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ELEVEN Australia Deep Clean Shampoo 300ml

4.4 of 168 reviews


4 instalments of $6.49

Or 4 instalments of $6.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.49

Or 4 instalments of $6.49 with LEARN MORE

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A deeply cleansing shampoo to remove oil and product buildup.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Product buildup

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Australia Deep Clean Shampoo

ELEVEN Australia Deep Clean Shampoo

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ELEVEN Australia Deep Clean Shampoo Reviews

4.4 of 168 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive


S Mann

Leaves my hair so soft and without any frizz! Would highly recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not what I expected


I received a sample of this with a recent order, and I was really excited to use it. I have a few other Eleven products that I love and would repurchase time and time again, so I figured this would be another winner. My scalp tends to be oily but my ends are quite dry, for the record, and my hair is quite fine and wavy.

It lathered nicely but ultimately I found it very drying. It also left a strange residue - after running my hands through my hair, my palms felt grimy to the touch, which is really unusual and certainly the opposite of the 'deep clean' I expected! This grimy sensation continued after I washed my hair a second time with another shampoo. I wonder if this is the dimethicone in the product?
  1. Good detox!


    Really good detoxing shampoo, always feel fresh and super clean after use and the smell is really refreshing, not too flowery or fruity!
  2. Nice

    S Mann

    Leaves my hair so soft and without any frizz! Would highly recommend.
  3. Not great for my hair


    The shampoo is a translucent consistency. It didn't remove all the oil from my roots as I thought it would, from reading other reviews. Head & shoulders seemed to work better at removing the oil.
  4. Great for Oily Hair

    Withheld Withheld

    I have extremely oily hair and sometimes struggle finding a shampoo that doesnt weigh down my hair As some products are very thick. This shampoo is super lightweight and it soaps up really well to help wash away the extra oily my hair produces. It smells like oranges, sooo delicious
  5. Great price and product

    Good clean

    I was looking for an alternative to Kerastase ans this product delivers at half the price. I am a return purchaser and have noticed my hair looks healthier and stronger, blow dries straight and importantly removes all residue styling products For that deep clean
  6. my ultimate shampoo!


    I have been using this shampoo since it released two (or so) years ago, I wash my thick long and coloured hair weekly, this shampoo gives it the deep clean my scalp needs without stripping my natural oils, my colour did not fade either. The shampoo smells like orange and the packaging is hardy, I've dropped it in the shower a few times and I've only ever cracked one lid! Great product and will co...
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  7. Great deep cleaning shampoo!


    I have used a lot of different products for the deep cleaning effect, and this one has worked the best. It makes you feel really refreshed afterwards. Would definitely buy this product again!
  8. Definitely works


    This product works well, i find it strips out the oil and build up alot and could almost be too much. Good for once a week.
  9. enjoy


    as the name suggest it gives a deep clean. can be slightly drying so not for everyday use
  10. nice and cleansing


    this cleans my hair really well and helps get rid of buildup
  11. definitely a deep clean


    A little drying on my coloured hair, but scalp definitely felt cleansed.
  12. great


    great for a once a well deep clean, does a great job
  13. Deep clean


    This really gives me a deep clean like the name suggests and is very good
  14. Great for getting rid of residue


    This shampoo is great at stripping all the residue and buildup of products from my scalp, but half a star off because it can make my scalp a bit dry afterwards. So definitely needs a hydrating conditioner post use!
  15. Deep clean with an refreshing citrus scent


    I received this as a sample (which lasted three washed) and my hair felt thoroughly cleansed. I particularly loved the uplifting citrus scent which made my shower moment even more enjoyable. I'd only use any deep cleansing shampoo once a week as I need a more nourishing shampoo for more regular use.
  16. deep clean


    good for an occasional deep clean but can be overly stripping if you use it too regularly.
  17. leaves hair clean and fresh


    Great shampoo for occasional deep cleans, leaving hair fresh and free from oil, easier to style too!
  18. looks great & I do love the Eleven Miracle Spray Hair Treatment


