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Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 100ml 100ml

4.5 of 177 reviews

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4 instalments of $22.73

Or 4 instalments of $22.73 with LEARN MORE

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Infuse skin with continuous moisture for 48 hours with Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. This new and improved formula hydrates skin while helping to protect against damaging environmental stressors.
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  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

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Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 100ml

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 100ml

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Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 100ml Reviews

4.5 of 177 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This stuff is amazing, I stopped using it for awhile, but my other (more expensive) moisturisers weren't working for me, and for some reason I had kept this in my cabinet and had a little left and I started using it to tide me over until my next order arrives, and wow, my skin is perfected, redness and discolouration is like gone, and it's like returned to its natural pale white state, it definitely feels perfect and holds the skin all together - like I don't feel like even making expressions wearing this - it's like a shield over the skin and I feel very relaxed and happy. I did order the active moist, as sometimes, before when I was using this, I noticed it could get oily on the nose, but so far today with my combination of serums, it feels fine, time will tell. Hopefully the active moist will be ok, otherwise I'll come back to this, I mean maybe use it in combination with another cream. I can't believe I ever left! Like months of not looking good eliminated in a night and day!

Most Helpful Criticism

Just Ok


I tried this product out in the "Meet Dermalogica" set, and wasn't overly impressed, especially considering its price point. It didn't make my skin (combination/oily) feel properly hydrated, and the smell was slightly chemically and unpleasant.
  1. Amazing


    This stuff is amazing, I stopped using it for awhile, but my other (more expensive) moisturisers weren't working for me, and for some reason I had kept this in my cabinet and had a little left and I started using it to tide me over until my next order arrives, and wow, my skin is perfected, redness and discolouration is like gone, and it's like returned to its natural pale white state, it definite...
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  2. Right moisturizer for me


    I really like this as a combine it with the spray toner and can notice my skin is feeling hydrated and moisturised however, probably wouldn't be rich enough for someone with dryer skin
  3. Very Hydrating Moisturiser

    Great Moisturiser

    I have very sensitive skin (dermatitis and eczema my whole life) and it is usually very dry. I’ve been using this moisturiser and my skin has felt really hydrated and I haven’t had any reactions or stinging from it. I only took 1/2 a star off because of the price.
  4. Great product


    This product does exactly what it claims to. My skin feels so soft after use and silky smooth. Highly recommend
  5. Soothing cream


    verified purchaser
    I normally have normal to oily skin but wanted to try a rich moisturiser, due to wearing face masks I've been having dry patches on my cheeks. My normal face creams caused more irritation and redness. After using for just over a week my skin has become much better and it feel very light on the skin so I will continue to use everyday
  6. Long lasting moisture without the residue


    I had a sample of this product and will buy in full size when I finish my current product. It is deeply nourishing but no oily residue I use it under my foundation even in summer
  7. Just right


    I love Skin Smoothing Cream as it’s “just right” - hydrating without being too thick / heavy or greasy. I add a sun cream for the day, and use over a booster at night.
  8. Just Ok


    I tried this product out in the "Meet Dermalogica" set, and wasn't overly impressed, especially considering its price point. It didn't make my skin (combination/oily) feel properly hydrated, and the smell was slightly chemically and unpleasant.
  9. Great product


    Great product. Face is smooth and soft once it's on and the next morning. Smells a bit weird.
  10. very smoothing


    this makes me skin feel so nice and smooth!!
  11. Worth it!


    I have found this moisturiser to be so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling so smooth. Highly recommend.
  12. A great moisturiser!


    I received a sample of this and found it to be very hydrating on the skin. There is a pleasant light citrus scent and my skin felt very moisturised and smooth after using it. It is a bit pricey however it is a quality formulation.
  13. Hydrating


    This feels so good on the skin and is a great cream. It helps with the dryness
  14. Moisturizer


    I wasn't impressed with this product, it has a citrus scent and contains Vitamins E, C and HA. Based on the ingredients list it sounds much more like a brightening/glow moisturizer than a Skin Smoothing product, I certainly didn't experience any Skin Smoothing. It also has Vitamin C in it which can be irritating for some acne suffers.
  15. My number one


    This is such an excellent moisturiser. Especially for my combination dry, acne-prone skin! It does a great job at moisturising without breaking me out. This moisturiser to me is like the responsible guy you should go on a date with but you keep getting distracted by other guys in prettier packaging. This is the good guy - consistent, dependable, if not a little boring. Let him love you!!
  16. Must buy for Combo Skin!


