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Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer

4.3 of 69 reviews


4 instalments of $11.00

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4 instalments of $11.00

Or 4 instalments of $11.00 with LEARN MORE

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Looks flawless. Lasts 15-hours. Feels comfortable, never dry. Stays seamless, without creasing.

  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+


  • Full
  • Medium

Finish - Powders:

  • Matte

Finish - Foundation:

  • Matte

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer Reviews

4.3 of 69 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great concealer


I bought this concealer to try for the first time and I was impressed. It blends nicely, stays put all day and doesn't dry my skin out. The coverage is pretty good too.

Most Helpful Criticism

Feels great but quite low coverage


This is really gentle on my skin and I love the feel but I find it is really low coverage and it is not good for covering larger blemishes and dark circles under my eyes.
  1. Great concealer


    I bought this concealer to try for the first time and I was impressed. It blends nicely, stays put all day and doesn't dry my skin out. The coverage is pretty good too.
  2. Feels great but quite low coverage


    This is really gentle on my skin and I love the feel but I find it is really low coverage and it is not good for covering larger blemishes and dark circles under my eyes.
  3. Not a fan


    I'm in my early 30s with pretty bad dark under eye circles - I tried this under my eyes and it didn't work for me at all.

    The first thing is the SMELL. It smells like paint thinner. I don't know why Estee Lauder/Loreal/Mac make their products smell like this! I absolutely cannot stand the scent! I am really sensitive to smells tho, so this may not bother other people!

    I h...
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  4. Good coverage


    I really liked this concealer. I think it has a creamy, buildable formula that can easily provide full coverage. It does feel a bit heavy on the skin sometimes, similarly to the double wear foundation. My only dislike is the bottle it is in because it makes it harder to get every last drop of the product out.
  5. Light but good medium coverage


    Easy to blend and good coverage for covering up spots or dark circles under my eyes. I have fair skin and chose 2N. Not oily and stays put:-)
  6. Nice coverage


    I usually have to layer for coverage but it does feel lightweight :)
  7. great coverage


    i have relatively aged skin and this is a concealer that worked for me. it has good coverage and does not crease during the day. however i think it is not as long-wearing as i thought it would be. color range is great too. perfect match for me
  8. Nice Coverage


    I am a fan of EsteeLauder DoubleWear, so I bought this concealer as I am getting older (50) my circles are getting darker. WOW this doesnt show in my lines, I could add more coverage to where I needed it, and it lasted all day.
  9. WOW!


    I received a sample of this and for lack of a better word, WOW! The colour, the coverage and the consistency are beyond perfect. I have it in full size and I am so happy with my purchase.
  10. Great concealer!


    This is a great quality concealer, and so happy to see they hugely expanded the colour range so now I can get a colour to match my very fair skin!
  11. My fav


    This is my fav concealer. It conceals the dark circles, doesn't settle into fine lines, brightens the eye area, doesn't go cakey and looks fresh all day.
  12. Good


    This is my favourite concealer and it covers my pigmentation well.
  13. Best concealer I’ve used


    So easy to use, matches skin perfectly.
    The applicator is brilliant, gets all the product on the end.
    Overall great product
  14. Nice enough


    I bought this recently with the double wear foundation. I found it difficult to blend at times because it sets quickly. You have to use a good primer before any of the double wear line (this is no exception) otherwise it cakes up and sits in all of your creases. If used with a good primer you get good coverage with this.
  15. Perfect


    I have a bit of darkness underneath my eyes and this covers it up perfectly. I also apply it on my chin to even out my skin tone there. My face looks really natural and this concealer stays all day
  16. Great concealer


    This concealer is excellent, it has great coverage and stays all day long. Blends well with the Double Wear Foundation. Will definitely repurchase.
  17. Worth the hype


    My friend literally made me use my voucher to purchase this concealer and I’m not mad at her. It perfectly covers my age spots and fine lines. Love it for the under eye area.
  18. Nice coverage, wrong colour


    I was matched with LIGHT/MEDIUM - It was orange for my cool light skin tone. I do love this! A little goes a long way.
  19. Good concealer


    Good concealer to cover minor blemishes. Not good coverage for larger red blemishes. For some blemishes I found that the concealer didn’t set on top of the skin and actually came off while I was applying it, but could be to do with way of application. Perfect colour match to the foundation.
  20. High coverage concealer


    Great concealer for hiding pimples or pigmentations very matte and high coverage I don’t use this one under the eye.
    Goes perfect with double wear foundation.
    Lasts a really long time so it’s good value for money
  21. Amazing


    This doesn't go cakey and really makes the skin matte. Stays on all day. Would recommend.
  22. Works wonders


    One of my favourite concealers. Matches perfectly with my double wear foundation and gives me a flawless look
  23. great colour selection


    there is so many colours to choose from in this concealer and is great to use as a concealer of cream contour. definitely recommend !
  24. Not as great as the foundation


    I absolutely love the double wear foundation but this concealer didn’t do it for me. It applied too thick and it creased crazily even after baking.
  25. Good coverage


    Great for full coverage looks and heavier makeup
  26. A Creamy Crease-less concealer


