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Elizabeth Arden

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Elizabeth Arden began in 1910, a time in our history where it was rare for women to wear make-up. Elizabeth opened a spa on Fifth Avenue where she encouraged women to stay hydrated and beware of the sun. She didn't know it then, but her spa would be the beginning of what would eventually become a global beauty brand.
Elizabeth was an advocate for women’s rights, as evidenced by her demonstration in front of her spa. 15,000 other women joined her, and they all wore red lipstick to symbolize strength. When WWII began, Elizabeth took to creating make-up for women who were in the military. In 1946, she was featured on the cover of Time Magazine—one of the few women to have done so at the time. Elizabeth’s brand became well-known for its holistic approach but also for its use of innovative science.
Elizabeth Arden wore many hats—she was an advocate for women, an entrepreneur, and a champion for the cause of holistic beauty. Her beliefs are more relevant to today’s woman than they ever have been in the past. Although she lived in a different time, her philosophies are compatible with the 21st century woman.
Elizabeth Arden is credited with introducing eye make-up to the United States and also with helping to create the idea of the “makeover.” She is also responsible for being the first to develop travel-sized beauty products in America, as well as putting together her own team of saleswomen who travelled the country to demonstrate her products.
Elizabeth Arden foundation is one of the most popular make-up items from the brand. Additionally, other products from the skincare line such as the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream have been best-sellers in the market for many years.

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Elizabeth Arden

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is the brand's most iconic product. Created in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden herself, it’s the multi-purpose skin protector that’s stood the test of time!

Apart from it having won twenty-two international awards, what we love about this lotion is that it:

Hydrates and nourishes
Softens – even the most tired of feet can benefit
Soothes roughness, including cuticles
Alleviates chapping and irritation
Smooths and shapes brows
Restores peeling, windburnt or sun-affected skin
Has a rich, luxurious formula suitable for all sorts of complexions


Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones love it, as do models, make-up artists and women all over the world. Renowned for its amazing restorative abilities, this product is extremely versatile and if you're looking for some innovative ways to use it, why not try the following?

1. Protect skin from drying sun, wind, central heating and air-conditioning
2. Act as a lip gloss
3. Provide an in-flight moisture boost whenever you travel
4. Calm inflammation and reduce redness after hair removal
5. Define brows and keep any strays in place
6. Soften hands and condition fingernails
7. Soothe minor skin irritations
8. Give cheeks, eyelids and lips a subtle, healthy-looking sheen (even post make-up application!)


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