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Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant 50ml

4.6 of 79 reviews


4 instalments of $7.00

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4 instalments of $7.00

Or 4 instalments of $7.00 with LEARN MORE

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Winner of 22 international beauty awards, the Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a multi-use classic, legendary, product used to moisturise and protect in many ways.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Reviews

4.6 of 79 reviews

90% recommend this product

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love it the gentlest yet effective skincare

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for dry skin but not amazing


Find I need to mix with some rose-hip oil to allow for the product to be dispersed evenly as it is quite thick. Feels good on dry areas such as elbows. Wouldn’t repurchase as I feel it didn’t make a huge difference.
  1. good for heels and calluses


    This feels quite greasy but does absorb pretty well and is the best foot mask for sleeping or socks, perfect for rough knees and elbows but is a bit intense for a regular hand cream- buy the EA hand cream instead
  2. Good


    love it the gentlest yet effective skincare
  3. Good


    love it the gentlest yet effective skincare
  4. OG


    Great to moisturise chapped lips and elbows
  5. Eight hour cream


    Very disappointed very greasy Horrible smell Did not like this at all
  6. It's ok


    This is a good product to protect skin during winter, using it on areas like elbow and knee are great. However, I think it's not a good lip balm, since it is not moisturising enough.
  7. Great for dry lips


    verified purchaser
    The best multipurpose moisturiser that will be a repeat purchase forever
  8. Thick and hydrating


    It is quite thick which is good for winters but i will never use it during the summers. I use it on my hands and i have aged skin but this keeps it hydrated and soft
  9. Lip and skincare


    I use it as a lip balm at night and also can use it around my dry nose when it goes red due to hard cleansers and I think I cannot live without this. Recommended
  10. Love this!


    Oh my god I forgot this product exists. I have added it to my cart! I use this for everything - dry lips, face highlight, cuticle cream. I love it - it feels very luxuries
  11. Great product


    Great moisturiser for normal to dry skin. Can be used day or night
  12. Great for the lips


    This works miracles on cracked skin. Texture is nice and balmy, not too sticky or greasy.
  13. Great product.


    I love this day cream, it works well for dry skin. leave my skin feel very smooth.
  14. A classic


    There’s something about the smell of this I am obsessed with! This is the only product that sorted out my flaky chapped lips once and for all love it
  15. Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant


    I absolutely love this cream, it’s great for dry chapped hands or lips. Also great for minor burns or bites.
  16. Product for life


    I find many of my skincare products I use once then try something else but I’m about to purchase my 4th tube of this, it’s an absolute staple
  17. great for dry patches


    i over exfoliated my skin and it was actually hurting round my nose and red. i started using this just to try and it made a huge difference. in just 2 days of just using it at night my nose area was okay and i could feel comfortable again. great in winters.
  18. perfect tool for everything


    this is a great multi use product. i use it for my hands and lips and it’s a great moisturiser without being super greasy on my skin.
  19. Good for dry skin but not amazing


    Find I need to mix with some rose-hip oil to allow for the product to be dispersed evenly as it is quite thick. Feels good on dry areas such as elbows. Wouldn’t repurchase as I feel it didn’t make a huge difference.
  20. No more chapped lips


    its winter and my lips get super dry and chapped, and so does my hands and nails. This is perfect for the lips and cuticles, its got that thick vaseline consistency but the next morning you see a visible difference in the healing process!
  21. really really hydrating


    This is fantastic! I sleep with it on and it really really keeps my lips moisturised and feeling great by the morning
  22. Moisturising!


    I am on my fifth tube of this. I love it! I use it as a lip mask before bed and leaves my lips feeling moisturised.
  23. Super healing


    I use this whenever I have any cracked dry skin and it instantly soothes and heals so well. I carry with me everywhere
  24. Nice!


    So soothing. Great for body & face works pretty fast a must have
  25. Good all rounder


    Although I originally bought this to use as a lip balm, it has fit more into my routine as an all rounder product for dry cuticles, flaky skin, elbows that need some love etc. It works as a lip balm and softens lips, but personally I prefer something thicker with more staying power, this tends to feel a bit watery in comparison to other products I have used.
  26. Consider the fragrance free option!


