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Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant 60mL 60ml

3.9 of 77 reviews


4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Is this for you?

Yes - it works! No aluminium, no parabens, and no hidden nasties, the Eco By Sonya - Organic Deodorant is the essential unisex deodorant. Natural coconut gives a pleasant, unisex scent, while Certified Organic ingredients keep you safe and fresh.

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GOOD - 67% recommend

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Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant 60mL Reviews

3.9 of 77 reviews

67% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I like that this is natural and it keeps my underarms fresh

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't work for me


I love that this product is natural but unfortunately didn't work for me. Still had that sweat smell even after re applying throughout the day.
  1. Not so great


    I didn’t know what to expect when I first purchased this product. I’ll begin with the smell, it’s really nice and it smells fresh. Love the coconut scent.

    Now the part that I’m disappointed about is after wearing this deodorant at the end of the day, I stink. No matter how active I’ve been throughout the day, I end up stinking bad. I’ve been tempted to going back to unnatural deodora...
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  2. Natural


    I like that this is natural and it keeps my underarms fresh
  3. great


    it's natural free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, and aluminium love it
  4. Not for me


    verified purchaser
    At first I thought it was working well for me, but within a day I was needing to reapply at least once a day, especially with the weather warming up.
    I found the scent pretty odd and off-putting. It was very musky and hardly coconutty, with no freshness to balance it out. This meant I sometimes couldn't even tell if it was properly masking my B.O.
    Another frustration was that even wi...
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  5. smells good !


    verified purchaser
    good for the skin as its a natural brand, I love the smell of it, it keeps my underarms fresh all day and it has a nice fresh coconut scent :)
  6. Great


    Great hut need to apply few times an hour! Would recommend to anyone looking for a natural alternative
  7. affordable


    this is super affordable for a natural deodorant. This works well and goes on well as it is roll on
  8. Not too bad


    Nice but need to keep applying frequently. Especially if you perspire a lot and go to the gym. But overall not too bad
  9. Works well


    This coconut scented deodorant is incredible. I absolutely love a coconut scent and this one is great. Such a nice deodorant that works well.
  10. Literally better than traditional deodorants


    verified purchaser
    I literally have been shocked to find that this product is actually as good, if not better than the traditional deodorants. By the end of the day no sweat or odour its amazing.
  11. Didn't work for me


    I love that this product is natural but unfortunately didn't work for me. Still had that sweat smell even after re applying throughout the day.
  12. Eco Tan Organic Coconut Deodorant


    Thank you for making such a great deodorant. My skin is so sensitive, all other deodorants leave my underarms with welts. Been using your deodorant for 2 years now… my arm pits thank you.
  13. Not for me


    I have used a few of the eco products and loved them however I found the scent unpleasant- think fake tan coconut & it was quite irritating (left me dry, itchy skin).
  14. Great deodorant


    love that this is non toxic! however I need to apply it a lot throughout the day tho I do perspire a lot! Would recommend
  15. Yes it works!


    Natural deodorants that actually work are super hard to come by but this one does it! Not as hard wearing as a cream/bi carb blend natural deo but almost perfect nonetheless. I particular love that this one does not leave marks on black clothing so it my go to for special occasions. I have been using a natural deo for 3 years now and this one has stayed in my rotation
  16. a good natural deoderant


    this works well for a natural deodorant, i did however find it a little bit irritating.
  17. Smells incredible!


    I love this natural deodorant, it smells like coconuts and it is free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, and aluminium!
  18. Nice


    Good size for handbag, i feel.like i need to reapply or need stronger sometimes tho
  19. Love


    Worked so well for me and didn’t irritate at all. The scent really lasts well and masks any odours.
  20. Great but need to apply throughout the day


    I love that this is non toxic and organic but I feel like I need to apply it a lot throughout the day however I do perspire a lot and I’m pretty active in the day
  21. really good


    gives me a nice smell and the ingredients are natural. Is a good price too compared to some other natural deodorants
  22. not good


    this made me smell bad, I am not a fan of this and it irritated my underarms.
  23. not amazing


    i feel like this does make me smell if I don't reapply multiple times a day, in saying that i do think it is a good product, I just live a very active life.
  24. Holy grail


    I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and this is by far the best! Highly recommend! The ingredients are perfect for the under arms and I love knowing it’s not blocking up my sweat glands.
  25. Great!


