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ELEVEN Australia Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo 300ml 300ml

4.5 of 418 reviews


4 instalments of $6.49

Or 4 instalments of $6.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.49

Or 4 instalments of $6.49 with LEARN MORE

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A nourishing shampoo that replenishes moisture. For normal to dry hair.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Australia Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo 300ml Reviews

4.5 of 418 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this shampoo!


This shampoo is so great! Smells divine, lathers so well and a little goes a long way!

Most Helpful Criticism

No good for me.


I so wanted to love this...and I did in terms of washing result! But unfortunately it makes my hair itchy to the point I can’t finish the bottle.
  1. Great product

    Grace Lloyd

    Smells amazing and great for coloured hair
  2. Good shampoo


    Good shampoo and leaves hair feeling nice and soft. Good everyday shampoo and great price.
  3. Love this shampoo!


    This shampoo is so great! Smells divine, lathers so well and a little goes a long way!
  4. Great


    A nice straight to the point hydrating shampoo! It has not left my scalp itchy or irritated, nor flared up any dandruff, it cleans my hair well and is not drying and honestly the best part is the smell, it smells so good I have no idea how to describe it but I will always remember the first time I smelt it and every time I use it the smell just is spot on
  5. Best shampoo


    I purchased this shampoo and the matching conditioner a few weeks ago when I was searching for a new brand of hair care to try. It feels great on my head and i will definitely buy this product again!
  6. Cleansing without stripping :)


    Quality shampoo that cleanses without stripping the hair of precious hydration. I pair it with the matching ELEVEN Conditioner.
  7. Hair feels hydrated and thick.


    My hairdresser told me about this product as my hair was getting a little bit dry. This shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel thick, healthy and hydrated :) And is so affordable!
  8. Hydrating and smells divine


    I love how this product leaves my hair clean and hydrated. Smells divine and really good value for money.
  9. Hydrating alright!


    If you're a flight attendant you NEED this shampoo! It is so hydrating and repairs dry hair. HOLY GRAIL
  10. didn't agree


    Not for me. I found the next day my scalp was so oily and I didn't feel this product was very cleansing or hydrating.
  11. cleans well


    this cleans my hair so well, the packaging is great and pretty too
  12. Love this in winter


    I love using this in the winyter when my hair is dry and desperately needs hydration on a regular basis. Also is great for not weighing down my fine, limp hair
  13. very drying


    At first i didnt mind this product however after using it a few times i was noticing that it was actually drying out my hair a lot rather than hydrating it. Probably wouldnt buy again
  14. Good


    Good, softened my hair with one wash.
  15. Smells amazing


    Great product for the price. Highly recommend. Smells amazing!
  16. Creamy and smooth


    It smells amazing! Leaves hair soft but not weighed down.
  17. LOVE


    I use this shampoo along with the hydrate my hair conditioner and they are both fantastic. Leaving my hair feeling shinny, healthy and soft
  18. Fav new shampoo


    So smoothing and hydrating, definitely helped ease my frizzy hair and a little bit goes a long way! PLus such a great price, what a bonus!
  19. Not for me


    I bought the Hydrate My Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, after having had a good run with the leave in 3 min mask. However, the shampoo and conditioner leave a residue on my hair after I wash it, that I cannot rinse off. My hair is then dirty and oily the next day. Need to find new products now..
  20. A oily root but bleached ends dream


    After years of bleaching and dying my hair, my ends are dry and frazzled but my roots are oily. This shampoo is my happy medium. I feel like it cleanses my hair without striping it (like some shampoos have done in the past) and keeps my hair hydrated without it being an oily weighed down mess. Win win!
  21. great product!


    Leaves my hair feeling soft & smelling like a watermelon lollipop - so yummy.
  22. Budget friendly


    Great budget friendly shampoo to use on colour treated hair also smells nice!
  23. Love It.


