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ELEVEN Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner 300ml

4.7 of 301 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24


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4 instalments of $6.24


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An ultra-nourishing conditioner that replenishes moisture. For all hair types.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 301 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This conditioner absorbs so quickly into the hair which helps so much with keeping product waste to a minimum. You dont need to slap on a handful of it to get some hydration like you do with other brands, as soon as you put it in it is sucked right in and your hair is left soft and smelling amazing.
If you're using a natural shampoo/conditioner for the first time be prepared for an extra flaky scalp as your hair gets used to it then it should subside. I find that my scalp is still flaky but not as bad as when i initially transitioned.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for price


I like this conditioner but I don't love it. It's good for the price it is. I find my hair isn't as silky as it usually is when I use this conditioner.
  1. Life


    This conditioner absorbs so quickly into the hair which helps so much with keeping product waste to a minimum. You dont need to slap on a handful of it to get some hydration like you do with other brands, as soon as you put it in it is sucked right in and your hair is left soft and smelling amazing.
    If you're using a natural shampoo/conditioner for the first time be prepared for an extra fla...
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  2. Lovely and creamy


    A nice nurturing, hydrating and moisturising conditioner which leaves the hair feeling and looking shiny, smooth and hydrated. Feels nice on the hair.
  3. Soft and fresh


    I liked this conditioner a lot, my hair feels so smooth and healthy after I use it. Only thing is it needs a little extra care when rinsing, because it leaves a little bit of residue if you’re not careful, which is a bit of a pain. I think I’ll keep using it for a while though!
  4. Keeps my hair hydrated


    Since getting my hair bleached, this is my go to conditioner, it's been keeping my hair hydrated leaving me minimal split ends
  5. Silky!


    verified purchaser
    Would highly recommend pairing it with the shampoo. I feel it doesn’t give the same result if I don’t use the shampoo with it. The price is awesome and the scent is amazing!
  6. Love this product


    Use this in conjunction with the shampoo. For my long, dry blonde hair I find this helps with the de tangle process. Feel hydrated without making it heavy.
  7. Love this


    Love how soft my hair feels after using this. Good product.
  8. Just lovely


    Great conditioner and made my hair extremely smooth just lovely
  9. Pretty good


    I received a sample of this and it really hydrates my hair. Used in conjunction with it's counterpart it is an amazing duo.
  10. lovely


    pairs well with the shampoo. makes my hair really soft. I'm not crazy about the artificial watermelon scent and I do wish it were more slippy to give me better detangling power because my hair gets really knotted when I shampoo. but overall I do really enjoy it and it's great value for money.
  11. Very nice conditioner


    This conditioner is great for price and feels better than super expensive high end conditioners. Highly recommend for damaged hair. It feels like a conditioner and treatment in one.
  12. Great


    Hydrating but doesn't weigh down your hair. I think it could be a little richer, but like it because it doesn't make my hair lank and oily. For this reason I always use the Miracle Hair treatment afterwards and am very happy with the effect.
  13. Light hydration


    I’ve been using this for the past year now and find it hydrating for my fine hair - better than anything else I’ve tried and have tried a few! I think if you have thick or course hair than this may be too light but for the fine hair gals out there, this is a winner
  14. Shiny & smooth hair


    Salon quality conditioner and for SO much cheaper than some of the other brands! love this! feels like I've had a treatment at the hair salon.
  15. You new go-to conditioner in summer or winter


    Good value for money from an Aussie brand. Smells great and leaves hair hydrated, soft and easy to manage. Has been my go to for years.
  16. Good value for money


    I think this conditioner is good value for money as the quality compares to some of the more expensive brands. It smells amazing and lathers well, I also like to support Australian brands where possible. The downside is that I am prone to particularly dry hair and didn't notice much of an improvement.
  17. Best conditioner find in ages