    Love this brand. On my third bottle. I alternate between this and an organic solid Shea butter deodorant stick. This is one is more convenient! And it feels good knowing I’m not exposing sensitive areas to chemicals.
  26. so good!


    It is so good! works well for everyday use I have one in my work bag :)
  27. totally recommended

    perfecting skin

    this deodorant is not as expensive as the high end brands yet it is much better than the expensive ones. it doesn't dries me out and has a nice fresh coconut smell to it
  28. Love it!


    I’m very sensitive to deodorants and have tried so many different natural ones but this one actually works! I don’t get a rash under my arms and it keeps me smelling clean :) I just ordered my second bottle.
  29. Great!


    This is the best natural deodorant that I have found so far and much more affordable than others I have tried. Will definitely continue to use this.
  30. Amazing Natural Deodorant


    An easy everyday deodorant that is great if you are transitioning to a natural deodorant. Smells great and works effectively.
  31. Such a unique smell for a deodorant


    Such a unique smell for a deodorant, I'm really into it. I've purchased this a couple of times now.
  32. Works well


    For natural deodorant this isn't bad. Not as good as the chemical stuff but does a good job
  33. Not great


    It just doesn't work well enough to use as an everyday deodorant. Disappointing.
  34. Beautiful natural ingredients


    I was struggling to find a deodorant that was cruelty free with good natural ingredients. There are plenty out there but they didn't do the job.
    I am very happy with this one, even if it doesn't do 100% of the job that other deodorants (with nasty ingredients) do. That's unfortunate, but I guess it will always be the case.
    This is my favorite one out very few natural ones. It's so hard...
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  35. Didn't work for me


    I really wanted this deodorant to work for me because I absolutely adore most of the Eco Tan products. Unfortunately this didn't help at all with sweat or smell throughout the day and left a slimy sticky feeling that didn't dry or go away. Cant recommend it and wouldn't purchase again. Highly recommend trying the black chicken natural deodorants they did work for me.
  36. Great for everyday


    An easy everyday deodorant that is great if you are transitioning to a natural deodorant. Smells great and works effectively.
  37. Nice for Natural


    It's a nice product. This was my first delve into the natural deodorant category. I definitely like the product but tend to wear it on days where i know i wont be sweating much, i mainly just wear it if i know i will be having a home day. The scent is nice and it does the job. Keep in mind though that its a deodorant and not anti-perspirant, so itll do a decent job at masking the scent but at the ...
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  38. Coconut


    Great that this is all natural, but I'm just unsure of the effectiveness of this one on me. The scent is light and coconut-scented.
  39. Lovely smell and feel on skin


    I really like this product. The smell is great and it goes on well. A far as natural deodorants go I feel this is quite good.
  40. Great


    I really like the smell and that it is organic This is the first natural deodorant I have tried, but for me I found it worked most days, the other days for whatever reason it didn’t (not cool on warmer days)
  41. Alternative


    This would be great for someone who doesn't sweat a lot. Unfortunately I do and this didn't work as well as I needed it to - in saying that I find this with almost all deodorants I have tried because I sweat/exercise a lot. Perhaps its just me! Otherwise I love the idea of a natural alternative!
  42. Smells nice


    This is a nice, organic deodorant if you're after cruelty free and natural etc. It smells great, but on the warmer days when you sweat more I feel this doesn't really do the job to combat body odour. Otherwise on the cooler days it's a nice, fresh deodorant.
  43. natural alternative


    this is great if your looking for a vegan cruelty free version of deodorant, if you dont sweat too much and dont get too bad of BO but i feel like this would suit you best, i unfortunately dont have great BO and this doesnt really cut it for a natural alternative.
  44. Not a fan


    Im not a fan of this deodorant. I mean I love that its natural and organic and its 100 times better than using regular deodorant but it just doesn't keep me feeling fresh. Its easy to apply because its in a roll form but I found it left a sticky feeling after I started sweating I could feel the product and it would get a really sticky slimy feeling to it. The scent is great because its a subtle co...
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  45. Natural


    I love that this product is organic and natural compared to store bought deodorants which is why I started using it. The bottle lasts a long time too. I do think it needs improving though, if its a really hot day or I exercise it doesn't seem to work very well for me personally. Ive since started using the 'Young Living Thieves waterless' instead and it really works!
  46. Save your money.


