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elf Lip Plumping Gloss 2.7ml

4.1 of 71 reviews


4 instalments of $3.50

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4 instalments of $3.50

Or 4 instalments of $3.50 with LEARN MORE

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Plump and hydrate with elf Lip Plumping Gloss. Lips feel and appear fuller, while being nourished and softened, with a sheer wash of colour. This invigorating formula contains two types of menthol to temporarily plump lips, with a refreshing, cooling tingle.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 84% recommend

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elf Lip Plumping Gloss Reviews

4.1 of 71 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great gloss!


I didn't really buy this product for the lip plumping but instead for the colour, and by that standard I was so surprised! Not sticky or tacky and it looks so pretty. I didn't really take much note on the plumping but that didn't mind me.

Most Helpful Criticism

champange glam


nice shine and its not sticky. i'm not sure if there's a plumping effect though. I thought it would be relatively clear, and it is, there's only a slight tint if you put on multiple coats. i just use one coat on its own and thats enough for me.
Its a good product for the price,.
  1. plumping


    this really does plump my lips and goes on well
  2. Nice


    I got this in mocha twist and it’s a great colour for me, both for wearing by itself and layering. I didn’t notice any plumping, just a slight mintyness which I like. The formula is nice, it’s fairly pigmented and bit thick, which helps it last longer but may not be to everyone’s liking.
  3. Great gloss!


    I didn't really buy this product for the lip plumping but instead for the colour, and by that standard I was so surprised! Not sticky or tacky and it looks so pretty. I didn't really take much note on the plumping but that didn't mind me.
  4. Great lip gloss but not plumping


    I love the tint and the consistency, the gloss really lasts so long for a gloss. Does not though plump my lips at all! Still good for a cheap gloss though!
  5. doesn't plump my lips but it's a nice sheer colour!


    doesn't plump my lips but it's a nice sheer colour for over the top of lipstick and it stays on.
  6. champange glam


    nice shine and its not sticky. i'm not sure if there's a plumping effect though. I thought it would be relatively clear, and it is, there's only a slight tint if you put on multiple coats. i just use one coat on its own and thats enough for me.
    Its a good product for the price,.
  7. mocha twist


    good for the price. nice gloss/shine and not sticky, but i dont know if there's really any 'plumping effect'. i use this often. nice subtle tint for medium or beige-to-brown skin tones.

  8. mocha twist


    mocha twist is a lovely warm rosey shade. I found the peppermint stinging to be a bit harsh when applied for the first time, but you get used to it. Minimal plumping, non sticky
  9. I love it


    verified purchaser
    I’m fussy with gloss and if it feels too sticky I won’t wear it. This one plumps you my lips nicely and champagne goes well over lipsticks.
  10. Nice and glossy


    verified purchaser
    I got this in the champagne and the mocha. While they are nice and glossy I only got a slight plumping effect. I think they need a bit more of a tint however I would repurchase because of the price and they are a nice all rounder and with a lip liner look really nice
  11. Great product for plumping and hydration. Does tingle slightly


    Delivered what it promised. Slightly tingly sensation 5 mins after application. Provides great hydration
  12. Really nice and affordable lip gloss


    Love the elf lip glosses. They are very nice and feel amazing on the lips, The shade range is also beautiful.
  13. not plumping


    not very plumping but it is a nice colour and texture
  14. Great plumping lipgloss


    Nice lipgloss that plumps your lips and doesn't tingle too much. Great price.
  15. Nice tingling sensation and gorgeous gloss but plumping effect wore off quickly


    Elf products are always a go to for me purely because their prices cannot be beaten! But this gloss was a little disappointing.. I found that the plumped effect wore of fast and it seemed to gradually become less effective each time I used it. Despite this, it is still a nice gloss with a pleasant tingling sensation and it is still good value for money.


    It's a cute gloss with a nice sheen HOWEVER I can't really see any 'plumping' effect when using it. Also, I did find the formula a little sticky feeling compared to other brands that I've used. I don't hate it but I'm unlikely to buy it again once it's gone.
  17. Affordable AND works!


