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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - 118mL 118mL

4.4 of 133 reviews


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4 instalments of $15.00

Or 4 instalments of $15.00 with LEARN MORE

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Egyptian Magic is a phenomenal healing balm with legendary healing powers, due to its mixture of natural ingredients, derived only from living plants and organisms. Cleopatra is rumoured to have secretly used this concoction to enhance her beautiful skin and hair.

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - 118mL

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - 118mL

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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - 118mL Reviews

4.4 of 133 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Magic cream


This is a magic cream that everyone needs to keep in the house. It feels greasy at first but is quickly absorbed and feels so soft. I use this on my legs as they get super dry in winter.

Most Helpful Criticism

Ok but unsure of benefits


I bought this as an intensive hand cream so this review may reflect my own failings rather than the product itself.

Although I like the consistency, as a hand cream this is not nearly moisturising enough.
  1. Magic cream


    This is a magic cream that everyone needs to keep in the house. It feels greasy at first but is quickly absorbed and feels so soft. I use this on my legs as they get super dry in winter.
  2. So good


    Helped with my cracked skin so much. I get really dry skin around my mouth and nose, I put this on the dry areas and it heals it well! Really nice product, I’ve been using it for years.
  3. So hydrating


    I’m a florist so I get very rough hands and this is the only product that really hydrates and helps and is non greasy when you massage it into your skin well
  4. First Aid Kit Must


    I love this product as a cream for burns, insect bites, sunburn and its now a must in my first aid kit. This is my go-to product for travelling, as its especially hydrating and stays moist in air-conditioned environments. I have used this product straight on an iron burn and it helped heal the burn with the end result being no sign of a scar or skin. discolouration.
  5. WoW


    Love this stuff! It’s rather greasy so can’t be used as a daily moisturiser but put this on at night and your skin will feel new in the morning! This is also amazing if you have dry elbows and legs cant really go wrong.
  6. so many uses


    you can use this for so many things which I love. I use it for my dry legs and it helps
  7. Fantastic all-rounder


    saw such great reviews for this, so wanted to try it for my body in particular. I have rather red keratosis pilaris on my upper arms and blemishes/scars on my chest. EM definitely protects the skin, but it is very thick, making it a bit harder to spread, and it doesn't really soak into the skin. So I wouldn't recommend putting it on your shoulders etc and then, say, blow-drying your hair lol.
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  8. Multipurpose beauty product


    This is fantastic, this cream has so many uses. From dry elbows to my childs exzema this is worth everg penny. A little goes a long way as the product iS thick. Definitely will repurchase
  9. It's ok


    It's ok, it lasts ages and is very moisturising. My only criticism is that I don't like the texture - it's a little granular at first. I still prefer 8 hour cream and will return to it once I run out.
  10. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - 118mL


    It’s a little expensive, but lasts a long time! I’m lucky enough to not have particularly dry skin, but it is very sensitive. I use this as a lip balm, as a carrier for applying essential oils, on my legs post shaving (with a few drops of lavender oil, soothes shaving irritation straight away!) I’ll use a little in the ends of my hair if it’s look Read more about review stating Love thising dry. V...
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  11. Love it


    A little goes long way, and its all purpose so you can use it on multiple areas as well, highly recommend.
  12. Not convinced


    I bought Egyptian Magic to try on my slightly dry heels having read so many fantastic reviews. I found the product easy to use and it does have a pleasant scent, however I really haven't found it to make any difference to my skin. Won't be spending my money on this again.
  13. Magical!


    I have been using this nightly after serums for over 3 years. It takes getting used to as having a shiny face isn’t great just before bed, but my skin soaks up e product within 10 minutes or so and I can honestly say it’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used
  14. Honestly, magic!


    Natural ingredients are only used in this product. It works magic on skin and heals and hydrates too! It lasts for ages and you really do get your money's worth - highly recommend
  15. A must have all rounder


    I love this product it has become a nightly ritual of mine . Works great on dry heels and elbows, cuticles and lips
  16. A little goes a very very long way!


