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evo fabuloso detangling comb 1 x comb

4.5 of 55 reviews


4 instalments of $2.49

Or 4 instalments of $2.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $2.49

Or 4 instalments of $2.49 with LEARN MORE

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The perfect tool for applying evo fabuloso colour instensifying conditioner.

  • Cruelty Free

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo fabuloso detangling comb Reviews

4.5 of 55 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

staple comb


definitely taken over from my previous comb. detangles nicely without tugging at my roots and causing breakage. its gently and the spaces between each bristle is great

Most Helpful Criticism

Just what I needed


Perfect for when you first get out of the shower and brushing products through! This is the hair tool I never knew I needed until I had it
  1. Would recommend


    I like this brush it detangles well
  2. staple comb


    definitely taken over from my previous comb. detangles nicely without tugging at my roots and causing breakage. its gently and the spaces between each bristle is great
  3. Does its job


    I use this after I've shampooed and conditioned my hair, and it's a good starter to getting out the really tough tangles. The teeth are really wide and I have fine hair so it doesn't get out all the knots, I use a brush afterwards. If you had thick or coarse hair I think this would work wonders. It's still great to use first for my hair anyway.
  4. Great for all hair types


    I imagine this comb would be great for anyones hair. Especially thick and/or curly hair since its massive and the teeth are very wide. I have fairly normal hair, maybe on the thin side and I use this comb for wet and dry hair. Good for detangling and brushing through when you've got a hair mask on.
  5. Best wet-detangling comb


    This comb is so so so gentle on the hair. It is a wide-tooth comb, making it perfect for combing through wet hair or detangling dry hair too! I usually use this wide tooth comb after the shower when my hair is wet, or to detangle my hair before I use a hairbrush so that there is less breakage as it is so gentle on my hair. I have extremely long, thick, dyed blonde hair and I swear by this brush. I...
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  6. great for curly hair


    this is great for detangling my curly hair in the shower when I have conditioner in
  7. I use this in the shower everyday


    I use this in the shower everyday, great for detangling the hair
  8. Great for wet hair


    Great for wet hair and detangling. The brush size is quite large but handy having the little hook hole on the handle to hang it on my shower caddy.
  9. Shower essential


    verified purchaser
    Great for wet hair and combing though Morgan with conditioner In
  10. Great for wet hair


    This comb is perfect for using in the shower with conditioner in to help detangle and after I get out of the shower with wet hair to help apply products more evenly. It doesn't feel like it's ripping out my hair like other combs have
  11. fantastic!


    This thing is HUGE. I use it to detangle my hair just after I've washed it. I have a lot of hair and find it gets the job done without feeling like I'm ripping through it. Can't recommend enough!
  12. Just what I needed


    Perfect for when you first get out of the shower and brushing products through! This is the hair tool I never knew I needed until I had it
  13. Gentle


    This is great for my unruly hair, detangling it in a gentle way. It is a really large comb, would not recommend for people with thinner hair.
  14. Good comb


    It’s good, I think the wide tooth combs tend to be healthier for your hair and I think this definitely helps with that. Good product! I’d recommend.
  15. Good product


    I purchased this item as a lot of my hair products need distributing through my hair and my usual comb prongs are too small.
    This one is great to use after shower to detangle and distribute product.
    Good quality product.
  16. Where have you been all my life!!!


    This comb is fantastic. Used in it the shower and out and had no pulling on my fine hair which tends to break and fall out A LOT when its wet. Love the fact that it just glides through my hair.

  17. 5 stars!!!!


    Just the best !!! The best for thin hair. My sister has thin hair which could be so hard to work with , but this just does magic to her hair a life saver !
  18. Great comb for washing my hair!


