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evo icon welder heat protection mist 200ml 200ml

4.6 of 94 reviews


4 instalments of $8.50

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4 instalments of $8.50

Or 4 instalments of $8.50 with LEARN MORE

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a thermal spray to help protect hair from hot styling tools.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo icon welder heat protection mist 200ml Reviews

4.6 of 94 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Very nice spray!


I bought this based on reviews..wasn’t disappointed...I used to use just Moroccan Oil and then straighten...but I changed to a kerastase oil (reviewed on product page - it’s amazing) but I’m straightening my hair more and wanted to look after it...I have boofy, frizzy, curly hair...I just blast it with the hairdryer for five minutes or drive with the windows in car down...I then look like I have an Afro, but then I straighten with irons on 220 degrees and I apply a few sprays AFTER DRYING but before the straighteners...I think I have noticed a difference in the way the hair seems to feel softer on ends on the most blonde bits and I do a bit of a curl on the ends so not pin straight and it holds it quite well but my hair has a lot of natural,curl...but I think this is a great product and it’s smells beautiful too!

Most Helpful Criticism

No hold


This did not hold the curls in hair at all. Good for heat protection only
  1. Very nice spray!


    I bought this based on reviews..wasn’t disappointed...I used to use just Moroccan Oil and then straighten...but I changed to a kerastase oil (reviewed on product page - it’s amazing) but I’m straightening my hair more and wanted to look after it...I have boofy, frizzy, curly hair...I just blast it with the hairdryer for five minutes or drive with the windows in car down...I then look like I have a...
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  2. Smells delicious


    This is a great heat protectant spray! Good price, smells amazing. Doesn't have any hold but that suits my hair.
  3. No hold


    This did not hold the curls in hair at all. Good for heat protection only
  4. Not great for thin / flat hair. Use something volumising with heat protection instead!


    verified purchaser
    Does what it says! Isn't stick or tacky but having thin hair I do find it means I need to wash my hair more frequently as it gets greasy and flat quicker, even if I've used volume shampoo and other volume products. It gets a bit 'product overload' if you're already using other products to give you a boost.
  5. Would recommend to a friend


    Received a decent sized sample a few months ago. I have been using it when I can remember before straightening my hair for the last few weeks.

    I have shoulder length fine hair and straighten my hair every second day. I focus a lot on the ends of my hair when straightening as my hair tends to flick up naturally. Since using this I have noticed that the ends of my hair feel soft and do...
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  6. A great protector


    this is really good at protecting your hair, I make sure to use it before blow drying
  7. Ok I guess. Does the job.


    verified purchaser
    I'm not sure what the other reviewers are experiencing, but I didn't notice anything special when using this. Smells nice. Just hope its doing its job and protecting my hair..
  8. Excellent produce with beautiful scent


    I received this as a full sized gift and am I happy about that! Love it. It has a lovely scent and doesn’t get sticky and horrible. It’s always hard to say with heat protection if they work based on only a few weeks use - but my impression is that it’s going the job. Would recommend.
  9. A great protector


    I make sure to use this before using heat on my hair. It helps protect it
  10. Ok


    verified purchaser
    Love the smell but sure if it actually does anything
  11. Best Heat Protector!!


    I have used about 5 different types of heat protectors however I have always noticed that end up making my hair a bit greasy

    This spray is really lightweight and does not give the hair a crunchy feeling or clumpy feeling that other heat protectors sometimes can do.
    The nozzle of the spray allows you to spray only twice and then nearly all your hair is covered
    Definitely ...
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  12. You defs need this


    I was tossing up between this product and some more expensive brands but I'm so glad I went with Evo! It didn't break the bank, hair doesn't go oily or sticky after using it and I've not had any breakage. Love it
  13. Smells so good


    This is a pretty good heat protectant and it smells SO good too. It leaves my hair smooth and soft after my blow dry. I will repurchase for sure.
  14. Smells and feels amazing


    Doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy, sticky or oily. Protects and smells delicious
  15. Must-have heat protectant


    Please buy! This is the best heat protectant I have used BY FAR. Smells beautiful, so light and not at all greasy. Inexpensive when you consider the size. Also adds shine. This product actually compels me to mist (once upon a time I would skip this step).