    LOVE this conditioner - I have fine hair with an oily, sensitive scalp with colour and dry ends and this meets the requirements of improving my hair appearance. Generally, I'm allergic to most brands and this is fine.
  18. Best conditioner find in ages


    LOVE this conditioner - I have fine hair with an oily, sensitive scalp with colour and dry ends and this meets the requirements of improving my hair appearance. Generally, I'm allergic to most brands and this is fine.
  19. Hydration for Bleached blondes


    I have bleached ash blonde hair and I now pair this hydrating conditioner with the Eleven Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo.
    The conditioner leaves my hair feeling healthy in a way that it hasn't in a long time and the best part is it doesn't make it feel heavy or greasy.
  20. Hydrate


    It’s all in the name. Hydrate me hydrate’s my hair like it’s never been before
  21. Go to Conditioner!


    Love this product, combine with the Shampoo and my hair feels healthy and moisturised.
  22. Love this conditioner


    Love this conditioner, at the bottom of the bottle and will be repurchasing. Smells good, does the job, doesn’t weight my fine hair down and works well in conjunction with a treatment I do once a week.
  23. Holy grail conditioner


    This is my most purchased conditioner along with the hydrate my hair - moisture shampoo as it does just that.

    I have bleached platinum blonde hair, and it conditions my hair without stripping the colour at all.
  24. Super hydrating


    I really like this conditioner. I have bleached hair and I find after using purple shampoo it is quite dry so this conditioner really helps detangle hydrate my hair.
  25. All-time favourite


    A simple conditioner that helps keep moisture in your hair, well priced for the product you receive as well
  26. My Favourite Eleven Conditioner


    This is my favourite of the Eleven conditioners/treatments. None of the others detangle and nourish my hair quite the same way. A lovely scent, great robust packing (nothing worse than dropping and cracking a flimsy bottle of expensive product in the shower). Inexpensive yet effective.
  27. Treat for frizzy hair


    I use this with the shampoo & together these products leave me with calm, hydrated, easy to manage hair & the results last up to 4-5 days. Also great used with the Miracle hair treatment.
  28. Hydrate My Hair is the perfect name for this product!


    After a long overseas trip my hair was extremely dry and dehydrated, and I also had so many split ends. I thought I would try Eleven's Hydrate My Hair shampoo and conditioner. After one wash my hair felt thicker, healthier and more hydrated than it had in such a long time. I have been using it for a month now and have no more split ends!
  29. Smooth hair


    Love this product, makes my hair silky soft and a little goes a long way. I just don't like the scent, I wish it smelled like the shampoo which smells like watermelon!
  30. Soft, shiny, tangle free hair


    Love this conditioner. My hair has been so knotty and dry all winter and this has completely turned it around!
  31. Easy to use


    This is an okay product for the price. Makes hair soft but not overly hydrating. I usually use Kevin Murphy or O&M and prefer them, but they obviously cost nearly double, so i guess you get what you pay for.
  32. Doesn't last long


    This always runs out before the shampoo so buy the treatment as well. Leave the product on for a few minutes longer for better results as conditioner is quite a thick one.
  33. Sample


    Had a sample of this and was thoroughly impressed. I usually have quite frizzy, dry ends and this definitely helped those out after a week. Wasn't completely transformed, but a definite improvement
  34. Good for price


    I like this conditioner but I don't love it. It's good for the price it is. I find my hair isn't as silky as it usually is when I use this conditioner.
  35. Love this


    Love this conditioner. The scent is great, and the results are noticeable. I have quite oily fine damaged hair, and this helps give my hair some life without weighing it down. It also hydrates my scalp, and keeps my hair feeling really soft.
  36. Nice product, does what it says


    This product is really lightweight and doesn't weigh my hair down. I have long hair, and it's medium to thick so keeping it light is important for me. I received this as a gift so I can't comment on the price. It smells nice and does everything it claims, making hair soft and shiny :)
  37. Super hydration


    I have suffered really bad dry flaky scalp for a long time and this has helped soooooo much I love
  38. Very hydrating and smells amazing


    This brand was recommended to me by my hairdresser
    I have my natural hair on my roots with blonde highlights from about mid section through to my ends. With the product I was using i was finding my roots were getting so oily after just 1 day of freshly washed hair.
    I pair this with the Eleven Volume Shampoo & I am so happy.
    My hair so soft, Not at all dry & feels so hydrated. ...
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  39. hydrates!


