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Dr. Bronner Toothpaste - Peppermint 140g

4.4 of 54 reviews


4 instalments of $3.57

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4 instalments of $3.57

Or 4 instalments of $3.57 with LEARN MORE

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Made with with 70% organic ingredients, Dr. Bronner Toothpaste - Peppermint helps keep your smile healthy! Dr. Bronner's toothpaste is a low-foaming formula with no synthetic detergent foaming agents. This organic toothpaste is fluoride-free, vegan and cruelty-free, with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners – none!
  • Cruelty Free

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GREAT - 82% recommend

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Dr. Bronner Toothpaste - Peppermint Reviews

4.4 of 54 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Generally Good


Dr Bronner’s Peppermint All-One Toothpaste is so AMAZING!! This product made with organic ingredients so anyone can use this from old to young. Better flavor and cleans very well

Most Helpful Criticism

don't like it


I don't quiet like it as the foamability of this toothpaste is too weak
  1. Generally Good


    Dr Bronner’s Peppermint All-One Toothpaste is so AMAZING!! This product made with organic ingredients so anyone can use this from old to young. Better flavor and cleans very well
  2. It's ok. Nothing special.


    verified purchaser
    It's a decent toothpaste, tastes alright, texture is alright, just find it disappears after a short time of brushing. Generally find myself topping up mid brush to just feel there's something there.
  3. don't like it


    verified purchaser
    I don't quiet like it as the foamability of this toothpaste is too weak
  4. Pretty great


    This is good for my 13 year old who can't seem to help but swallow the toothpaste. Toothpaste brands that we find in the supermarket all say "Do not swallow". Therefore this Dr Bronner seems much safer as there is no such warning on the product. It's a really big tube too, lasts for ages. We have repurchased many times.
  5. Great!


    Nice toothpaste, makes my teeth feel clean and breath very fresh. Smells good and not too strong
  6. A lovely toothpaste but runs out quickly


    verified purchaser
    I love Dr. Bronner products and find this one tastes nice. It doesn't lather as much as "usual" toothpastes from the supermarket and feels the teeniest bit grainy - in a nice way. My only concern is that, for the price, I wish this toothpaste would last a bit longer - I haven't had it very long and already feel myself getting close to the end.
  7. natural alternative


    this is great for a natural alternative. It does work well but I prefer my normal supermarket brand
  8. great natural alternative


    this is a great more natural toothpaste and works well
  9. not the best toothpaste


    not sure if it is because I have always used supermarket toothpastes that probably are not very natural but this wasn't very good, did not leave my mouth feeling clean
  10. a great natural alterantive


    this is great if you are after something natural however I do prefer my normal toothpaste
  11. wow


    such a great toothpaste I love the peppermint feeling gives this fresh feeling that i adore
  12. Dr. Bronner Toothpaste


    The only tiny criticism I have is that the plastic for the tube itself, is too firm/thick so that I have a bit of a hard time squeezing out the toothpaste one-handed. Other than that it's fine!
  13. Good


    Cleans well but bit too pepperminty for me
  14. Squeaky clean finish!


    I love this toothpaste, my mouth feels so fresh and clean and my breath is much fresher and minty! Plus the packaging is chic as hell
  15. Great Natural Option


    Great tasting natural toothpaste that is both effective at cleaning teeth and freshening the breath. Peppermint is my favourite flavour from the range.
  16. Loved


    Gives good peace of my mind that it's all natural but I don't think the toothpaste does anything special
  17. amazing natural toothpaste


    amazing natural toothpaste, lovely taste and you wouldn't even notice that it was all natural
  18. Tingly


    A really good natural toothpaste. Nice and minty, leaves your whole mouth feeling clean and the tube is a great size, will last you ages
  19. Good


    For a natural toothpaste it’s great. With natural products you have to leave expectations at the door, if you’re used to a smooth tri-coloured burning/minty toothpaste then you won’t enjoy this. But if you remind yourself, you’re using something that’s good for you then you’ll enjoy it!
  20. No nasty breath here!