    This product is great for providing a thick barrier protection that can truly last. The orange colour of it can sometimes stain my white clothing though and the scent is overpowering at times. I would probably consider buying the fragrance free option as I wasn't aware it existed prior to purchasing this one.
  27. pretty good


    a great cream, cannot fault it. worked well with my sensitive skin and would consider buying it after the sample!
  28. Perfect multi purpose cream


    I use this literally all over when I need hydration or a soothing cream. It’s so thick and makes your skin feel so juicy and healthy after use. I always have this on me!
  29. Thick and heavy - best for winter or extreme dryness


    I would describe this as closest to a 'healing balm' type cream.
    It's very thick and heavy and can take a lot of work to massage in to the skin, It's also very sticky at first.
    I find it useful only on the driest of skin areas i.e. around my nose when chapped in the winter, or mainly on my elbows - but it;s a bit pricey just for that!
    If you can extremely dry skin on your face an...
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  30. Healing for all ages


    I have used Eight Hour Cream for over 20 years. Beginning as a child my mother used to put it on my insect bites and chapped lips. Now as an adult in my 30's I always go back to it, especially in winter. It is such a good all-round product and I even like to put a light layer all over my hands at night when I go to bed - it really helps with any dermatitis I get in winter. Some people complain...
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  31. Healing balm


    I don't know how this works, but this balm is amazing. It works wonders on pimples/ spots, sore patches, ingrown hairs, dry skin etc.

    When I have a problem like above, I pop some cream on it overnight, and it looks and feels so much better in the morning. I tend not to use it in the day as it does leave a shine.

    The tube lasts a long time- little goes a long way.
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  32. Good, not great.


    This is by no means a “bad” product but is it amazing? Not really. It does the job. I’m not a fan of the scent so perhaps opting for the non-scented product might change this. Thus far I have only used on my lips and it’s nice, creates a nice shine too but I do have more long wearing products in terms of a lip moisture treatment.
  33. My Go-To Product

    Kirsten M

    This is my ride-or-die product. My original obsession.
    The only product that helps my chapped lips - sticky enough to feel working but not too stick to irritate and be distracting.
    Perfect smell and the cost per wear is amazing, 1 tube can last me 6-12 months and I use it religiously!
    *Also great to create a glossy eye
  34. Balmy moisture


    I was unsure what I was expecting from this product but expected versatility and quality which I got.
    I've used this as cuticle cream, hand cream, lip balm/gloss, salve for my sore nose after a cold, left on overnight on a healing/scabbing pimple, rubbed into knees and elbows to soothe and admittedly popped a bit on the toe of my leather boots when I realised they looked terrible one day an...
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  35. Found better


    I used to use this a lot but didn’t love the smell of it. Have found a better smelling, and more natural product that does the same job. It’s also cheaper. I wouldn’t go back to this.
  36. Holy grail lip balm ..


    Been using this for 4-5 years? Absolute amazing thick melty lip balm. Texture is more for overnight than daytime use, however I still use it over less moisturising lip tints/lipsticks. This product definitely needs more hype and is muuucchh better than the laneige lip mask/other lip balms i've ever tried. Heals the lips especially when chapped! HIGHLY RECOMMEND =D

    Will keep repurchas...
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  37. Great companion for lips!


    This is a must have if you suffer from chapped lips! This is a versatile product, you can use it for other purpose too! It is also comes with an affordable price tag, this tube with last you for AGES!
  38. amazing


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! I love to use this before bed, especially when I’ve been outdoors all day!
  39. Prefer the fragrance free version


    I love this cream and I use it on my lips as a lip balm everyday however I prefer the fragrance free version. The fragrance on this one is a little strong for me and makes my lips tingle a little bit
  40. Been using this for years


    I am 50 and have been using this product as a night cream for years. I love it. Yes it's thick....hence night cream use. Noticeably decreases my few wrinkles.
  41. Classic


    Love this classic product for a good base under makeup. Hydrates and smooths very nicely.
  42. Good


    Really nice cream, very thick but you only need a very small amount and as you work it into your hands they feel lovely. I love the smell, I put on morning and night and it has really helped
  43. Great hand cream


    Thia hand cream is amazing for dry hands. I used it on my hubbys hands when they get dry and sore and the next day they r silky soft. I only deducted a point as it has an odd smell
  44. Blends well


    Bought this as a foundation brush, product would be great for mixing products however I do not do this. Still works well for foundation
  45. Handbag must have!


    I use this everyday! On my skin and on my lips! Works as an incredible chapstick and my skin has improved significantly since apply this on my face and neck also.
  46. so good


    Another great product from the line. I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  47. Excellent multi-use product!