  17. Best Heat Protectant!


    I was given a full size bottle of this as a gift with purchase and I have to say its the best heat protectant that I have used thus far! I have blonde, brittle hair and I always found hair protectants to be heavy and weigh my hair down but this is so light and smells so good! i 100% will buy another one when i run out
  18. My favourite!


    Officially my favourite heat protectant. Does the job & smells great! Also love that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy like others I’ve tried. Would definitely recommend
  19. love evo


    I love evo, have tried so many of their products. Love that this protects my hair when I style it.
  20. can't believe I've gone so long without this


    This is the best protector mist, it smells delicious, doesn't make hair oily or greasy...you don't even know its there apart from added shine and healthy look and feel, now that I've used it I could never go back!
  21. Love the smell and feel


    I am paranoid about using a heat protectant and this one seems really great! I love the smell and it doesn't leave a weird film on my hair. I also like the spray nozzle as it seems to get a more even mist rather than a directed spray in area clumps.
  22. Very good heat protection


    this is a very good heat protection and i makes your hair feel really soft.
  23. a must have


    I always use this before blow drying and straightening my hair, it is a must have for anyone that uses heat on their hair regularly.
  24. easy to apply


    this heat protecor is easy to apply and protects the hair so much, it also smells amazing
  25. Amazing product!


    I will use this product forever!! It has made a massive difference to my hair when I curl and straighten it!
  26. Holy Grail


    I will never go without using this product again!
    It has made my hair so much healthier by using it before I Straighten it. Does not weigh down and smells amazing!
    One of the best products I have ever bought. Don't hestiate to buy!
  27. Light weight, smells great and seems to work


    I bought this product about a month ago and so far its been really great. It is light weight, quick drying and smells great. So far my breakage seems to have reduced so i'm really happy with the level of protection it is providing for my everyday straightening habit. Only qualm is that the bottle is a little big, i'd love if they offered this in two sizes.
  28. A must for heat styling


    I received this product as a sample. Once I regrettably finished the bottle I HAD to buy myself a full size product. This product is a must if you love to style your hair with any sort or heat tool. It smells absolutely delicious too which is an added bonus. I cannot fault this product as it does everything it mentions.
  29. My new favourite

    Holly K

    Let's start by saying it smells devine! I have been a massive ghd fan and used the heat protectant spray religiously until i had read reviews on the EVO range and thought i would give it a try and i am glad i did. Affordable, lightweight and controls my frizz and fly aways when using heat tools. Did i mention it smells amazing? !
  30. Good


    I straighten my hair everyday and see less damage when using this
  31. Good product!


    I have been looking for a heat protectant product for my damage hair and this is the best I have tried so far. I does not make my hair look oily when I straighten it. The straighten effect last for 2-3 days. The smell is too fruity for me but I can overlook it because this product works really well. It makes straightening my hair faster. I apply it while my hair is damp and it gives a good blow dr...
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  32. Good Protection


    I feel like this spray gives a good amount of heat protection to my hair. So far I really like it!
  33. Love!


    I have umm’d and ahh’d about which heat protectant to buy and I am so happy I chose this one. Not only does it smell amazing, but it tames my crazy frizzy hair which takes all of 30 seconds to start frizzing up after I’ve straightened it! Will definitely repurchase!
  34. Straight hair!


