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Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 100ml 100ml

4.6 of 88 reviews

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4 instalments of $21.60


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Infuse skin with continuous moisture for 48 hours with Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. This new and improved formula hydrates skin while helping to protect against damaging environmental stressors.
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  • Cruelty Free

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

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Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 100ml

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream 100ml

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4.6 of 88 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lightweight moisturiser


I received a sample of this with an Ab order, absolutely loved the product. It is lightweight, non- greasy and moisturising. Loved the smooth texture, will definitely purchase!

Most Helpful Criticism

Only ok


I found this moisturizer not the best for my sensitive dry skin. It left my skin feeling too oily and had to give the tube to my friend who had better luck with it and loved it. I went back to using Dermalogica intensive moisture balance which suits my skin better.
  1. Lightweight moisturiser


    I received a sample of this with an Ab order, absolutely loved the product. It is lightweight, non- greasy and moisturising. Loved the smooth texture, will definitely purchase!
  2. great moisturiser


    a bit on the pricey side but a great moisturiser that doesn't break me out
  3. Nice finish


    Nice formula, leaves a really smooth finish on the skin. Quite hydrating. Sinks into skin rather than sits on top. My favourite of the dermalogica moisturiser range.
  4. great product


    I love this product it makes my skin feel so nice
  5. Best mosturiser


    This is a good mosturizer. Moderately rich in texture yet penetrate deep into skin. Will not cause acne.
  6. Great find for oily skin


    I really love this product, it’s not greasy at all, although I do prefer something with a bit more oomph for night time. This is perfect for oily skin for a day moisturiser.
  7. Great for sensitive skin


    I really loved this product when I was doing through a retinol purge period, when my skin was more sensitive and acne prone. It didn’t clog my pores at all, and was very hydrating.
  8. Great for sensitive skin


    I really loved this product when I was doing through a retinol purge period, when my skin was more sensitive and acne prone. It didn’t clog my pores at all, and was very hydrating.
  9. Smooth Skin


    I received a sample of the smoothing cream and have been using it for only night time. It does smooth your skin! I would wake up the next day and have glowing skin and it's just baby soft!
    Not sure about the price, but it does do what it says!
  10. Really like it


    This is a beautiful moisturising cream that deeply hydrates and leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple.
  11. Best moisturiser!


    I’ve tried many moisturisers from inexpensive to expensive. I received this in a gift bag with my last order and I was really surprised. I have oily acne prone skin and I found my skin doesn’t feel more oily, it feels hydrated and my skin feels SO smooth all day. I’m 100% going to purchase a full size
  12. Good cream


    Got a sample of this. A good cream for me to hydrating me skin. Not very oily.
  13. Excellent of any time of the year


    This moisturizer is very effective for normal to dry skin and not heavy at all. I love it!
  14. Perfect


    Doesn't make my skin oily but hydrates it and feels plump.
  15. Natures best friend


    Feels lovely has no sent I think it would be great for sensitive skin.
  16. Most favourite moisturiser


    The delivery was very quick as usual. The product leaves my skin feeling hydrated, smooth in appearance and not oily. The skin soaks in the product leaving the slightest residue on the skin. I’ve tried so many moisturisers and this is by far my most favourite.
  17. Simple Overall Moisture


    This is exactly what it says it is. No scent, which I prefer, and not too rich. Great texture. I noticed my partner started using this product too, which confirms to me that it's a no fuss product that even men are happy to use. Recommend if you want something to use day or night and feels weightless. Not shiny or greasy.
  18. Nice moisturiser


    Not sure if it's worth the price but it's honestly faultless as a moisturizer. Feels lovely on skin.
  19. hydrating!


    I found this made my skin feel amazing and staying hydrated all day. if you only like lightweight creams i wouldn't recommend this , i have dry skin that's why i love it!
  20. love this


    Such a must have for those with problematic skin! Been a favourite of mine for a while!
  21. Only ok


    I found this moisturizer not the best for my sensitive dry skin. It left my skin feeling too oily and had to give the tube to my friend who had better luck with it and loved it. I went back to using Dermalogica intensive moisture balance which suits my skin better.
  22. The perfect moisturiser


    This moisturiser is perfect for my skin. It makes my skin feel moisturised and gets rid of the dry feeling I sometimes get after cleansing. Perfect for all skin types. I also love the smooth texture of this product. I am obsessed.
  23. So hydrating


    I suffer from sensitive and dry skin, this moisturiser combats any flakiness and feels beautiful on the skin.
  24. LOVE!


