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ELEVEN Australia Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo 300ml 300ml

4.5 of 222 reviews


4 instalments of $6.99

Or 4 instalments of $6.99 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.99

Or 4 instalments of $6.99 with LEARN MORE

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A toning shampoo for blonde and grey hair. 

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Colour protection
  • Brassy tones (blonde/grey hair)

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Australia Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo 300ml Reviews

4.5 of 222 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good budget option

5 star

Bought this as I didn't want to spend $$$ on a purple shampoo. I was really pleased with this, especially for the price. Only frustrating thing I felt was the lack of foaming texture and almost the gluggy consistency of the shampoo itself. However, if you can get past this, which I did, it tones really well and removes substantial yellow undertones compared to other purple shampoos I've tried. Not too drying either however I always follow up with my Olaplex conditioner! Would recommend for a lower price point option.

Most Helpful Criticism

Tones verrry quickly


I prefer a warmer tone of blonde and this tones your hair super fast so if you're going for grey/ashy blonde, go for it! But if you prefer a warmer tone, use a small amount and don't leave it on too long or alternate with another less toning shampoo. Sometimes I mix a bit of normal shampoo with a bit of this shampoo.
  1. Good budget option

    5 star

    Bought this as I didn't want to spend $$$ on a purple shampoo. I was really pleased with this, especially for the price. Only frustrating thing I felt was the lack of foaming texture and almost the gluggy consistency of the shampoo itself. However, if you can get past this, which I did, it tones really well and removes substantial yellow undertones compared to other purple shampoos I've tried. Not...
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  2. Great shampoo


    Lovely shampoo I used it when I got my hair dyed. Made my hair so smooth and much much easier to brush
  3. Good for the price


    Nice shampoo, smells nice and eliminates brassy tones. Only issue is the pigment is quite dark and stains my fingers.
  4. Affordable and Effective


    Absolutely love this shampoo. Perfect for the price!
  5. Great and affordable


    Definitely a great blonde shampoo for the price point. I know heaps of girls who love and use this product religiously.
  6. It works


    I don't love the smell but works well at eliminates brassy tones.
  7. Cheap but great!


    I was looking for a cheaper end shampoo, and I found that this works like wonders! It has been doing a great job and my head feels really refreshed after each wash Would definitely buy again!
  8. keeps blonde beautiful


    I was looking for a great product with a lower price point than my previous shampoo. This did not dissapoint. It kept my blonde looking amazing even when I could not get to my hairdresser for 12 months. She even commented on how great the blonde was after so long.
  9. Smells so nice!


    It smells like pear and deposits a lot of purple pigment so it has a strong toning effect.
  10. Nice shampoo


    I was quite surprised by this shampoo. It has a fantastic fruity scent and tones my balayage well. Only a few uses and I have seen a difference.
  11. Ultra toner


    This shampoo is the bomb for white blonde toning! It’s quick and effective and doesn’t leave a purple sheen in the hair. It does leave a little on fingers though, so beware if you have a light share of nail colour on! Doesn’t dry hair out too badly either.
  12. tones well


    this tones my hair and does a great job, not too harsh either
  13. Love this line


    I love the shampoos in this line for keeping my hair smooth and silky, but also preventing any yellow tones. Works really well and the conditioner is also great!
  14. Good


    Good at toning my hair but it can be drying. Good value for money.
  15. best blonde shampoo i have ever used.


    This blonde shampoo is absolutely amazing!! I leave it on wet hair for 20 minutes every couple of washes and it tones my blonde to a gorgeous ice blonde. I have struggled with brassy hair forever. Very happy that i have finally found a product that suits my hair so well.
  16. Not drying


    I have balayage hair and I find that this shampoo is great at keeping the ashy blonde colour and not drying my hair out.
  17. Favourite purple shampoo


    My favourite purple shampoo for my balayage hair. I find this shampoo revitalises the blonde and doesn't dry out my hair. I also use Eleven Australia 3 Minute Hair Treatment after using this shampoo and my hair comes out so soft.
  18. Fav toner


    This is one of my all time favourite purple shampoo it never over tones my hair and leaves it’s nice and soft! It doesn’t have the harsh chemicals like others and is not tested on animals
  19. Superb


    Gives such a nice blonde colour.
    I have tried a few blonde shampoos and I always switch back to this one.
  20. Would purchase again!


