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Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan 150ml

4.6 of 59 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.74


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Perfect for both the face and the body, the Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan is best suited to medium to olive skin tones. Leave on for 8 hours for best results, so leave your tan to develop while you sleep.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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4.6 of 59 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Good stuff! Very pretty and looks incredibly natural.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good tan but not my favourite!


This was a good tan, but the colour was a bit off on me and it didn't go on as streak-free and easily as some others. It is a good alternative that I use when I am wanting to use less chemicals, but it wasn't as brilliant as the reviews made it out to be in my opinion. It came up a bit streaky with quite yellow tones - however this might just be because that is my underlying skin tone.
  1. Safe way to tan


    I swapped to this brand of tan once I got pregnant. Didn’t want any nasties getting to my baby! Never looked back and now this is the only brand of tan I use! A lovely natural colour, can put in on in the morning and enjoy watching the colour come on over the day and not feel sticky of stinky. Use head to toe! Winner!!
  2. If you have eczma - you need this!


    Honestly the best fake tan I’ve ever used. I’ve got eczma and usually it flares up bad with any fake tan. This tan actually reduced the eczma! It goes on evenly and comes off evenly too without the yucky patches from other tans
  3. Skins beat friend


    Love this product as it’s natural and I know I’m not putting any harsh chemicals on my skin. Gives an amazing buildable tan
  4. Alternative to tan


    This cream is a great alternative to fake tan (sprays and mousses) and so convenient to use. I apply this like a moisturiser and make sure I rub it in well and evenly (and wash my hands after) and let it dry for a couple minutes. Then I can go about my day or to sleep and wake up with a really nice natural tan!
  5. Not streak free


    This tan was not streak free (even when applying with their mit). I have very pale skin and it made me orange. The smell was not great (like normal fake tan). As a plus, it didn't stain bedsheets.
  6. Yes!


    I am always a bit funny about fake tanning, but I just used lightly before I went away on a holiday and it gave me a beautiful pre holiday glow!
  7. Great!


    THE most amazing product. !!! One application and I have a warm, healthy ,all over glow to my skin. Would highly recommend.
  8. My favourite tan


    I am very pale and prefer a natural tan over the full blown spray tanned looked so this tan is Peter for me. It is the most natural of tans I have found but gives he perfect amount of colour
  9. Deceivingly amazing


    I was a bit skeptical about this one as it comes out as a cream. And i already have tanned skin But when I tried it I slept in it over night and I was surprised at how much darker I was and how nice my skin felt afterwards!!! Love love love!
  10. How I fell in love with Eco Tan


    This where my love with eco tan began, Love Eco tan
    Slowly builds up and doesn't look fake. Nice Natural looking very pleased with purchase.
  11. One of the best gradual tanners on the market.


    One of the best gradual tanners on the market. I find this one is perfect for building a subtle, lasting tan.
  12. Good tan but not my favourite!


    This was a good tan, but the colour was a bit off on me and it didn't go on as streak-free and easily as some others. It is a good alternative that I use when I am wanting to use less chemicals, but it wasn't as brilliant as the reviews made it out to be in my opinion. It came up a bit streaky with quite yellow tones - however this might just be because that is my underlying skin tone.
  13. Highly recommend!


    I love this gradual tanner! I have pale/fair yellow to neutral tone skin and I can notice it develop in just an hour. The colour comes out really nice and gives your skin a glow. It does have a more 'organic' smell which you get used to but it's no where near as strong as Eco Tans Winter Skin smell though.
  14. I like it!


    Not bad, the tan colour isn’t very prominent but it’s still nice and feels really lovely. I love this brand and the products always work really well in my skin!
  15. So easy to use!

    L J

    I love this tan! I have pale skin and it leaves a nice warm healthy glow. I love that I can put it on and be dressed in 5 minutes and either my tan develops during the day or while I sleep. That means I end up using it far more often than I would with other tans you have to hang around naked and shower before getting dressed.


    I found this tan to be a nice colour, but probably wouldnt keep using as I found the smell to be terrible, and the application to be a lot more difficult to apply then others I have used. I found that I would apply too much to certain areas without it appearing that way on application, but when I washed off the tan it would be substantially darker in areas.
  17. Natural look


    I use a combination of this invisible tan and the ECO face tan water. Leaves a nice Medium tan. Looks natural on my pale skin and if applied really well and evenly it doesn't streak. Unlike mousse and spray tans its really easy to remove.
  18. Really really fantastic!


