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Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan by Eco Tan


Give skin the perfect summer glow with Eco Tan’s bestselling Organic Invisible Tan, a rich colour for medium-to-olive skin tones. Simply massage onto skin, head to bed, and wake with a beautiful, even tan.


This natural-looking tan is formulated with Eco Tan’s rigorous standards for natural products in mind, so you won’t find any harsh chemicals or unnecessary harmful ingredients in this self-tanner.


Key benefits:


  • Provides a smooth, even tan in an easy-to-use cream formula.
  • Rich in nourishing ingredients to keep skin healthy and protected while tanning.
  • Packed with hydrators to ensure skin stays properly hydrated, which produces a more even tan.
  • Formulated with organic ingredients.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.


Key ingredients:


  • Aloe Juice calms, cools, and protects skin.
  • Avocado and Macadamia Oils hydrate, nourish, and enrich skin with essential fatty acids and moisture to create a smooth, even, hydrated tan.
  • Rose and Chamomile minimise redness, imperfections, and inflammation to maintain calm, even skin tone and texture.


How to use:


  • Shave and exfoliate at least 24 to 48 hours before application.
  • Liberally apply tan to clean, dry skin, avoiding heels.
  • Rub thoroughly and evenly in circular motions.
  • Wash hands thoroughly when finished.
  • Allow tan to dry before dressing or going to bed.
  • For best results, wait at least 8 hours before showering.


Who is Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan for?

Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan is best for those looking for a more natural option for their self-tanner. Those with drier skin and medium-to-olive skin tones will benefit most from this self-tanner.


How can I make my tan last?

A day or two before tanning, ensure skin is scrubbed and shaved. Doing so after tanning can destroy a perfect tan. Avoid using products containing oil or soap on tanned areas, as these substances can cause your tan to become streaky and uneven.


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Love this! - 10-12-2018 by

This tan is amazing it pretty much rubs in like a moisturiser and then develops into a tan. No tan smell either! The colour keeps on developing which is great too. So easy to use!

Easy and Convenient - 10-12-2018 by

One of the easiest and convenient tans I have ever tried. I've re-purchased this a few time now. Its so easy to use and because its clear and soaks into the skin quickly I pretty much can apply it in the morning and put my clothes on go about my day and have a nice glowing tan by the end of the day. Make sure you rub it in evenly and carefully and let it dry first and you will have an amazing tan!

Fantastic tan - 23-11-2018 by

I've been using this product for a few years now, and I love it!
I apply straight after a shower and there is not sticky or smelly residue. Always have a beautiful warm colour after one application and if you keep applying each day you can build a really nice dark colour.
Always looks really natural and I have very fair skin.

Great product - 16-11-2018 by

Great tanning product! The colour is gorgeous and builds up really gradually and gently. I would definitely recommend if want a hint of extra warmth. Love that it's made with more natural ingredients than other brands

Great - 14-11-2018 by

Easy to use, and a great natural colour - nothing close to orange for me! It can get a little patchy if its summer and you're sweating a lot but its really nothing noticeable. Smells good too.

Love this product! - 02-11-2018 by

I've tried all the Eco Tan products now and I dont think ive found one I dont love yet. This one I usually put over a tan just to build it OR its also great over a tan after a few days just to give it a bit of life and moisturize the skin. If I dont have a tan on I will also just apply this over my entire body go to bed and wake up with a really natural tan which lasts for at least 5 days and fades really really nicely. Really lovely high quality product. Ive probably got about 10 full body tans out of this bottle too!!

Meh - 05-10-2018 by

The professional spray Eco Tans you get at salons are great!! But this formula isn’t, the colour is orange and it goes patchy. Plus side it’s organic and smells fine??

Luxury formula but orange colour and poor fading - 27-09-2018 by

I purchased Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan because of the great reviews and the fact it is organic and contains some amazing ingredients. I use fake tan often, generally I love purple or ash based tans and don't like green based ones. I usually use mine tan which fades really well and is still my fav to date. When you apply Eco Tan to your skin you can instantly tell the formula is good quality and it feels very luxurious on your skin and is very moisturising which I loved, however, in terms of actual tanning, I found the colour too orange for me and wouldn't use again. I also didn't think the tan faded well (going patchy as it comes off).

Amazing natural tan! - 24-09-2018 by

Love this tanner! Very easy to apply evenly without leaving any streaks or patches! It also doesn't smell as bad as other tanner. Leaves a natural glow on your skin!! Highly recommend this tanner!

Really Convenient Product - 19-09-2018 by

This has to be the one of the most convenient products - its so easy to apply just like a moisturizer and it doesn't have the awful tanning smell. I used to frequently tan and im so thankful I found this product because I can put it on in the morning, go to work and come home to a really natural tan (No tan smell or staining on clothes). So I definitely recommend to anyone else who tans a lot! I would recommend that you really make sure it is all completely covering every part of your skin and rubbed in though as it can streak IF you miss little spots or dont rub it in enough and it is noticeable.

Nice tanning product - 11-09-2018 by

It gave my skin a nice natural glow and didn't smell that bad. I recommend!

This provides a natural looking tan without the usual strong fake tan smell. - 10-09-2018 by

I'm not usually a fan of fake tan products but kept reading great reviews of this one so thought I would give it a go. I wasn't disappointed. Easy to apply, didn't streak, slight smell initially but it didn't linger and it left a natural looking tan. Also, it didn't leave any marks on my clothes or bedding.

Love this tan! - 30-08-2018 by

I love that I can put this on and put clothes over the top and just go on with my day! No tan smell - its great! Also such a beautiful color.