    I have combination skin - dry and oily with large pores. I'm prone to congestion, blemishes and inflammation. This is the only moisturiser I have used (I've tested a lot!) that compliments my skin. Its hydrating, doesn't leave a greasy film and leaves the skin dewy. And most importantly doesn't exaggerate my blemishes. Worth the price-tag. Highly recommend.
  17. Best moisturiser for skin use to FNQ weather


    I love this moisturiser! I have tried other brands but I always come back to Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream because it is the bomb!
    My skin can get dry during winter but I have found that this moisturiser helps it keep hydrated all day.
  18. Favourite moisturiser of all time


    Absolutely adore this. First purchased in winter last year to tackle dry skin in the colder months and fell in love with it straight away. It's so silky and SO hydrating without ever feeling heavy on your skin. I use this every morning as my AM moisturiser and will be very hard-pressed to ever try another a different brand.


    I got a sample, tiny size, was able to stretch it out over 3-4 mornings. I have purchased the full size. So far I have only used it in the mornings. I am extremely breakout prone and this has caused no issues. I tend to feel very dry and tight by the early afternoon so I'm hoping this might be hydrating enough so that does not happen? My skin really takes some time to adjust when the season change...
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  20. Gorgeous


    I got a sample of this from adore and I’m converted. Such a beautiful daytime moisturiser for my dry skin (I’m on roaccutane). Does leave a shine which I buff down with mineral makeup and I’m ready to go. Love it and will purchase again.
  21. Moisturising and smooth

    Roxy K

    At first I really liked this product- it was moisturising and my skin felt plump for the whole day. The only issue I had was that after a few weeks it smelt awful, I’m thinking it may have turned bad?
  22. for everyday


    used it for years and has always left my skin feeling soft and clear without being greasy. I use it under makeup as well without any lifting or smearing!
  23. Nice smoothing cream but needed to use a serum before applying for full benefit.


    I received a sample of this & not sure of the benefits to my particular skin as I needed to use a serum before applying this to see/feel a difference.
  24. nice cream


    When I applied this at night and woke up in the morning, my skin looked so smoothed out and healthier
  25. Smoothing and soothing


    This is a lovely rich cream that keeps my skin soft and hydrated.
    It's on the thick side but absorbs quickly leaving a dewy finish o the skin.
    A little goes a long way.
    There is no added scent.
    This is a great everyday, day and night moisturiser for all skin types.
  26. Great for dry skin


    I got a few samples of this and will buy when my current moisturiser runs out. I have sensitive dehydrated skin and this sinks in perfectly and leaves skin feeling really hydrated
  27. soothing


    received a sample size of this. Definitely makes your skin smooth. I also found it very calming on my skin. Will be buying the full size
  28. Baby soft skin


    This product does exactly what it says, it smooths you skin. It's an awesome moisturiser, not too thick and goes on easy. After a few days of using this product I could feel the change in my skin, it was so smooth and soft to touch. Having quite sensitive skin I'm careful with what I put on it but no probs with this one.
  29. So far so good


    I've been using this for two days and find it's really nice and hydrating. My skin has dried out quite a lot from using a new retinol, this is great so far for soothing and hydrating that skin. I find it quite rich with long lasting hydration for my dry skin.
  30. Amazingly hydrating


    This moisturiser is amazing - it's thick in that it's super hydrating, but it's thin and doesn't feel sticky or like it's clogging your skin. You only need a small amount, and should last you about 6 months, if not longer. Love this for hydration and everyday use (under SPF).

