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Eco Tan Organic Winter Skin 200ml

4.6 of 68 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.49


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Eco Tan Organic Winter Skin

Eco Tan Organic Winter Skin

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4.6 of 68 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This is so convenient! I’m way too lazy to consistently tan with a foam so this product is great for me. The tint is pretty light and natural but I think it’s great.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great colour but smell is too strong
The finish colour is great, giving a nice golden tan to any skin tone. The fact that you can build up the intensity over a few days is just great!
I would give this product a 5 star review, but the smell is just too strong...
It's quite hard to put at night because it bothers me and my partner and leaves the smell on the bed sheet, or during the day I don't want to bring that smell when I go out!
I would recommend to test it first on your skin to make sure that you are comfortable with the smell before buying it :)
  1. Lovely

    This is so convenient! I’m way too lazy to consistently tan with a foam so this product is great for me. The tint is pretty light and natural but I think it’s great.
  2. LOVE

    This is amazing for people who don't have time for or hate fake tanning. I rub this in like a moisturiser and make sure I don't miss any spots, let it dry properly and then go about my normal day and 6-8 hours later I have the most natural tan. Its amazing. It also doesn't leave a sticky tan feeling or scent while on. AMAZING!
  3. Best gradual tan

    I love this tan, it’s a lighter colour than I would go in summer but as it’s a winter colour, it’s perfect. No sheet staining is a plus!! No need to use a mit either.
  4. Beautiful natural organic tan

    I love this product. It's a good natural gradual tan, leaving a beautiful colour and it doesn't stain your bed sheets. I love the concept of the brand and that it isn't bad for your health. A must have product, especially for winter skin
  5. Just OK

    This gives a nice gradual tan or top up tan after using the Eco Invisible Tan. It's not the best gradual tanner than I have used however, I like them a little stronger in colour & the consistency is a little runny. You don't need to use much which is a plus.
  6. Love Love Love

    This tan is amazing, after applying one (generous) coat at night it was an amazing natural but deep coloured tan ! Plus it doesn't stain the sheets. The tan has also lasted a week. What more could you ask for !!
  7. First time using this product

    I just ordered this product to try it, the reviews looked amazing. I loved the application it is light and just feels like a moisturiser. It doesn't have a strong tan smell or feel cluggy when sleeping over night with it. I am not one to sleep with my tan I usually just do a 3 minute foam tan but this changed the game for me. I also have white bed sheets and it didn't stain, no makes and the overall outcome of the tan was good, it is a nice light natural blonze/glow on the body. It all appeared to be even, I have had the tan on for a few days now and I was rained on and everything still looks nice and bronzed. Will try again for second application. This is a game changer so far!! :)
  8. Too orange

    The colour was way to orange for my fair skin. Application was also very streaky and stuck to every dry patch. Also the smell is awful.
  9. Saves a lot of time

    I have little time in the week to tan and if I do its usually at night and then I feel uncomfortable sleeping in sticky fake tan. This is a life saver. I just applied it like a moisturiser and made sure I didnt miss any spots and rubbed in well and woke up the next morning with the most natural tan. Where has this been my whole life so in love with this product!!
  10. Best gradual tanner I own

    Eco tan winter skin is one of my favourite gradual tanners all year long, it lets you build up the right intensity without becoming patchy or orange and hydrates the skin against flaking. I find the smell isn't as bad as other gradual tanners and it doesn't rub onto to clothes
  11. So easy to use

    I adore the ECO TAN tanning products. They have changed my busy life and are so convenient. I used to fake tan every week with mousses and it was so painful sitting in tan for hours on end and messy. I now just apply this once a week to my entire body, rub it in well like a moisturiser, let it dry and then go on with my day. Doesnt have an awful tan feel or scent. Doesnt rub onto clothes. Amazing.
  12. Extremely Moisturizing

    Fake tans always dry out my skin however this tan is more like a moisturizer. After one use I can notice a definite add of colour and my skin felt amazing. Definitely would buy again.
  13. Gorgeous colour

    I love the shade! Amazing product and use it almost weekly. Very good brand!
  14. Great

    Winter Skin is a perfect everyday Glow! It Lets you control how bright you want to shine, by gradual application. It’s so beautifully light on my skin, goes on with ease and lets me have all the confidence in the world with a natural glow.