    I LOVE THIS GLOSS! it’s so cheap and juicy and it tingles a little with a cool sensation and I always notice my lips look bigger. Can’t live without this.
  18. Tingly Lipgloss


    I love the colour, and the shine it brings. It makes my lip tingly but I am unsure about the "plumping" effect.
  19. slight plumping


    It makes my lips feel slightly plump and lasts long.I love this gloss
  20. Great


    makes the lips looked plumped defs! & just so pretty :)
  21. Alright


    I really like the colour and the subtle sheen but there's no plumping effect.
  22. Great Gloss


    Its a nice plumping gloss for a pretty good price, it does the job well and leaves my lips plump looking
  23. Love


    I love this gloss it makes my lips feel so plump and long wearing
  24. Not effective


    I felt a mild sting whilst using this product but I didn’t get much of a pumping effect on my lips unfortunately, the scent is quite subtle though.
  25. Gorgeous champagne colour


    The name of the product may mislead people to think that this gloss has a ‘plumping’ effect on your lips when it doesn’t. The glossy look creates the illusion of bigger lips. Either way, it’s a gorgeous gloss which isn’t too sticky on the lips.
  26. Okay


    Nice sheen but no plumping effect.
  27. glossy


    very good value for money
    has a peppermint sting which i actually like
    doesn't plump much but nice and glossy
  28. Average gloss


    This is not bad for the price, however I didn't really notice a plumping effect and I much prefer their lip lacquer in 'clear' which is half the price and absolutely amazing.
  29. Mocha twist


    One of my fave lip glosses of all time! I think elf really did a brilliant job with the warm nude shade. The pepperminty stinging is very intense the first time you wear it, but now I've worn it several times, I don't notice it at all. Not sure if it disappears over time
  30. Handbag Must Have


    This totally reminds me of Juicy Tubes! It gives this 70s glamour high gloss effect which I've always loved..and for the super cheap price, you can't go wrong!
  31. Plump & Gloss


    I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase. A really nice lip gloss, nice sheen. I felt like the plumping did work, didn't last too long but overall I'm really happy with this!
  32. Nice


    I love this brand and this lip plumper is one of my faves! Its a lovely gloss that gives my lips a little pop!
  33. great lipgloss


    i like this lip gloss however i wouldn't say it plumps up your lips just gives them a nice glossy look!
  34. Great for the price!


    A good classic gloss. Shimmery, a lil colour pop and long wearing!
  35. For an inexpensive Pumping Gloss this is amazing


    Can't believe how inexpensive this product is compared to the quality
    Bought 3 shades - love love love it
  36. Natural shimmer


    This is a great little lip gloss, especially for the price! I bought it in Champagne Glam and use it most days. It's a good gloss for day use - a natural look but with just the right amount of plumping effect and shimmer to add a bit of glamour to the day. Worth having in any good collection of lippies!
  37. affordable and does what it says


    great affordable lip plumping gloss, does what it says but isnt the greatest if you want crazy plump lips. gloss colours are also super flattering on light to medium skintones
  38. Great colour and feel


    Not super plumping but enough for the price point
  39. Lovely on lips


    This Elf gloss is lovely on the lips. It gives the effect of fuller, shiny lips. I would recommend this gloss if you like a more natural lip look.
  40. Works great


    Works really well and looks nice. Works the same as high end lip plumpers
  41. Great dupe for Too Faced


    The champagne glam is a fantastic dupe for the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, same mutildimension shimmer that gives the effect of the lips appearing fuller, the plumpness is only really temporary though like with most of these lip glosses.
  42. Such great quality and price!


    I love! It’s so affordable and does what high end lip plumping gloss’ do!
  43. excellent


    this is so good!!!!!!!! makes my lips feel so plump and nice
  44. Great colour, nice and glossy


    For $14 its a good value lip gloss. Agree with other reviews that there is not much plumping, but the colour, texture and gloss are great.
  45. gives a nice glossy look


    the finish of this lip gloss is so glossy which i love, and not too sticky! however it does not seem to plump my lips too much
  46. alright


    This is a nice lipgloss that provides a lovely sheen and colour, but there is not much plumping.
  47. Great colour!


    love the color i dont think it really plumps up your lips as such but still a great lip gloss to carry around
  48. Doesn’t do what it claims