    I have used the Eleven Miracle Spray Hair Treatments, and now trying some new products
  19. Definite deep clean


    I bought this after reading all the positive reviews. I have really oily hair, don't use too much product and have to wash my hair every second day to avoid the oily build up. It lathers really well, smells good and does what it says. I wasn't able to reduce the amount of times I was my hair each week though, which is why I initially bought the product.
  20. Goodbye oily hair


    Second refill on a great shampoo! My hairdresser recommended this shampoo for my oily and coloured hair.
    It really leaves the feeling clean and prolongs the comings of 'second day hair. Since using this shampoo I've been using my dry shampoo less because its kept the oil at bay.
    This shampoo hasn't made my hair brassy which is an added bonus. Worth it !
  21. Great


    My scalp love this. It keeps my hair feeling super fresh and really shiny. I love it, I trust this brand always!
  22. great


    this is really good to use once a week to get rid of that hard to move build up! my hair is left soft after this
  23. Good for my scalp


    I have been using this for my sore scalp which gets irritated by product buildup and it has been fantastic at reducing itchiness. love it
  24. Gentle on the skin


    This is a nice daily cleanser, that's gentle on my sensitive skin but also delivers a good clean on my oily skin


    I had been looking for ages for a product which would keep my hair looking clean and also get rid of any excess product buildup that made my blonde-colour treated hair look greasy. means I don't have to wash my hair everyday like I used to!
  26. Go to shampoo


    Makes my hair feel so clean and soft without drying it. Definitely recommend if you have a dry scalp or dry hair in general.
  27. Great shampoo for oily hair


    I have oily hair that needs to be washed every second day. Since using this shampoo, I've found that it has been really effective in cleaning my hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Will continue to use regularly!
  28. My #1 shampoo


    This is my absolute favourite, go to, shampoo! My hairdresser got me into this a couple of years ago and I haven’t looked back! I’m so glad that I can order this online through adore beauty too (I’m new here and loving it!). The packaging is sleek and slim - perfectly fits in my shower caddy. It’s Australian owned and made, cruelty free, vegan friendly which are all bonuses! I love buying Australi...
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  29. Lovely shampoo


    I am so happy with this shampoo! I have an oily scalp, and this shampoo leaves my scalp feeling clean without feeling overly dry. It has a wonderful citrusy smell. Highly recommend!
  30. Really deep clean


    I usually wash my hair 2-3 times a week, and after a really sweaty workout session I know i need to reach for this. My hair and scalp feels super clean after and it also ensures that my hair remains clean for a few days. It is a bit drying but I use the hydrating conditioner after to restore the moisture.
  31. Amazing for oily hair!


    I have a super oily scalp and in turn it gives me terrible dandruff, I’d have to watch my hair at least everyday and every type of shampoo didn’t help, I couldn’t go more than 2 days without washing my hair - until this !!! It soothes my scalp, removes excess oils without drying out my hair and scalp and I can go almost 4 days without needing to wash my hair... you only need a tiny amount for your...
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  32. Obsessed


    I am obsessed with this shampoo. I have gone from being a serial washer, washing my hair daily to being able to go a good two to three days without washing which has been life saving. Not only is it saving me time but I have noticed my hairs condition improve so much! I use it with the Hydrate me conditioner which I also really like!
  33. heavy duty


    Since i use dry shampoo quite often, I find a lot of the time regular shampoo sometimes doesn't feel like it has gotten rid of all the residue from the hair. With this product however I find it deeply cleans the scalp super well and also adds some volume to the hair since nothing is weighing it down. I do alternate it with another shampoo though since I find it can be a little drying if I solely u...
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  34. really good stuff


    product itself does what its meant to do, however doesn't last long if you have long hair.
  35. Oily Hair Saviour


    I naturally have really oily hair! In the past I’ve found that no amount of washing will solve this....that was until I tried this shampoo! It has been a saviour!!! It leaves my hair feeling super soft and clean and gets ride of the sticky oily feeling I’ve struggled with. It also smells divine.
  36. So. Good.