  31. Beautiful


    This review is for the old formula, which is absolutely amazing and incredibly hydrating. I'm keen to see if the new formula is as good..
  32. Smells Lovely


    I first used this when I received a sample and fell in love with it and so purchased the full size. It smells divine, and feels great. If you're after a heavy really moisturising night cream, this isnt it but it is lovely. This is my summer time night cream.
  33. Nice but not the greatest


    I enjoyed using this but I wouldn't repurchase. It would be great for a summer moisturiser but it's not great for winter skin or super dry skin.
  34. Ok for sensitive skin


    I have dry, very sensitive skin which is prone to flakiness & seem to be allergic to almost everything. This doesn't cause a reaction but I don't find the new formula as moisturising & have had to add rosehip oil to my routine as a booster. That said my skin now looks better than it ever has, so while I don't necessarily rate this super high as a stand-alone product for my skin if you have sensi...
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  35. Great product


    Great product but so over priced.
  36. Great product


    Great product but so over priced.
  37. Dermalogica Moisturiser

    Dermalogica Moisturiser

    I have had an array of issues with my skin including dermatitis and acne. When I try new products (even natural ones) they can sting and leave my face with a red rash.

    This moisturiser was excellent! I usually have very dry skin, so two coats of this before bed leaves my skin really nourished. It soaks in really well especially after using the gentle daily micro-exfoliant.
    I a...
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  38. Good moisturiser, not for me

    Elle Maze

    I don't mind skin smoothing cream on the occasion, but I do prefer something a little more light weight for my skin. It is great if I am feeling extra dry, but on a daily basis, I use calm water gel. Maybe I am just used to that texture now. This is great for someone with normal-normal/dry skin.
  39. Lives up to the name


    Smoothed my skin.
    A nice texture that is not overly thick or hard to sink into the skin. Does not make my acne prone skin oily.
  40. THE moisturiser YOU NEED!!!!!


    This is the biggest game changer and you'd be silly not try it! This is going to be so perfect for winter because of its consistency for sure. I use this on my neck and chest along with my face and it has aided any try patches/textured patches on those areas which I didn't know I had since i have a normal to oily skin type, so fair to say I don't think i can live without this!!
  41. a great night cream


    this is great to use as a night cream as it is quite heavy so locks in moisture for overnight hydration
  42. Amazing product

    Skin smoothing cream

    I am been using this product as my night time routine, it’s so smooth & hydrates my skin so perfectly
  43. My daily moisturizer!


    I use this product daily, under my SFP sunscreen and then full coverage make up.
    It is very smooth and leave my skin moist all day. I have combination skin with pigmentation and use it as part of a full Dermalogica skin care routine.
    The price can be on the high end, but you get what you pay for.
  44. Lovely lightweight moisture


    I have used this face cream morning and night for about 7 years whilst living in a fairly humid climate. Worked brilliantly leaving skin hydrated and smooth without any grease or oil shine. However, since moving to a very dry climate, it hasn't given me enough moisture so have switched to Intense Moisture Balance which has done the trick
  45. my go-to


    I've been using this for years. A great basic moisturiser that isn't too heavy. Not loving the new formulation as much though.
  46. Perfect Moisturiser


    Keeps skin hydrated the entire day and has no sticky / oily residue. Noticeable difference in my dry skin especially on my cheeks which was a massive problem area for me.
  47. Excellent moisturisation


    My skin around the eyes is sensitive because of retinol that i started using for 5 days now. Applying this over that stinged a bit. But otherwise, this cream is excellent in moisturising overnight and befoer applying make up in the day!
  48. Ultra hydration


    I bought this as a treat for myself and I am so glad that I did. Yes, it is pricey but the opening of the tube is nice and small which prevents overuse. It plumps my skin nicely and I use it morning and night. I think I will continue to purchase this as winter is almost here and my skin can get very dry!
  49. Hydrating


    A nice day time moisturiser I received it as a sample it's light and hydrating not sure if I would buy the full size
  50. Sticky

    Perfecting skin

    I tried it out as i got it as a sample. I found it very sticky to my dry skin. Hydration is not too bad but it smells funny. I think it is true for all dermalogica products.
  51. Not bad


    I got a free sample of this in one of my orders. A lot of the reviews seem to love this product but, for the price for this product, I found it to be just a simple moisturiser. I'm happy this was just a sample as I will not be buying this product.
    P.S It smells.
  52. Beautiful product


    This moisturiser smells amazing and hydrates just as well. I have been using this from my twenties to my thirties and it continues to give good results. It can sting a little if my sin is a little sensitised.
  53. Not worth the price


    I know loads of people rave about this product but I just can't justify the price for this product. This is just a simple moisturiser that smells terrible. Save your money for serum and purchase a cheaper moisturiser.
  54. works wonders


    makes my skin glow
  55. Saw results overnight!


