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Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Elizabeth Arden Authentic
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Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant  by Elizabeth Arden


Winner of 22 international beauty awards, the Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a multi-use classic, lengendary, product used to moisturise and protect in many ways.

Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant can be used in so many ways, but here are some suggestions:

  • Alleviate symptoms of chapping and irritation
  • Soothes and restores skin that is peeling, is windburnt, and drying for heating/air conditioning
  • Soothes and softens dry and rough cuticles
  • Softens the soles of tired feet
  • Shapes and smoothes brows with a a small dab to offer a defined arch


How to use  Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

  • Apply liberally as often as necessary, anytime anywhere you need. 
  • Shape brows, revitalize shine, soothe dry hands and smooth cuticles and nails. 
  • Also soothes dry skin and comforts minor weather burns, scrapes

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Chapped Lips? This is for YOU - 27-05-2017 by

I bought this off the recommendation by Zoella as she was raving about it for her chapped lips. Straight away I bought it. It took me a while to get used to the smell. It is very strong, not bad but strong.
I put this on my lips and hands before bed and it just soaks up. It is awesome. It is so moisturising and long wearing. It lasts a long time on the lips and yet soaks right in on the skin when I use this on my hands.
Also it is awesome as a super extra high shine gloss over your lipsticks. Outer space will be able to see your shining lips. If you don't like strong smells just get the no fragrance one.

The most hydrating AND versatile product ever! - 28-07-2015 by

Don't be put off by the small size of the tube! A tiny bit of this goes a long way and leaves my skin softer than anything else I've used. It's not too sticky, and not greasy at all. More than anything it's versatile! I use it on my badly chapped lips, which nothing else seems to help. It also doubles as a high-shine lip gloss - you can put it over your matte lippy to gloss it up, plus it protects your lips. My cuticles and nail beds once had awful hangnails and were generally dry - but no sign of dryness or hangnails now. Most products disappear from my skin in an hour or so and I have to keep re-applying, but this cream really does last a long time. If I apply in the morning, my skin is still soft by the evening. The only thing I could gripe about is the smell, which is really strong and (in my opinion) not great, but not unpleasant (It smells very fresh). Great value for money - I have a feeling this tube is going to last me months.

There's a reason it's a classic... - 23-12-2013 by

After all these years (it was invented in 1930), Eight Hour Cream is STILL a cult classic - not to mention a staple in the makeup kits of industry legends like Val Garland and Pat McGrath. Personally, I have a tube permanently living on my bedside table, where I use it nightly for lips and also all over my cuticles - and sometimes even all over my hands if they are feeling super dry. The tube lasts ages so it's definitely worth it!

Value for money - 23-12-2013 by

I'd heard about the Original Eight Hour Cream many times before but only recently had the opportunity to try it. It's now a staple in my makeup bag. I love that it has multi uses and cuts down the amount of 'essentials' in my bag. I use this on my lips before I go to bed and I wake up with soft moisturised lips.
It's also a massive tube, so I'm loving the value aspect of this product!

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