    I love this shampoo so much, I have medium/thick coarse hair but I HAVE SO MUCH OF IT, if not treated right it will frizz and be bigger than it needs to be. I can only bare to wash my hair once a week because it is such a chore, but, when I double cleanse with this bad boy it breaks down everything, penetrating all the never ending layers of hair and just muah perfect.. My hair and scalp have neve...
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  37. Feels so refreshing


    Omg, this shampoo is such a good shampoo to get rid of that build up. Feels amazing, like I have a clean cool head. The scalp feels so good after, I reckon I will combine it with a scrub to get maximal results
  38. Great value for money


    I was looking for a cleansing shampoo for a while. Read the reviews and settled on this one. It's a great value for money and literally lasts ages. Hair might be on the dryish side afterwards, so use good conditioner. Will definetly repurchase.
  39. Best shampoo for greasy hair


    I LOVE this shampoo. I usually have to wash my every single day. This shampoo gives me more flexibility to drag out that extra or two without that gross greasy feeling.
    Also perfect for boys with smelly hair! I don’t know what it is that makes my hubby’s hair smell so quickly but this shampoo has been my saviour!
  40. Great shampoo


    Great shampoo that leaves your hair gorgeous and squeaky clean
  41. Use this for a really good clean


    Very happy with this shampoo. I usually use it about once a week to give my hair and scalp a really good clean and get any residual product out. Otherwise, I use the Eleven hydrating shampoo. I find they're a good set to go between, depending on how my hair is feeling.
  42. Quite drying for fine hair


    This clarifying shampoo seems much stronger than others, but not in a good way. In the few months I've owned this, I've only used it a handful of times because it leaves my fine strands so lackluster and dry. The more the shampoo strays into my mid-lengths and ends, the worse the results. However, this could definitely be blamed on the overall condition and fineness of my hair! If yours is more m...
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  43. Best shampoo ever!


    I have very thick long wavy hair, oily roots and dry ends, and I have tried EVERYTHING. This is hands down the best shampoo I’ve ever used! Usually when I wash my hair, it’s oily within a day or 2. But with this shampoo I can leave it up to 5 or 6 days with no oil. And it foams so easy you barely have to use much for a good wash! I’ve dealt with an itchy scalp for years from silicone build up, and...
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  44. Decent deep cleaning shampoo


    This shampoo is decent. I tend to use a lot of dry shampoo and hairspray and this seems to get the built up off my hair. I didn't find it drying which is good since I have coloured hair but it also didn't have any wow factor for me.
  45. Nice DEEP CLEAN shampoo


    This is a nice deep clean shampoo. Which i love for my oily hair. It does help to remove oiliness and product build up. I will most likely repurchase this one when i run out.
  46. Leaves my hair and scalp feeling clean and fresh


    I wanted this as a once a week, deep clean to get rid of product build up and excess oil. It delivers exactly that. The smell is also really gorgeous. I would say it's a once a week type product for me. It feels really luxurious to use. It leaves my hair and scalp feeling really clean, without leaving it feeling dry or flaky.
  47. Deep clean but drying


    This shampoo gives a really deep clean as the name suggests and my scalp and hair feel really refreshed after using. I did have to alternate this with another shampoo as if I use this one too often my scalp does get very dry and flakey.
  48. Highly recommended!