    I've tried all the toothpastes, and this is my favourite of the bunch. It's fresh and minty and works just as well as non-natural toothpastes
  21. Love it


    Quite strong and leaves me with very fresh breathe. I genuinely love this and think it’s great.
  22. Strange flavour and texture


    I wanted a natural toothpaste as I'm trying to be more aware of ingredients. I like the idea of this company and their products.

    Unfortunately, this one didn't work for me. I found the texture off putting- quite grainy and bitty. I didn't love the flavour either- it didn't feel minty enough. The flavour did last in my mouth though.
  23. Kids love it


    The kids love this toothpaste but it doesn't feel hot like most other peppermint flavoured ones.
  24. Not the best


    I’m not keen on this toothpaste. It has a strange hard kind of grainy texture. Not easy or pleasant to use. There are plenty of better natural toothpastes out there. I will not buy this again. Disappointing considering how great other Dr Bronner products are.
  25. So fresh and so clean

    Elliot (Staff)

    FYI I love Dr. Bronners products and use their liquid soaps every day. As far as natural toothpastes go, this one is definitely in my top 3 for taste. I feel that this Toothpaste has a super fresh minty taste that's very palatable for all. The only thing is it doesn't lather very well, therefore you have to use a lot more of it per brush. I personally prefer a toothpaste that lathers easier.
  26. Good natural toothpaste


    I wanted to switch to a natural toothpaste. This one feels good and leaves my mouth clean and fresh. I don’t have other natural toothpastes to compare it to, but it doesn’t seem too different to what I’m used to, so definitely a good product for me. Id happily purchase again.
  27. Minty and fresh


    A natural toothpaste that actually leaves your mouth feeling fresh I’ve found a lot of other natural toothpaste don’t do this.
  28. Natural but not sure it works


    Seems like most other toothpastes, I like the idea of using it as it is meant to be natural and less chemicals but honestly doesn't leave my mouth feeling like it is clean. No real minty after taste. If you like a very basic non frothing toothpaste this may be for you, but if you prefer the serious minty clean feeling this toothpaste is not for you.
  29. My favourite toothpaste


    Much better than toothpaste full of chemicals. This is lovely and fresh and cleans my teeth well. I love it!
  30. The best


    I love this toothpaste, my mouth feels so fresh and clean and my breath is much fresher and minty!
    My partner loves this too
  31. my favourite of the bunch


    I've tried all the toothpastes, and this is my favourite of the bunch. It's fresh and minty and works just as well as non-natural toothpastes
  32. Great product


    I feel a lot better using a natural toothpaste. Some mainstream toothpastes gave me breakouts around my mouth! This one is super gentle and does the job just as well!!
  33. Definitely recommend


    I've used other natural toothpaste and have found them a bit dry and don't love the after feeling. This one is my favourite by far. I think it's great to try and give natural products a go where ever you can.
  34. So much better than regular toothpaste


    Switching to natural toothpaste was such a good call. I used to get really bad mouth breakouts and sensitivity in my teeth. Once I had switched my brand of toothpaste to this one I saw a pretty big change. If you can give it a go, definitely do!
  35. One of the better natural tooth pastes


    This is one of the better natural toothpastes which leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. It has a standard peppermint taste which is good if you're new to natural toothpastes. No complaints about this product.
  36. Awesome mint toothpaste


    The mint flavour is really nice and it's a good natural toothpaste.
  37. Sweet and minty


    I've tried all of the Dr Bronner toothpastes and I like peppermint the most! It's sweet and minty.
  38. Perfect!


