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Since 1996, Designer Brands has been Australia's leading cosmetics brand to prove that affordability doesn't mean compromise. Designer Brands was created to challenge the notion that high-end was the be-all and end-all of quality.


After living in America and noticing that Los Angeles women always looked flawless in inexpensive clothing, but inexpensive in beauty tended to mean poor quality, a husband and wife team invented Designer Brands on the back of a napkin, and moved back to Australia to launch 15 products.


A decade later, Designer Brands is now found in four thousand pharmacies across Australia, pioneering quality affordable makeup inspired by trends yet maintaining a classic, timeless edge.


Designer Brands is proudly  free from parabens, talc and bismuth. On top of that, DB have also obtained Vegan and Cruelty Free Certifications across the entire makeup range.

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Designer Brands Shape Up Contour & Concealer DuoDesigner Brands Shape Up Contour & Concealer Duo
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Shape Up Contour & Concealer Duo


Amazing to add depth in cheekbones! Great contour and concealer duo!
Designer Brands Absolute Lash - Blackest BlackDesigner Brands Absolute Lash - Blackest Black
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Absolute Lash - Blackest Black


This product is honestly amazing! It is very cheap and surprising very good! It makes my lashes look amazing it doesn’t make them feel heavy but makes them look full and very fluffy and long
Designer Brands Brow PencilDesigner Brands Brow Pencil
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Brow Pencil

Cheap but effective!

I bought this after running out of my other regular pencil. I thought it would be inexpensive and not really work. I was wrong! Loved the colour (I went for blonde with my blonde hair and dark brows) and love the spool. A great price and I will repurchase. Only downside...need to sharpen the pencil and sharpener not included.
Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying MascaraDesigner Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara

Pretty for everyday lashes

This is a good everyday mascara as it lasts all day with no smudging or flaking. I love the tubular formula because normal mascaras usually smudge everywhere for me. Unfortunately, it's not that lengthening and volumising so it's natural looking. The brush itself is also quite prickly and hard.

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