    Really beautiful and natural. I’ve switched to all natural products and finding a fake tan without any nasty ingredients was really important to me. This is fantastic and works amazing!
  19. Great


    I love this tan! It is such a good colour. I have tried so many tans over the years, but this is the only tan that doesn’t flare up my eczema!! :):)
    would highly recommend to anyone who has sensitive skin
  20. GREAT


    This tan is lovely and natural looking. If you're like me and hate sitting in fake tan this is amazing it has a light scent and rubs in like moisturiser and I go on with my day or go to bed and wake up with a beautiful tan. Doesn't have that uncomfortable tan feel - just feels like I've put on a moisturiser and then it soaks in.
  21. Natural glow


    Great alternative to fake tan mouses or spray tans. Im a frequent tanner and I love that this product is just as easy as putting on a bodybutter/moisturiser. I always make sure I rub it in evenly and well and let it dry for a couple minutes before applying clothes and then I will go to bed or go about my day and dont even notice it on. Has a really subtle but nice natural tan glow look. If applied...
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  22. Fantastic product


    Love Eco tan
    Slowly builds up and doesn't look fake. Nice Natural looking very pleased with purchase.
  23. Easy to Apply


    I am quite fair so I don't usually fake tan as it often leaves me with orange or streaky skin. I love how easy this is to apply and it gives me such a nice natural looking colour.
  24. Love the colour


    Fantastic Colour, doesn't last as long as chemical tans but I know it's much better for my skin. No Streaks and very easy to "top up" your tan with.
  25. Great!


    I’ve been using this product for a few years now and i love it. it is so easy to use and its great when I want a light natural look
  26. One of the best tans around


    I have used this tan for years. I love that it goes on clear and doesn't rub on clothes. I have very pale skin and I use this tan usually before work and leave it on all day. I don't love the smell but it is bearable. It is also appealing that is has less chemicals than other tans. It is so easy to apply and when it fades it doesn't become patchy. It is a great colour and no hint of pesky oranges ...
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  27. Natural glow


    I have fair skin and this tanner is really lovely. Gives a nice natural tan and if I apply it twice it deepens to a fairly dark tan. Rubs in easily like a moisturiser.
  28. Convenient


    Applies easily like a moisturiser and rubs in well. Gives me a really subtle natural looking tan. LOVE!!
  29. Natural Tan


    I probably get about 6 full body tans out of this bottle. I love that it applies like a moisturiser and I just rub it in well and let it dry and after about 4-5 hours I start to get a nice looking natural tan. I try to leave it on overnight or all day to get a deeper tan. I have quite fair skin and one application of this and left overnight gives me a MEDIUM tan. If i apply it twice it goes to a D...
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  30. Pretty Good


    Pretty good tan. I tan weekly and this one is very comfortable. Its applied easily like a moisturiser and if applied well its usually always streak free and natural looking. In saying that you need to rub it in well and evenly and wash hands afterwards. Its a light tan not dark.
  31. Unfortunate no


    Unfortunately this tan didnt do it for me. I have been a long time tanner, usually using Bondi Sands and LeTan and I was looking for something that dried faster and didnt leave my sheets in a mess. This tan did that, but that was where the positives stopped.
    The tan was very light, so I would have to apply 2 nights in a row to get a decent colour. After 2 applications, it would also start to...
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  32. Love this!


    This tan is amazing it pretty much rubs in like a moisturiser and then develops into a tan. No tan smell either! The colour keeps on developing which is great too. So easy to use!
  33. Easy and Convenient


    One of the easiest and convenient tans I have ever tried. I've re-purchased this a few time now. Its so easy to use and because its clear and soaks into the skin quickly I pretty much can apply it in the morning and put my clothes on go about my day and have a nice glowing tan by the end of the day. Make sure you rub it in evenly and carefully and let it dry first and you will have an amazing tan!...
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  34. Fantastic tan


    I've been using this product for a few years now, and I love it!
    I apply straight after a shower and there is not sticky or smelly residue. Always have a beautiful warm colour after one application and if you keep applying each day you can build a really nice dark colour.
    Always looks really natural and I have very fair skin.
  35. Great product


    Great tanning product! The colour is gorgeous and builds up really gradually and gently. I would definitely recommend if want a hint of extra warmth. Love that it's made with more natural ingredients than other brands
  36. Great


    Easy to use, and a great natural colour - nothing close to orange for me! It can get a little patchy if its summer and you're sweating a lot but its really nothing noticeable. Smells good too.
  37. Love this product!


    I've tried all the Eco Tan products now and I dont think ive found one I dont love yet. This one I usually put over a tan just to build it OR its also great over a tan after a few days just to give it a bit of life and moisturize the skin. If I dont have a tan on I will also just apply this over my entire body go to bed and wake up with a really natural tan which lasts for at least 5 days and fade...
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  38. Meh


    The professional spray Eco Tans you get at salons are great!! But this formula isn’t, the colour is orange and it goes patchy. Plus side it’s organic and smells fine??
  39. Luxury formula but orange colour and poor fading


    I purchased Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan because of the great reviews and the fact it is organic and contains some amazing ingredients. I use fake tan often, generally I love purple or ash based tans and don't like green based ones. I usually use mine tan which fades really well and is still my fav to date. When you apply Eco Tan to your skin you can instantly tell the formula is good quality and...
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  40. Amazing natural tan!