    Great comb for detangling in the shower without breaking my hair. Would buy again!
  19. Looks ok but does a good job


    I bought this product as the old de-tangling comb which I had bought from pharmacy was broken. The one I received was black, however the photo looks dark brown. Material is normal shiny plastic, my old one was mat finish, also the space between the bristles are wider. when I compare them actually surprisingly the Evo was working better and passed smoother in the hair which I think is because of th...
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  20. Great detangling comb


    This is great for detangling your hair whilst it's still wet. It gently removes kinks from your hair and teeth combs are spaced wide enough that it can be cleaned easily!
  21. great for in the shower


    this is great for in the shower and when I have conditioner in. helps get knots out
  22. A big comb for a good price


    This comb is BIG. It would hang nicely in the shower. I have it in my room and use it after I get out of the shower and after I towel dry my hair. Its wide teeth mean it's good for de-tangling (I use it with the ELEVEN Miracle Spray Hair Treatment). A great price for a nice tool.
  23. combs easily


    This is such a great comb. Leaves my hair smooth without pulling or breaking it
  24. Larger than life


    I read reviews before buying this comb and knew that it was big, but WOW I didn't comprehend how large it was until it was in my hands. Works well in the shower for distributing conditioner. I like how it has the hole so I can hang it in the shower.
  25. Good Basic


    Purchased this brush to use on my hair when wet, does the job i see minimal breakage and it distributes product evenly.
  26. Must have!


    This comb is a must have if you’re trying to achieve the perfect wave. After curling your hair and apply a texturising spray, comb your hair through with this will really soften the hair for a wavy look!
  27. cant go wrong!


    this comb works so well on not only long, wet, tangled hair, but also curly, frizzy hair. love it!
  28. a must


    this is a must have for anyone that has knotty hair, so much easier than a brush
  29. Perfect for wet hair


    I wanted a wider tooth comb for when my hair is wet. This one is great for the price, it's really good quality and does the job. The only thing I wasn't expecting is the size! It's massive, which might not be great for finer or shorter hair. I imagine it would be good for styling / combing out curls.
  30. Great for shower use


    Bought this to use in the shower and it was just the ticket. Although I knew it was big, I was still surprised that it is as large as it is.
  31. Great to use in the shower.


    I was given this comb as a gift. It's great to use in the shower to. Comb out your conditioner or treatment.
  32. good detangler


    good for getting knots out of my hair after I have washed it. Pretty cheap also
  33. The comb I never knew I needed


    I purchased this because I wanted to avoid breakage when combing wet hair. Which it works fabulously for. BUT what I didn't realize was that this is the most perfect comb to use when you are brushing out your curls!!!!! PERFECT!!!!!
  34. It’s HUGE


    This comb is great for its specified use as the name suggests. Detangling my wet washed hair was exactly what I bought it for and that’s what it does. It was however way bigger than I expected not that that’s an issue but I wouldn’t advise for anyone who had fine hair
  35. Detangles


    This strong wide tooth comb is great for thick hair. A must try.
  36. gets all the knotsout


    this comb is amazing! it is very gentle on the hair and gets all the knots out very easily. definitely recommend
  37. gets all the knotsout


    this comb is amazing! it is very gentle on the hair and gets all the knots out very easily. definitely recommend
  38. Best Comb!


    I have long, thick, curly hair. This is amazing in the shower as it is quite wide and gets through my hair much easier than any of the ‘curl specific’ combs I’ve bought over the years.
  39. Did not work on my hair at all


    I love Evo products and own their brushes but this comb was disappointing on my thick, wavy just below shoulder length hair. I used it in the shower to comb through conditioner but it got snagged all the time and pulled a lot of hair and was ouchy. Also didn't work with towel dried hair it pulled a lot. My hair is not curly or frizzy. I gave it away and now use my cheap afro brush.
  40. Tangle Free!


    Such great value for a great product. I used to use a bamboo wide tooth comb but it started to break so I needed a new one. I already use Evo hair products so I decided to give this a go. I ordered it and then selected the twilight delivery option, received this the next day! Very happy with it, works great for gently combing out hair to avoid breakage, and also great for wet hair to brush treatme...
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  41. Essential comb!