    Received a trial sample of this product and I never having tried any dermalogica products prior so was a excited but sceptical due to brands hype.
    Applied at night and when i woke up ...i was wow just wow. I legit stared at my skin in the mirror. My skin was very noticeably smoother, clearer and brighter. Now i see why the brand is loved. Planning to purchase once my moisturizer is done.
  56. Great everyday moisturiser


    I find it really difficult to buy a moisturiser that isn't too oily for my skin. This one is great even under makeup. My biggest issue is just how expensive it is.
  57. Skin so SOFT


    Got this in the sample pack, it has left my skin so soft and has helped with my acne scars as well! Only downside is the price
  58. Love It

    Laura M

    I got this to try in the Dermalogica Meet Dermalogica Kit, I have since purchased the full size bottle.
    At first I didn't like the smell of this but after a few uses I have gotten use to it.
    My face feels nice and smooth after use.
    Decent size bottle for the price.
  59. good for dry skin


    dermalogica intensive moisture balance is the BEST. LOVE IT SO MUCH
  60. Soothing


    I find this cream very soothing and hydrating. I received a sample and loved it. I think this is definitely a staple in my drawer for now on.
  61. One of my favourites


    I love this moisturiser as it's lightweight and super hydrating. I have bought the 50ml as it's perfect for planes to stop skin drying out. The only downside to this is the price, but it is amazing quality so if you don't mind spending a bit more this would be great for you.
  62. smoothing !


    it definitely does what it says and smoothes the skin out, i use this everyday and i find it very hydrating and i really good product! it is a bit pricey for an everyday moisturiser though
  63. Does what it says!


    I have super dry skin and this cream has definitely improved that! The only thing I'm not a fan of is the scent
  64. hydrating


    This moisturizer has a thicker consistency but it very hydrating on the skin. I have very dry skin and this has made a big difference to my skin
  65. Ok moisturiser


    Tired a sample. It dose the job that a moisturiser meant to do. It’s a bit pricey for a simple moisturiser.
  66. Great


    This is very hydrating and helps smooth out my skin over time but a bit expensive
  67. Great everyday moisturiser


    Feels so great on my skin - lightweight but hydrating, sits well under powder makeup (haven't tried it with cream or gel). Will be buying again!
  68. best moisturiser!


    I don't wear makeup anymore so people see me fresh faced and I actually get compliments (which is amazing to me because I've always been so self conscious of my terrible skin) and am asked what moisturiser I use.
    A little goes a long way and it literally lasts all day and night. My skin feels so hydrated, fresh and smooth and does not at all look or feel greasy or oily.
  69. Good not great


    I have combination skin and I thought this moisture would be good because it is nice and lightweight and not greasy. Unfortunately it didn’t feel that it was moisturising enough so I found myself putting 2 layers on my cheeks and neck. I think I will go back to the ‘dynamic skin recovery’ which I love and also has spf.
  70. It’s Ok.


    I used this for years and although it has a nice scent and absorbs well, it’s just not that hydrating. I could literally apply 5 coats before it really made much of a difference. Since changing to a more hydrating cream my skin has been much happier.
  71. Great product


    Amazing moisturizer that doesn’t add shine! Really hard to achieve but this definitely has. Wish it was cheaper though.
  72. Received as a sample; purchased immediately

    Bree M

    I am very fussy with moisturisers and often find them far too thick. I received this as a sample and purchased it immediately. It is gentle, hydrating, can be used in the morning and in the evening, has a neutral but fresh and clean smell, and is great for layering sunscreen and makeup over the top. Very impressed with this product.
  73. not heavy


    A great product that I have used for many years. I find it works for me Summer or Winter, delivering just the right amount of moisture without being heavy.
  74. Smoothing


    I received a sample of this it's hydrating and it's good but I think there's better ones out there for that price.
  75. Does the job