    I purchased this product due to it being Natural/organic. I do not have sensitive skin and can use harsh products without a problem. A few hours after using this I broke out in a rash, which is still yet to go away. Save your money it's certainly not worth it. I should have just thrown my money in the bin which is now where this product is.
  47. Better products - but okay!


    I will continue to use this product until its gone but will probably not purchase again. Just didn't work for me as I sweat a lot doing workouts/gym. The formula gets a tiny bit sticky too when in contact with sweat. Still might be a great product for others just doesn't suit me.
  48. Good in Winter - Not in Summer


    When I first tried this in June I was absolutely in love with it and re-purchased 3 more bottles of it to have as back up - loved the coconut smell and easy roll on and that it was a natural alternative. Come summer..... didnt love it so much. As soon as the hot weather came in it stopped working for me and only was good for night time or cool days. Didnt help sweat or smell at all.
  49. Coconut


    Lovely coconut smell. Does feel a little sticky at times when I sweat but okay.
  50. Coconutty!


    Love this deodorant. Much prefer it to some of the other deodorant brands and it also smells like a lovely coconut chocolate bar.
  51. Smells good


    I love that this product is a natural alternative. Its really great in winter and smells very coconut and natural. I exercise a lot and i find it just doesn't do it for me and it goes sticky and I start to smell. I find its great for day to day when im at work in aircon but not so well on hot days/exercising!
  52. Undecided


    Little undecided on this deodorant. Great for day time when its cool and smells great but I dont think it helps me much after gym or going for a run.
  53. Okay


    I started using this at the start of winter (4-5 months ago) and absolutely loved it. Smells good and kept me feeling fresh and reduced sweat. I’ve become disappointed with it now that I’ve come into summer and I’m sweating a lot more and exercising more - I find myself re applying 4-5 times a day. Really great for in winter but I can’t recommend for summer or exercise!
  54. Fresh


    A great deodorant that prevents sweating well and has a pleasant smell. Worth the money!
  55. Good (could improve)


    I really love that this deodorant is all natural and free for harmful chemicals etc. and ive been looking for an alternative to spray cans for so long. This one I find smells really lovely and applies well. It does get a little sticky though if you sweat a lot. It is natural so I find I have to keep re applying through the day.
  56. Alternative


    This is a great natural alternative to spray deodorants and I love that part of it. Smells really subtle coconut which is also nice. Great for daily wear but I find it doesn't work well with sweat (for example going to the gym or for a run/walk). I still use it in the day time when im at work in an air conditioned office but unfortunately wouldn't be great for someone who sweats a lot or in the he...
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  57. Great alternative


    I started using this a few months ago because I absolutely LOVE all of the Eco tan product range. Its a really great day time deodorant and I love that its all natural and an alternative to sprays. Only downfall I find is if I workout or exercise it doesn't work very well. I find I end up smelling throughout the workout and afterwards. But daily use to work etc its great!
  58. Undecided


    Ive been using this product for 6 months now and im a bit undecided about it but still seem to use it everyday (to use it up). Its great for winter and ive LOVED it up until now its come into summer ive noticed it doesnt work at all with the heat. Especially when I go to gym by the time I finish a workout I am sweating and smell. Its really not great for that. Only something good for winter really...
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  59. Lasts for ages!


