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ELEVEN Deep Clean Shampoo 300ml

4.5 of 78 reviews


4 instalments of $5.99


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4 instalments of $5.99


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Give hair the ultimate cleanse with ELEVEN Deep Clean Shampoo. Formulated with Orange Oil, this shampoo provides a rich cleanse to hair while still leaving the scalp and hair feeling healthy and hydrated. While suitable for all hair types including coloured hair, this shampoo is ideal for cleansing away product buildup and excess oils in the hair.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Product buildup

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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ELEVEN Deep Clean Shampoo

ELEVEN Deep Clean Shampoo

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4.5 of 78 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing Results


Got this one in a sample pack, and a very generous sample I might add, and I'm very impressed with it. It's left my hair clean without drying and I can get 2 days more comfortably (yes, that's my max) between washes. Will absolutely purchase full size when my current shampoo/s run out.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me


Took away the natural shine my hair has and made my hair very unruly.
  1. Amazing Results


    Got this one in a sample pack, and a very generous sample I might add, and I'm very impressed with it. It's left my hair clean without drying and I can get 2 days more comfortably (yes, that's my max) between washes. Will absolutely purchase full size when my current shampoo/s run out.
  2. Deep cleansing


    If you use a lot of styling products, especially hairsprays, this shampoo will definitely be your new cleansing friend in the shower for your hair. It feels nice and gives your hair a good deep cleanse. Hair looks healthier
  3. Trusty new favourite


    I’ve been searching for the perfect new shampoo for soooooo long trying both drugstore finds and more high end options.

    This option was recommended to me by my hairdresser and I absolutely love it. I am using this in conjunction with the Eleven conditioner and it’s a great combo. Really great price for what you get!
  4. Good, not great


    I think this shampoo got rid of the build up in my hair (which is good) but it also left my hair feeling quite stripped and lacking moisture; so I’ve had to step up with a really nourishing xo dictionary and hair masks. I will finish this bottle, Babur probably won’t buy again, I think there are other ‘deep clean’ shampoos that are better.
  5. Real deep clean!


    verified purchaser
    Okay so you need to remember that this will dry out your hair if you don’t pair it with a real lovely conditioner or hair mask.
    This is great as it really cleans your scalp, really cleans up any product buildup so I love using this once a month to help my scalp and in the long run my hair.
    The scent is bleh but I just use a lovely hair mask after and my hair feels alive!
  6. Sample size only

    Bree M

    I received a very generous free sample size of this. Whilst it smells a little funny, the results are good so far. I would like to try it in conjunction with the conditioner to be sure.
  7. A vacuum for your scalp!

    Elle H

    I received a deluxe sample of this and am so impressed!!
    It gets rid of a weeks worth of volumepowder and dry shampoo without stripping my hair of moisture. Amazing price point too!
  8. Not for me


    Took away the natural shine my hair has and made my hair very unruly.
  9. Did not work for me


    verified purchaser
    I can sometimes get flaky scalp due to product build up and the best way to reduce this is with a deep clean shampoo, but this one just did not work for me.
    It dried my scalp and hair too much, my hair would end up tangled (I have never had this problem) I will be trying something else.
  10. Fresh and Clean


    verified purchaser
    One of the best shampoos that I have been introduced to, I purchased this after a salon I visited used this on my hair and I left feeling amazing! I now feeling that salon amazing everytime I was my hair, paired with the hydrate my hair conditioner it is a must!!!
  11. Perfect cleansing shampoo


    I tend not to wash my hair more than 2 times a week so this is the only shampoo I use and I find it balances oil without stripping the hair completely. I have fine hair that tends to get greasy but this always leaves it feeling squeaky clean. Price is reasonable too. I’ve been using for over a year now and won’t switch to anything else!
  12. Clean


    This shampoo is great for getting your hair and scalp super clean. I like using it when my scalp begins to feel itchy (buildup/dandruff). It does a good job of making my hair feel clean and reduces the itchiness/flakiness of my scalp. The scent is smells a little like orange household cleaner but it is a light scent.
  13. It’s good but not great


    Here’s why I love it;
    • leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean
    • removes built up products like dry shampoo & hairspray
    • I pair it with Oribe conditioner & it works a treat

    Here’s why I don’t;
    • it leaves fine hair feeling dry especially if you have oily scalp & dry ends.
    • it smells a little “chemically” but if you pair it with a great condition...
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  14. fine hair beware


    I have really fine hair and despite brushing it really well before hopping in the shower it still comes out a matted knotty mess after shampooing with this. I use the olaplex conditioner and it's not even enough to save the knots so I have to be really careful handling it while it's wet. it lathers well, removes built up dry shampoo, didn't seem to strip my colour and smells nice but unfortunately...
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  15. Worked well for me!