    I used to tan weekly until I found this product (and the Eco Tan face tan water) I apply this in the morning like a moisturiser and make sure I rub it in well and don't miss any spots and let it dry for a minute or two. I get dressed and go to work and come home with a beautiful natural glow. Doesn't stain clothes or leave me feeling sticky unlike tan does! I sometimes will apply a second time the next day to deepen if I want a darker tan. Honestly a lifesaver finding a product like this!
  16. Nice natural glow

    This is a beautiful self tanner if you are after something VERY natural and great for first timers into the fake tan game.. it blends in well and gives a lovely very subtle glow that isn’t orange and wears off evenly.
  17. All natural!!

    Love this, great colour! I have very pale skin so works well on me! A bonus that it’s all natural so you do not have to feel guilty putting it on!
  18. Colour

    Very light shade of tan, gorgeous smell and texture just not a dark enough colour for my liking. Looks great over already applied fake tan gives you a lovely summer glow.
  19. I love it!

    I have used the winter skin on and off for years now. I am very very fair, with pink undertones so I’ve found it’s easy for my skin to look muddy, or orange depending on the gradual tanner but this one is the opposite!

    Just stopped actual fake tanning as I’m in my last trimester and wanted to opt for something easier and less fuss (plus natural). I love this product because it gives my skin a warm neutral glow, cancelling out the red in my complexion after two applications and and if I really want an intense colour it’s just a case of applying daily for a week and I’m left very bronzed.

    Highly recommend this product and the brand!
  20. Great for busy people

    This is the perfect tanning solution for people with little time to tan/fake tan. Went on so easily just like my daily moisturiser. I have fair skin so I made sure I rubbed it in well and didn't miss any patches and let it dry for a minute or two. Went to bed and woke up with a beautiful natural glow. I have also put this on before work and by the end of the day had the same results. Doesn't have that awful tan smell or stickiness. Doesn't stain clothes or bed.
  21. Perfect for my pale skin!

    I get so many compliments when using this tan. It applies easily and the colour is so beautiful. I apply twice a week to maintain the color and have never had an issue with streaking, patchiness or orange colours! I have quite pale skin but after even one use of this I have a subtle sunkissed look. So glad I’ve found this tube of magic! The only downfall is the smell - it is very strong!
  22. Convenient & easy to use

    I love to tan but hate actually having to sit in tan for hours. This is so convenient. I will apply it at night before bed, it does have a coconut scent but nothing compared to that awful tan smell, I apply it just like a moisturizer and make sure ive covered all areas and blend it well, let it dry a few minutes, get dressed and go to bed. I wake up with a subtle but nice glow. No fake tan stains. No uncomfortable sitting in tan feeling. Really lovely product. Any one who is a frequent tanner should try this. If I want a more deeper glow I will apply this each night over a few days.
  23. Nice, buildable tan

    I have reasonably fair skin, and this builds really nicely into a beautiful, golden tan. What I love most about it is that it doesn't look 'fake' and since it gradually builds up, it eases you into the tan without the sudden 'shock' factor.

    I mostly use this to maintain my tan after using the Eco Tan Cacao Tanning Mousse and it works perfectly for this.
  24. Really nice glow for fair skin.

    I have fair/freckly skin. I can wear this moisturizer day or night - it doesn’t smell bad to me. It’s also really nice and hydrating.
    Leaves a nice glow after one application for me but takes at least two to look tanned. I like that it’s organic and has no nasties.
  25. Light even glowy tan

    I love this gradual tan. I have pale skin and notice a light glow after just one application. It is a light formula that feels much more like a moisturiser than a self tan. Love it!
  26. Great top up tan

    This is the perfect little moisturiser to top up a tan or for days where you just want a little natural glow! Goes on easily like a moisturiser and once dried it doesn't feel sticky like most tans. Smells like coconut. If applied well doesn't seem to patch and comes off evenly.
  27. Best natural glow all year round!