    This shampoo works great overall but do be prepared that it can be quite drying so make sure you follow it up with a good treatment!
  21. Really good


    I’m really impressed with how well this toned out the brass in my hair. I’m really loving it! I think this is something I’d use every few weeks to give my colour a little freshen up
  22. Really good


    I’m really impressed with how well this toned out the brass in my hair. I’m really loving it! I think this is something I’d use every few weeks to give my colour a little freshen up
  23. Great blonde shampoo!


    This is a lovely blonde shampoo. It is not at all drying and it successfully takes all the brassy undertones out of my hair. It is suitable to use every wash although I find I only need to use it once a week. I will be repurchasing this shampoo.
  24. Smells nice


    This is a really good toner for blonde hair. I only use to every second or third wash. Doesn't dry the hair out like other cheap blonde shampoos.
  25. Favourite purple shampoo!


    i use this on my bleached hair to get rid of brassiness and yellowness and it really does the job well.
    Not at all drying, leaves my hair hydrated and smells great.
  26. Love it!


    I have bleached blonde hair and it tones my hair really nicely! Good price
  27. Perfect toner


    This is a must have for all bleached blonde hair. This shampoo does not only tone the hair, it also nourishes!!!!
  28. Best purple shampoo


    I love the eleven purple shampoo. It smells absolutely delicious and makes my hair feel so soft afterwards. I only have to use this shampoo once every 2 weeks so it lasts for ever!
  29. Best blonde shampoo


    This has left my hair cleaned and blonde and prefer it over any brand
  30. Smells amazing!


    Really toning shampoo! Has an amazing, fruity scent. Initially feels a little bit drying but is fine once conditioned.
  31. amazing


    Amazing shampoo without stripping colour
  32. Leaves stains on your fingers


    I am a regular user of purple shampoos, and heard that Eleven were at a lower price point than some other brands. The smell of this shampoo is amazing and it certainly works to keep my blonde hair toned, however I find that it leaves stains on my fingers for a day or so after using the shampoo...
  33. Tones verrry quickly


    I prefer a warmer tone of blonde and this tones your hair super fast so if you're going for grey/ashy blonde, go for it! But if you prefer a warmer tone, use a small amount and don't leave it on too long or alternate with another less toning shampoo. Sometimes I mix a bit of normal shampoo with a bit of this shampoo.
  34. Absolute Favourite


    This has to be my most favourite blonde shampoo! The smell the colour and the outcome from using this product. Definitely recommend to boost your blonde from that yellow to a silky grey blonde.
  35. Not drying


    I have used a lot of purple shampoos and this is the only one that does not dry out your hair! it is actually more nourishing than anything. it also is a really nice toning colour. only thing is it can be strong on hair extensions so be careful there!
  36. Favourite purple shampoo


    This makes my blonde hair look silver and I love it! It gets rid of yellow tones and unlike other purple shampoos, it doesn’t dry out my hair.
  37. good blonde shampoo


    this is a good blonde shampoo, it has a lot of pigment and works well to reduce brassy tones, it does stain nails for a day but for me that shows its got the right amount of pigment, i would buy this again, only need to use it once a week for blonde hair
  38. Good but drying


    Works well to keep brassy tones down but is very drying so I recommend using a super hydrating conditioner and maybe a weekly treatment
  39. Favourite purple shampoo


    I have tried MANY purple shampoos on the market and this by far is my absolute favourite for many reasons. First it works! The purple is so rich that it really removes all brassy tones and keeps my blonde ends looking bright. Secondly the smell! Oh my god! The best smelling shampoo I’ve ever owned! It’s like a fruity banana smell and I LOVE it. Lastly it’s an Australian vegan brand- so I feel good...
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  40. My hairs bestfriend


    The only purple shampoo that I feel comfortable and confident using. My hair never looks brassy or full, in fact I’ve had friends ask me if I’ve had my hair coloured recently because it looks fresh and bright! Love love it
  41. Hydrating and keeps the brass away


    I naturally throw off a lot of orange and red tones when I lighten my naturally dark hair.
    This shampoo eliminates any brassy tones and helps keep my balayage looking fresh and clean til my toner visits
    Must use with keep my colour blonde treatment for ultimate hydration
  42. Perfect product


    Shampoo is fantastic and such a good price! Adore also sent me free samples and a Tim Tam with my order - so nice!
  43. Great!