    This shampoo made my hair feel squeaky clean. Removed all the oil & product build up. Good shampoo to use once a week and alternate with a different shampoo. The price is worth it. I have very oily hair & I am always using hairspray, gel, serums and creams but this shampoo gets rid of the greasy feeling quickly. Almost feels as good as getting a haircut.
  16. I'm trying to love this but I'm not quite convinced yet


    I bought this expecting a holy grail product that would help with my oily hair and stretch my washes out considerably - but I'm yet to experience that. Whilst it does leave me with hair that feels very clean, I don't feel as though my hair is any less oily or that I can go for a longer time without washing. I prefer the Christophe Robin scrub for maintaining hair between washes over this product.
  17. Like it but not totally blown away


    This shampoo does a really good job at cleaning your hair however I am worried it may strip my hair of its colour. I do find my hair to be super clean the day of washing it however this hasn’t helped me with washing my hair any less often (every second day). I do like that it feels like I am getting any product out of my hair but will probably start to use this once a week as a deep clean.
  18. Favourite shampoo


    I have oily roots and dry ends. I try my best not to wash my hair every day and this really helps to keep it resh on those days I don't wash it.
  19. Deep clean


    I would use this as a clarity shampoo for when I need a really deep shampoo not as a everyday one.
  20. Does what is says on the label


    This is a very good deep cleansing shampoo for oily hair or hair with product build up, however it is too stripping for every day use over a long period of time and will result in more oiliness. It is a good price for the product it is.
  21. True to its name!


    I really love this shampoo, it smells so fresh and feels like it's really cleaning your hair and scalp. I had quite dry skin around my hairline and tried every dandruff shampoo and treatment you can think of and this is the only thing that has gotten rid of it! Love it :)
  22. Clean feeling


    I really like this shampoo, leaves my hair feeling nice and clean and stops my itchy scalp from sebum buildup. Unlike other clarifying shampoos it doesn't make the rest of my hair feel too dry. I also love the smell, its a very subtle orange scent, but nothing too overwhelming or over powering, I don't like very strong fragrances. even though it is a very cleansing shampoo, it hasn't faded my hai...
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  23. Clarifying


    Really nice shampoo to get rid of excess oil and product build up! I use once or twice a week but could use for every wash as it is not drying like others I have tried in the past
  24. Exactly what I've been searching for!


    A little while ago my hair was suffering from product buildup. It was limp, and got to the point where it wasn't drying properly, which had never happened to me before. I knew I needed a clarifying shampoo ASAP so I did some research and decided to try this one out, because the products that i've previously used from this brand, I have loved! And I was not disappointed by this one either. This sha...
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  25. Great for oily hair


    I love this shampoo. I have quite oily roots and dry ends and this shampoo has helped with the oiliness but also doesn't dry my hair out. Love that it is cruelty free too!
  26. Cleanser for your scalp


    Such a great deep clean I feel so fresh after using this and it leaves your hair so moisturised and clean
  27. Secret to Clean Hair!

    Shannon S

    Having bought this product on a whim, it was a pleasant surprise to see how well this product has worked for my hair! It's affordable pricing is originally what made it appealing, My hair is softer, staying cleaner for longer and smells amazing after every wash! Will be buying again.
  28. Oily Roots Gone


    Have struggled to find a really good shampoo to make my hair less oily and still fell nice. This shampoo has been amazing so far. cant wait to try more of their products
  29. The deepest clean


    I use this once every week at a maximum, as I find it really does draw out and do a deep clean of my scalp! It does great, but it does need a hydrating conditioner to follow its use to stop drying out the hair!
  30. All in the name!


    I can't rave about Eleven enough and this shampoo is no exception! Absolutely cleans my hair to the root and makes it feel amazing.
  31. Deep clean


    Good for oily hair as it give you a really deep clean. Double shampoo if your hair is extra oily!
  32. Lifted the heavy oil in 2 washes


    So happy with the price and the quality of this product. I had oil build up, so even after washing my hair was oily. I used this twice in one week and my hair is completely back to normal! Very happy, will keep it in the shower for when I need it next.
  33. Truely cleans


    My hair has never been cleaner or healthier than since I started using Eleven products. My hair has less tangles, is more manageable and has more lift than when using any other product - this is my new go-to shampoo! Oh and it smells AMAZING!!
  34. Smells divine and gives good clean


    I have fairly oily hair and have yet to find a product that allows me to extend my wash more than 2 to 3 products. This shampoo certainly makes my scalp feel better and less oily but only marginally. I still like using this as it smells divine, does not strip your hair completely and still makes my hair soft. Worth a try.
  35. Love it for after the gym


    I use this after the gym and really like it. It really gives my scalp a super deep clean and smells really nice.
  36. Once a week deep clean