Best natural glow, no chemicals - 29-08-2018 by

I have been a wearer of fake tans for years, and have tried several brands, however, hated putting chemicals onto my skin every week. This has been the best substitute and I love the color even just one coat gives me. I also use on my face and know that there are no bad chemicals in it which is going to harm my sensitive skin. Also, does not smell bad in comparison to other tans on the market.

Life Saver! Beautiful Tan - 23-08-2018 by

I tan on a weekly basis and this product is a lifesaver! I usually will put it on in the morning just like a moisturizer and then go to work for the day and come home with a really natural looking tan which lasts for about 7 days with no patching (It comes off really evenly). The best part is its clear and doesn't have that awful tan smell and doesn't come off on my clothes. So its just really convenient. Would definitely recommend to anyone who tans regularly. If you're using the product though make sure to wash your hands really well at the end so you dont have any excess in between your fingers - I made that mistake the first time I used it. I am so thankful I found this product!

Great colour, long lasting - 22-08-2018 by

I love this tan! It has a really nice golden colour and lasts about a week and a half on my skin. I got this as part of a pack but have now swapped out my regular fake tan for this since. Nice to apply but can be a bit tricky because it really is invisible!

Long lasting and foolproof to apply - 21-08-2018 by

This tan is great because it doesn't smell strongly so you can leave it on. I applied it the first time an hour before I was going out and left it on to develop. It applies like a moisturiser so it was completely streak free and lasted about a week. It's also super easy to touch it up if you need to - if I get a patch that faded faster than the rest of my body I just exfoliate that area and blend in some more lotion. The only qualm I have is that it's very slightly the wrong colour for my pale skin. This is just my preference as I prefer a more neutral tone with my tan, and this one has quite a golden, but still very natural tone.

Loving tan - 18-07-2018 by

Natural even tan - doesnt let off a fake tan odour so can be worn without washing off

Great natural product - 16-07-2018 by

Love the way this tan goes on. Doesn't dry out my skin and smells great. I have fair skin and this product doesn't make me as tan as I would like, however it is great for a natural glow. Two nights in a row produces the best result.

Great, natural looking tan - 27-06-2018 by

This tan is great as it develops to a great natural looking colour, with no orangeness you can experience with other tans. Natural ingredients are great too.

Golden glow in a bottle without the nasty chemicals - 25-06-2018 by

After years of using Le Tan because of the beautiful golden sun kissed glow it would give me, I wanted to swap to something more healthier for the skin.

A friend got me onto this product and I am so glad she did. I am very pale as I am a natural red head. I apply two to three coats of this over a period of 2 hours and it develops into a golden glow in about 8 hours. It really does require the whole night to develop. Sometimes I apply this tan later on at night, and when I wake up I am not as tanned, but throughout the day I would get darker- little bit funny.

It is very natural, so if you are use to that olive, green based brown tone in your tan- this is not for you. It is a very different colour to your usual tanners out there like Bondi Sands or St Tropez. In my opinion, it is so much better but that is because I love the more golden tan as opposed to the olive, deep brown tan. It depends on your preference.

Nice/natural tan - 25-05-2018 by

I use this tan when I want to gradually tan and not be too dark. It gives you such a nice natural glow and you can build it up by applying daily. A really nice gentle product.

Tanning made easy - 19-02-2018 by

I hate at home tanning because it has always looked orange and streaky. I have use other natural gradual tanners, but just become frustrated by the outcome. But this product was simple and created a really even and natural looking tan. I will be sticking with this - and I plan to try more Ecotan products.

Finally a tan that delivers! - 14-02-2018 by

I have spent lots and lots of $$$ on self tanners that promise to deliver the “Most amazing tan ever” But they all feel short! After reading nothing but fab reviews on Eco Tan’s Invisible Tan, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go. I can tell you it’s the best $35 I have ever spent! First up it’s smells non self tanner like, yay! A little goes a long way and it’s very easy to apply. It’s touch dry within a couple of minutes and I woke up with a beautiful “natural” looking tan! The colour is gorgeous! No orange anything :) I can finally say I have found my HG self tanner. And it has no nasties and is an Australian product! Def worth trying

THE Best! - 10-10-2017 by

I have tried every tan out there and this is amazing. Smell is subtle and it dries very quickly which I love. I hate tan creams that take an hour to seep in. A tip: I have fair skin and while this is meant to be for medium to darker skins, I find it perfect! It gives me perfect golden colour on first application (I'm too impatient to apply a few rounds of the fairer skinned version). :-)
I highly recommend this!! Perfect!

best chemical free fake tan ever!!!!!! - 03-03-2015 by

this is hands down the best all natural, chemical-free fake tan I have ever used, and I've tried a few. I recently purchased the new jurlique tanning lotion which was great also and I thought i'd found my HG of fake tan products until I decided to give eco tan a go. Cheaper than jurlique and many other natural tanning products, eco tan is excellent value for money. it's also easy to apply and smells far more pleasant than most tanning products. It's formula is silky and hydrating and won't leave your skin oily. It also builds a natural tan that doesn't go orangey and gives a great depth of colour without being too dramatic, allowing you to slowly build your desired tan with multiple coats. I've also found the colour lasts longer than other tanning products I've used and I just love the fact that it's all natural and organic. I don't use chemical-based skincare but I also want products that are just as effective if not more so than those that are and this product nails it. I've definitely found my HG of fake tan lotions!

Great product, beautiful tan, easy application - 18-12-2014 by

I'm fairly new to the faux glow world and this product made the introduction super easy! I applied this overnight, showered in the morning and woke up with a beautiful, subtle tan. I would apply two coats for those looking for a deeper colour. And it's amazing that it is a natural, chemical-free product without any bad fake tan scent! 5 stars :)

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