Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser 250ml

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Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser 250ml by Dermalogica

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Cleansing can be hard on sensitive or reactive skins. Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser takes the sting out of cleansing by infusing a silky cream-gel texture with soothing active ingredients.

These carefully chosen actives penetrate deep within the skin to counteract inflammation, redness, and irritation. This pH-balanced formula reduces discomfort during cleansing, setting you up for a great skin day or a soothing evening routine.

Key benefits

  • Cleanses without stripping skin’s natural moisture barrier protection
  • pH-balanced to ensure skin’s natural moisture reserves remain balanced and intact
  • Soothes and cools redness and irritation
  • Helps to repair skin that’s sensitised, damaged, or irritated
  • PETA-accredited, cruelty-free


Key ingredients


  • Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Complex contains Oat and Botanical Actives that block inflammatory triggers that lead to sensitisation. These ingredients help reduce itching, burning, and other discomfort.
  • Raspberry, Lavender, Cornflower, and Cucumber extracts calm and cool the redness and heat associated with reactive, sensitised, or overstimulated skin as well as rosacea.

How to use

  • Dispense a small amount of UltraCalming Cleanser into wet hands.
  • Massage onto a damp face and neck.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • For skin that reacts to water, simply massage onto dry skin and remove with a facecloth.

Who is Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser for?

This cleanser is suitable for all ages, genders, and skin types. Those with irritated or sensitive skin will benefit most from use of this product.

What is the difference between a reaction to a product and a sensitive skin type?

Those who believe they have sensitive skin may simply be reacting to a particular ingredient. If irritation occurs immediately after use of a certain product, after introducing a new product into your routine, or consistently after use of a particular product, you may be simply reacting to one particular ingredient.

If skin is consistently red, irritated, and reacts to nearly every product not specifically designed for sensitive skin, you likely have a sensitive skin type.

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Feels incredable - 14-06-2018 by

I am living for this. Feels like silk when I am washing my face. It's such a nice feeling. My face always feels so fresh after using this !

I've used many cleansers, but this COMES OUT ON TOP - 08-06-2018 by

Over the years, I've used a ridiculous amount of cleansers from different brands, both high end and drug store. This is by far the only one that is consistent and actually calms my skin as it claims. I have super sensitive skin which reacts really quickly to the environment. This cleanser definitely showed my skin who's boss.

I highly recommend this - 07-06-2018 by

I really love how gentle this is on my skin. Leaves it feeling deeply cleaned without any irritation to my skin. The formula is one of a kind. I will repurchase the big bottle! It's like cleaning my face with silk

great for sensitive skin, smells nice - 05-06-2018 by

I've always used the essential cleansing solution but recently converted to the ultracalming. My skin is dry and sensitive. I'm half way through the bottle and so far so good it hasn't irritated it yet. I find it doesn't clean as well as the essential cleanser though and it is more of a gel and cream together.

One of my all time favourites - 08-05-2018 by

This would have to be one of the best cleansers I have tried! I use this morning and night and works great with my Clarisonic

Good for sensitive skin - 29-04-2018 by

This is a pretty good cleanser for sensitive that makes your skin feel a lot less red and irritated. It doesn't feel like it reeeally cleans the skin though, so I usually use a different cleanser before using this one just to make sure all the nasty stuff is off my face before going to bed. :)

So far, so good - 11-12-2017 by

Got this for my boyfriend who has bad seborrheic dermatitis on his face and scalp (obvious this is just for the face). He's tried so many things targeted for sensitive skin and all seem to make his flare ups worse, but this has been great so far, redness has calmed down drastically on his flared up areas.

wonderful - 10-10-2017 by

A wonderful gentle cleanser. I purchased this for myself even though I don't have very sensitive and irritated skin and have enjoyed it as my daily cleanser. I have since switched to the special cleansing gel as I don't require quite a gentle cleanser. However, I gifted this product to a friend of mine who has very red, irritated and sensitive skin and she absolutely loves it and it works very well with her skin. I will definitely recommend to people with sensitive skin

Excellent cleanser - 02-09-2016 by

I always come back to this cleanser as it is just the best. After going through a period of about 6 months with terrible acne and breakouts then using this range twice a day, my face has come a long way - almost all acne has cleared and I rarely get new pimples. This seems to be the only brand that does not cause or worsen my breakouts. Please do not go past it! It's changed my life and hopefully yours will too.

My Everyday Cleanser - 22-04-2015 by

This is what I use on a twice-daily basic for my sensitive skin. It provides thorough cleaning and is gentle on my skin. I also use this cleanser along with my Clairisonic a few times a week.

Love it - 25-06-2014 by

Love how Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser feels! Quick, easy and hydrating enough to not make me oily.

Has definitely helped prevent breakouts. I absolutely love it!

Wonderful cleanser - 30-05-2014 by

I have sensitive skin and this cleanser leaves my skin feeling hydrated. I use it at night only to make it stretch a little further.

nourished. - 25-09-2012 by

i truly love this product. the results leave my skin feeling nourished and hydrated. thank you!

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