    This conditioner does as promised - hydrates the hair and leaves it soft and smooth. I haven't got super dry hair, but it does lean dry and this has worked great for me
  40. Its Nice


    This product is nice. I dont mind using it but i have tried more hydrating conditioners having bleached hair. Its still a good product.
  41. Amazing!!!


    This conditioner goes perfectly with the ELEVEN hydrate my hair shampoo and hydrates the hair soooo much! This conditioner leaves the hair extremely soft but not fluffy at all. It gets rid of all the knots and makes my hair feel amazing! Definitely recommend
  42. The Smell!


    The smell of this conditioner is so good! Leaves your hair soft and full of volume
  43. Super Hydrating!


    I really dislike spending money on hair care, however this Conditioner is great for my long blonde, sometimes dry hair. It is super hydrating and once my hair is washed it is super smooth and silky, no better feeling. Will keep re-purchasing.
  44. Best conditioner


    Great hair product. Found that my hair is smooth and clean after washing. Would recommend, and have repurchased this product several times.
  45. Holy grail for hair!


    This is honestly the best brand I’ve used in a long time. I’ve tried so many hairdresser brand products and they just haven’t done anything for my hair. Elevens hydrating range is so incredibly hydrating, it leaves my hair soft and prevents it from
    knotting so much so that I no longer need to use my leave on conditioner/de-tangler. Would highly recommend!
  46. Amazing conditioner


    Love this, I have oily roots but very dry, damaged ends and this works perfectly to hydrate them!
  47. Soft and Clean!!!


    I love how soft this conditioner makes my hair feel. I have always struggled with conditioners making my hair oily but this one leaves it soft and fresh. I started buying this from a salon but found the delivery easier and quicker with adore beauty online.
  48. Very creamy moisturising product


    My hair is damaged from bleach and I wanted a creamy product to help that wasn't too expensive. This has been perfect. Super creamy and still free of nasty ingredients. Smells amazing. and I really like the packaging size, really perfect to fit in a bag and not spill!
    I can't wait to try the rest of the range
  49. Quite nice condition for dry hair


    Quite nice conditioner! Seems to hydrate my hair and make it feel nice and soft. Would recommend giving it a go
  50. Hydrates split ends


    I've noticed my split ends reducing after using this conditioner. Really impressive considering my hair is generally dull and dry.
  51. Best hair conditioner ever


    I had tried several brands without finding the right product for my curly hair. I love this conditioner! It provides the right moisture and even love the smell of this product. Highly recommended.
  52. Dry hair saviour


    Love this - got it as a sample and definitely feel like the ends of my hair are less dry and split. Good size too
  53. Great hair product


    Great hair product. Found that my hair is smooth and clean after washing. Would recommend, and have repurchased this product several times.
  54. Love it! Affordable salon like product


    I have been using Kevin Murphy for so long and love it however I came across ELEVEN which was slightly more affordable and hoped after reading the reviews it would be good for my damaged hair. Honestly! I don't think I will be straying from this product! It makes my hair feel so soft and silky and HEALTHY! I love it!
  55. Love it


    Really rate this conditioner. Leaves the hair silky and smooth without that greasy feeling. Great price point too.
  56. Great product for a great price


    I love this conditioner - works beautifully, hair is soft and manageable and yet the price is fantastic - really happy with this product
  57. Like it


    I really like this, my hair feels nice and smooth and has great shine, smells nice too.
  58. Great for everyday use