    Yes, this product is expensive, however, a tiny bit goes a very long way. I use this on my feet in winter and then wear socks to bed (some might not like this!) and it keeps my feet baby soft. It doesn't absorb as well as I would like but because of the versatility of this product, I have only deducted one star off its rating because of this! It has so many uses! Great investment!
  17. Miracle product


    I've found this cream has really helped with my acne-prone skin by combatting my congestion and pimples.
  18. Magic for dry skin


    Great to use on dry skin but is a little bit oily and doesn't soak in as well as other heavy moisturisers. It is magic on dry skin but can cause breakouts
  19. Great


    I needed a heavy duty moisturiser and this delivered. It really helps my dry skin
  20. Great for dry skin


    Super moisturising and lovely on sensitive troubled skin
    Can leave skin slightly oily, just wish it would soak in a little better and then it would be a perfect product

    Would avoid if you have skin that can break out easily as the oils are quite intense
  21. Great body and face cream!


    Having been on roaccutane years ago, I have dry skin. I also suffer from psoriasis occasionally. This cream is really heavy duty and good for those of us with dry skin. I sometimes use it on my face at night, but mostly for body. It is a great cream that leaves skin smooth and hydrated.
  22. Love


    I love that this product is all natural. It’s lovely and hydrating and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.


    this cream is my go too for nearly everything! it hydrates the skin so much and heals it like magic. Definitely recommend!
  24. Amazing! Truly natures best friend.

    Laura W

    I love it, i apply it overnight before bedtime over any imperfections I may have and wake up feeling moisturised and clean! I love it.
  25. Never greasy


    A lovely and light balm that melts into your skin without feeling greasy but still so hydrating. All natural ingredients so you know that there are no nasties in it. Perfect for knees, elbows and heels!
  26. Everything Natural


    Natural ingredients are only used in this product. It works magic on skin and heals and hydrates too! It lasts for ages and you really do get your money's worth - highly recommend
  27. Nature's skin healer


    All natural ingredients to enhance your skin and this product can be used all over your body. I love using Egyptian Magic after I finish toning and using a face oil. To activate and use the magic, you must first rub it in to your palms, creating a smooth consistency and then rub into your skin.
  28. amazing


    ove it, i apply it overnight before bedtime and is still got the moisturizing feeling in the morning
  29. Magic


    currently using for dry skin areas and love the extra nourishment.
  30. This is a miracle product


    I mix this with my foundation every day and I love how my skin feels with this on. It really does brighten my appearance and leaves my skin soft and smooth. This product, has so many uses for face and body and a great price compared to most moisturizers.
  31. Ok but unsure of benefits


    I bought this as an intensive hand cream so this review may reflect my own failings rather than the product itself.

    Although I like the consistency, as a hand cream this is not nearly moisturising enough.
  32. Ok but unsure of benefits


    I bought this as an intensive hand cream so perhaps this review reflects my own failings rather than the product itself. As a hand cream I like the consistency but it not nearly moisturising
  33. don't be fooled by the hype


    i brought this as i suffer from psoriasis and after reading the reviews thought i'd found the holy grail. sadly it did not live to all that hype. it's done nothing in terms of my psoriasis and it only mildly aids in dry skin; that includes scalp, chest, face and elbows. while a little goes a long way, overall i just find this too be far too oily - and i have dry skin to begin with! i do find it's ...
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  34. love


    Another great product from the line. I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.


