Elemis sp@home Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend

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Elemis sp@home Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend


The Elemis sp@home Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend contains the finest grade oil for Aromotherapy to care for nails, hair, scalp and combination skin. Easily absorbed and rich in plant collagen, it is ideal for pregnancy massage and to prevent stretch marks.

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Expensive but seems worked - 14-02-2015 by

I got this to prevent stretchmarks. Both my mum and sister didn't get stretchmarks at pregnant, so I'm not likely to get any and now just at 5 months pregnant, namely none on my skin yet. Still I'd like to try different products and minimize the risk.

This oil is not as oily as bio-oil, absorb much quicker. Although it is still oily during summer, but it is bearable.

I 1st used bio-oil but way too greasy, so I stop using it and just switch to regular body lotion, then a big jug of Grown Alchemist hand cream (too big so I use it as body lotion). However I started to feel itchy in these few weeks, so I switch to this Elemis oil. Then itchiness stopped since 1st day I used.

It is very expensive as every time I need to use a lot. I apply it on my belly till upper bust, back, bottom, thigh, knee till mid calf. I don't think this bottle will last for a month. Also it is opening is way too small, so I need to shake it quite a few seconds to get enough oil on my hand.

Personally I won't buy it again just because of the price. Still it is much more comfortable then bio-oil. If budget is not really big deal for you, I do recommend this oil.

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