    Good Shampoo nothing breath-taking but over all happy with the product
  24. Not repurchasing, very drying


    I bought this because my hair was feeling a bit dry over Winter and I wanted to give it a boost. I’ve been using it for about a month now (the bottle lasts quite a long time) and so far it’s made my hair super oily. I went from being able to wash it every two days to having to wash it daily. Not only has it made my hair oily but it makes it feel itchy too, even when it’s freshly washed, most likel...
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  25. Excellent


    Love this shampoo! I pair it with the conditioner and it feels great on my scalp. Pretty reasonable for the price you pay too.
  26. Quality at a savvy price


    I am so impressed with Eleven conditioning range! After lowering my budget due to covid this is quality at a great price! At my last hair dressing appointment I got a full head of foils and needed a range to assist my hair that was very dry from the bleach and this range has worked great at repairing the damage.
  27. Miracle


    Sooo my hair was dead, absolutely dry, lifeless, damaged. I didn't expect much, the first couple of weeks no improvement but then it happened. My hair stopped falling out, stopped breaking became so super amazingly soft and shiny.
    Best shampoo ever!!!!
  28. Nice


    I found this to be a good product. I think it just lacks that oomph to really make it moisturising, but all in all i think it is a good middle of the range shampoo for regular use. It doesn't strip your hair or make it feel squeaky clean, but gives a good clean and leaves your hair feeling balanced. I have curly hair and I dont follow the curly girl method strictly, and find that this is light eno...
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  29. Great for the price


    This shampoo is great for the price - have used it regularly for over a year and my hair has stayed super healthy and shiny.
  30. Great shampoo


    Helps me a lot with my dandruff. I believe it’s really good for the price and it definitely leaves my hair looking nice and fresh. Worth it!
  31. Perfect pair!


    I’ve been using this shampoo for a few months and super happy with it. It does exactly what it claims to! After a few washes my hair was left feeling super healthy, lots of moisture and my colour seems to be lasting a longer longer. Works great with the condition too!
  32. Drying and flat - not for me


    I really didn't enjoy this product and got to the point where I didn't finish it. I found it drying and that my hair was completely limp and dull after use. Such a shame as I wanted to like it!
  33. Not too heavy on thin hair


    I usually use Olaplex (I have naturally thin hair and blonde highlights so my hair is dry) but wanted a second shampoo as an alternative and this product is not only affordable but does a beautiful job at cleansing the hair without stripping it. Extremely lightweight product, so there's never any residual heaviness left over. It smells amazing (watermelon) - absolutely recommend it.
  34. Great everyday staple


    I have quite oily roots (particularly in the humidity) and dry ends, and have found this shampoo to be the saviour I was after. Can stretch washes out to 3 days (with dry shampoo on the third), and it's left my hair feeling really healthy. I use in combination with Urban Alchemy's cleansing shampoo once a week. For the price point too, will repurchase.
  35. Hydration or volume?


    Grabbed this because of the raving reviews, but I feel like I bought volumising shampoo not hydrating. In fact my hair feels like a dry birds nest, even after a nourishing treatment. Maybe it's just not suitable for coloured hair, I'll be passing this on to my husband.
  36. Not very good

    c h a r l o t t e

    Sadly due to the tings inside this product it felt like my hair was very heavy and itchy, this product also made my hair oily, I just wanted to love this but I couldn’t
  37. Not very good

    c h a r l o t t e

    Sadly due to the tings inside this product it felt like my hair was very heavy and itchy, this product also made my hair oily, I just wanted to love this but I couldn’t
  38. Good for regular use


    Fresh, clean hair with hydration++. Lovely, subtle scent. I have ordered it multiple times.
  39. Nourishing + great value


    This is my favourite shampoo for the drier months of the year. It's nourishing without being too heavy, preserving the natural oils in my hair that keep my wave pattern looking bouncy. Once the summer months hit, I find I need to switch up this shampoo with another from the Eleven range or add a clarifying shampoo to my routine to keep my roots from getting too oily. I would definitely recommend t...
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  40. really good


    Have been using this shampoo (and the matching conditioner) for a week or so now! Didn't love the smell at the start but now I do. I have blonde bleached hair and it has been really good at keeping it looking healthy. It was also approved by my hairdresser. Would definitely recommend
  41. Not my favourite


    Sadly due to the ingredients this shampoo left my hair feeling weighed down, oily and itchy. I wish this product didn't contain sulfates!
  42. No good for me.


    I so wanted to love this...and I did in terms of washing result! But unfortunately it makes my hair itchy to the point I can’t finish the bottle.
  43. Amazing


    I have been so happy with this product , it cleansed my scalp very well whilst also hydrating my hair. Will definitely be purchasing again.
  44. Great product


    I really like eleven as a brand. This product does what it says, its a good price and smells amazing. I have noticed that my dandruff is a bit worse since this product, so going to try a different product but will stick in the eleven brand though!
  45. good product


    this shampoo is great, it has made my hair feel so good, which I haven’t felt in ages, this is my go to shampoo
  46. Amazing shampoo


    This is a really great and reasonably priced shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling hydrated and an extra bonus is that it is cruelty free!
  47. Great, affordable product!