    Highly recommend this product. So easy to apply, it leaves you with a beautiful, natural looking glow. I have very pale skin and find this to be the perfect shade. It is buildable too, I often use it instead of moisturiser and after 2-3 applications I've built up a decent tan! Also, it fades away natural without looking patchy all over.
  28. Natural glow

    I have fair skin and this just looks so natural. Easy to apply, does have a fake tan smell but not too overpowering. I won't use anything else!
  29. Best self tanner for subtle colour

    I don't usually use tanners often but I use this when its time to get the legs out after winter (the name fits!) so they are not bright white. It's very natural.
  30. Natural weekly tan

    I am always tanning and this is really easy to use. Applies like a moisturiser, has a little bit of a scent to it (coconut) and dries really quickly. Always have a nice even glow. Comes off easily - light scrub in shower.
  31. Awesome stuff!

    This product goes on like a lightweight body moisturiser. Blends easy. I did not need to do any intense exfoliating or wear gloves. No patchy results - just gradually 'less white'! I've applied it to arms and legs every second day for a week and it looks very natural. A light-coloured 'tan' that looks nothing like a fake tan. I can't see me using any other tanner in the future. Well done Eco!
  32. Best gradual tanner

    I love this product and have been using it for two years now. It really doesn't give a bad smell and I get many comments on the natural tone it gives. I only recently purchased the tanning mitt from Eco and it has made a huge difference to the application of this product - I was finding that despite regular exfoliation and moisturisation, that my ankles and knees were slightly darker. However, for some reason, the mitt has helped so much.
  33. Moisturising and natural looking

    This gradual tanner is perfect for week days when I dont have time to tan. Gives me a really nice natural looking glow/tan and goes on so easy like putting on a moisturiser. (Wash hands after applying). LOVE!
  34. Great moisture and colour

    I have pale skin and this is the only daily gradual tanner that I can use that doesn’t leave my skin looking overdone and streaky. A natural golden glow that keeps my skin hydrated.
  35. Lovely product

    This is a lovely natural gradual tanner.. great for someone with pale skin who only wants something subtle and natural or can use to maintain your darker fake tan for longer! Beautiful product
  36. Easy to use

    I used to fake tan weekly and it was so annoying sitting in tan. Until I found this product and im in love with it. I apply it in the morning just like a moisturiser and rub it in evenly all over my body and then let it dry for a couple minutes, put on my clothes and go to work. End of the day I have a really natural tan. Doesn't smell or come off on clothes. Make sure to wash your hands after each use or it will stain them. Highly recommend this!

    I’ve finally transferred over to natural products and this fake tan is incredible. It looks so natural and applies really lovely also. I highly recommend, although it may not be dark enough if you have medium-dark skin! :)
  38. Awesome

    Best gradual tanner I have purchased to date!
    Highly recommended
  39. The best!

    The best gradual tanner I have owned (and ive tried a lot!). Its not sticky at all, is really lightweight, goes on smoothly and dries really quickly. Its not a deep tan but more of a subtle glow great for topping up or week days. SO easy to maintain too it doesn't go patchy - it kind of just fades really well.
  40. Love

    Has to be the most convenient tan/gradual tanner ive ever tried. I hate having to tan each week and sit in fake tan for hours and its so uncomfortable.This honestly is amazing - I rub this in like a moisturiser evenly all over my body and it dried so quickly and then I pretty much was able to go on with my day there was no tan smell or stickiness. End of the day I had a nice subtle glow!! Great!!
  41. Perfect for first time tanners

    I've used a few of the ECO tan products and this one is my favorite for days where I just want a nice light tan nothing too dramatic. Smells great and doesnt leave tan stains. Its super easy to use and most days ill just put it on in the morning like a moisturiser (make sure not to miss any spots and rub in evenly) and by the afternoon I have a really subtle tan! also great for topping up a tan I already have!
  42. Worth a try