    As an avid dry shampoo user, I use Eleven’s Deep Clean Shampoo once a week to clean my hair and scalp of product build up. I love the orange fragrance. This shampoo can be a little bit drying so I follow it up with Eleven’s Hydrate My Hair Conditioner and love the end result.
  37. really does a 'deep clean'


    I use this once every week at a maximum, as I find it really does draw out and do a deep clean of my scalp! It does great, but it does need a hydrating conditioner to follow its use to stop drying out the hair!
  38. Fresh & clean


    If you have oily roots this is the shampoo for you! I was using the moisture shampoo from this range (thinking about my dry ends) and I find this cleans deeper and helps lengthen the time in between washes by a day. I also prefer the scent it feels more herbal, natural and reminiscent of other more high end brands. I find this affordable and great value for the quality.
  39. Great for a deep clean


    This is a great product for my oily hair, using once a week helps to keep my oils at bay.
  40. Great


    I have oily hair and after trying products I felt this did a great job made my hair feel new and I just lovee it no oily feeling.
  41. Instant Results


    I have never had oily roots until recently. I switched to Eleven Deep Clean and noticed a difference after my first wash. Your hair actually feels so clean and soft. I can go longer in between washes without my hair turning into an oil slick. Love this!
  42. Does the job but make sure you don't use every time you wash your hair


    Makes my hair feel SO CLEAN! I use this once a week to remove buildup product in my hair. I alternate between my repairing Kerastase one and this. If you colour your hair make sure you don't use this more than once a week as it will make it wash out faster.
  43. Pretty good for oily hair


    I have tried sooooo many shampoos trying to find one to help with my oil hair, and this one is at the top of the list. Smells fresh and keeps my hair fresh for a couple of days
  44. So fresh and so clean


    I have been using this shampoo for about 6 months now and its amazing. It really cleans my hair and removes all product without drying out my hair. I use this in combination with the hydrate me conditioner
  45. Change


    The most amazing shampoo I’ve used. Took the excess oils out of my hair and made it feel new whether most other shampoos could muster half the effort
  46. I love this shampoo!!


    I get quite oily hair and this shampoo is awesome!! i do tend to go through it quickly though as i have quite long hair!!
  47. Winner for sure!


    I have thick, long brunette dyed hair. I switched over from Volume to Deep Clean a few months ago. I am very happy with this product. Because my hair is so thick I found other brands didn’t lather over my whole mop of hair. I double wash with this product then condition with the Eleven Hydrate
  48. Oily roots? This is the answer!


    LOVE this shampoo for my oily roots. It's a lifesaver! Dries the ends out, so I mix the ends of my hair with another shampoo. Never change this product, its the best!
  49. Love, love, LOVE.


    I bought this product, as well as the volume conditioner, and they're great! My new staple! Even after the first wash I noticed the difference and I can go a lot longer in-between washes before my hair looks oily.
  50. Fresh!


    Smells very unique but is pleasant. Great product to use before getting your hair done to remove any build up which may stop you from achieving your best results. Love this shampoo, relives my psoriasis on my scalp!
  51. Everyday use


    I use this everyday and couldn’t Live without it smells great too!
  52. Cleaned and Refreshed


    This shampoo assists in removing product build-up and cleansing the hair well without being too drying. Great value for money
  53. Good value shampoo


    Smells great and does a good job. I’ve been ordering eleven shampoo for a while now as it’s a great value salon shampoo
  54. Ok product


    The shampoo isn’t as deep cleansing as expected.. I still have to wash my hair every second day whilst using it. It has a pleasant fresh scent though
  55. lovely


    This shampoo has a wonderful scent of freshness. It feels great on the hair and leave the hair in a squeaky clean state ready for any service in the salon.
    It helps to remove any product build up in the hair without drying it out to much .
    When teamed with the eleven volume shampoo it can help prolong the time in between the next wash.
    Suitable for men and women .
  56. It does well


    I am one of those once a week hair washers, I find even with this shampoo I have to do at least 3 to get it clean. It does get my hair really clean though which I love but I wish it would clean the oil off my scalp too, which it doesn’t. It’s the best deep cleaning shampoo I’ve found but I wish it could be better. Smells nice too!
  57. Really good product if you know how to use it


    Excellent product in getting rid of oily scalp and hair.

    Don't use every day as it dries out the hair alot but really gives it the deep clean that your hair deserves
  58. Cleanse and Refreshed


    This product is perfect for anyone who like me loads up a little too much on the dry shampoo or styling sprays. It provides a really deep cleanse and leaves your scalp feeling clean, without entirely stripping the hair of its necessary natural oils.