    I love this shampoo, it makes my hair so clean and fresh as well as smelling amazing! It's also not too stripping of my hair so I can still get my natural waves/curls which I love.
  48. Love how smooth it makes my hair

    Linda M

    I initially got the I Want Body Shampoo in the Eleven range as I heard good things about it in regards to fine hair which gets oily quickly. It turned out to be okay but not as good as I was expecting.
    So I got the Hydrate My Hair Moisture shampoo and found it to be so much better! It makes my hair really smooth, adds volume and smells amazing! Highly recommend for any hair type!
  49. Love it!


    I honestly love this shampoo, the smell is fantastic, it has made such a difference to the hydration and strength of my hair, which was in terrible condition before I started using this.

    This was my first 'expensive', non supermarket shampoo/conditioner purchase and it is so worth it, a little goes a long way and I only need to wash my hair once a week now! I started using this about...
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  50. great


    Great shampoo that nourishes dry and brittle hair
  51. A nice surprise


    I received this as a sample and love it! It lathers well and my hair feels clean. The smell is fresh and the price point is great.
  52. All-time favourite hair care


    I have uncoloured, very long, fine hair (but a lot of it) which is wavy and can get easily tangled. I wash my hair every second to third day and this condition and shampoo is brilliant. My hairdresser always compliments how well my hair feels and looks and how quickly it grows. I always had trouble with shampoo and conditioner leaving residue and buildup or just irritating my scalp but this get's ...
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  53. On the fence


    I recently purchased this shampoo based on the reviews and I'm not too sure about it. I have used it about half a dozen times and haven't been amazed with the results. I feel like my hair is weighed down and doesn't feel cleaned after using it.
  54. My favourite shampoo


    This product smells like delicious watermelon, you get a lot out of a small squeeze and it is so hydrating for my over bleached hair. my favourite shampoo!
  55. Love!


    I have super dry hair and once i started using this product my hair instantly felt much more healthy and smooth
  56. Best Shampoo In The Eleven Range


    By far the best shampoo in the eleven range followed closely by the smooth me now and repair me .
    Has an amazing scent and saw a change in my hair after just one wash .
  57. Silky Smooth


    This conditioner leaves your hair silky and smooth. Nice scent and always a pleasure to use.
  58. Best shampoo in the ELEVEN range


    This shampoo is a great all rounder, it has the best scent and leaves my hair really moisturised.

    I have used all of the ELEVEN shampoos and this one is the best by far!
  59. Nice for not too damaged hair


    I went through about 3 bottles of this and really liked it. It leaves hair feeling soft and smooth however I did eventually switch to the Repair My Hair range which is MUCH better at actually restoring damaged and, in my case, bleached hair. I would recommend this if you don't have any major dryness or damage issues and you're looking for a really nice smelling, hydrating shampoo.
  60. Amazing results but caused dandruff


    I used this with the matching conditioner and it gives amazing results. Honestly leaves the hair smooth, soft, shiney and keeps the fly aways at bay. I've never used a shampoo that's been able to do that for my hair, I literally couldn't stop touching my hair. It lathers well, smells AMAZING. My only downfall and the reason I stopped using is because it caused me to have dandruff which I've never ...
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  61. Smells nice causes dandruff


    bought this hoping it would be a cheaper- good alternative to the brands I usually use, but it made my scalp itchy and caused dandruff. Smells good and my hair was ok after, but no one wants an flakey scalp.
  62. Great hydrating shampoo


    Very happy with this shampoo. Cleans hair and scalp really well, but still feels hydrating. The watermelon fragrance is fresh, however doesn't linger in the hair once dry.
  63. So good


    I bought this along with the conditioner and miracle treatment and safe to say my hair thanks me for it. Would recommend using all three together, and soooo worth the money.
  64. Such an amazing shampoo!


    I have fine (lots of it), dry and coloured hair and certain hydrating products tend to feel quite heavy.
    This shampoo and the matching conditioner make my hair shiny and so, so soft without weighing it down and it smells absolutely delish! My scalp is also easily irritated and can get quite dry but this has been fine after 4 weeks of using. It is also a great price-point!