    I use most of the Eco tan products already and this one is my favorite daily tanning product. I have fair skin and this is great for a subtle glow through the week. It goes on easily just like applying a moisturize lotion (be sure to apply evenly, let dry before applying clothing and wash your hands!) If you're wanting more of a darker tan you can apply a few times to deepen.
  43. Great colour

    The colour and consistency is great, it gives a really nice gradual and natural tan. Not sure if I would purchase again as I found the smell unpleasant..
  44. Best for day to day

    This is the best for day to day wear and does not leave any marks on clothes or sheets like fake tan does. You can build it up if you want to but after 2 days it does the job for me and I have fairly light skin. It seems to stay on for 5+ days before a top up is needed. You only need a small amount as it is quite thin in consistency and spreads easily. Only start with a little bit at a time and work it into your skin. I make sure to wash my hands after as it does get in between your fingers and leave marks. I have not tried this on my face I use the eco tan face water for that.
  45. Love it!

    Best gradual tan I've used! The colour is gorgeous and builds up really gradually and gently. I would definitely recommend if you are pale like me and just want a hint of extra warmth. Love that it's made with more natural ingredients than other brands
  46. Lovely gradual tan

    Really love this product. I usually will apply it over my whole body at night like a moisturiser and then go to bed and wake up with a really nice natural looking tan. I recommend making sure you really evenly apply this and make sure you use enough product as it really shows if you miss spots. Allow to dry too before applying clothes. Really convenient and lovely product.
  47. Natural looking gradual tanner

    This tanner is very natural looking, it just gives me a warm glow after one application and it is easy to apply.
  48. Great for deepening a tan!

    I use this gradual tanner over a tan (Natural or fake) to deepen it & kind of moisturize at the same time and its so great. I never have streaks or patchiness.
  49. Great, natural tanning product

    Had used this previously and ordered it again for two reasons: firstly it's all natural, and secondly it's a very gradual build up of colour which means you have a lot of control over your tan. Smells nice, good consistency making it easy to spread, overall great product.
  50. Best gradual tan product I’ve tried!

    I’m a frequent tanner and I’m so glad I’ve found this product. It’s so easy to apply, convenient and I can apply it and put clothes on without it staining or getting that awful tan smell. Love this.
  51. Works great with the Eco Tan Water

    I use this product with the Eco tan water and they have to be my favorite tanning products! Easy to apply (make sure you wash your hands REALLY well though after) and I find there isnt that awful tanning smell or rubbing off onto clothing/bedding. Just a really great product. I usually use the tanning face water first (on my entire body) and then a couple of hours later I apply this product over the top just to make the tan a little more of a deeper color. Love this!
  52. Best gradual tanner I’ve tried

    I’m paler than pale, my legs are almost fluorescent in sunshine type pale. For a long time I tried fake tan after fake tan (both gradual and instant) eventually giving up and opting for maxi skirts/dresses to stop blinding people in the summertime. After a review of this product I saw on Instagram I thought I’d give it a go - BEST GRADUAL TAN EVER - it’s not sticky, or thick. It doesn’t leave a residue behind, it’s a beautiful bronze colour (NOT orange) the smell isn’t fantastic but it’s not an issue either (really, what fake tan smells nice? For reference, I find it similar in smell to the Le Tan brand but not as strong) . I got my desired colour after two applications (compared to a weeks worth with other brands) love it!
  53. Natural looking tan!

    I used to tan weekly and I found it annoying having to wait hours in sticky tan so I tried this tanning moisturizer and its so comfortable and convenient - I will put in on in the morning it goes on clear and doesn't rub off onto clothes or have a tan smell which is amazing! I will go to work for the day and come home and have a nice natural tan. I have quite fair skin so the first layer is usually a light tan but can be built over a few days of applications. I find it lasts so long too and when it starts to fade its even and doesn't come off in patches. This product is a lifesaver!
  54. Natural tan even in winter

    I have quite pale skin but this product manages to give me a natural tan, with a subtle glow while making sure I don’t go orange. The reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because the smell is a little off putting and the product can be a bit sticky, if you want a nice bronzed look though I would definitely go with this product, it is amazing for that.
  55. The smell is a bit much but nice product