    If you love the double wear range you will truly appreciate this little concealer in a tube. Love the mess free application and packaging, the reason this is creaseless is because it mimics the foundation and sets quite quickly, it doesn't have that oily/emollient factor which some foundations have to make it spreadable therefore as you sweat through the day you wont find this concealer will creas...
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  27. Expensive but great result


    Very nice concealer, it's pricy but it's really worth the money, it cover my dark circle well and stay whole day !
  28. Love


    Love this double wear range! Not too thick blends nicely with double wear foundation
  29. Thick but not cakey and looks natural


    The best concealer out there, ive tried numerous different types to cover my dark eye circles and redness from pimples and this one gets rid of them all. It stays in place for the entire day and night until you wash it off. It's got great reviews for a reason, highly recommend!
  30. Great coverage!


    I bought this concealer specifically to cover undereye circles when foundation (also Double Wear) wasn’t lasting by the end of the day. It’s definitely doing a much better job, lasts all day and doesn’t settle into fine lines. However, it doesn’t seem to do a great job covering small pimples, perhaps needs to go on more thickly.
  31. Great coverage!


    I bought this concealer specifically to cover undereye circles when foundation (also Double Wear) wasn’t lasting by the end of the day. It’s definitely doing a much better job, lasts all day and doesn’t settle into fine lines. However, it doesn’t seem to do a great job covering small pimples, perhaps needs to go on more thickly.
  32. my daily


    I have used this daily for many years. I have dark under the eyes and feel i akways look tired but this manages to cover it well. Good coverage and easy to apply.
  33. One of the best


    This is one of the best concealers I've ever used. The formula is thick but not too thick, feels super soft and gives amazing coverage.
  34. Cover


    Love this concealer it’s full coverage, does not crease lasts all day
  35. Cakes a lot


    I was very excited to use this concealer as I'd been told only good things about it. My skin is quite smooth and I don't have many problems with the under eye area but I felt this was much too cakey for the brand and price. I tried several primers and no primer but still had the same problem. Wouldn't recommend.
  36. Use for dark under eyes


    I use this to brighten dark patches under my eyes. I like it because it's not too thick and you can build it up to get the right coverage.
  37. Doesn’t run all over my face


    Very nice, thick but not too thick and doesn’t smudge and run all over my face
  38. I like this alot


    I wouldn't say it has a huge coverage but it goes on nicely and the color matches my estee lauder foundation perfectly.. doesn't make me break out.. lasts a long time.. would buy again
  39. Not the coverage or lasting power that I need


    This concealer just didn't work for me.

    I love so many products in the Double Wear range so after reading many glowing reviews of the Double Wear concealer I decided to give it a go. I've given it many chances, in many different conditions (primer, no primer, powder, no powder, less, more, and everything in between). I'm sorry to say it doesn't live up to its 'stay in place' name on m...
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  40. Good concealer but moisturise beforehand


    This is a great full coverage concealer, however, it can be pretty drying and emphasises fine lines so make sure you use a good moisturiser beforehand. It covers dark circles really well whilst also brightening and making me look more awake.
  41. Good, but bad


    It’s really depends on what you’re actually looking for. For a night out make up, it’s great - stays in place, easily covers the breakouts and make your eyes look brighter. However, won’t recommend wearing for the whole day, especially under the eyes. It was drying the areas and even irritating my skin. Also resulted in a lot of tiny blackheads under the eyes
  42. Coverage


    I lived the product and how it dried down but found after a few hours every crease would show though like a walls crazing. I don’t have many wrinkles but every smile like looked crazed within 4 hours.
  43. great when paired with double wear foundation


    overall great formula and lasts all day. will crease if you don't set straight away with powder.
  44. Excellent coverage


    I have used this concealer for years now Every time I try a different concealer I find I am always disappointed and come back to this one. I have dark circles under my eyes and veins above my eyes and find that this mascara does a great job of covering this up and making me look more awake. It's super long lasting and provides all-day coverage. I find it lasts me quite a while too as a little goes...
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  45. Good, non-cakey and non-creasing concealer


    I use this concealer in combo with the Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude foundation, over spots and under eye. I like that its a "do everything" concealer and is thick enough to cover spots, but also works well under eye.

    I think sometimes it struggles on my darker pimples/acne scarring - needs two layers but it is overall a very good concealer versus others that I've tried like NARS and...
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  46. A bit drying


    A bit drying for me, but nice coverage
  47. Great concealer


    Great concealer, I like it better than the Tarte Tape Shape. This pairs really well with the foundation. Best applied with a damp sponge.
  48. Great concealor


    Great for covering my pigmentation without looking cakey. It’s nice, creamy lasts all day and doesn’t crack in lines
  49. Favourite concealer


    I love this concealer, I apply it with a damp beauty blender and it doesn't crease or settle into fine lines. Sits really nicely over the Double Wear foundation.
  50. Great concealer


    This is a great concealer that doesn't dry my skin out. I use it with the doublewear foundation and it works really well together
  51. Love this concealer!