    I love love love ELEVEN however this product in particular. My hair can get oily at the root and dry at the ends but this makes my wash last minimum 4 days, doesn’t dry my hair out and makes it feel so nice and clean. Also the price, WHATS NOT TO LOVE?
  49. Great for cleansing oil and product build up


    My scalp reacts poorly with dry shampoo, so I tend to use this deep cleansing shampoo after using products in my hair to make sure my scalp stays clean! It has reduced product buildup and itchiness which has been amazing. It doesn't strip your hair either like anti-dandruff shampoos can do.
  50. Perfect for excess oil


    I bought this product to help reduce the oil build up in my hair and it does exactly what I wanted! It can be a little drying if you use too often so I prefer to only use it twice a week.
  51. Amazing shampoo


    Absolutely love this shampoo. I have blonde Hilights and sometimes my hair feels dull. With the help of this shampoo it’s brighter instantly and feels amazing.
  52. gentle cleanse


    received a sample size of this. Gentle shampoo, cleans the hair well. Has a nice light scent
  53. Not for me - but still good!


    Unfortunately this was the wrong shampoo for my hair - I have blonde foils and I didn't realise the difference cleansing or conditioning shampoos can have on blonde. I love Eleven however and the smell of this is lovely, it's a really good quality product!
  54. I give this a rating of ‘Eleven out of 10’


    I’ve noticed my hair has been severely thinning lately and so I’ve really started paying attention to what I’ve been putting in my hair. In an attempt to take a more natural route, I’ve been using coconut and caster oil as a treatment for my hair however this meant there’s been a good amount of oil buildup in my hair/scalp. So I was looking for a shampoo that will cleanse my scalp, be gentle of my...
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  55. a bit drying


    Didn't work well for my hair. I have sensitive scalp. Oily in just 2 days. I often have dandruff if the shampoo is too strong. In this case, that's what happened with this shampoo. On the up side, my daughter used it and helped remove the chlorine build up in her hair after swimming.
  56. Okay, but disappointing


    This product isn't bad but it doesn't entirely live up to its claims either. I found it didn't make the drastic difference to my hair that I was expecting - especially after reading through the number of positive reviews. On the whole, it's okay, but not a product I'd purchase again.
  57. Not sure


    Good consistency compared to some other clarifying shampoos I've used, but seems to dry my hair out by only using twice a week. I have coloured hair, so points for not stripping that, but not sure if I'll use again. Might try a few other brands before coming back to it.
  58. A great cleansing shampoo


    I LOVE this shampoo! It is a clear based shampoo, great as a cleansing shampoo - my hair is quite fine so it gets oily, this is a nice shampoo that cleans and doesn't add oils, it smells great too.
  59. Good scalp care option


    Hit the mark for a not too expensive shampoo that can deal with a flaky scalp - only downside is it smells very manly!
  60. Great Deep Clean Shampoo

    Bridget Bass

    This cleans my hair very nicely, and smells amazing! Can be drying if you use it too often.
  61. Smells Beautiful


    I have been looking for a shampoo to help remove build up and help with excess oil on my scalp. This shampoo is excellent. It smells amazing b beautiful orange in it helps remove build up and leavea my hair shiny and silly smooth.
  62. Not what I expected


    I received a sample of this with a recent order, and I was really excited to use it. I have a few other Eleven products that I love and would repurchase time and time again, so I figured this would be another winner. My scalp tends to be oily but my ends are quite dry, for the record, and my hair is quite fine and wavy.

    It lathered nicely but ultimately I found it very drying. It also...
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  63. Slightly disappointing


    Was disappointed that the Shampoo had sulfate in - my mistake that I didn't check the ingredients list before ordering. I still used it though and didn't really find any difference in terms of the 'deep clean' compared to my usual pureology shampoo. It still cleaned the hair but I would compare it to a standard supermarket shampoo.
  64. Perfect


    Great for those high build up days. I would use every wash (I have fine wavy hair) but after a good gym week or grimy days.
  65. smells good


    I do like this shampoo but didnt help with pushing my wash days out, still to find a shampoo that helps with that. smells great and is a good weekly wash
  66. Best Deep Clean Shampoo


    Amazing!! Best deep clean shampoo I have come across and is addictive. Great to use once a week or fortnight. Really gives a good clean and remove build up of other products (dry shampoo etc). Wouldn't recommend for ever shampoo as it might be too harsh.
  67. Use sparingly