    A great winner!
  59. It's ok


    I have oily hair and have been looking for a product which can extend the time between washes. This is a decent shampoo. My hair feels clean and less oily but I'd say it didn't extend my wash time by even one day. Not sure if I would buy again. I prefer the other Eleven shampoo for extra body.
  60. Great


    ELEVEN Australia Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo is a great dry shampoo with a beautiful smell, it keeps my hair feeling fresh and clean for an extra 4-5 days a quick-fix spray to remove oil and refresh hair without water. The great think about this dry shampoo is it leaves your hair with texture and volume which is hard to find in a dry shampoo. You can't overload on this dry shampoo and it doesn'...
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  61. so fresh and so clean


    apart from smelling delicious this fabulous shampoo really cleans your scalp and hair without leaving your hair feeling dry or brittle like some shampoos.
  62. Beautiful clean hair


    Since dying my hair brown it has been getting oily more quickly. Shampooing twice with my other shampoos didn't clean my hair enough and I was having to wash it every 2-3 days. I have used this shampoo twice and am so impressed with how clean my hair is afterwards. Both times I have been able to go at least 4 days without washing. I was a bit worried about the scent after reading a review on here ...
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  63. love


    I love Eleven brand so I thought I'd give this shampoo a go and it defiantly did not disappoint.
  64. 50/50


    Unfortunately this product dried the ends of my hair out BUT I am obsessed with the scent, how clean my scalp felt afterwards and the fact that it didn't strip colour from my hair. The price point is also really great - especially for a vegan, cruelty free, recyclable, Australian product! Although I'm not 100% sold on this product in particular, I'd try another shampoo from this brand in the futur...
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  65. Works well, smells bad


    This shampoo does it exactly what it says it does. It cleaned my hair so well and I only had to use a small amount of product. However, I can't stand the smell! It's like lavender and tea tree and it's so strong. The smell doesn't last throughout the day but I didn't enjoy using it for that reason. Despite this it worked really well, I have oily hair and it cleaned it and kept it clean for longer.
  66. Highly recommend


    I have been using this shampoo for over 2 months now and the results are great! I have oily hair and used to have to wash my hair every second day but since using this product I now wash my hair every 4 to 5 days! My hair looks super healthy, smooth and not oily. If you like clean hair, a citrus smell and a great product than I definitely recommend this shampoo! :)
  67. It really does deep clean!


    Have used this a few times now and can definitely say that it does the job! With my previous shampoos I felt like I had to double shampoo my hair in order for it to feel squeaky clean but with this product I only have to do it once. Although it does leave your hair really clean, it also may leave it a little tangled so I would pair it with a good conditioner. Overall would recommend!
  68. Hair feels thoroughly cleaned


    I have very oily hair so It's hard to find a product that is going to work, I did enjoy this product I feel like it properly deep cleans and you can feel the difference to other shampoos. I could get away without washing my hair for 2 days which is not bad for myself however i would still need a bit of dry shampoo on that second day and I'm wanting something that works just that little bit better ...
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  69. Great for a deep clean


    I love this product because of how clean it makes my hair feel, however I have a very oily scalp and I don't see a big difference in that. But it does clean my hair well!!
  70. Brilliant


    The deep clean shampoo does exactly what it’s supposed to. Leaves my hair feeling super clean. I have been using this exclusively for the last two weeks and while I was worried it might dry my hair out, it actually leaves it shiny and softer than any bulky conditioner ever did.
  71. Does the job


    Its a really nice shampoo and does leave my hair clean, however it wont assist in regulating an oily scalp. Its a good quality product (thick liquid) with nice ingredients and is worth a try if you can afford it
  72. Great!!


    I love this! With all amount of product and colours we all put in our hairs, this products helps deep cleanse it to keep it fresh!
  73. The best shampoo I have used to date


    This is the best shampoo I have used to date! I have quite thin hair but lots of it, and for some reason I find it gets very oily and other shampoo brands don’t clean my hair as well as I like. This product is my new fav! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to test it out! Great value for money as a little goes a long way!
  74. Feeling Fresh


    I generally have very oily hair and find that i am having to wash it all the time but when i use this product my washes last much longer! i don't use it every wash and i pair it with my other ELEVEN products and i still find it works a treat! highly recommend.
  75. Something else!!


    Eleven products just get better and better and this was no exception- my hair was completely rejuvenated and had so much more volume and shine!
  76. Squeaky clean


    Amazing product to use to really cleanse your hair, after using my hair had never felt cleaner aswell as not drying my hair out. Left shiny and nourished.
  77. Best Shampoo!


    I just got this shampoo and after the first wash I can already see a difference.
    I generally have really oily hair and after I wash it the roots are still a little oily and the ends are dry. After using this shampoo my hair is really clean and is not oily at all. Definitely recommend 100%
  78. Favourite Shampoo!!


    I tried this shampoo not long after it came out and instantly fell in love. I feel like it does exactly what it’s called, gives a super Deep Clean! I love the smell of the product, too. I pair this with the Moisture my Hair Conditioner and it leaves my hair feeling beautiful. Definitely recommend!
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