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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Iron/Fuchsia HD03

4.6 of 54 reviews


4 instalments of $137.25

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4 instalments of $137.25

Or 4 instalments of $137.25 with LEARN MORE

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Design and engineering come together, for styling performance like no other. Dyson Supersonic is created not to the millimeter but to the micron, for fast drying results. With unparalleled advances in technology, your hair is defended from the damage that comes from unnecessary levels of heat.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Curl control
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Iron/Fuchsia HD03 Reviews

4.6 of 54 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Super worthy


Although the price is more expensive, it is super super super worth. Once you use it, you won't use any other hair dryer products. TThe best hair dryer ever used in my life!

Most Helpful Criticism

So quiet!


My hairdresser uses this on my hair and it's amazing to be able to have a conversation with him at the same time! My hair is always silky and soft afterwards, and even though I like poker-straight hair (normally very curly), it only requires a quick iron after. The only thing stopping me from purchasing is the price. It's a lot!
  1. Super worthy


    Although the price is more expensive, it is super super super worth. Once you use it, you won't use any other hair dryer products. TThe best hair dryer ever used in my life!
  2. After more than 1 year of use


    The object is of good quality. The materials look sturdy. The set is neat and well trimmed with very practical magnetic tips. It is very malleable (with the engine is in the handle). No feeling of excessive heat and indeed, perhaps a little less noisy than other hair dryers. I took advantage of a promotion to buy it and I certainly don’t regret it. It will deserve the 5th star when he has passed...
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  3. Products that have been tangled for a long time without regrets


    The price is really not very cheap, and it is highly rated on the Internet. I finally bought it last Christmas and I finally know why the price is so high. Definitely worth buying! The temperature will not burn the scalp and the wind will not hurt the hair. After using it for half a year, the hair loss feels less serious.
  4. Incredible hairdryer


    Love this hairdryer. The heat settings are great for people with sensitive scalps. Obviously very pricey however.
  5. It’s worth it!


    This is the most expensive hair dryer I have ever purchased but it’s worth it! There are 3 settings for strength and heat. And it dries my hair very quickly. And when I travel I would bring it along together with the hair curler attachment. I have no regrets in purchasing it!
  6. Worth it


    It is honestly a game changer for anyone with thick hair. It used to take me 30 mins + to dry my hair but now its less than 10 with the Dyson. I also use less product in my hair as it minimises my frizz. Love it.
  7. Smooth hair after use!


    Got the hairdryer as a gift and it's been life changing. Hairdryer does not use intense heat and is lightweight enough to make it easy to style with.
  8. love this hairdryer


    Dry my hair faster than my previous dryer, but it's a bit heavy to hold, but, I loved it.
  9. Expensive, but worth it


    Love my new hairdryer. Modern design, lightweight but the most powerful. It’s also reasonably quiet. Would recommend if you have the $$$ to drop
  10. Smooth result


    Love this hair dryer and this is my second item from Dyson. Smooth finishing after blow drying
  11. Best dryer out there


    This was definitely a splurge but I love using my Dyson hairdryer. It truly does a great job and my scalp never overheats or burns like it used to. I think the products I’m using, along with this, have helped my hair be healthier and less prone to breaking. Dyson products are definitely worth the money and this didn’t disappoint.
  12. Crazy good!


    Yes this thing is hella expensive but my god it is good! It sounds like my Dyson vacuum! And the punch it packs is awesome, if you have ever used a Dyson hand drier in a public place it’s pretty much like that! Quiet and extremely fast at drying things! Plus it looks super cool!
  13. Worth the investment


    As good as you'd expect! I love all of the magnetic attachments (so satisfying), it's super quiet and is super efficient in the temperature and speed. Absolutely worth the investment (I got it when there was 15% off but still). My old hairdryer would burn my hair if I got it too close, so loving drying my hair and it being a bit healthier!
  14. Love it