    So first of all, I suffer from quite bad dermatitis from face to boobs all year round. I asked a friend who suffers from the same thing what she was using as her had basically all cleared up. She told me to try this. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO THANKFUL FOR A PRODUCT. Literally amazing, i smother myself with it and i haven't had any bad horrible itchy nasty dermatitis since the first night i used it. Doe...
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  36. adore


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  37. brilliant


    This cream is so hydrating and incredible, i love it too much!
  38. Good for eczema particularly on the body


    I have very dry, sensitive skin and eczema. This is perfect to get me through the colder months, still very useful during warm months but I don’t put on too much. I found my usual face products performed better for dry spots on my face but this is a life saver for eczema flare ups on my body.
  39. Multi purpose balm


    This isn't a day time go to moisturiser, this is a healing, moisturising balm. I have dry skin that is prone to the odd big breakout, and it really helps those. I don't feel it would be that great for oily skin based on the texture, but it is really protective of my dry skin, amazing for chapped lips and ingrown hairs. The back of my earring recently got slightly red and sore, and this really help...
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  40. All-rounder


    Good all-rounder moisturiser - used it for hands, legs, arms and face personally. I like how it soaks in right away but it wasn't a holy grail for me .
  41. It is magic!


    I love this product it has become a nightly ritual of mine . Works great on dry heels and elbows, cuticles and lips
    I dot a small amount around my eyes and whatever is left over I run through the ends of my hair. It certainly is an all rounder, my boyfriend uses it constantly he’s asked me to to get “us” some more!
  42. Amazing


    I love to use this before bed. I always take this with me when I’m travelling!
  43. healing


    I bought this product a month ago and it completely changed my skin. I received horrible burns on my eyelids from using a face wash and I spent weeks trying to heal them. I went to the dermatologist, got two prescriptions, tried medical grade products, tried over the counter... Nothing worked. At this point my eyelids were so damaged they seemed as if they would for sure scar. I stumbled upon Egyp...
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  44. best acne mask


    This mask has helped my acne tremendously! It also softens and brightens my skin and gives it a nice dew!
  45. Great for my young son’s dry lips & rashes


    This is my second review of EM as ive discovered it is also great for my 11 year old son’s dry lips. He surfs & plays a lot of outdoor sport & his lips & round his mouth get really dry & sore, with rashes, & this is the best thing for it. I like knowing it is all natural with ingredients they aren’t going to be toxic on his lips, & doesn’t smell “girly”. It moisturises & heals better than anything...
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  46. so good


    I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky! Such a must have for those with problematic skin!
  47. Great for rough, dry skin


    I use this on the rough bumps on my arms, this makes my skin sooo soft! Love it
  48. amazing


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  49. Good


    This skin cream is excellent for winter. I do not use it during the summer though but it fixes all my skin worries in winter
  50. Excellent


    I actually bought this to use on my 7 year old sons skin as he gets little tiny bumps on his jaw line that feel quite rough. It’s not pimply just feels like dry skin. I’ve used a few different products with no effect. Within one use of this, his skin was softer and the bumps practically gone the next day. It it works that quickly then magic it must be. Great product and a little goes a long way.
  51. Excellent


    Excellent product for winter! I have extremely dry elbows and legs and this does the magic. Not a fan of the scent though.
  52. Kardashians were right!


    I purchased this after seeing an interview where the kardashians makeup artist used this as a dewy highlight without the shimmer - definitely works as that! I wouldn’t use it as a moisturiser though, very oily!
  53. AMAZING moisturiser


    This moisturiser is amazing - It works so well and is super hydrating. Use this moisturiser every day after a shower and it keeps my skin super hydrated and soft especially in winter. Worth the hype
  54. Amazing


    If you suffer from dry skin, this product is absolutely perfect! Leaves my skin feeling very moisturized, smooth, and glowing without feeling too oily or heavy. Works really well anywhere on the body!
  55. worth it


    saw many reviews and decided to try it, very good product, worth the hype
  56. Very impressive


    Hydrated and nourishes my skin really well. Super impressed with it and have been using it a lot!
  57. A relief for my Psoriasis


    A go to cream for moisture and care, I use it on my Psoriasis as I find it very gentle even when my skin is feeling extra sensitive. Recommended!
  58. Lovely


    this product is honestly amazing! It nurishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definetly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  59. Tell all my friends


    This is my go to for everything - the whole family used it. From bumps, bums and beauty!
    It leaves your skin feeling amazing. We will always stock this!!
  60. Always in the medical cabinet


    This jar of goodness is always in my cabinet and just helps with any irritations or dryness my skin has. Last for years in my case
  61. great body cream!