    I have naturally straight hair and do not have many concerns. This conditioner is perfect to hydrate and add softness to my hair. Great for everyday use and smells wonderful!
  59. A nice conditioner for a decent price


    I tried this conditioner as it was a best seller on adore beauty so I figured it had to be good. It smells nice (like mango sorbet and fruit tingles kind of vibe) and is not a bad product. I mainly tried it because it was almost half the price of my usual shampoo/conditioner but I do still prefer the more expensive stuff. But for the price this product is quite good.
  60. Didn’t do much


    I have quite dry hair and I found this didn’t do much for me. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t do anything special. Although it does have a lovely smell.
  61. Love this conditioner

    S. Isabel

    Seriously buzz conditioner. I use this as an alternative between another eleven product and my hair is ten times more tame with this conditioner. Everyone always tells me how nice and smooth my hair looks
  62. Love it


    My hair feels so much nicer since using this. A little expensive but otherwise a great conditioner
  63. The best thing since... well, sliced bread!


    This is the ONLY conditioner that has actually done what it says, and hydrates my afro hair. I noticed a difference after just one wash. No going back now.
  64. Smells incredible!


    Have been using this conditioner with the shampoo and love the combo! I have bleached hair so it's quite dry. The conditioner is very nourishing but it is not too heavy.
  65. Okay Product


    There is nothing wrong with this product at at all but for me I just found it was nothing overly special aside from the smell which was incredible! so tropical and amazing but for my hair which is damaged and thick it just left it normal no more hydrated or soft.
  66. Hydrating conditioner for all


    I use this in conjunction with the shampoo in the same range on rotation with the blonde range and love it. The smell and packaging is awesome, with a easy to use design as well. I find after using it with the shampoo my hair is hydrated and lush for days after use.
  67. Keeps bleached hair healthy and soft


    I've bought this conditioner a few times now. I went from brunette to blonde last year and this conditioner has helped keep my hair healthy after copious amounts of bleach. Nourishing without weighing your hair down!
  68. Love this brand!


    Bought this as my hair had been feeling dull and dead but ever since using this product my hair has felt so healthy and soft and shiny, would recommend using along with Eleven miracle hair treatment.
  69. My favourite conditioner!


    I just love this conditioner, my hair is always incredibly soft and smooth after using it. I used to have quite dry hair, especially from using a straightener most days. Since using this conditioner, my hair never feels dry and is in much better condition overall.
  70. One of my favs!!


    Great conditioner that hydrated the hair, smells great and has a great price point. I love this stuff!! It also reduces my frizz and leaves my hair looking glossy and fresh
  71. Soft and silky


    l have very bleached and dry hair and hairdresser recommended this and within 3 uses my hair to back to feeling nice and soft. lt is really a great moisture conditioner and would recommend to anyone with dry brittle hair.
  72. So many compliments


    I started getting so many compliments when I switched to Eleven. To this day, people ask for a list of products. And they are literally all Eleven. They smell so good and my hair is so healthy.
  73. Insanely good


    Absolutely incredible conditioner that made my hair feel instantly nourished and silky soft!! In love and definitely recommend
  74. Great product but couldn't use it forever


    I think this is a great conditioner if you're looking at not spending too much money. It leaves your hair nice and soft and easy to manage. I had to stop using this product after about 5 months as I started to notice my hair drying out, but great for a few months :).
  75. LOVE!