    Ive suffered from really bad skin for as long as I can remember. I use to use Proactive and it completely messed up my skin. On the surface it looked 'ok' but close up there was A LOT of bumps and pimples under my skin. It was gross :(

    Anyway, I was recommended the Smoothing cream from the Dermalogica store at my local shopping centre along with other products. After about 2 weeks of using it my skin completely transformed.

    I 100% recommend this product. Every night I use the pre-cleanser, then the special cleansing gel and finish off with the skin smoothing cream.It makes my skin so hydrated without feeling oily and thick.

    2-3 times a week I will use the gentle cream exfoliant in my nightly routine (before applying the smoothing cream). Every morning I just use the special cleansing gel and smoothing cream (depending on how dry my skin is)
  25. leaves skin soft and not oily


    dont need much and leaves skin feeling soft and not oily.
  26. Perfect for oil/combo skin


    I have combination skin that tends to get oily, this is perfect for my skin as it hydrates but doesn't leave my skin greasy.
  27. Everything it promises


    This moisturiser is perfect for someone with combination skin who doesn’t like that oily feel many moisturisers leave. My skin drinks up every last drop of this and the hydration is so good that is has improved the look of my foundation finish. My new go to!!
  28. Not for my skin


    I have dry skin (& weather is cooler at the moment) so this product was pretty useless for me. It smells great but it did nothing for my face. After I applied it my face was dry and crying out for a better moisturiser. Really disappointing as reviews said it was great moisturiser. I guess you’ll never know till you trial it but better get samples first.
  29. Smells like a florist!


    This face cream literally smells like a florist and does wonders for the skin, super hydrating and non greasy!!
  30. Good!


    It’s very hydrating and thick, I just have very combination oily skin that I feel like the clear start lotion is a better fit.
  31. Great Moisturiser!


    I have oily, sensitive skin and normally use Dermalogica's Active Moist.
    My boyfriend however, uses the skin smoothing cream. I gave it a go when mine ran out and he had some of this left, and I love it! I'll be sticking with Active Moist for normal use, but I love to pinch this one when my skin feels like it needs something a bit thicker and more nourishing, especially in winter!
    Despite being a bit heavier than Active Moist, the Skin Smoothing Cream still doesn't make my oily skin too greasy, and never kicks up my sensitivities, either. Love it!
  32. Nice


    I received this as a sample and was happy with how soft my skin was left feeling
  33. Best moisturiser ever


    I bought the trial pack first to try out this cream and omg it is do amazing. My skin feels do smooth and hydrated so I am now about to buy the full size product. Love it so much.
  34. Good every day moisturiser


    I have combination skin and recently went through a hormonal change after having my daughter that left my skin really flaky and dry. This has helped clear up pretty quickly. You don’t need much and it absorbs really well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or sticky.
  35. My daily go-to moisturiser


    I have used this moisturiser for a number of years and I love it! It's great for when you're skin is kind of in between young and serious ageing. It's got a bit of weight to it but absorbs quickly without leaving the skin feeling suffocated as some of the thicker moisturisers do.

    A little bit goes a long way which makes it not so bad for price.
  36. A nice, thick moisturiser.


    I've got relatively normal, sensitive skin. I initially bought this because I wanted a thicker moisturiser for night time. I do really enjoy using this product as it is rich, and has a nice, faint smell.

    I feel as if this moisturiser is appropriate for night time, but if you have normal-oily skin, I think it may be too rich for your skin during the day.

    The packaging comes in a squeezy tube, which I appreciated for sanitary reasons. I only require a pea-sized amount to cover my entire face (given my face is already a bit damp from cleansing/exfoliating).

    Overall, I would recommend this product to someone who requires a simple moisturiser targeted for normal-dry skin for NIGHT time... not so much for throughout the day. I would repurchase this product, but this product is not a ride-or-die.
  37. Game changer


    It’s hard to describe the consistency of the product. I wanna say it’s thick cause it’s super hydrating but it’s not and it’s not a thin product either. It’s such a a happy medium product and I just love the way my skin looks after I’ve put it on.
  38. Pretty good


    Not as good as the OG brush but that doesn't seem to be stocked here anymore. This head is a pretty good replacement
  39. Extra moisture when needed


    I used to use Dermalogica Active Moist as my regular moisturiser but my skin was really struggling with dryness so my facialist recommended switching out to the Skin Smoothing Cream and it has bumped that extra moisture into my skin that it has really needed lately.