    The product itself is nice. It has a good texture and goes on the skin easily unlike some other products you get stuck rubbing it on for ages or require a lot of it. My negative would be the smell. It doesn't smell very nice but I am assuming that is because there's only natural ingredients, possibly. I have sensitive skin so I am happy to use something designed for this.
  56. Great colour but smell is too strong

    The finish colour is great, giving a nice golden tan to any skin tone. The fact that you can build up the intensity over a few days is just great!
    I would give this product a 5 star review, but the smell is just too strong...
    It's quite hard to put at night because it bothers me and my partner and leaves the smell on the bed sheet, or during the day I don't want to bring that smell when I go out!
    I would recommend to test it first on your skin to make sure that you are comfortable with the smell before buying it :)
  57. Love this product

    This is a fantastic product. Provides a beautiful golden glow gradually and is really moisturising. Smells great too. I use this almost daily on my legs.
  58. Nice smell and natural colour

    What I like about this product is the natural colour it provides and the smell. It's also easy to apply and dries pretty quickly. I just wish the colour would hold for a longer period of time.
  59. Not fool proof

    I didn't have success with this one but admittedly have only attempted once because I'm scared to go again. I did everything as suggested, moisturising several days before, exfoliating 24 hours before etc. and I came out so streaky! With a gradual tan you'd think it wouldn't be too bad but I ended up with dark noticeable lines on my legs and back even though I tried to be as even as possible.
    It does smell nice however!
    I will try again as this is my first attempt, I normally get a spray tan. So many other great reviews maybe I just need more experience? Nonetheless, not fool proof!
  60. Great colour and natural!

    Easy to apply, great colour and smells like a coffee cake when applying. Can be a bit sticky when on but washes off to reveal a lovely developing tan. However, I still get a bit dry with this tan so moisturising twice a day is a must!
  61. Yes.

    I'm not a big gradual tan person, I usually opt for instant, however I did buy this product to extend my tan after being on holidays and it's honestly probably the best one I've ever tried. It spreads so easily onto the skin, it dries super quickly, it barely leaves any scent on your skin AND it doesn't transfer onto my sheet AT ALL. It does take 2-3 applications to build up my desired colour and I have medium fair skin, so on paler skin types you may only need one application. Definitely buy this if you're reading these reviews considering whether or not to invest - you won't regret it.
  62. Beautiful golden tan

    I'm pretty pale and I've been terrified of gradual tan since a cheap supermarket one turned me orange! This product is beautiful - smells great and gives a golden colour on first use. It sinks in quickly and doesn't stain the sheets at all. I will be buying the darker colour for summer.
  63. One of the best

    I've used a few gradual tans, including supermarket brands and brands like St Tropez, and this is the first one that gives me colour on first and second application. And no orange streaks. Nice gentle smell, and lovely golden colour. My go to now, love it.
  64. Best gradual tan

    I've used many gradual tans over the years but this one is my favourite. It absorbs super quickly, leaves zero smell and delivers an even, natural-looking glow within 2 applications. And it doesn't transfer onto sheets or clothing. This is a must-have tanning product, especially if you're into organic/natural beauty.
  65. Love this product

    It gives a nice natural looking tan and builds up. I noticed a nice difference after only 2 applications. I will be repurchasing this product!
  66. Gives a good glow

    I have fair skin which tans fairly easily. I usually have quite tanned arms and pale legs. I used this on my legs and after 2 applications they had matched up
    Nicely to my arms. I love that it comes in a pump bottle. I will definitely buy again
  67. Ticks all the boxes

    This product is great! I was pleasantly surprised by how good the product smells, unlike other tanning products it's very very faint. It's a gradual tan so you have to build the colour gradually but i noticed a beautiful glow after 2 applications and there were never any streaks. It actually is a really good quality moisturiser and feels good on the skin. Just make sure you wash between your fingers after application. Will definitely be my first choice from now on.
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