    I started using this brand a couple of months ago and loved the other products so much that I decided to try this roll on deodorant. I've never really liked roll on deodorants I dont find they work for me but this one does! Has a really light coconut smell and works well through the day. In saying that I do have to re apply throughout the day especially if im working out/sweating a lot. But I thin...
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  60. Great daily deodorant


    I started using this deodorant about 6 months ago and its still my favorite! Really great for just a daily deodorant and lasts forever. I do find though if I go to gym or do a workout it doesn't tend to work as well and needs to be re-applied constantly. But for a daily use its great!
  61. Best organic deodorant


    I have combination/dry skin. I decided to switch to natural deodorant after becoming aware of all the nasty chemicals in regular deodorant. I struggled for a while to find one that was actually effective and genuinely did what it said on the label, and this is it! It is lightweight with a beautiful scent and super easy to use. I will definitely be repurchasing this-highly recommend.
  62. Best natural deodorant I've found so far


    12 months ago I decided to switch to natural deodorants and have been looking for the perfect one ever since. Black Chicken Remedies regular made my armpits red, Black Chicken Remedies Barrier Booster stained my clothes as did Lavanila Sports Lux, and Pure by Earth's Purities gave me a very nasty rash.
    Eco by Sonya has a light, pleasant scent and the roll-on is easy to apply and use for to...
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  63. Not great


    I found that this deodorant does not work as well as their other products does? It smelt okay but it felt like it never fully dried for me or controled my sweat.
  64. Disappointed - Not good value


    Scent is okay when applying - doesn't last very long. In fact it felt like it made me sweat and smell more than if I didn't apply any deodorant. For the price it's very disappointing and a bit of a rip off.
  65. Smells great but doesn't measure up


    I was so hopeful that this would work for me as I'm trying to steer clear of standard deodorants and their toxic ingredients. Unfortunately, this didn't do much for me as I felt like a sweaty mess within hours of applying, and that was on a day when I didn't particularly exert myself. This definitely would not hold up on a hot day or a gym day. The smell is pleasant when applied but this would wor...
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  66. Not sure


    I love all eco tan products normally but for a very sweaty girl i felt like this just couldnt provide enough protection for me all day. It does smell amazing tho
  67. Great deodorant!


    I started using this product about 6 weeks ago and its amazing! I dont think I will ever go back to regular deodorant or sprays again. When I first received it I was a little hesitant because it was all natural so I wasn't sure how well it would work - but it works great. Lasts all day and smells really nice. The product itself too last for so long ive been using a bottle of it every day for the l...
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  68. Smells good, but you don't


    I really wanted to like this product. I am not an overly sweaty person so decided to make the change to a natural deodorant but I didn't feel like this did much,
  69. Smells great!


    Love the smell. Seems to work well!
  70. Great natural deodorant


    I love this deodorant. It actually works really well compared to some other natural deodorants.
  71. Simply the best!

    Mette Adore Beauty Staff

    I love this deo so much, it never fails and doesn't have too overpowering scent and suitable as a unisex deodorant. Even my boyfriend uses it! Worth every penny.
  72. Disappointed


    This is for those that only experience very light perspiration. It does not offer much in the way of protection and the deodorising factor is not long lasting. I may as well not put anything on my pits of a morning as the result of wearing this after a few hours is no different to when I sometimes forget to put deodorant on.
  73. Absolute best deodorant!


    I love this deodorant! It actually works!
    I have sensitive skin so I like to stay away from harsh chemicals.
    It has a great long lasting scent and is easy to apply.
    I will definetley continue using this as my everyday deodorant.
  74. The Best Organic Deodorant on the Market.

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This Organic Coconut Deodorant from Eco Tan is the best all-natural, aluminium free deodorant i have ever used.
    It has a fresh coconut scent and keeps me completely dry!
    I wish they could formulate some new scents!
  75. Best smelling deo!!


    I really like this deodorant :)

    It works - which is probably why you're going to buy it - but it smells SO good. I just want to smell my armpits all day!

    And contains NO aluminum!
  76. It works!


    I'm in LOVE with this product. It actually works. Thank you Eco By Sonya! 5 stars from me.
  77. Love this deodorant


    This is the best natural deodorant I have tried. Smells great and only have to apply once usually.
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