    This product paired with the special cleansing gel is the perfect combo. This moisturiser is light and absorbs straight into the skin without clogging pores.
    It's a great base for make up and provides a great amount of moisture for your skin during the day. My skin is always smooth and free from flakes. I'm only shattered about it not having SPF!
  76. OK Cream


    I had high hopes for this product, however I find that it makes my face look and feel very greasy for hours after applying it. I didn't notice any difference from using it and to be honest the greasiness on my skin really put me off. I really love Dermalogica, but I've found with this brand you really need to find the product that's exactly right for you. I personally wouldn't repurchase this, I w...
    Read More
  77. Love this


    Hydrates without making skin oily. So smooth and lovely on your skin
  78. pretty good


    Great soothing cream works wonders cannot find a fault tbh
  79. Hydrating without being overbearing


    I have dehydrated skin that is currently breaking out and I found this helped with moisture levels without making acne worse. Dermalogica make such effective skincare and this is no exception. I received a deluxe sample of this and would definitely consider purchasing in the future.
  80. Dermalogica does it again!


    I absolutely love this cream. It has a pleasant scent, and truly feels amazing when I use it on my skin.

    For me, it is instantly smoothing and hydrating - and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple the day after I use it. It isn't too heavy and still leaves my skin feeling breathable.
  81. Amazing Product!


    Ive been using this product for years now and its amazing. It it lightweight and doesn’t go greasy. It is suitable for both day and night.
  82. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream


    A nice everyday moisturiser, but nothing to write home about. I found I had to use a lot to get the moisture I needed, even though I am oily. Sat funny under some foundations as well. I have found better options, and so probably won’t repurchase.
  83. good moisturiser


    a good moisturiser but maybe not worth it for the price
  84. Love this product


    Finally found a moisturizer I want to stick with :) I’ve tried 3 products from this brand now and have loved them all
  85. Lovely


    A lovely moisturiser. Nothing special just a good all round moisturiser that works.
  86. Ok


    Smooth on my skin and light weight. Doesn't make my skin oily which is a huge thing for me.
  87. Love this


    Smooth on my skin and light weight. Doesn't make my skin oily which is a huge thing for me.
  88. Hydrting!


    Really helped to even out my skin texture. I love it.
  89. Favourite Moisturiser


    This is the best moisturiser I have owned. I have combination to dry skin and I need that moisture. But I also have sensitive skin and can break out easily. This gives me enough moisture without making me break out or have congestion in my skin.
  90. perfect moisturiser


    i have oily skin and this is my holy grail moisturiser, perfect for am and pm. I love everything about this moisturiser, the texture, scent (doesn't really have one but still). It truly does smooth my skin leaving it flawless for any makeup apllication.
  91. Thank you!


    I used to buy this in the department stores full price until I came across Adore beauty and it's cheaper here.
  92. Lightweight moisturiser


    I received a sample of this with an Ab order, absolutely loved the product. It is lightweight, non- greasy and moisturising. Loved the smooth texture, will definitely purchase!
  93. great moisturiser


    a bit on the pricey side but a great moisturiser that doesn't break me out
  94. Nice finish


    Nice formula, leaves a really smooth finish on the skin. Quite hydrating. Sinks into skin rather than sits on top. My favourite of the dermalogica moisturiser range.
  95. great product


    I love this product it makes my skin feel so nice
  96. Best mosturiser


    This is a good mosturizer. Moderately rich in texture yet penetrate deep into skin. Will not cause acne.
  97. Great find for oily skin


    I really love this product, it’s not greasy at all, although I do prefer something with a bit more oomph for night time. This is perfect for oily skin for a day moisturiser.
  98. Great for sensitive skin


    I really loved this product when I was doing through a retinol purge period, when my skin was more sensitive and acne prone. It didn’t clog my pores at all, and was very hydrating.
  99. Great for sensitive skin


    I really loved this product when I was doing through a retinol purge period, when my skin was more sensitive and acne prone. It didn’t clog my pores at all, and was very hydrating.
  100. Smooth Skin


    I received a sample of the smoothing cream and have been using it for only night time. It does smooth your skin! I would wake up the next day and have glowing skin and it's just baby soft!
    Not sure about the price, but it does do what it says!
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