    I love this hairdryer, it's lightweight and super easy to use and also quieter than most hair dryers. It comes with a bunch of different head attachments too.
  15. Always high quality


    I am a super fan of Dyson, Good quality hairdryer, dries hair fast and is less damaging. Not very quiet but acceptable, thinking of buying other different colour for my other bathroom.
  16. Luxurious enjoyment


    Using it to blow your hair can make your hair dry faster.
    Have the effect of temperature control, will not cause the hair to be scalded.
  17. Amazing dryer


    I bought the dryer for my cats at first, and I find it is so goooood for my hair too! Dry fast, no hair harmful, strong recommond it.
  18. Luxury hair dryer... 5 star!

    Chloe B

    Wow! I love my new Dyson Supersonic. It is super powerful, and leaves my hair feeling super healthy, shiny and smooth. Love the magnetic attachments. The weight of the hairdryer is super light, and the fact that I can't get burned from it is great, also no more getting my hair caught yay. The colour is cute & I feel special every time I use it! Only thing negative is that this hair dryer is the mo...
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  19. So good


    I received this hairdryer as a birthday present and I can honestly say it's been great. It gives my hair a professional quality blow wave and its decently quiet. Only small thing I can say is the strength. Its powerful but still takes a while to dry my hair. All in all, would recommend.
  20. Hello Beautiful Hair


    Upon ordering I was a little nervous bc lets face it the price is quite extravagant. I took the gamble after reading rave reviews and waited till it arrived . As excited as a kid opening a birthday present I unboxed the most interesting hair dryer I had ever set eyes on . I picked it up and was completely wowed . Everything about it , from the design to the attachments to the sound . perfect in ev...
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  21. Worth every penny


    I have long hair and blow dry my hair daily. The dyson definitely stands miles apart from other hairdryers in terms of drying time and leaves the hair feeling silky and soft and not over drying and burnt.
  22. Won’t leave your arms aching.


    Dyson have definitely nailed the ergonomics in this hair dryer. No longer am I having to rest my arms when drying my hair as they have balanced the weight and reduced the sizes of the head. Final finish is also good, find my hair is less frizzy and doesn’t burn.
  23. my best friend


    Bought this because I love gadgets, it wasn't as loud as my Parlux, it looks sleek, its light and it dries my hair in record time. Have had it for 2 years now, taken it over seas, dropped it on the tiles a few times and it works and looks brand spanking new.
    Works well on my fluffy Maltese shitzu too!
  24. So quiet!


    My hairdresser uses this on my hair and it's amazing to be able to have a conversation with him at the same time! My hair is always silky and soft afterwards, and even though I like poker-straight hair (normally very curly), it only requires a quick iron after. The only thing stopping me from purchasing is the price. It's a lot!
  25. Cut my drying time in half!


    I first tried out this hair dryer at my hairdressers, and to be honest thought it probably wouldn't be that great. But since testing it out I couldn't stop thinking about how good it was, so after some procrastination (mainly due to the price tag) I decided to purchase.

    I have long, thick wavy hair and it usually takes me 20-30 minutes to completely dry my hair. This little hair drye...
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  26. I didn’t want to like this


    I didn’t want to like this because of the excessive price... but I do. It’s actually so good and my hair is in better condition since I started using it.
  27. Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Iron/Fuchsia


    This product is amazing! My hairdresser first used on me and I immediately loved it. It tames my long, thick hair leaving it so much smoother. My second day hair is my best hair day & using this dryer gives me second day hair on my first day! And it only gets better from there. I love this product so much that whenever I have family or friends in town, I ask them if they want me to blow dry their ...
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  28. Healthier hair!


    I tried this in a hotel and became obsessed. I know it’s super pricey but I think it’s worth it, especially if you blow dry often like I do. I love that it doesn’t use excessive heat, which can be so damaging to hair. It left my hair silky and soft. I could see a difference in the health of my hair after only a few days of use. Holy grail product for sure!
  29. how I expected it

    lucky dragon

    Simple, timeless and light weight.