    This shampoo has a nice scent and lathers well however I found it really drying on my hair. I'd definitely recommend only using it once a week and only if your hair has build up and requires a deep clean. Otherwise it removes too much of the natural oils and causes over drying
  68. Love it


    Received this as a sample and had to buy the full sized product. I've never been into hair care and just uses a rotation of supermarket brands. This shampoo has been a bit of a game changer for me. My hair feels so CLEAN after using it. I know that sounds a bit silly but that's what it feels like nice and clean and light but not completely stripped. I have very tick medium length wavy hair which i...
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  69. Great for humid weather


    This is a great shampoo for refreshing hair, especially in humid weather. My scalp gets greasy quickly in warmer months and needs a lot of washing. I found I could go longer without shampooing while using deep clean.
  70. So worth the price


    I use this shampoo to remove product build up from other shampoos and it works really well. I like the , orangey smell. Deep Clean by Eleven is an excellent cleansing shampoo.
  71. No change to hair oiliness


    I have to wash my hair every 2 days (can sometimes push it to 3) due to how oily it is. I got a 50mL sample of this shampoo and I was hoping it would allow me to wash my hair less frequently. Unfortunately, I saw no difference in oil production. The shampoo smells nice and cleanses fine, just not better than other shampoos I've used.
  72. Great for Oily Scalp!


    Got a sample of this in a goodie bag, and so far its been working for me! I suffer from quite an oily scalp, but dry ends, so can be a struggle to find the right balance of products for my haircare needs. This shampoo really makes your scalp feel clean, getting rid of any product build up, but doesn't feel stripping or too harsh. Will probably buy the full size and pair with a super hydrating cond...
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  73. Good shampoo now and again


    This shampoo is good as a now and again shampoo, I wouldn't use it consistently as I fear it may make your hair dry. I would use this once a week at a maximum. Good clean scent.
  74. Perfect for a weekly 'deep-clean'


    I really ruined the oil balance in my hair by using cheap supermarket shampoo and conditioner (they made my hair so silky at first!), so I've been on a mission to bring back the oil balance. This shampoo is a game changer!!! I LOVE that it lathers up so easily, and that it will last me ages because a little goes a long way. Beautiful herbal scent, and best of all my hair feels SO clean for more th...
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  75. Super clean


    Love this, my hair and scalp feels super clean like a post salon wash.
  76. Such a great product

    Mrs S

    This is such a great shampoo, especially if you're concerned about product (read: dry shampoo!) build up on your scalp. It's not a specialist scalp shampoo but it's a great cleansing one. I've got my husband using it too because he puts product in his hair every day which can't be great over the long term.
  77. Hello Clean Hair!


    So, I received a sample of this and was so excited to try it. I have super long, super thick hair therefore product and oils can build up on my scalp. My regular shampoo is a natural brand and while it’s excellent for my hair, I find that my scalp is left a little drab.. no amount of scrubbing or intense washing can get it feeling clean!
    Anyway, I washed my hair with this and wow, my hair fe...
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  78. Good cleansing shampoo


    Deep Clean by Eleven is an excellent cleansing shampoo. I use it to remove product build up from other shampoos and it works really well. I like the scent - a nice, orangey smell.
  79. Really does deep clean!


    I struggle with any hydrating shampoos because my hair is too oily, so that’s why I went for this! And I have been pleasantly surprised! It’s not super drying and I feel like I get longer out of my washes which is what I look for in a shampoo!
  80. Good hydrating shampoo


    Great shampoo for deep cleansing and leaves my hair nice and clean.
  81. Not enough for my oily hair


    I have oily hair and usually use a Lush shampoo. I was recommedned this and must say I am a bit disappointed. I double washed and it still did not properly cleanse my hair.
  82. Must-have for an Oily Scalp


    I received a sample of this with a previous order and just had to purchase a full size. It has a very fresh citrus scent and keeps my very oily hair clean for 3-4 days!
  83. A perfect deep clean