    I have been using this concealer for years. It is so good at covering blemishes or pigmentation without cakey look and it stays in place all day! Not oily either. Highly recommend!
  52. Favourite concealer by far!


    I have tried a lot of concealers and this is by far the best. It is smooth, not cakey and lasts all day. While it does completely cover my dark circles it definately lightens them and I am yet to find a better product. I highly recommend!
  53. Not bad but could be better

    J Bo

    Pros: light texture, blends well and doesn't look cakey
    Cons: the coverage isn't great
  54. yes yes yes!


    This is the BEST concealer I have ever used for the under eye area. It goes on like a dream and I blend it out with my beauty blender and it lasts me all day. it really brightens up my under eye and is also great for highlighting the nose.
  55. Full Coverage


    I love this concealer, the only downside is that it doesn't go to a light enough shade to achieve under eye brightness and the cost :( other than that, its just as full coverage as the foundation IMO
  56. Best full coverage concealer


    I use this in conjunction with the double wear foundation for the perfect full coverage look. It’s great to for covering blemishes and does not budge when I use it on my oily t zone.

    For a more natural look you can also use this on its own (no foundation) and just blend it out.

    Also use this after the gym at lunch time for a quick touch up before heading back to the off...
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  57. Great!


    Smooths over blemishes and pigmentation like a dream. Blends wonderfully! Under eye coverage isnt as good as it probably needs colour correction to hide my dark aged bags. It does sit in creases but stays all day. My favourite concealer I've ever tried
  58. Great


    This is a great concealer for combo-to-oily skin types. (It's great for covering zits, for example!) I tend to use a fair bit of moisturiser underneath if I use this around my eyes. I find a little goes a long way and you need to avoid overdoing it, or it can end up a bit cakey.
  59. YES


    this concealer is amazing, it has great coverage and isnt drying under the eyes. I find i dont need to set it with powder ether and looks great all day
  60. Lasts forever!!!


    This concealer lasts so long and still looks nice after a full day/nights wear. Blends beautifully and is such a nice consistency. Once set this bad boy does not budge until removed. It does settle a little into my fine lines under my eyes (as most concealers I use do) but I find it does it the least out of every concealer I've used. Really nice coverage too.
  61. The best full coverage concealer


    I use the double wear foundation and initially used other brand concealers until I discovered this matching one. I have dry skin and hate how concealers dry into my under eye wrinkles and make them more visible. This products didn’t do this. I only use under my eyes on top of the double wear foundation and it hides my dark circles perfectly. Highly recommend this product with the foundation or eve...
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  62. Great concealer- underrated.


    I love using this concealer under my eyes, on the centre of my forehead and down the bridge of my nose. It is great fro brightening these areas and covering imperfect tone (dark under eyes and redness on nose), and blends beautifully on top of a range of different foundations. I have used both this concealer and the NARS radiant creamy concealer and would recommend this above the latter due to eas...
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  63. Favorite under eye concealer


    I use this concealer over a color correcting cream to minimize the appearance of dark circles. I find it sits well on my skin and does not crease or smudge throughout the day. coverage is not as high as you would think and I find it does not work well on dry skin as it attaches to flakes of skin. I do recommend it for combination to oily skin.
  64. Not bad, but not great


    Have seen some great reviews on this product but it was 'meeehhhh' for me. The coverage isn't that great. Was dry and a little cakey on my undereyes. I got the shade light medium but it was a bit too orange. Wouldn't repurchase. I do prefer the maximum cover concealer over this
  65. Very very good


    Not cakey, blends out smooth and does not sit in my lines and wrinkles, love this concealer, have bought more than once
  66. Looooove


    Love this concealer!! Only got it today but I've been wearing it for 6 hours and even to the gym and it hasn't budged, goes perfect with ASAP mineral powder
    Good coverage and good for under eye
    So happy I've found a good concealer finally!
  67. Absolutely the best concealer


    The best concealer I have ever tried. Because it blends in really smoothly into my skin under my eyes and overall it brightens and hides the negative sides of ageing and tiredness I would highly recommend it.
  68. Nothing Special


    This concealer dries too fast and doesn’t have high coverage.
    Too many times it’s looked too cakey on my skin.
    They say it’s infused with emollients to condition skin and that it has a luminous finish, which I don’t agree with.
  69. Favourite concealer, hands down!


    I love this stuff. I find it really hard matching my skin tone with concealers, I usually have to buy a light and slightly darker shade and mix. But this is spot on. It also blends so nicely, I have been opting to just used this day to day with no foundation. Love it and will be buying again and again
  70. My Holy Grail Concealer


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this concealer. I saw someone use it on a Youtube tutorial and had to get it. I'm currently on my 3rd one and I will not get anything else. Yeah the smell isn't great but you can't really smell it unless you pull the wand out and really smell it. Not a factor for me at all. I use the Light shade and it is so creamy and bright. I use it to highlight as well as cover my dark circles...
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  71. Pretty good


    Stays in place really well! fairly good coverage, doesnt crease, soaks into the skin. Smells kinda bad but that goes away after awhile. Not too watery and not too creamy which i really like!
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