    The champagne colour is AMAZING! It is so beautiful and I get lots of compliments when I wear it!
    It has great longevity on my lips and doesn’t feel to sticky!
    However it claims it is a plumping gloss and I feel it doesn’t do that sadly :(
    Really lovely gloss but sadly doesn’t do what it claims :/
  49. Good but not really plumping


    Looks pretty but I wouldn’t say it’s very plumping. Still nice though
  50. Very minty


    Mocha twist is a beautiful warm brown shade. Be warned, it feels quite tingly on the lips when you first put it on - you can definitely smell the mintiness. The gloss is extremely high shine and looks great, but does wear off after a few hours (like any gloss). The applicator is super easy to get a clean line with.
  51. Traditional plumping gloss... imho - stick to the subtle shades :)


    This gloss is a typical tingly irritant-style plumper. Like all I’ve tried in this style - *staring at lips trying to tell if it makes a difference! I think it does... and I like the wet look finish.
    The consistency is thick, and the price is good, but I finished it fast. I’m on my second tube of pink Cosmo. I also have Sparkling Rose but use it very very rarely and won’t purchase again. Bec...
    Read More
  52. Disappointed


    Really loved the colour however I was disappointed as I didn't notice any plumping difference on my lips.
  53. Pretty colours


    The shades are really pretty. I don’t think it really plumps the lips, it makes them look a little bigger but doesn’t all lipglosses do that?? Still quite enjoy this
  54. It’s okay


    Looks nice, not my favourite formula. Doesn’t really plump the lips- if you’re wanting something that makes your lips really big I’d recommend the too faced lip injections, that stuff is crazy!!
  55. Mocha twist


    Mocha Twist is a gorgeous warm brown nude shade! Love how glossy this makes my lips. It has typical wear time for a gloss (need to reapply frequently), and I didn't really notice any plumping effects personally.
  56. smells nice


    I now have pump and full lips
  57. Good


    In terms of plumping, I'm not convinced this product does a whole lot. However I love the colour!
  58. Great


    love this lip gloss! I really prefer a minimal, natural makeup style and this lipgloss is prefect for me
  59. Good


    I bought this on a whim, glad I did. It’s a great dupe for Lip Fusion, which I love but hate the expensive price. Wish it came in clear, but I’m definitely buying some more!
  60. Pink cosmos so pretty


    I have the pink cosmos and it’s just a pretty barbie pink! Doesn’t really plump but gorgeous lipgloss regardless
  61. lip gloss


    love the colour- great price!
  62. Pretty


    I got champagne glam and it’s a sheer nude gloss that sparkles. Plumps slightly and looks great over a base nude.
  63. Glossy


    Very nice gloss but hardly plumps
  64. Not much of a plumping effect


    Got mocha twist and the colour looks great =) But doesn't really plump the lips, which is a downside. Lasts like a normal lipgloss. (need to reapply after eating)
  65. Cute gloss


    Nice gloss but don’t expect a massive plumping effect
  66. Okay


    Okay as a lipgloss but i dont see any plumping effects. Quite sticky so wouldnt wear too often but great for the price
  67. Glossy glam


    Got this in champagne glam and it’s a very nice gloss. I like the gentle tingling sensation you get from menthol glosses and it does help to make lips look fuller. Colour is a little too sheer but looks great over a nude lipstick. Size is also quite large so you get plenty of product.
  68. Lovely lipgloss but...


    Fantastic for the price and doesn’t leave that ‘jam’ feeling on your lips. You can feel a slight tingling and burning sensation when you first put it on but can’t really see the lips plumping as it states. The only down side is I found it does make your lipstick bleed and wear off but using it as a stand alone lipgloss, I would recommend it.
  69. Great value


    Great product... great price!
    As good as some of the expensive lip balms I have purchased. Plumps, moisturises and adds a beautiful gloss to lips.
  70. Cute


    Some really cute colours! So cheap too.
  71. pink cosmos is really pretty


    I have the shade pink cosmos and it is that perfect barbie pink for summer, it is super glossy but not sticky or tacky which i love for the price. it also is a little bit plumping and does tingle but thats fine
  72. Great colours, so natural


    There's some great colours and the product is really light. It gives a natural lip, even in the darker shades, and works just as easily with an everyday look as it does with a more glam, dressy look.
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