    I wil...
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  65. I love this stuff


    This shampoo makes my hair feel fantastic!

    I bought this at the start of winter as I felt like my hair and scalp were both feeling dry. It smells great and has helped my hair feel much nicer.

    Such a good price for a great quality shampoo!
  66. Perfect for my oily roots and dry ends hair


    I was skeptical trying a hydrating shampoo for my oily scalp but as my ends are extremely dry I didn't want to use a highly oil stripping product. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well this has worked for my hair! It leaves my scalp clean and fresh and I don't need to wash as often as it is not getting as oily quickly. Overall my hair is left feeling so light, fresh and clean. It smells bea...
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  67. Really nice and smells great!


    Great shampoo and conditioner! Smells great - sadly as the scent is synthetic the amazing smell doesn't transfer onto your hair! Really helped smooth my waves/curls and properly cleans my scalp.
  68. Nourishing


    I was recommended to use this by my hairdresser as it ticks all the boxes for good hydration for your hair but also very reasonably priced! I have fine, shoulder length, blonde highlights and am always complimented by hairdressers how healthy my hair is! Love it!
  69. Cheap and does what it says!


    Love this shampoo and the matching conditioner. I bought this primarily because of the watermelon scent to be honest :D and it definitely does not disappoint! Smells sooo good without being overpowering. This shampoo makes my hair feel fresh and clean, all at an amazing price point – what's not to love!
  70. Smooth and Clean!


    Would recommend! cleans and makes my hair so shiny! Partnered with the Miracle Serum from Eleven, I can usually get 4 - 5 days without washing my hair.
  71. Clean!


    This makes my hair so clean without stripping my natural oils, it helps with frizz control and oil build up. It also smells amazing!
  72. Hydrating!


    This product was recommended by my hairstylist. With my hair type - Bleached, dyed and often straightened and curled, it has left my hair feeling hydrated and healthy. It has never felt dry. Recommend this product with the matching conditioner. This product does not disappoint.
  73. Not bad


    I usually use the 'Give me Body' shampoo, but thought I'd give this one a try. For some reason, it seems to give me dandruff if I use it in my routine, whereas the 'Give me Body' shampoo kept my dandruff at bay (I only wash my hair every third day too and don't use dry shampoo). It does smell nice and watch the hair nicely, but if it didn't give me dandruff....I'd give it a higher rating.
  74. Gentle shampoo


    I love this shampoo - I use it with the matching moisture conditioner. It leaves my hair soft without leaving any residue and it smells divine!
  75. Need


    i have been using this for about 1 and half years now and i use this along with the volume conditioner and the 2 products work so well together. It is light weight and smells so yum
  76. Amazing!!


    I have tried so many shampoos before I purchased this one on the recommendation of my hairdresser. I had damaged hair from bleaching and lot of breakage and this has been perfect for helping restore my hair. It hydrates and cleanses at the same time, which I've always struggled to find a balance with. I also don't need to wash my hair for 3-4 days anymore which is fantastic. I'm onto my second bot...
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  77. Good gentle shampoo


    Good gentle shampoo that is affordable
  78. Will continue to purchase!


    I have fairly thin, wavy hair that gets dry ends but oily roots, so it can be difficult finding a product that accommodates both concerns. This product, combined with the Eleven Hydrate My Hair Conditioner, has really upped my hair washing game! My hair stays clean for 3-4 days, rather than 1, it smells amazing and lasts me a long time.
  79. Watermelon wonder


    I am really enjoying this product! I only wash my (blonde, coloured, and curly/wavy/frizz prone) hair between 1 and 2 times a week and so far I’m fairing really well! Doesn’t feel heavy nor does it strip the hair leaving it feeling too clean. I love the watermelony fresh scent too! I have been following it up with the moisture conditioner and also using the miracle leave in treatment once a week.
  80. not worth the hype


    Probably the best smelling shampoo and conditioner i've used but didnt really help with my hydrating my hair sadly. I've got damaged hair from bleaching and naturally frizzy/wavy so may be better for someone with less damaged hair
  81. Moisturising for sure


    Great product, I love to use the conditioner in this range also. I do get oily roots so I can only use this product sporadically but I would definitely recommend for dryer hair types. It leaves the hair so soft and has a nice light scent.
  82. Great!