    I alternate this shampoo with the hydrating one and it gives a great cleanse. My hair has more volume in the roots the next day and it doesn’t strip the moisture.
  84. Really deep cleans


    I really like using the product when I have used a lot of dry shampoo, hair spray or hair serums. It cleans the scalp very thoroughly.
  85. Good for people who don't wash their hair often


    This is really good if you don't wash your hair that often, it gets rid of all the oils and leaves your hair feeling fresh
  86. Clean Hair


    Love this shampoo, really good for oily hair and gets rid of build up from dry shampoo etc. I follow up with a moisturizing conditional/mask for the ends after.
  87. Functional but drying


    This shampoo definitely does what it says. It really cleaned my hair and scalp deeply. The disadvantage is that my hair felt very dry afterwards - I guess because it removes ALL oils. It's definitely best suited for once a week/fortnight when you need to remove excess product build-up or a treatment.
  88. Thoroughly cleans hair


    This shampoo gets rid of all the extra oil from my hair and lets me go up to a couple of extra days without washing. It isn't drying and doesn't feel like it is stripping my hair of its natural oils
  89. Repeat purchaser!


    This is a great shampoo to use every other day you're washing your hair. However, this is what I just do as I mix it up with one of ELEVEN's hydrating shampoos. A nice scent and you it really does give you a deep clean.
  90. really effective!


    I received a generously sized sample of this shampoo in one of my goodie bags and didn’t think much about it. But when I got to using it I saw a big difference in my hair. Since I use a lot of dry shampoo, my hair tends to look flat and weighed down. This product really gives your hair a deep clean and effectively gets rid of buildup without stripping the moisture out of your hair. Will have to ge...
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  91. good for oily hair


    very cleansing
    good to get rid of oils when my hair is at its dirtiest
    don't use it for a daily clean however more like once a week as it was abit drying
  92. Great clean


    I have thick hair, this shampoo really gives a nice clean, happy with the purchase
  93. super cleansing


    this is very cleansing, I wouldn't use this if you have dry hair. However, for those with oily hair it is a good way to get rid of the oil
  94. If you have oily hair this is for you


    I received this as a sample and it’s the best shampoo I have ever used for oily hair so I went and bought the full size. I don’t find it stripping or makes my hair feel really dead after shampooing it like some cleansing shampoos. My hair feels so clean after using it. I use it every second shampoo and I love to use it before I do my Evo blonde treatment as it gets rid of product build up and then...
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  95. Does exactly what it says


    I received a sample of this and was keen to give it a try. It has a lovely thick texture, and the smell is great. It also left my hair feeling super clean. Would be great to use between washes with a purple toner or other specialty shampoos
  96. Best for deep clean!


    This shampoo was absolutely amazing at removing product build up without completely stripping my hair of natural oils. I love how it smells, and my hair always feels quite soft afterwards. I use this once a week now I have a perm, and it still works wonderfully without taking away the curls or making my hair look flat/drop. Would definitely recommend to anyone who constantly feels like their hair ...
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  97. best for sweaty hair


    after going to the gym for a couple days in a row, this is the best shampoo to use. it gets rid of all he dirt and makes it super clean and looking very smooth. I would recommend this!
  98. Fantastic shampoo


    This shampoo is great for myself and my 2 teen daughters. We all have a lot of fine straight hair which gets easily weighed down by cheap shampoo buildup. This product has improved the appearance of our hair tremendously. You only need a small amount and it does a great job.
  99. Awesome Results


    I was suggested to get this with my smooth-me-now shampoo from Adore and I decided to give it a try... Couldn't be more impressed! I only use it once a week or when I feel my hair is very dirty (I almost never use product in hair) and its the only shampoo that I feel really cleans deeply and takes all the unnecessary oil and dirt out without overly drying and making my naturally frizzy hair even f...
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  100. deep deep clean


    Perfect shampoo for the extra oily heads out there
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