    I use it before my SPF moisturiser in the morning, and before my night cream at night for an extra moisture boost
  40. Sinks right into the skin


    After using the same moisturiser for a lengthy period, I felt as though my skin was getting worse, not better. I bought the 'Meet Dermalogica' pack to give the products a go, and after the first use I saw a noticeable difference. I have combination skin, oily t zone and quite dry in other areas. This product sinks straight into the skin.
  41. Effective and lightweight - love


    I use this as my day moisturiser and also mix this with the Sleep Cocoon of an evening, I find it effective for both, lightweight, melts into the skin well and isn't overly greasy. Definitely on the pricier side but so worth it because you don't need a great deal for it to work wonderfully. Definitely recommend.
  42. excellent


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  43. Hydrating


    I love this moisturiser. I have combination skin leaning more dry (especially in the colder months) and it’s perfect for me. Great value as well being a 100ml tube
  44. Nice


    Nice thick moisturiser, very hydrating, good for when my skin is feeling dryer as it hydrates without clogging. Excellent on my neck as well as face.
  45. excellent


    this moisturizer is so thick and nice, it is perfect for night time use and keeps my face hydrated all night! i love it so much and doesn't make me break out at all
  46. Worth the $$


    I was hesitant in buying this because of the price. However, it has lasted months and my skin is feeling amazing! So hydrating
  47. too thick for me


    It comes out quite thick in the tube and does feel heavy on the skin. personally I don't like the feel of the moisturiser but I used it a few times and it definitely holds the moisture in your skin and gives a great smoothing effect
  48. A perfect night time cream for very dry to combination skin, won't break out


    I absolutely adore this cream. It works beautifully on the very dry areas of the face, taking away the flakiness and it does not feel oily on the skin at all. I use it mainly as a night cream.I have combination skin, with dry areas around the mouth line and am now breaking out due to pre-menopausal hormone imbalance. I use prescription topical tretinoin and this cream really helps to not dry out my skin. I wake up with very soft skin that has has been soothed so much. It is fine for acne prone skin as it is non acnegenic and won't block the pores. Most recommended,
  49. Use at Night


    I have been using this for hydration at night time in combination with the Bright Pure Night serum. I like the texture of this product, it absorbs well into my skin and my skin does not feel dry when I wake up in the morning.
  50. Great product!


    I have oily skin so I was initially hesitant to purchase however it left my skin feeling and looking amazing.
  51. My favourite moisturiser


    I've been using this moisturiser for about a decade and a half and while I've tried others, I always come back to this. The amount of moisture is perfect for my combination/oily skin. I love the scent and the consistency of this cream. Go for it.
  52. Not suited to my skin


    I have quite oily skin and this feels quite thick. I received this as a sample and only used it at night. It was nice to use at night but I would say to heavy for day use unless you have really dry skin.
  53. Nice


    Quite a nice moisturiser however I do think there's better out there for less cost.. $$$
  54. Worth the price!


    Absolutely love this moisturiser! I have a normal to oily skin type and this moisturiser is not too heavy but also gives great hydration! Last ages as well as you really dont need much product especially if you use this with their toners! Worth the price!
  55. My go to for hydration


    I use this in combination with any serums & sunscreen boosters as it’s a great hydrate for day or night, absorbs well and doesn’t cause any breakouts. Have been using for 6 years now!
  56. Pricey but worth it...


    It is an expensive product, but it is AMAZING. It lasts a long time if you use an appropriate amount, and is seriously nourishing and hydrating.
  57. Great for night and day


    I love this moisturiser. It is moisturising enough to wear as a night cream, but soaks in quickly enough to use as a day cream. My skin is now looking hydrated all the time, and brighter as well.
  58. I love it!


    I was a little worried when they recently changed the formula (I think they maybe just added an extra ingredient?), but I needn’t have. This is still a great moisturiser for my dry, sensitised skin. Occasionally when I run out, I will use a different moisturiser, and I must say I quickly realise just how good this one is for my skin and order it again.
  59. Amazing


    This product is amazing and made my dry sensitive skin hydrated and glowing!! Amazing product and I absolutely it
  60. Easy to love


    I have tried many moisturisers for dehydrated and ageing skin, but I always come back to this cream. Super easy, not complicated - just gets the job done.
  61. Great for sensitive and dehydrated skin!


    I have been on the hunt for a moisturiser that my skin won’t react to and will hydrate my severely dehydrated skin. This Dermalogica moisturiser has saved my skin! I react to a lot of fragrances and oils in moisturisers and this is the only moisturiser that I have been able to use. It is just perfect for my severely dry and dehydrated sensitive skin. Cannot recommend enough!!!
  62. Worth the Money?


