra oomph. This product has not only given it oomph but it added some va va vavoom too! It makes my waves curly , gives my hair extra volume and smooths and softens it as well. It works brilliantly whether you air dry or use a hair dryer . Excellent product
  38. Great product


    I got this as part of a mystery gift. I have naturally long, wavy hair that changes to straight or curly depending on the climate. I tried a pea size amount of this on the length of my hair and diffused it - waves and curls became much more defined. Even when I air-dry, it still gives more curl definition than I've ever had without. Loving it, will buy full size when I'm finished.
  39. Perfect for natural curls


    This was exactly what I was looking for, I have reasonably curly hair naturally and it is mid length. I put a tiny pea size amount and it gives me a natural look without frizz or stiffness
  40. Helps!


    I have lots of long, natural/untreated wavy hair with some natural curl to it. I struggle with frizz and getting nice defined body without fluffy craziness. This helps a bit to give the body more definition, but didn't bring out all my curls as much as i'd hoped. I found that the curls on the underside of my hair turned ringlety which i loved, but the outer layers were still a bit fluffy. Overall ...
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  41. Holy grail


    I am a curly, thin-haired girl who has been straightening her hair for years.. I've only just decided to leave my hair natural to get some of my moisture back and this was the first product I randomly decided to buy on the basis of some of the good reviews here. I must say, I've never been so impressed with a 'curl' product before. It smells incredible, provides moisture, doesn't make the hair loo...
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  42. My hair has life again!


    I have thick thick wavy hair. While this doesn't define each curl individually, it has brought life back into my hair and brings out these waves far better than any other curl product I've used. Yay for no crunchy curls.
  43. Helps to hold curls in fine hair


    My hair is so fine that curls tend to drop out quickly after heat styling. This balm helps to add definition to my curls and keep them all day.
  44. A genuine game changer


    I have two types of hair. It’s very fine, with big ringlet curls underneath, and a crown of dry, straight-ish frizz on top. I can’t EVER wear my hair au-natural. At the very least I need to use a curler to style the top half. This product has changed my life.
    I mix a small amount with a hair oil, and apply to freshly washed hair. Give it a gentle scrunch and then leave to dry in a hair turba...
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  45. Great curls


    I scrunch this into my naturally wavy/curly hair for added volume and texture. Works great!
  46. No more crispy curls


    I have very curly, crazy hair. For me hair products are about taming the frizz and giving volume. This cream really works well through the hair, looks completely natural when dried and doesn't give you that classic crispy curl look from the 80's. Very happy with it. My only critique would be if the cream was slightly glossier/looser working it through the hair would be a little easier.
  47. Glossy waves


    I have wavy hair that I have straightened within an inch of its life, so purchased this as a product to use when I air dry my hair, so that it still is shiny and nice without heat styling - and it has done just that. Note that it won’t create extra curl by itself, it just moisturizes and defines what you already have. Lovely product.
  48. Works well on my thin, wavy hair


    This product works best for me when put through washed damp hair and left to dry naturally. It leaves my curls looking refreshed and not feeling crunchy at all. They feel soft and smooth, it also smells amazing.
    I love Evo products and this not disappoint.
  49. Hello old friends


    My curls have been straightened to buggery and this is the only product that brings my curls back from the dead. It holds the curls beautifully without being crunchy. It hydrates and gives a beautiful scent
  50. It works


    I use this on my daughter who has very curly hair. I put a small amount in and brush the allow it to air dry. Not only does it help me to get through her curls it defines her ringlets and makes them spring right back up again.
  51. My favourite hair product


    I use liquid rollers every time I wash my hair, massaging it into my towel-dried curly hair and shaping the curls with my fingers here and there. It dries to a soft, glossy finish, and smells nice ... unlike other products I've tried that leave my hair crusty, smelly and still frizzy. So many people have complimented me on my hair since using it.
  52. Great for low maintenance hair


    My hair isn't naturally curly but does have a wave to it. This product was recommended by my hairdresser - I use it on damp hair which I then twist a little and allow to dry naturally. I end up with a nice, textured, shiny, no fuss hair.
  53. Good curl balm but doesn't de-frizz


    This is a reasonable product- it does give some curl definition but I find that my hair (fine, wavy/curly) is still quite frizzy after using it. I think I need something a little more moisturising for a good hair day. For the price, I don't think it's worth it if your curls need de-frizzing.
  54. It's daBom


    I use a little whenever my hair is wet and let dry naturally. I also apply liberally prior to entering the ocean whenever I go to the beach, it really saves my hair and my hair comes out soft and conditioned after contact with the ocean instead of drying like wire! So happy to have found this product.
  55. Great for curls


    My hairdresser recommended this to me, and it is fabulous. My hair is naturally curly, and very unruly. This product helps brings my curls together, less flyways, more bounce. It's not greasy or heavy but does add a bit of body. You only need a little bit per application, so one bottle lasts ages.
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