    Worth the money if you want both style and function.

    Have brought relatives one too.
  30. Powerful dryer!


    Literally blown away by how quick it is to dry my hair. Fantastic design with the inward air filter being a fine mesh located at the bottom of the handle. I have never had my hair caught in the grille as with other dryers. As with all Dyson appliances, feels very high-end in the hand. I wish I could take it with me while travelling but it is unfortunately, single voltage. Then again, most hair dry...
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  31. Great product


    Look, you don't NEED this hair dryer but when you do get it it makes your hair feeling so soft and cuts your drying time in half. It has a hefty price tag but its well worth it in my opinion.
  32. Love it


    I love the Dyson Supersonic, it is a lightweight hairdryer with great functionality. Mine came with the additional heads which are great for smoothing the hair or getting a more direct path of air to dry particular areas in your head.
  33. Nothing special


    To me, this is just another hairdyer… doesn't really leave any amazing results or difference.
    My luxury hair salon has these driers and they often leave them unused and pick the 'old school' VS sassoons.
    I regret buying this product.
  34. Absolute Dream


    Had the fortune to try this out at a friends over a few days I was staying with her. Absolutely fantastic, cut my drying time easily in half and my hair felt so soft and smooth after using. Two weeks later and genuinely haven't stopped thinking about it so bit the bullet. Cannot wait for it to arrive!
  35. Good hair dryer!


    The Dyson Supersonic is a solid hair dryer. I find it makes my hair less frizzy than other hair dryers, but otherwise pretty similar to most on the market.
  36. I couldn’t go back ...


    Ok firstly let me say that NOBODY NEEDS THIS ...BUT ...i would not go back to owning another hairdryer ever! I have fine (but a lot of it), frizzy hair and this literally cuts my drying time in. I felt from day one it didn’t damage my hair as it doesn’t heat up as much as other dryers. A lot of air comes out which I feel is more evenly distributed which dries it faster with less damage. I HAVE NO ...
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  37. Yes, it really is this good!


    I'll admit I was a skeptic $550 for a hairdryer definitely makes it an investment. But I really do love this hairdryer, and it really is quieter than a normal one. My hair feels so much better since I've started using this. It's really a luxury and a joy to use! Gives me the best home blow wave.
  38. Cuts drying time in half


    I was hesitant to spend so much on a hairdryer but after reading so many rave reviews I decided to take the plunge. It isn't as quiet as I thought it would be based on the reviews, but does an awesome job of drying my hair super quickly and my hair goes far less frizzy than with other hairdryers. I took it overseas and was very annoyed to find out that it doesn't work in 'other markets' even if y...
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  39. Seriously best hairdryers in the game


    This is a game changer: so light and easy to use, not bulky and awkward like some hair dryers. It's very quiet and dries hair so efficiently!! Great accessories and attachments to suit everyone.
  40. Best hairdryer ever


    I was actually waiting for Airwrap to become available for purchase when it just came out, but couldn't stop looking at this hairdryer. My hairdresser didn't recommend it, but I bought it anyway. This is one of the best investments I've ever made and it's so worth it. My hair has significantly improved just after 1 month of using it, and I could never go back to another hair dryer. It's also so ea...
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  41. Not sure what the hype is about


    Not sure what the hype is about and definitely not worth buying.
  42. LOVE


    Love my Dyson! It makes my hair so soft and I even blow dry quickly in the morning if my hair is dry but slightly messy from sleeping. Life changing hair dryer, I struggle to use anything else! Super quiet too so good for people who work different schedules to their roomies x
  43. Love


    Looks amazing and is so good for my hair. Also love the brush that came with my Adore Beauty purchase!
  44. Horrible waste of money


    Yes, this blowdryer looks cool. However, compared to my parlux, it doesn't stand a chance. The airflow and heat is weak. The design is also not practical especially with such a straight handle, I find it hurts my wrist when round brushing my hair.
  45. Amazing!