    Great for getting rid of brassy tones, but would definitely use with a heavy duty conditioner.
  44. My ranga hair is gone

    Rhi rhi

    My hair faded to a serious orange colour after dying it pink from blonde and this shampoo brought my hair back to a fresh light blonde. 100% recommended to help eliminate brassiness.
  45. Impressed


    I have used purple shampoos for many years and I'm guilty of buying them from the chemist and not really investing in some good hair care at times. Well, am I impressed! I use this every third time I wash my hair to keep the brassy tones out and it keeps my blonde nice and fresh. Great Aussie made hair care!
  46. Best for blondes


    I use this once a week to freshen up my blonde and i have never had any issues with it. It doesn't make the hair go purple at all it just gets rid of the brassy tones. i recommend this product for blonde hair
  47. Can't live without this


    This blonde shampoo is amazing and does exactly what I want it to, tones my hair without making it ashy! It has a delicious watermelon smell and is the perfect product for maintaining my hair in between salon visits. I especially love that even if I leave this product in for longer than necessary it doesn't turn my hair purple or grey as I like my blonde to have a bit of warmth to it. It can be a ...
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  48. Keeps my colour so well!


    I really love how well this keeps my blonde ashy and keeps the yellow out of it. I might not have had my hair done in months, yet after I use it I will constantly be asked if my colour has just been done fresh. Totally recommend!
  49. Toned to heck


    My hair is super porous and I left it on in the shower to really tone it and it Boy did it tone it something.
    My mistake though, you only need a very small amount and unless purple/violet hair is what your after there’s no need to leave it in for long at all.
    100% removed all brassiness and yellow tones though!
  50. Beautiful tone but drying.


    Smells beautiful and gives my hair the desired tone I want (honey blonde so not platinum) but very drying
  51. Really impressed!

    Erin M

    I am used to using very expensive shampoo to keep my regularly foiled, long hair bright and soft. I am really impressed after using this as the results are the same, if not better, than a product double the price! Nice and subtle smell too.
  52. love this! tones without making hair purple


    i love this blonde shampoo! i pair it with eleven's hydrate me conditioner and the two together are perfect.
    leaves your hair a bright white blonde after just one wash, and doesn't stain your scalp or make your hair silver/purple.
  53. Great maintenance product


    I love a really strong purple shampoo but don't want to worry about turning grey if I leave it on too long. This is the perfect balance. My hair gets brassy pretty easily and with a wash a week, I'm BACK!

    During COVID, I was left without and really noticed the difference. I washed it two days in a row and felt like I was back to my normal colour.
  54. Great toning shampoo


    I use this shampoo 1-2 times a week to keep my blonde highlights fresh. Good to massage in and leave on while in shower. Does not dry out hair, unlike other toning shampoos I have tried.
  55. Smells so good


    This purple shampoo is a fantastic (slightly cheaper) option if you want results. It smells fantastic and I found that it really keeps the highlights in my hair a lovely ashy silver.
    The shampoo does feel like it strips my hair intensely of its natural oils but the purple conditioner also by Eleven seems to moisturize and make it feel silky again.
  56. Love this shampoo


    I really like this shampoo. A friend of mine told me that if a blonde shampoo doesn’t make your fingernails purple while you’re applying the shampoo then it’s not a good purple shampoo - this one lives up to that expectation. Smell is really nice and it foams up nicely.
  57. Favourite Blonde Shampoo


    I have tried so many blonde shampoos, but keep coming back to the Eleven Blonde Shampoo, after my hairdresser recommended it. Cleans my hair well, and keeps my blonde revived without giving it a purple tinge (like many others do). My holy grail!
  58. Salon quality but affordable


    I love this purple shampoo, it’s pigmented enough to make a difference but not turn your hair a muddy grey colour if left on too long. It smells divine, and is so affordable considering it’s endorsed by hairdressers. I love that it’s Australian made. A little goes a long way too!
  59. like A salon treatment


    I get my hair highlighted only 1-2 times a year, so it’s very low maintenance. I was looking for a product to keep away the brassy tones - and this shampoo delivered! I’m onto my second bottle now and I love it, my highlights have kept their true blonde colour and it’s been 5 months! Plus it’s a really pretty colour and smells amazing
  60. Squeaky Clean & Toned