    I love this product this is my second tube and I will be buying more in the future. I was looking for a good fluoride free product; this is great tasting and leaves my mouth feeling squeaky clean. Since using it I’ve noticed my teeth are getting whiter and recently my hygienist asked if I’d been using a professional whitening kit.
  39. Great natural toothpaste


    Wanted to switch to a natural fluoride free toothpaste and this is perfect. Cleans and whitens better than the previous commercial toothpaste I used. The only downside doesn't froth so it can be a bit messy to start with.
  40. Love this toothpaste


    After trying this, I can't really go back to the usual mass market toothpastes. Its minty in a nice fresh way that isn't too sharp. Very pleasant taste!
  41. Nice mint flavour


    Most natural toothpastes have a not so nice flavour, but this peppermint is really nice! It doesn't froth a lot but it's fresh and minty.
  42. Pleasant


    Works very well, leaves teeth feeling clean and smooth, pleasant mild flavour and low foaming.
  43. Nice natural toothpaste


    Received this as a sample and used it over the weekend when I travelled - whilst I love natural products, I was a touch dubious about using this but found my teeth felt really clean afterwards, and it certainly freshened my breath. Like other reviews have noted, it doesn't froth up as much as a normal "commercial" toothpaste (which initially had me wondering if it was going to be any good), but f...
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  44. Clean feel


    I got this toothpaste as a freebie and really like it.

    The taste is natural and fresh and my teeth feel squeaky clean after use.
    The lack of foam is a bit tricky at the beginning as it feels very runny and makes you rush.

    Do not give into temptation to use more paste - that does not make a difference! Just brush as you would normally do and all is good.
    I ...
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  45. Big tube of Toothpaste!


    I love how large the tube is .. it is very cute. The toothpaste itself works really well but it doesn't bubble much. This is probably because it doesn't have nasty chemicals in it. It does a good job of cleaning teeth and feels/taste nice.
  46. Lovely mint toothpaste


    This is a really nice tasting mint toothpaste. It's not too sharp but still minty enough to make your teeth feel clean.
  47. Great natural toothpaste


    This works really well and does freshen your breath quite a bit, I wish it was a bit frothier like regular toothpaste but it's still good!
  48. Great natural toothpaste


    I prefer to use natural products and was a bit skeptics about how clean my teeth would feel with a natural toothpaste but I absolutely love it. It has such a lovely mint flavour and leaves my teeth feeling really clean. It doesn’t froth as much as other toothpastes but I still feel it cleans really well.
  49. Lovely Mint!


    Really love this peppermint toothpaste, it's minty without being over powering. Feels fresh but surprisingly doesn't froth like other toothpastes.
  50. great natural toothpaste


    I really liked this toothpaste, the only thing I wish is that it frothed up a bit more!
  51. Natural


    I used it for a while and I love the taste. However, I am switching to a cruelty-free toothpaste with fluoride as I believe I need it, my teeth feel like they're getting yellow without it.
  52. Very different to mass market toothpastes.


    I love Dr Bronner products as they are reasonably priced and generally work well and have multiple uses. I was pleased to receive this as a sample in one of my orders as I have wanted to try more natural products, including in my dental care. I love the packaging and the taste is really nice and minty. I think one thing to get used to is that it doesn't foam, or use any synthetic foaming agents wh...
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  53. Pricey but great


    Expensive for a toothpaste. But you're paying for the quality and ingredients. I can feel the difference compared to the mass produced products. I look forward to seeing the results it has once I have used for a while.
  54. Mint Lover's Toothpaste


    I tried this toothpaste early in the year and haven't used anything else since. If you like mint (like me), you'll like this toothpaste. It has a strong mint scent, in a good way since it leaves your teeth feeling refreshed and clean. I've tried other natural and organic toothpastes before and this is one of the nicer ones. Surprisingly it doesn't froth as much as others.
  55. love this

    Sarah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm trying to use as many organic/non toxic products as I can. Toothpaste was on my hit list!

    Yes, it's on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. This toothpaste contains 70% organic ingredients and no synthetic nasties, and has a really lovely taste. Its gives a good clean so I'm completely turned. Love it!
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