    Love this tanner! Very easy to apply evenly without leaving any streaks or patches! It also doesn't smell as bad as other tanner. Leaves a natural glow on your skin!! Highly recommend this tanner!
  41. Really Convenient Product


    This has to be the one of the most convenient products - its so easy to apply just like a moisturizer and it doesn't have the awful tanning smell. I used to frequently tan and im so thankful I found this product because I can put it on in the morning, go to work and come home to a really natural tan (No tan smell or staining on clothes). So I definitely recommend to anyone else who tans a lot! I w...
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  42. Nice tanning product


    It gave my skin a nice natural glow and didn't smell that bad. I recommend!
  43. This provides a natural looking tan without the usual strong fake tan smell.


    I'm not usually a fan of fake tan products but kept reading great reviews of this one so thought I would give it a go. I wasn't disappointed. Easy to apply, didn't streak, slight smell initially but it didn't linger and it left a natural looking tan. Also, it didn't leave any marks on my clothes or bedding.
  44. Love this tan!


    I love that I can put this on and put clothes over the top and just go on with my day! No tan smell - its great! Also such a beautiful color.
  45. Best natural glow, no chemicals


    I have been a wearer of fake tans for years, and have tried several brands, however, hated putting chemicals onto my skin every week. This has been the best substitute and I love the color even just one coat gives me. I also use on my face and know that there are no bad chemicals in it which is going to harm my sensitive skin. Also, does not smell bad in comparison to other tans on the market.
  46. Life Saver! Beautiful Tan


    I tan on a weekly basis and this product is a lifesaver! I usually will put it on in the morning just like a moisturizer and then go to work for the day and come home with a really natural looking tan which lasts for about 7 days with no patching (It comes off really evenly). The best part is its clear and doesn't have that awful tan smell and doesn't come off on my clothes. So its just really con...
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  47. Great colour, long lasting


    I love this tan! It has a really nice golden colour and lasts about a week and a half on my skin. I got this as part of a pack but have now swapped out my regular fake tan for this since. Nice to apply but can be a bit tricky because it really is invisible!
  48. Long lasting and foolproof to apply


    This tan is great because it doesn't smell strongly so you can leave it on. I applied it the first time an hour before I was going out and left it on to develop. It applies like a moisturiser so it was completely streak free and lasted about a week. It's also super easy to touch it up if you need to - if I get a patch that faded faster than the rest of my body I just exfoliate that area and blend ...
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  49. Loving tan


    Natural even tan - doesnt let off a fake tan odour so can be worn without washing off
  50. Great natural product


    Love the way this tan goes on. Doesn't dry out my skin and smells great. I have fair skin and this product doesn't make me as tan as I would like, however it is great for a natural glow. Two nights in a row produces the best result.
  51. Great, natural looking tan


    This tan is great as it develops to a great natural looking colour, with no orangeness you can experience with other tans. Natural ingredients are great too.
  52. Golden glow in a bottle without the nasty chemicals


    After years of using Le Tan because of the beautiful golden sun kissed glow it would give me, I wanted to swap to something more healthier for the skin.

    A friend got me onto this product and I am so glad she did. I am very pale as I am a natural red head. I apply two to three coats of this over a period of 2 hours and it develops into a golden glow in about 8 hours. It really does re...
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  53. Nice/natural tan


    I use this tan when I want to gradually tan and not be too dark. It gives you such a nice natural glow and you can build it up by applying daily. A really nice gentle product.
  54. Tanning made easy


    I hate at home tanning because it has always looked orange and streaky. I have use other natural gradual tanners, but just become frustrated by the outcome. But this product was simple and created a really even and natural looking tan. I will be sticking with this - and I plan to try more Ecotan products.
  55. Finally a tan that delivers!


    I have spent lots and lots of $$$ on self tanners that promise to deliver the “Most amazing tan ever” But they all feel short! After reading nothing but fab reviews on Eco Tan’s Invisible Tan, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go. I can tell you it’s the best $35 I have ever spent! First up it’s smells non self tanner like, yay! A little goes a long way and it’s very easy to app...
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  56. THE Best!


    I have tried every tan out there and this is amazing. Smell is subtle and it dries very quickly which I love. I hate tan creams that take an hour to seep in. A tip: I have fair skin and while this is meant to be for medium to darker skins, I find it perfect! It gives me perfect golden colour on first application (I'm too impatient to apply a few rounds of the fairer skinned version). :-)
    I h...
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  57. best chemical free fake tan ever!!!!!!


    this is hands down the best all natural, chemical-free fake tan I have ever used, and I've tried a few. I recently purchased the new jurlique tanning lotion which was great also and I thought i'd found my HG of fake tan products until I decided to give eco tan a go. Cheaper than jurlique and many other natural tanning products, eco tan is excellent value for money. it's also easy to apply and smel...
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  58. Great product, beautiful tan, easy application


    I'm fairly new to the faux glow world and this product made the introduction super easy! I applied this overnight, showered in the morning and woke up with a beautiful, subtle tan. I would apply two coats for those looking for a deeper colour. And it's amazing that it is a natural, chemical-free product without any bad fake tan scent! 5 stars :)
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