    My hairdresser put me onto the Eleven brand and I absolutely LOVE it! I have fine hair, but A LOT of it, meaning I need something lightweight yet effective. This shampoo keeps my highlights nice and ashy without any weird residue. Love it!
  61. impressive


    maintains my blonde so nicely. can see a noticeable difference, it is actually amazing! not drying either, works amazing
  62. Great purple shampoo for Blondes


    Really helps keep the brassiness away and keeps my blonde looking fresh between salon visits. My hair always looks brighter and healthier after using this. It is a lot more affordable than others I've tried but is just as good, if not better. I have oily hair and I also find these shampoo gives my hair a great clean too. I use this every second or third wash.
  63. Lightly tones


    I found this purple shampoo cleaned up the brassiness in my hair but it wouldn’t hold for very long, I would have to use it 3 times a week to achieve the results I wanted.
  64. defiantly tones hair


    this defiantly toned my hair, making it a nicer less brassy blonde. It also so smells really fruity and nice
  65. the best purple shampoo


    this is the best, it really does tone my hair and is pretty affordable. i use it once or twice a week, it also smells nice too
  66. Maintains my blonde balayage nicely


    My hairdresser recommended this one to me and I love it. I use it once per week to maintain a nice clean blonde. I often get asked after I use it if I've just had my hair coloured, it really does freshen it up. Also doesn't dry my hair out which is an issue for a lot of purple shampoos.
  67. For the blondes


    A great shampoo to keep those blonde tones fresh and creamy. Not too strong so won’t turn your hair purple. Use it regularly to keep a fresh creamy toned blonde look.
  68. Great but drying


    Eleven's purple shampoo gets rid of all my brassy strands but I find that it's fairly drying which isn't great for my bleached hair so I would follow with a super nourishing conditioner
  69. Best blonde shampoo I've ever used!!!


    This blonde shampoo is the best, it eliminated all yellow tones the first time I used it and has kept my blond looking so fresh, I get so many compliments!
  70. Best blonde shampoo!


    I love this blonde shampoo! I have balayage hair and most other blonde shampoos turn the brown bits in my hair orange except this one! This one only tones the blonde. I leave it on for 8-10 minutes to get a really ashy tone without turning it purple! Will always repurchase.
  71. Love...best blonding shampoo...received today and will definitely order again


    Love...best blonding shampoo...received today and will definitely order again
  72. It does work


    The shampoo and conditioner within this range really do work. They completely get rid of any yellow or brassy tones without overtoning certain areas of the hair, turning it purple. Sometimes if I want a really ashy colour I will wash my hair with this twice in a row, but usually I use it every second wash and it maintains a really nice blonde colour. Unfortunately, like many other blonde shampoo's...
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  73. loved this


    love this shampoo for my dyed blonde hair. Really helps tone out the brassy colour.
  74. life saver for blonde hair


    this shampoo was amazing to use when i had blonde hair. it took out all the brassy tones and made it look sooo much more blonde without leaving it dry. I would recommend this!
  75. Great for blondes!

    Bella J

    I have coloured blonde hair and this is honestly a life saver. Whenever my hair is looking dull or yellow looking hair i use this product and it brings it back to life. My only concern is that it dries my hair out a lot so i suggest using it with a moisturising conditioner!
  76. Not bad


    as a lazy bottle blonde I am not diligent enough with toning shampoos, and often find they are quite drying. This provides a fair bit of moisture and also doesn't stain everything
  77. Full of nasty chemicals


    I do not recommend this product. It has sodium laureth sulphate in it which is salt from sulfuric acid and is very bad for your scalp and hair. Your hair colour won't last as long as it should either.
  78. Bit iffy


    Like all purple shampoos this was a bit drying on my hair. The colour pigment isn’t as strong but nothing leaving it in a bit longer can’t fix
  79. the best purple shampoo i have used


    the best purple shampoo i have used, it helps to tone my bleached hair
  80. Love, love, love!


    One of the few non-drying toning shampoos I've tried! The hair also isn't purple or grey after using it; it's a very nice cool icy blonde. Exactly what I like.
  81. Great for toning


    A really nice shampoo to tone your blonde hair.that takes those annoying orange like tones and shades out of your hair. Gives a nice wash, makes the hair feel and look so much healthier
  82. Shut up and take my money

    Sarah W

    I am a life long blonde and have never come across a purple shampoo like this. Leaves your hair feeling fresh, bright and most importantly SOFT and LUSCIOUS. All other purple shampoos have always made my hair feel dried out but this is amazing. 100% recommended to anyone with blonde hair or light tones through their hair to tone and life.
  83. Pretty good!