    This product is great value for money- you only need a tiny bit and the tube lasts a very long time! This cream is really versatile and can be used as lip balm, hand/foot/cuticle cream, as well as on elbows and any dry spots on your body. The herbal smell is quite strong but I really like it.
  48. Decent


    It’s okay! I’ve been using it for years and it never fails me but it’s nothing overly special in my opinion.
  49. love


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing!I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  50. Great


    I bought after seeing it on ‘this morning’ and thought I would try it for my very dry hands. Really nice cream, very thick but you only need a very small amount and as you work it into your hands they feel lovely. I love the smell, I put on morning and night and it has really helped
  51. all rounder super balm


    I love this all rounder balm which you can use for skin irritation / cracked lips / any kind of mild scars on the face to protect. You just need a tiny bit so 1 tube lasts for a long long time.
  52. Brilliant product but very strong smell


    I have loved and used this for many years - over 20 I'd say - since I was a teenage model and makeup artists used to rave about it as a wonder product. Because it lasts FOREVER, I managed to go several years without buying a new tube (I had many tubes on the go around the place) until a while ago. Anyway the smell seems to be a LOT stronger than it used to be - too much for me! Perhaps I'm just mo...
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  53. Can’t live without


    There has been a tube in my bed side table for too long I can admit. I put on my lips in the colder months and they are soft and supple in the morning! Can’t live without
  54. A long term staple


    I have been using this cream (although its more like an ointment) for over 20 years. It’s awesome for your cuticles, cracked heals and as a luxurious hand cream. I also use it on my face if I am really dry (I put it on the morning if I’m not wearing makeup and leave it on all day).
    The tube lasts forever and it’s definitely a product you need to purchase at least once.
  55. Thick, moisturising must have


    I was given a small tube of this as a birthday present one year and it’s become a staple in both my hand bag and bathroom ever since. With a thick, ointment like consistency, it locks in moisture to hydrate even the driest areas. I use first thing in the morning and an hour or so before my night cream in the evening. I would recommend this for all skin types that experience dryness.
  56. cult classic & a must have


    one of the best all rounder! I use it on my hands, lips & any dry patches. It was recommended by my dermatologist. I prefer the fragrance free one though.
  57. <3


    I absolutely love this, the whole reason i decided to try it was i was reading a book by Victoria Beckham and she said this was one product she couldn't live without and had been using for years and years and i knew it had a bit of a cult following but wasn't that big on the smell to start with, it's nice and nostalgic smelling but it does have a deep purfumed smell, well i find it does anyway. I ...
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  58. A winter staple.


    Absolutely fantastic product. It turns around chapped lips/ dry skin literally overnight. Perfect for elbows/ knees/ overblown noses. Consistency is quite thick/ greasy and it has a slightly mecidinal smell that I don't mind. Been using it for years.
  59. Great except for the scent


    I own this one and the fragrance free version, the latter definitely being my preference. With the exception of the scent, I love this ointment (I wouldn't call it a cream) and it does exactly what it promises. I use it every night on my lips and on any patches of dry skin. It also works great as an everyday moisturising lip gloss, a lipstick topper, to gloss up eyelids and eyebrows and even works...
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  60. A handbag staple


    This cream is a saviour. My skin is exposed to a brutal combination of air-con, aeroplanes and the harsh Pilbara sun, which can leave it feeling like leather. I use the 8 hour cream numerous times during the day on my lips, hands and elbows to restore the moisture. It is also amazing for taming flyaways without having to empty a can of hairspray.
    There is a reason it has been around so long...
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  61. This is a very Amazing cream

    Broken Silver

    So I had purchased this as part of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Original Set 2018 set. So, my big toe nails had been damaged a few years prior because of tight skiing shoes. I used this, and in a short time frame the dark black area on the toenail dissipated - it was taking a real long time to grow out.
  62. Cult classic, strong scent


    Whoever hasn't heard of Elizabeth Arden's Original Eight Hour Cream has been living under a rock! It has been named a cult classic time and time again- and for good reason. It is a simple thick ointment (it is called a cream but it definitely has an ointment consistency) which helps to protect the driest and most sensitive of skin. Works great with chapped lips and dry patches of skin. It applies ...
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  63. The best ointment on the market


    This is a heavy ointment-feeling cream, and it has saved my skin so many times. It is an amazing multi-purpose product that you can use on a variety of skin issues. I actually used it when I played flute and was allergic to my lip plate - it provided a barrier between my skin and the metal but didn't slide around everywhere. I still use it for a lip balm, barrier cream, extra moisturiser, rough el...
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  64. Holy grail


    Amazing multi use product, will always keep repurchasing!
  65. So many uses for one product!


    I love this product for so many reasons. I have very dry hands and so before bed, I slather this on and it really soaks in overnight. I also have used this on my face when I've had dry skin (mostly on the cheeks) during the winter months. It's fantastic for applying a little to your lips as well, although I'd recommend the Eight Hour lip product by Elizabeth Arden for that too. It's just a gre...
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  66. Fantastic product


    I used this on my severe dermatitis on my hands and with regular use it has all but cleared up. I have never found anything in years that has worked so well on my sensitive hands. If used a few times a day it completely clears my skin up. Perfect barrier type cream. Much better than using cortisone all the time. Quite greasy but worth it to clear up my sore broken red skin. Will be buyi...
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  67. Obsessed!