    My hair has some damage and dry areas and this paired with the matching conditioner makes my hair look and feel amazing
  83. Perfect hydration and cleansing


    I usually use the de-frizz shampoo but tried this one as my scalp was getting a little greasy. I love it! Still hydrating for my hair but doesn’t weigh it down and leaves my scalp feeling cleansed. Glad I made the switch
  84. Silky soft wash, split ends thereafter


    I was hesitant to purchase as I read it contained parabens and sulfates, however considerable reviews advised it left hair feeling silky smooth and healthy nonetheless. I have curly hair that can go a bit dry and has residual damage from bleaching about a year ago, so was after something to smooth my mane and continue to keep healthy. Whilst washing my hair felt silkier than ever, but after shower...
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  85. Love it


    I love this shampoo!!! It smells beautiful and cleans my hair so well. I usually find I need to double wash with most shampoos however (ensuring I use enough product), one wash will clean my hair. Definitely leaves my hair feeling soft and hydrated after I use this, paired with the hydrating conditioner!
  86. Delightful Shampoo!


    This is my new favourite shampoo! My hairdresser recommended it for me at my last appointment and I am obsessed. I usually dislike fragranced products but this shampoo smells so delightful without being at all overpowering and is just a pleasure to experience. The smell is watermelon and reminds me of my favourite lip smacker (hey 90's kids). In addition to the beautiful smell that transforms your...
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  87. I wanted to love this


    I wanted to love this as a savey for my usual Kevin Murphy but a few weeks in I dandruff and it’s built up. I would recommend only once or so a week, not an everyday use.
  88. Loved it


    I have a tendency to use supermarket shampoos because they’re cheap, but decided to give this one a go after a friend recommended it. Its price point is great for the product and it left my hair feeling soft and clean.
  89. Very hydrating


    My scalp wasn’t irritated after the wash and felt clean and soft.
  90. Great shampoo


    My normal shampoo cost a small fortune, so i thought id give this a go. Great results for a great price. Nice soft shiny hair. Will definitely purchase again
  91. Better for extremely dry hair


    Love this brand but prefer the smooth shampoo and conditioner as I have both oily and dry hair that’s wavy! This one tends to give me quite oily roots the next day
  92. Amazing!


    I have quite thick dry hair. This shampoo makes my hair feel hydrated and smell so good! Cleans so well
  93. Smells great


    I have been using this with the Eleven Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner. Both smell amazing. I think this is a really good product, especially for the price point (have been paying double for products in the past).
  94. hydrating, smells amazing!


    I get my hair scalp bleached every 8 weeks and this really helps to keep it from being dry and tangled. smells almost like watermelon and really moisturises your hair.
  95. Affordable


    I love that this doesn't strip natural oils from my hair but still gives me that clean feeling. I like the scent, it's not too strong but still pleasant.
  96. Best Shampoo & Conditioner I've used


    This shampoo and conditioner has left my hair so so soft with barely any knots.

    Before my hair felt very dry and knotty and I've only used this shampoo & conditioner once and it has literally transformed my hair, this product did live up to the hype.
    I love the smell and cant wait to use other products within the line.
  97. Not much hydration


    I received a samlpe from Adore (thank you so much!) I didn't find it as nourishing and hydrating as what I typically use which is Kerastase. It did smell nice although the sampoo felt really stripping of oil from the hair.
  98. Soft hair


    I have very oily roots and dry tips. I used to wash my hair everyday and wanted a great shampoo so that I didn't need to wash it everyday. This shampoo is so great its hydrating and yet my roots are not as oily and smells great. I now wash my hair three times a week. Very happy with this shampoo.
  99. Didn't deliver results - not for my hair type


    Unfortunately, this made no difference to my hair. I have heard only good things about this, but when using the shampoo + conditioner and leave-in treatment, I didn't notice any changes.

    I have shoulder-length, brittle, and dry end hair and I was hoping for this combo to help but unfortunately didn't work for my hair type.

    I do like the smell though.
  100. It was OK, not the best


    After reading the reviews, I was keen to give this shampoo a go. It did clean my hair properly, but after a couple of uses, I found my scalp became quite flakey..
    It did keep my blonde hair brass free and my hair did feel very clean and soft after using, but the scalp flaking was definitely prominent after each use.
    Bit of a mixed feeling towards this shampoo!
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