    This shampoo is good but not the best I’ve tried for my blonde hair. I like my hair pretty ashy and grey toned and I feel like (atleast with this Adelaide water) some yellow still shines through which is annoying but a reality. The purple does help tone it and my hair does feel soft but I feel like it could be better
  84. Love this!


    This shampoo is fantastic for my blonde hair. Every time I use it people ask if I’ve been to the hairdressers and had it redone.
    Can be quite runny and will flick all around your shower (so be mindful) and can make hair feel a little dry but I use it in conjunction with Eleven’s hydrating shampoo and conditioner so it feel and looks fantastic when I’m out of the shower
  85. Great toner!!


    Absolutely love this purple shampoo for my blonde hair! Does a great job toning it and keeping the blond colour looking fresh between visits to the hairdresser whiteout ever making my hair turn purple! Doesn’t dry out my hair either, absolute winner!
  86. Ok


    Smells great, but don't feel like it's actually cleaning my hair. The texture is also very runny and seems to get all over the shower cubicle. On the positive, I haven't noticed my hair becoming brassy.
  87. Great toning Shampoo

    Eleven Purple Shampoo

    I am really fussy with my purple shampoos but i thought id give this one a go in the mini bottle and im so glad I did! It is now one of my go to's. It tones my blonde so well.
  88. Perfect for my blonde hair


    Use this in alternation with the hydration and it helps keeps my hair blonder for longer.
  89. Really liked this!

    Lauren M

    I have had problems in the past with purple shampoos being too drying for my hair, and this is one of the only ones I've found that seems to lock in moisture! My hair is quite a creamy blonde instead of being cool and ashy tones, so I find keeping this shampoo in for about five minutes keeps those brassy tones at bay.
  90. Great cheap ptoduct


    This is a good potent purple shampoo at a competitive price point. Colour is ultraviolet.

    Does what it says on the tin!
  91. Thumbs up


    The best blonde shampoo I’ve used so far!
  92. Great toning for highlights!


    I have naturally brunette hair with blonde highlights and I find this really does help keep my highlights looking fresh and non brassy. Like all blonde treatments, it was extremely drying so I just follow up with a deep conditioner (eleven hydrate my hair works great). The matching blonde conditioner/treatment from eleven helps counteract the drying action of the shampoo but isn’t the most hydrati...
    Read More
  93. Good Product


    I like this product. It softens my hair and makes it strong. It isn't the best for brassiness, but it is a nice smell and brings good texture. I use this with the Eleven leave in. Good, but won't repurchase
  94. fav purple shampoo


    this shampoo took all the brassiness from my hair. loved using it!
  95. Really good


    This works well when used with Eleven's treatment for blonde hair. It does make my hair very soft but I don't know how well it works for the brassy tones though. I will keep on using though.
  96. Keeps my blonde fresh


    This shampoo is a winner in my eyes. My hair is unnaturally blonde and I shampoo with this twice a week. I find that it tones my hair really well and keeps my blonde looking fresh and amazing. The shampoo lathers really good and so a little goes a long way!! My hair feels soft and I’ll keep buying it.
  97. Tackling brassiness between the salon!


    This product helped maintain my toner between salon visits. I was also very impressed with the packaging and that it is Cruelty Free. Wonderful job Eleven!
  98. It works


    This shampoo is my go to for keeping my coloured blonde hair from going yellow. I usually leave it in for 2-3 minutes. I used to get really brassy hair when I hadn’t had my colour topped up in a while and I’m really happy with how fresh it stays when using this.

    Con - does make my hair feel dry after shampooing so pair with a good treatment/conditioner
  99. Go-to blonde shampoo.


    This blonde shampoo lasts me such a long time as I only have to use it about every third wash followed by the Keep My Colour Blonde Treatment. It tones and brightens my hair nicely! Be careful to use regular shampoo in between using his product, or your hair will begin looking a bit grey! It can also be a little drying, but I have found that with all toning shampoos I've used!
  100. Amazing


    This is a great toning shampoo, unlike other purple shampoos the colour doesn’t stain and it doesn’t make your hair feel gritty and dry. Absolutely recommend this product!
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