    I started with this moisturiser after using a fairly inexpensive pharmacy brand. The inexpensive brand was actually recommended by a dermatologist because it was gentle, works, and is reasonably priced. The dermalogica moisturiser definitely feel lighter and more refreshing, but makes no more difference to the texture and appearance of my skin than the cheaper brand I was using.
  63. Soft and nourishing


    This product is great for my sensitive skin and really leaves me feeling hydrated and moisturised. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite, only a shame it’s so expensive.
  64. Great


    I’ve been using skin smoothing cream for years and love it so I was nervous when it changed. Since using the new one for a few weeks now, it’s just as good and maybe a bit better in the afternoons as I don’t get as dry as I normally would if in Airconditioning.
  65. Cream


    This is a soothing cream indeed. Great for sensitive skin too
  66. Great buy!


    My skin is extremely oily and dry at the same time, every night I cleanse and exfoliate my face and straight after I apply this cream. My skin is left feeling smooth and the next morning my face is still smooth. This product comes with me everywhere!!
  67. Lovely moisturiser


    I got this as a sample and loved it. I have just purchased the 100ml to use. It is pricey but I'm sure a little goes a long way! I love dermalogica products, I find if I use supermarket brand stuff it causes my skin to break out. This is good quality product.
  68. Definitely smoothing


    I got a sample of this and will be purchasing the full size. Definitely smoothing and soothing. I use it when my skin needs a little care after retinols/glycolic acid
  69. Beautiful cream


    I received a sample of this and had to purchase the full size. It's perfectly hydrating without the oiliness. I have very dry skin and this is perfect for it.
  70. Favourite face lotion


    This is such a great face cream! It leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized all day long, and is even good on my super sensitive skin
  71. Long-term favourite


    I've been using this moisturiser for years and still don't feel the need to change. It's lightweight, great on my combination skin, layers really well over serums and under sunscreen, and keeps my skin feeling soft, moisturised, and supple. A great all-rounder.
  72. Just a winner


    This is an easy product to love. It just works and isn't complicated.
  73. Lovely and Lightweight


    My Mum got me onto this cream, and I really like it. Especially during Summer when I don't want to have super heavy creams on as it just feels too hot! A little definitely goes a long way with this one, and I love that it doesn't have any fragrance. I bought one of these in July last year and have used it practically every morning since then and I am only just getting close to needing another. It's pricey but it won't be something you have to repurchase often.
  74. Never Fails


    I have tried many moisturisers for dehydrated and ageing skin, but I always come back to this cream. It seems to just have the right combination of ingredients that keep my skin from building up dry skin; from preventing skin irritation and completely keeps my skin hydrated. If I have an event coming up, I make sure I am using this cream prior to avoid any problems.
  75. maximum hydration

    perfecting skin

    this gives my skin the best of the best hydration. it also makes my skin feels so smooth and soft. makeup application goes on it very smoothly as well
  76. Great mid-weight moisturiser


    This is a nice day cream for my dry skin. It layers well with serums and sunscreens and lasts all day.
  77. Wow...


    Received a sample of this and all I can say is wow...

    My skin felt instantly hydrated and looked glowy, without looking greasy!

    It didn’t clog my pores or cause any skin irritation.

    Highly recommended. I will be buying the full size soon.
  78. Perfect moisturiser


    This moisturiser has been perfect for my skin, I have combination (oily in the T-zone, dry around the edges) and it was able to evenly moisturise my skin and not cause breakouts. It's a lot more moisturising than the active moist by Dermalogica, without feeling thick and uncomfortable. I have worn this in 40 degrees, and -10 and in both it has had great results.
  79. Lovely


    My new go-to fave cream. Has a lovely creamy feel without being too greasy and has made a difference to the texture of my skin! Will be purchasing more when this runs out.
  80. so hydrating


    I love this cream! It's not too thick and soaks into the skin really nicely. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth
  81. Hydrating and Smoothing


    I love Dermalogica, this cream didn’t disappoint. I use it with my day and night routine, great under makeup and waking up in the morning, skin feels so soft and polished without being oily. I love this moisturiser so much I just got myself another one for backup!
  82. love love love!


    This product made my skin feel so smooth, and hydrated. My skin felt instantly! hydrated. I was actually shocked. Suitable for my sensitive and sometimes acneic skin type. I used this adore sample and fell in love. I will definitely be buying this product.
  83. Best one yet

    Weina H

    I've been using the previous Skin Smoothing Cream for years. This new upgraded version definitely hydrates for longer. Love it.
  84. Perfect for the dry & dehydrated


    I have been using this moisturiser for around 3 years & it has thoroughly improved the condition of my normal-dry/dehydrated skin in addition to regularly exfoliating.
    My skin instantly feels moisturised & it sits well under BB, foundation & powders.
    When used following an oil application, a little can spread along way.
    A beautiful moisturiser perfect for the drier skin types that just need that little extra.
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