    When I finally decided to straighten my curly hair this is the product I use. It doesnt weigh down my hair and gives my hair a really nice shine!
  35. Must have for healthy hair


    Not only does this have a beautiful scent, it also works wonders with my flyaways and frizzy hair! Keeps my locks healthy and fresh by protecting against heat damage.
  36. Disappointed :(


    I had high hopes for this product... or maybe I’m just not using it right...
    This spray leaves my hair feeling weird and stuck together. I’ve tried putting it on both dry and wet hair and for some reason it just feels like I’ve spritzed a glue in my hair. Always seems to just get stuck together and can’t run my fingers through my hair.
  37. Great for blonde frizzy hair


    I use a generous amount of this mist before styling and my hair looks and feels great - I no longer need to put additional product in after styling as this mist keeps it frizz free.
  38. Love


    I love using this when straightening or curling my hair as it dries really fast and doesn't go crispy on my hair once dried. It leaves my hair softer despite all the heat I'm applying to it. Just make sure you don't spray it near your roots or it will make your roots look greasy.
  39. One of the best


    My biggest issue with heat protecting sprays has always been that they weigh my hair down and make it greasy quicker, but this one doesn't at all.
    It's light with no residue and I feel that my ends are less dry.
  40. Light heat protectant


    I adore the smell of this product, and I love that it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair! I use heat styling a lot and usually my hair can feel pretty dry. After using this, my hair feels super soft! Thinking of trying more of their range as I’m very impressed with this product.
  41. quick, easy and great results


    I'm not very good at using hair products and often find they end up pushed to the back of the cupboard and never get used, but since getting this I have not stopped using it. It has a pleasant mild smell, doesn't make my hair sticky or stiff and has just the right amount of hold to keep my hair style. My hair doesn't feel anywhere near as dry as it use too after blow drying or straightening.
  42. Easy to use heat protector


    I have always been slack when it comes to heat protector, and I have never really found a good one, but this one is so easy to use, simple spray on and smells good, not leaving any yuck residue. My hair feels as though it has less breakage and a softer touch overall.


    This product works really well! It smells great and doesn't leave any residue or build up in my hair which is what I like most about it!

    Hair feels soft and looks shiny after use

  44. The only heat protection I will use!


    I have always been a little lazy with heat protectant. After trying Evo Icon Welder, I will never return to using heat on my hair without it!
    It leaves my hair feeling silky, smooth and stronger. It doesn't leave any build up of product on hair and is light on my fine hair.
    I also love the packaging!
  45. Best Spray I Have Ever Used!


    Stumbled upon this having not used the brand before. I’ve tried a lot of different heat testaments and this is by far the best. Leaves your hair super shiny and silky. Has a nice soft texture and no sticky residue!
  46. No buildup


    Doesn't leave greasy buildup but does the job - feel like my hair isn't as fried when I use hot tools
  47. Good heat protectant


    Spray is very light, soaks in fast and doesn’t leave any build up on my hair. The smell is also very light and not overpowering. Will definitely be repurchasing this one.
  48. Smells Incredible


    This product is great. It's light enough when sprayed on that even with my very fine hair I don't notice that I have any product in. Aside from the fact that the product works great, the smell is to die for making it even better and definitely worth the purchase price.
  49. Love this


    Leaves hair looking clean and shiny, a very light formula that does the job so well. Best that I’ve tried!
  50. Light and great


    Lovely and light, soaks in fast and doesn’t leave any build up or slime on my hair. The smell is also very light and not overpowering. Will definitely be sticking to this one.
  51. Light spray


    This spray is light on your hair and doesn’t leave it feeling heavy or greesy. Good as a protective spray and helps hold your style. Doesn’t have a nasty smell like a lot of other heat sprays I’ve ised in the past.
  52. Light and effective


    Great heat protection for my frizz prone dry hair. Easy to use. Spray on let it dry so you don’t fry your hair before styling
  53. Good Product and Value for Money


    This spray is easy to use and smells lovely. It is light and doesn't leave residue.
  54. Great Product unsure on spray nozzle


    I use this product regularly before any styling with heat tools. I love the smell of this product and the protection it offers my hair. Only complaint is that the spray nozzle doesn’t spray evenly, not really a mist but a direct spray that doesn’t hit all the areas.
  55. Smells really nice


    This product smells quiet nice, and does what it says it’s meant to!
  56. Good spray protection


    This product is great for heat styling such as straightening, but when I try to use it for general blow drying the product tends to sit on my hair create build up faster on my ends. Will continue to use as a cruelty free heat protector
  57. Beautiful smell but not sure how much it does


    I do love the smell of this product, have been using it for the past month however not quite sure how much it is changing my hair. Happy obsessed with evo this one I’m just not 100% sold on!
  58. Smells lovely and leaves no residue!