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  62. Wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be


    This product has great reviews and I decided to purchase as a general all purpose moisturiser. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either (hence no repurchase). I think there are other creams that are similar and probably a lower price point. I think this is one of those products where it comes down to the individual. I’d stick with my EA Eight Hour Cream instead.
  63. Long lasting


    I use this on my sons, my wife uses it and I do also.
    Great product should be in every family home. Highly recommend lasts a long time
  64. Pretty Magical


    A multi purpose balm with the nasties and toxins. It feels great on lips, hands, but my fave use is mixing it with some sugar for a scrub - hello soft skin! It lasts a while, too. It's a good product, but now always a must have.
  65. Good but not worth the hype


    This product had so much hype that I decided to get one. It works well for dry cuticles, lip balms etc but for the price, there are plenty other alternatives such as Lanolips etc. Still a great balm but I probably won't repurchase after use.
  66. nice


    Super hydrating and makes my skin smooth and soft. Also super versatile and can be used anywhere on the body
  67. Life changing.


    Its hard to find a cream that can be used for nilly every skin problem my family has!
    Helped with my sons nappy rash, gets rid of the family's dry skin during winter, my eczema, sunburns. The list could go on! Only down fall is that its a bit oily so usually applied before bed.
  68. so wonderful


    This product is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use, and won't be stopping any time soon!
  69. Wow this stuff is amazing


    I got a sample of this & put it in my dry hands, elbows & arms before bed & next morning they were completely transformed. I ordered the big jar straight away. I find it a bit heavy for my face but good on the neck, great on the body & dry lips. I think it’s the bee products in there that make it magic. Love that it is all natural with only 6 ingredients which are all good effective ingredients, n...
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  70. great product


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated!I would recommend this to anyone! My first time using Egyptian magic and I'm very impressed!
  71. great product


    I love this cream! I have super dry skin and this product leaves my skin feeling very hydrated, would definitely recommend! Only annoying thing is that the cream is quite thick and oily.
  72. A must have


    This is a must have product as it’s so versatile and helps with so many different issues! Helps heal cracked heels, dry hands, rashes, nappy rash! So amazing I really love this cream! I use it as a barrier cream and it’s so amazing
  73. yes & no


    i have likes and dislikes about this product. i love the benefits of this cream but the texture and thickness of this i do not like it reminds me of vaseline and i feel like it does not sink in. i use this when i get razor bumps under my armpits, it works well to eliminate them quickly which is helpfull
  74. Pricy


    Pretty expensive for what it is.. considering it's comparable to paw paw/ Vaseline in its purpose. Not really doing it for me to be honest..
  75. Works well for Eczema prone skin


    Works well for my Eczema prone skin. It comes in a large tub and is well priced. I recommend giving it a try.
  76. Yassssss


    Always come back to repurchasing this “cream” after using Vaseline and other ointments that are cheaper. I use this on my face when my skin is dry and flaky! I know that after applying a generous layer overnight, I wake up in the morning and my skin is hydrated and no more dryness. I also love using this on my lips, my feet and sometimes under makeup.
  77. Super hydratingf


    Use this at night just before bed on any dry skin and when I wake up everything is hydrated and smooth. Yes it’s thick and has a weird smell but if you can get past that for like 2 seconds of the application it’s a great product!
  78. Great all-rounder


    I use to purchase this years ago and only recently saw it advertised again. This product definitely is great as an all rounder for body moisturising and healing or flakey or irritated areas.

    I use to use this especially on my elbows and feet! wake up in the morning with incredibly soft skin, the only downside for some may be the smell.
  79. can seriously use this for everything


    This product is popular and for good reason. It has so many uses. I mainly use it on dry skin and chaffing or rashes. It helps immensely with chaffing especially with this Australian summer heat.
  80. Tub lasts forever!!