    I just used for the first time, seriously cut 10 mins off of my drying time. It left my hair smooth enough that I then totally eliminated the need to touch up with the flat iron or large barrel curling iron. Another 10 mins saved, plus less damage to my hair. I have thick, slightly curly hair that is a bit longer than shoulder length. It was only afterwards that I registered my product and watched...
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  46. love this


    This is the best hairdryer ever. i have long thick curly hair and it dries my hair pretty fast with minimal frizz.
  47. love it


    drying time is reduced significantly for my thick curly hair. helps with frizz also. love the magnetic attachments
  48. Soo quiet!


    My sister had this hairdryer so I use it anytime I get the chance & love it! It is so quiet & even without the hottest seeing it works so effectively at drying my hair and leaving it feeling nice & soft after unlike my hair dryer. Saving up to buy my own (hopefully soon)!!
  49. Best hair drier out there


    This hair drier is amazing, not only does it make your hair look like a salon blow dry it also is better for your hair and dries it in half the time. Great for people with thick finer hair like mine. Might be expensive but worth it
  50. Not good!


    I really dislike this hairdryer. Yes, it does look really cool and is more quiet than other blowdryers. However, I am a hairstylist and have used this dryer on a number of different hair types and I have to say, I do not rate it at all. Also, the super straight handle is really uncomfortable. I think it would be fine for someone at home casually using the dryer, but I have gone back to my parlux b...
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  51. Fabulous for fine hair


    I have fine hair and I have struggled to find a hairdryer that doesn't leave my hair frizzy and flyaway. The Dyson is perfect. My hair ends up soft and shiny with no frizz. It might be pricy but if you have fine hair and are looking for a dryer to protect your hair, this one is for you. The other thing that makes this a winner is it's super quiet.
  52. Love it!


    This is a luxury product for hair care! I love this hairdryer, and it really is quieter than a normal one. My hair feels so much better since I've started using this. It's really a luxury and a joy to use! I recommend only if you have the budget, otherwise I'd pass on this.
  53. Great product


    This hairdryer is amazing. It uses a lower heat and it feels like it causes much less damage to your hair than a normal hairdryer. It leaves the hair looking so much smoother and shinier, and also feeling so much more smooth. I must admit it's a significant expense and I don't quite know if it's worth just how much it costs, but if money isn't an option, it's definitely worth it!
  54. Good, innovative but only best suited for a certain demographic


    If the price doesn't meet your budget, I would personally not think its worth to purchase this hair dryer as you will have other products which will do the same for less. However if you can afford this easily, then this product is worth it! It is healthier for your hair, takes less time to dry, and helps hair to be more smooth and shiny
  55. Loves my hair, hair loves it


    I had high expectations for this hairdryer (particularly given the price) and so far I’m not remotely disappointed! I wash and dry my hair more often than I probably should but with the Dyson Supersonic my hair isn’t feeling any where near as heat stressed or frizzy and even though the heat temperature is lower than a regular hair dryer my hair actually dries quicker.
  56. Innovative product


    I've been use to hair dryers but this takes things to the next level. Doesn't damage my hair and dries it super quick
  57. love the technology


    I splurged and got this and really love it. the technology is just amazing and my hair looks amazing
  58. Good but overpriced


    At the end of the day all it can do is just dry your hair. You can easily find a hairdryer that delivers same results but it way cheaper. It is a little bit less noisy then a regular one and dries your hair a little bit more quickly, it is not heavy either- that’s all I can see in terms of the advantage over any other hairdryer. The design is of course unique and I love it and it was one of the re...
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  59. Frizz Free


    I was skeptical about upgrading from my Parlux to the Dyson but after seeing so many reviews online and already owning and loving the Dyson Airwrap I thought I would give this expensive hairdryer a chance. Well I’m sooooo glad I did. I am able to diffuse my mop of curls beautifully leaving them defined and shiny. I have also given my daughter with longer hair a blow out using the new concentrator ...
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