    This spray is probably one of the best heat protectors I’ve used...it doesn’t leave a yucky residue once sprayed onto the hair and it has a nice smell which is always pleasant.
    It also doesn’t drench the hair when sprayed, it just lightly mists over it which allows for immediate heat protecting without burning the hair.
  59. Works well and smells amazing


    The value for money for this product is great, I feel as though it is going to last me a really long time. Other reviewers have mentioned that it doesn't come out as a mist, but I think the one I received must be from a different batch as the mist function works well. The smell is so nice and the product is easy to use!
  60. Good protectant


    Does its job. I would never have heat tools on too high so much that I would ever burn my hair anyway, but it good insurance to know that it won't get fried.
  61. New Favourite


    This is my favourite heat protecting spray. It doesn't leave any residue in the hair. Light-weight and smells amazing.
  62. Pretty good


    I think this product will be better if straightening hair. I tend to just blow dry or curl with my Dyson. It’s ok, but not amazing for that.
  63. Saving grace in a bottle


    This product definitely surprised me, looks very basic but I use it every third day when I curl or straighten my hair! I have noticed less split ends and will repurchase again. It doesn’t weigh your hair down or feel greasy -and I’ve noticed my hair doesn’t sizzle as much from the high heat I use it on as I have thin hair but lots of it!
  64. The best I've used


    I keep buying this product over and over again

    The thing with a heat protection spray is you don't really notice what it does - it';s a bit of an invisible product... but what I do notice is that my hair seems to be less damaged than ever.

    When I go back to the hairdresser there's less conversations about cutting off dead ends and my hair is longer and stronger than ever...
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  65. First time trying this


    I use this when I curl my hair - spraying through each section before combing through and curling. I wouldn’t curl without it. Love the brand, scent and packaging.
  66. love it


    smells so pretty, which i love finding in hair products. i find it adds shine and moisture, and generally leaves hair looking healthier than without it.
  67. Must have


    I've tried so many similar products and to b honest was not expecting much from this one, but holy heck was I wrong. This smells lovely, a little goes a long way and it leaves your hair feeling so smooth and silky.
  68. Perfect heat protectant


    Protects my hair leaving it soft and without residue, doesn't have much hold on my long hair when curling though.
  69. Light weight heat protector!


    I love that this product is light weight and doesn’t make my hair oily. I have already noticed a softer and healthier finish after blow drying abs straightening including less fly aways :)
  70. Love it


    This product is great when straightening my hair. It protects hair from the heat and leaves it with a shine. I won't straighten my hair without it.
  71. Smells delicious


    Smells great and works well, but for the price not sure I’d say you had to buy it/need it in your life. Also disappointing that the spray is a stream not so much a mist which makes it a bit annoying to apply.
  72. Light-weight Heat Protection


    This is my favourite heat protecting spray. It doesn't leave any residue in the hair. Light-weight and smells amazing.
  73. works great


    This product works great without making your hair feel all oily and yuck! highly recommend
  74. Effective!


    The spray bottle is a stream almost so fairly useless. I sprayed a decent amount on my hand then distributed it through damp hair. After blow drying my hair was super sleek shiny and flyaway free. I didn’t even bother with the hair straightener. Big thumbs up. I can’t wait to try it with my hot rollers
  75. Love it


    I've never bothered with any heat products before but my hair isn't as resilient as it once was so I thought I'd try this out and it works great. My ends aren't drying up, it helps keep the frizz and flyaway's at bay and it smells pretty.
  76. Great product


    Great for when styling with heat. - helps prevent friz and smooth down flyaways. Does need washing out the next day though
  77. Would definitely repurchase!


    works amazingly, i have long straight hair and this really helps hold my style when i curl/wave my hair!
  78. Love this product, best heat protection spray


    I love this stuff and have repurchased multiple times.
    I have fine, frizzy hair and this leaves my hair shiny and smooth. I think it really helps whenever I use heat on my hair & leaves my hair feeling hydrated rather than frizzy and crispy. It it super light so doesn't weight down the hair and make it greasy.
    It also smells amazing - whats not to love?! :)
  79. Great effects


    This is a wonderful heat spray, its lightweight and holds styled hair in place leaving it feeling so soft, shiny and frizz free with no weird sticky or crunchy residue. The scent is lovely and stays until I wash my hair again.