    Love this comb and gets every single tangle out. Love the hole so I can hang it up on a hook!
  42. Happy with it


    Great comb to have in the shower. I use it to comb through hair treatments and detangling.
  43. Great comb!


    Such a great comb! This is perfect for loosely brushing your hair when you've got curls or waves in as it doesn't ruin the style. I also love it because it's flat so it fits easily into my bag. Great price too!
  44. Great comb


    I use this after conditioning on damp hair and it works beautifully, without pulling out huge clumps of hair.
  45. Bulky but great for brushing wet hair


    I struggle with tangled hair post shower and normal hairbrushes tend to make my hair come out as they pull out the weak hair!
    this wide tooth comb is great however, it is quite bulky not making it helpful for traveling!
  46. Very large comb


    The comb is good for brushing wet hair to avoid damage but I feel it's too big. At 25cm long it is too large to be travelling with and there's just nothing special about it (unlike my Evo Bradford which is great). I could have gone to Daiso and got a cheaper comb that would do the same job.
  47. Love this comb for curls


    Love this comb for in-shower use when combing through conditioner in my curly hair. No longer feel like I’m ripping my hair out!
  48. Big wide tooth comb, great for in shower


    This comb is big! I like to use mine when I’m in the shower so that I can evenly distribute product through my hair. Great for detangling. Not as careful with my hair as I had hoped but better than basic brushes.
  49. Essential


    This comb is so sturdy for my thick tangled hair. I use this after showers on wet hair every night and it does the job so well. Highly recommend.
  50. Great


    Great for detangling and unruly hair! Great price too, can't go wrong.
  51. Why the hype?


    I have long, thick, wavy hair and an ever growing collection of combs and brushes. Wasn’t impressed with this one -It doesn’t feel comfortable when I comb through conditioner, pulls on dry hair, and isn’t as smooth as i’d expect from a brand like evo. Doesn’t compare to the wetbrush or mason Pearson combs.
  52. Wow


    This is such a great detangling brush. Gets rid of all my knots.
  53. Great for thick hair


    This comb is so sturdy for my thick tangled hair. I use this after showers on wet hair every night and it does the job so well. Highly recommend.
  54. Shower staple


    Gotta have one in the shower it is great I have blonde fine hair detangles well I use to comb through conditioner and toning conditioner
  55. Perfect for wet hair use


    Perfect for wet hair use. I use this comb with my Olaplex.
  56. simple, cheap, and gets the job done


    This comb is perfect for keeping in the shower, combing conditioner through and detangling hair. I have long thick hair which gets pretty knotted quickly, and using this comb helps me detangle painlessly. It's under $10 and is exactly what it appears to be.
  57. great basic


    This is ace for de-tangling knots in wet hair, and for combing product through.
  58. Great For Detangling


    I keep this in the shower for detangling my thick curly hair and it works wonders. I am so against brushing my hair when it's wet so this wide tooth comb is great for evenly distributing my conditioner through my hair without causing damage.
  59. Thick hair girl


    Yes, it does work - great price for this product.
    Detangles my hair - I like using as a dry comb, before getting into the shower and going to bed. Saves you a lot of knotty problems from thereon.
    Light and good for the handbag!
  60. Doesn't detangle my thick hair


    Thick hair - straight- long layers
    Used this comb while washing hair with conditioner - after washing hair and with dry hair.
    My hair is dead straight but quite thick and this comb does nothing for me. I dont think a comb or brush ive ever used has ripped out this much hair. Even after continuously combing theres still knots and comb wont run smoothly through hair... i dont know if it...
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  61. Perfect for the shower


    This does what it says, it's an easy detangler that I use to comb product through my hair in the shower. I use it with all conditioners and hair masks now and makes a big difference :) it easily slips through the hair without pulling on it like some other combs I've had. 10/10 great basic product for everyone's shower.
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