    Claire M

    I have curly hair and hairdressers have always told me the best thing for curly hair is to keep it hydrated. After a few times using this conditioner with the shampoo I noticed a big difference; felling soft, reduced frizz and looking healthy - it also smells amazing! I feel as though I have found my new shampoo and conditioner combination with a reasonable price tag!
  76. love!


    really loved this conditioner, i have tried out many different brands recently and this is the only one I have found that has left my hair feeling super soft after washing. It does have a pretty strong fragrance but is a pleasant smell.
  77. Soft silky hair


    This conditioner is one of the best. Really smooths out dry brittle hair and leaves your hair soft and nourished! A must have!
  78. good conditioner decent price


    this conditioner is okay
    it isn't the best I've used but it smells nice and leaves my hair soft
    it helps with the frizz a little bit but not as much as others
    decent for price
  79. A really good lightweight conditioner


    Great conditioner for really fine hair! Wouldn’t recommend if you have thick, curly or highly processed hair as it’s very lightweight. I found I had to use a lot of product to make it feel like it had conditioned it!
    Beautiful summer smelling product,
  80. Use it all the time


    Fantastic I use it all the time with the shampoo, I am a convert.
  81. Best product


    This is great for frizzy hair, I will always have frizzy hair but it does not look as dry and sad as what it used to. I also use this with the Eleven shampoo and it makes all the difference, so much easier to brush.
  82. Average


    Smells nice but didn’t find anything special, my hair was left normally not oily or dry
  83. Amazing


    This conditioner is just amazing. It moisture my dry hair and leaves it soft and smooth. Definitely love it.
  84. Smells amazing!


    Love this conditioner when paired with the Hydrate My Hair shampoo. It smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and smooth.
  85. Love it!


    I’ve been testing products for a long tome to find the perfect ones for me - and I found them! Without having to use too much, this leaves my hair feeling clean, healthy and soft
  86. No more frizz


    Love, love, love this conditioner! Love the formula and the size is pretty good for the price. Usually lasts me 4-6 weeks depending on how recently I got my hair thinned out. Keeps my hair from being frizzy and hair feels really light and weightless but my hair can get a bit oily with how rich this is
  87. Incredible


    I have very dry and damaged hair from years of lightening and I can hands down say this has really helped nourish and hydrate my hair. My hair is visibily less frizzy and looks much healthier, I will definitely be purchasing again.
  88. Silky hair


    Love this!!! Smells like watermelon and leaves your hair so silky and soft.
    Safe on dyed hair does not strip the colour.
  89. Great price


    Smells delicious, great price point and does the trick. I have fine hair that gets a little dry, it leaves my hair smooth & clean. I only apply to the end of my hairs.
  90. Great for dryness and a hit of nourishment


    I suffer from very dry hair and scalp and this really does work and it such a reasonable price. Will definitely re purchase.
  91. Nourishing conditioner


    This works hand in hand with the Hydrate My Hair shampoo. It smells amazing and nourishes my thick, coarse hair. Will definitely be repurchasing.
  92. good for price, size and great product.


    I have Hagrid type curls some days, however when I use Eleven hair I seem to find my curls and get definition which is awesome. good price and great to travel with. also smells great too plus its cruelty free!
  93. Leaves hair feeling silky and smooth


    This conditioner is amazing. It nourishes your hair and leave it nice and smooth along with smelling amazing. My favourite conditioner I’ve found yet
  94. Love this conditioner


    I love this Conditioner. Not only because it does wonders to my extremely blonde hair but the smell of the Conditioner is amazing and leaves my hair feeling amazing too. I also love knowing it’s not tested on animals makes me feel much better about using this product :)
  95. Great Hydrating Conditioner


    I have been using this product for quite a long time and I will never use anything else. I have quite dry, thick hair and this conditioner helps to make it feel soft and smooth. Also has a nice smell.
  96. Absolute favoourite


    This is my favourite conditioner, it can be so hard to find a product that works for you and I have tried my fair share, this is light and leaves my hair feeling clean, hydrated and smooth.
  97. Goodbye dry hair!


    For a very long time I have dealt with having dry hair. It has been a long struggle for me to find good shampoo + conditioner that really hydrates and moisturises my hair. This product honestly stands by the name and the details given. It also smells amazing, leaves you feeling shiny & fresh. Will be purchasing again.
  98. Soft hair


    Eleven Australia is an affordable conditioner, smells nice and leaves my hair hydrated.
  99. Review & Earn
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