    I mainly use this product as a lip balm, a thick layer before bed makes them so nourished. A thin layer is great for priming before lipstick and stops matte ones drying out. It has an endless amount of other uses and is a handbag essential I will always continue to repurchase.
  68. Lasts forever


    I use this for everything, from chapped lips, dry cuticles to after sunburn care. You only need the smallest amount and the difference is noticeable straight away. I would highly recommend having one in the handbag. It lasts a very long time too so worth every cent.
  69. Holy Grail


    I've been using this product for over 5 years and it has worked wonders for my chapped lips. I put it in at night, sometimes over some marula oil on my lips to really lock in the moisture!
  70. Use for everything


    This product is amazing I use it when I have a rash, dry skin as a hand cream as a barrier cream
  71. Good multitasker


    I use this for chapped lips and sometimes to set eyebrows! I tried applying it all over my face as a moisturiser and it did not absorb, it felt super sticky and thick.
  72. Fixes chapped lips


    So far I have only used this product on my lips. I was super happy with it - it's extremely nourishing and gentle on dry lips, and easy to apply. Can't wait to try it for the other recommended uses.
  73. an old favourite


    The scent is odd, as others have stated - but never overbearing. I LOVE this product. A little goes a long way so therefore it is economical. I also dab on dry patches and believe me when I say it's a miracle worker because it repairs and replenishes dryness on my face quickly. Eight hour cream is perfect on target areas as well before I apply my night cream. A must have!
  74. Terrible smell

    Sian R

    I tried this in the shop before buying and I could not get over the smell. It smells like petrol, I used it like a hand cream and I couldn’t escape the smell. I ended up returning it for the fragrance free version.
  75. Very good


    This is a very good hand cream. Makes my hands so soft and that's even after I wash my hands!
  76. Wonderful moisture and hydration


    I am a disability carer and have to wash my hands more than most people. I lose a great deal of moisture and this product really is amazing. I find a lot of other products sink in and leave my hands dry again almost immediately, but this cream really does protect your skin.

    I do find the scent a bit pungent, so I wouldn't use it near my face like they suggest (Eg: lips,etc.).
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  77. Miracle worker on dry skin but a bit on the nose


    This is my go-to product when nothing else will work to remedy dry skin in winter. It has a very think texture that helps it lay on the skin to form a barrier from the elements while providing hydration. The only downside of this product is the smell. I think you either love it or hate it. I'd recommend testing a sample and giving it the sniff test before investing in this cream. Alternatively, El...
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  78. Should be in everyones handbag


    I have very dry skin and use this when I get a small flaky area. Fixes it up straight away. I also use it on my eyebrows when I'm going out.
  79. Great


    I love this product!
  80. Awesome!

    Lisa Marie

    I purchased the Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant and was pleased with the results. I have dry skin, so I was looking for something that would be suitable for everyday use.

    I was not disappointed.
  81. Fixes everything


    My mum swore by this product and put it in my Christmas stocking last year. It fixes EVERYTHING!!! I have dry skin and over the summer suffered from face peeling (after sunburn), chapped lips, dry/cuts on the bottom of my feet from running etc. This helped with all of those things, especially my sunburnt and peeling face. It is so hydrating and brings the skin back to normal by soothing it. Once a...
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  82. Chapped Lips? This is for YOU


    I bought this off the recommendation by Zoella as she was raving about it for her chapped lips. Straight away I bought it. It took me a while to get used to the smell. It is very strong, not bad but strong.
    I put this on my lips and hands before bed and it just soaks up. It is awesome. It is so moisturising and long wearing. It lasts a long time on the lips and yet soaks right in on the skin...
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  83. The most hydrating AND versatile product ever!


    Don't be put off by the small size of the tube! A tiny bit of this goes a long way and leaves my skin softer than anything else I've used. It's not too sticky, and not greasy at all. More than anything it's versatile! I use it on my badly chapped lips, which nothing else seems to help. It also doubles as a high-shine lip gloss - you can put it over your matte lippy to gloss it up, plus it protects...
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  84. There's a reason it's a classic...

    Kate (Staff)

    After all these years (it was invented in 1930), Eight Hour Cream is STILL a cult classic - not to mention a staple in the makeup kits of industry legends like Val Garland and Pat McGrath. Personally, I have a tube permanently living on my bedside table, where I use it nightly for lips and also all over my cuticles - and sometimes even all over my hands if they are feeling super dry. The tube las...
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  85. Value for money

    Sarah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'd heard about the Original Eight Hour Cream many times before but only recently had the opportunity to try it. It's now a staple in my makeup bag. I love that it has multi uses and cuts down the amount of 'essentials' in my bag. I use this on my lips before I go to bed and I wake up with soft moisturised lips.
    It's also a massive tube, so I'm loving the value aspect of this product!
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