    I use this nightly on troubled areas (I have VERY dry flakey skin) and works a dream I wake up and my skins so soft and refreshed. Isn’t greasy and is very comfortable on the skin.
  81. A little overhyped, but works as a mild all-purpose balm


    I admit that I bought into the hype of this product, but looking at the ingredients and the price now, I'm not so sure that it's justified.

    I have dry, atopic skin, and while rubbing this balm in often does help, I doubt it's due to the "magic" of the product. Using it constantly throughout the day helps keep my eczema moisturized and helps it heal, but having to apply it so much is s...
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  82. Works for winter

    Lilian D.

    I use this balm in the winter time to moisturise my scaly legs. It's texture turns into an oil once in contact with your body heat. Its just a no fuss good thick moisturiser. Not worth the price tag though unless you have extremely dry legs like I do but I'm sure there are other supermarket products that does the same job.
  83. Not sold!


    This cream is great as a natural moisturiser and probably does as it says however I wasn't a huge fan of the scent and texture and was expecting great things from what I had heard. Would not advise against purchasing, but wouldn't expect too much!
  84. Great


    This is amazing for dry skin!!! Feels like it works as a nice barrier cream when you are doing dishes etc if you are prone to dry skin.. mum loved this too on her face as a nourishing night cream!
  85. Bit of a disappointment


    Heard so much about this cream I had really high expectations! Was pretty oily and didn't do a lot at all for my dry patches. Probably wouldn't purchase again.
  86. Why the hype?


    This is okay, and forms a decent barrier on compromised skin, but the ‘hype’ eludes me- seems to be mostly beeswax and i’m not a huge fan of the smell... wouldn’t repurchase at the price.
  87. Ok


    I have dry eczema prone skin and it didn't really do anything for me. I would not repurchase it
  88. Works wonders on dry skin


    I use this in winter on my legs which get quite dry, it's the only cream that I have tried that works this well - my legs can get quite dry and scaly. It's quite thick and not as easy to apply as some other moisturisers and isn't an everyday product for me, however I always ensure that I have it on hand when I need it.
  89. Awesome thick cream


    This stuff is the best for dry skin! I love putting it on my feet and putting socks on - swear it heals cracked feet! Highly recommend
  90. Gigantic pot will last forever


    Nice product, but I don't think there is anything too magical about it. I used it on my face for a little while when I ran out of rosehip oil - no major benefits were noticed and it doesn't feel particularly soothing so I didn't continue. It is a heavy oily consistency. It is great for lips or to smother onto dry legs - aside from those uses, I don't really have any others for it (for reference I ...
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  91. Handy


    Great for so many things, I even use this as a face moisturizer at times.
  92. Worth it


    I have combination and dry skin. I purchased this after seeing all the great reviews and wanted to know what the hype was about. I was not disappointed. I use this for just about everything and it makes sure that every part of my body is nourished. It also lasts a very long time. When I run out I will definitely buy this again. Highly recommend.
  93. Magic


    Got this for a friend that has very dry skin. Works like magic for her!
  94. Love this!


    Absolutely love this! I have very dry scaly skin and this works wonders. It’s an oil based moisturiser and leaves my skin soft and glowing! Worth the money.
  95. Soothing


    I was nervous about buying this balm because of it's pricetag, but I must say the risk has been worth it. It goes on greasy but slowly sinks in and the skin is really different within hours to days. I use it on my daughter's eczema and it's one of the few products that doesn't sting her but really soothes. I had a dry patch on my knee for years but it disappeared within a fortnight after using ...
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  96. Good


    I buy this for my mother, as she has dry skin and this product is of the more oily greasy kind. Not in a bad way. I have used it on my hands, and a small amount goes a long way and doesn't leave any residue on my skin like many creams do.
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