    My only con is that the spray squirts out in more of a direct stream rather than a broad mist so some parts of the hair get saturated whilst others remain unto...
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  80. Love the shine!


    I have blonde hair to which has been extremely damaged from colouring and styling. This product was recommended to me and I absolutely love it, it puts the shine back in your hair and smells great, you also don’t need a lot I use mine 2-3 times weekly and have had it 3+ months with about half the bottle left it also dosnt have to be used in conjunction with their other products and still works wit...
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  81. Smells amazing!


    I love this product. I bought it for use when blowdrying my hair straight. I have fine hair and this product isn't too heavy and doesn't leave any residue in my hair. It also smells incredible!!
  82. If you like your waves/curls to stay put - you need this


    This stuff is amazing. I am very much a fan of big waves/curls with my hot tools and you know how sometimes they just don't stick and drop within minutes?! I spray this over my hair pre curling (dry or wet) and the curls stay put every time. I'll be getting married soon in Bali in all that humidity and this will be coming along for the journey to help keep my curls/waves intact!
  83. Great product in so-so packaging


    Love this product - smells beautiful & works a treat. Just wish the spray was more of a mist spray for even coverage
  84. Smells amazing and works wonders!


    Got to try this product from a friend, loved it and have now purchased full sized product.
    Light weight and non greasy which doesn’t leave your hair feeling oily like other products used previously.
    Definitely recommend to a friend and would definitely purchase again.
  85. A good heat protectant


    I was recommended this product by a hairdresser, to help combat my heat damage. I like this product, its not sticky and it smells nice. I'm on my third or fourth bottle, so I have no complaints
  86. Smells great, works well, no residue


    This ticks almost all the boxes for me. I have lots of long hair, but it's fine and can get ratty with too much heat use. This product is great for using before straightening. It smells like you just stepped out of the salon! A few things though - i find that you need to apply it a good five minutes before you start to straighten - as it makes the hair quite "wet" again, despite applying it to alr...
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  87. Surprisingly good


    I got the product as part of a promo and I am surprised how good it is. It is really light and doesn't make your hair look oily, thick and heavy like other products I have used in the past. It made my hair feel like there was no products used really natural feeling. Kept my hair smooth and took away the fly away.
  88. Fantastic!


    This product is great! It smells incredible and leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth.
    It doesn't cause my hair-straighter to grip in my hair and it is lightweight leaving no residue. Highly recommend!
  89. Finally!!


    I often straighten my hair and have finally found this great product! it doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or stingy and leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable!
  90. its great!


    i straighten my hair often and this is great! it doesn't leave a residue or feel heavy on my hair! i notice my hair stays straighter longer when i use this! will def buy again!
  91. This is amazing


    I won't touch my hair with my straightener unless I have used this first. It smells amazing and leaves my hair sleek, smooth and in control!
  92. Amazing!


    Love this product! I have crazy wild curly African American hair and this is the first product that smooths it out and doesn't smell like my hair is burnt after! Not only does it work amazing it has an awesome smell which is still there even after straightening! Doesn't leave hair greasy adds shine and is well worth the money! Would recommend it to anyone looking for a product that works amazing!
  93. Great, non-greasy protectant!


    I love using this product when I staighten my hair! I think it''s silicone free, which is pretty important to me, and it''s not at all greasy or sticky. The packaging is fun too. I just spray and flat iron and it seals my hair beautifully. I have fine blond hair so it''s great that it has a really lightweight feel. Helps stop hair go frizzy but I think it''s best followed but an anti-humidity seal...
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