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Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub 75ml

4.6 of 47 reviews

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Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub

Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub

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4.6 of 47 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great all round face scrub
I have been using this exfoliator for a little while and have had no irritation at all. I have very fair sensitive skin and sometimes use this daily. I don't so much notice much difference when I'm using it, its when I stop using it I really notice the difference. I'd purchase this product again for the price it lasts a long time

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing spectacular
I don’t love this exfoliant, I find it to abrasive and it doesn’t make my skin look or feel any better than before.
On the upside it priced fair and you only need to use a small amount, it seams to last for ages.
  1. Great all round face scrub

    I have been using this exfoliator for a little while and have had no irritation at all. I have very fair sensitive skin and sometimes use this daily. I don't so much notice much difference when I'm using it, its when I stop using it I really notice the difference. I'd purchase this product again for the price it lasts a long time
  2. Better than expected

    I received a sample of this, otherwise I would never buy Dermalogica due to a negative past experience years ago.
    I was pleasantly surprised its quite a good scrub. Gentle on the skin, and skin looks glowier straight after rinsing off. Would consider buying this when I need a new scrub. It's great that Adore Beauty sends samples, so I can try products I would otherwise never consider buying.
  3. Gentle yet effective

    I was recommended this by my esthetician for my sensitive skin. This gives you baby smooth skin! It has the perfect texture that gives you a good scrub but is still gentle. I have never experienced breakouts or irritation with this. Absolutely love this!
  4. expensive but alright

    Good scrub but nothing special in my opinion, much better products on the market for this price point! Didn't help hydrate my dry skin, don't recommend to everyone
  5. Light exfoliation

    Light exfoliator not too abrasive. Little goes a long way. Lasts a long time so value for money.
  6. A great regular scrub

    I use the Skin Prep Scrub every 2nd or 3rd day after using the special cleansing gel in the shower. I find it gives a really great clean without being too damaging on my sensitive skin. I like using it on my neck and chest too. Like all Dermalogica products, the fragrance is not overpowering. This is definitely wroth trying if you're afer a deeper clean than just the usual cleanser.
  7. Get this one!

    I love this exfoliant especially over the micro powder that dermalogica have since brought out, less messy, great results
  8. Great staple exfoliant

    I really like this scrub. It is everything it is described to be.
    It makes my skin feel great and prepares it for me to do a peel, mask or cleanse. It’s a great exfoliant to have in your skincare range. I use this daily or ever second day.
  9. Good

    This works well as a scrub it cleans the skin well and makes it feel smooth but nothing special about it
  10. Amazing

    have been using this product for over 12 months now and recently purchased my second tube. The micro beads in this product help to remove makeup without the harshness of other products, leaving your face feeling smooth and refreshed and clean. I would put this on my top 3 beauty products and highly recommend it to those who suffer with normal/oily skin with the occasional breakout.
  11. Nice

    Great scrub, nice and exfoliating without being too rough. No strong scent and lasts a few months when I use it a couple of times a week as you should exfoliate.
  12. not for everyone

    This is a great product. It can be pretty harsh so use a light touch when scrubbing the face. Not ideal for someone with acne prone skin as you risk spreading the bacteria. Leaves the skin feeling SO clean! Definitely try this out if you’re looking for a good exfoliator
  13. Great

    This is a great prep scrub and makes my skin feel amazing
  14. Nothing spectacular

    I don’t love this exfoliant, I find it to abrasive and it doesn’t make my skin look or feel any better than before.
    On the upside it priced fair and you only need to use a small amount, it seams to last for ages.
  15. Excellent

    I love this used directly on breakouts, it clears them up overnight or at least cuts out a lot of the redness and inflammation.

    It’s a pretty intense exfoliant all up, I love it for once a week heavy duty skin clean up but don’t really need that seeing I use the daily microfoliant. Good for removing fake tan or hair dye mistakes on the forehead and neck :)

    I’ve got forty plus dry combo skin and it doesn’t dry me out any worse than any other equivalent serious scrub.
  16. Good scrub

    I have used this product on and off for a while now but it's one I keep going back to. My skin is combination dry and fairly sensitive, this scrub is great because it has a nice, fine grit to it so it gives a really powerful exfoliation and leaves my skin super smooth!
  17. Amazing

    Fantastic masque that removes excess oil. Leaves your skin clean and feeling great!
  18. Great Product

    I received this as a sample and then purchased. I have oily skin prone to blemishes. This product is great for exfoliating before using a mask. It leaves skin feeling extra smooth and fresh. The physical exfoliant is quite fine so you only need to use a small amount and it doesn't feel like it has scratched the skin like some scrubs can.
  19. Quite exfoliating

    I received a sample of this with an order last week, i wouldn't purchase a full size simply because i found the granules in it too abrasive for my sensitive skin. Otherwise it gives a good deep clean and doesn't have a bad smell, or much smell at all really which i like.
  20. Nicest scrub

    I love this scrub, I’ve been using it for over 8 years now. I have acne prone skin and this does not break me out. I love using it once or twice a week before I apply serum or a moisturiser, it really gets rid of dead skin and brightens your complexion. I will not use another scrub, although I’ve tried many other brands I will always go back to this.
  21. Gentle scrub

    This is a really gentle scrub that leaves your skin feeling super polished. I use it once a week, right before a treatment or serum. Smells amazing!
  22. Good

    I have used this product with great results on some old scars on my face and it takes out the redness and dryness.
  23. An old favourite

    I have used this scrub on and off for years - the texture is perfect and my skin is always so healthy afterwards! A bit goes a long way!
  24. Gentle yet effective

    I have sensitive skin but this scrub doesn't make it red or dry which is a first!
  25. Essential part of your beauty routine!

    This is a brilliant scrub. It's gentle and does the job efficiently, leaving my skin smooth and clean. Unlike other scrubs, this is not too creamy or over perfumed. It's economical too, as you only need to use a little bit. I've used this on and off over the years - I found it excellent in my 30s, but tried other things in my early 40s as I thought I 'should' because my skin was becoming more mature. I was wrong - this is still perfect for my mid-40s skin so I'll keep using it forever now. Thank-you dermalogica!
  26. Beautiful product!

    I love how smooth this scrub leaves my face feeling! I have oily skin and it is great for unclogging my pores without feeling too harsh!
  27. Yes!

    I received a sample of this product and will definitely be buying. I used it in the evening and my skin instantly felt smooth and clear afterwards. Followed up with my normal nightly moisturiser and the next morning my skin was lovely and hydrated.
  28. Great product

    High quality product, always leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Doesn't try out my skin, keep my skin tone even as well. Highly recommend this product.
  29. Perfect scrub

    This skin prep scrub is perfect for all skin types. It really helps to exfoliate especially in the areas where I have large pores.
  30. A great all-rounder

    This is a great scrub for all skin types. It has fine granules in it and leaves my skin so smooth but not tight. I love it and have repurchased it many time. I think it’s also a good price for what it is.
  31. Got a sample of this

    I got a sample and INSTANTLY brought it. I love this, it has heaps of beads that get every part of your face. The texture is incredible. I have many other high end exfoliatents sitting in my shower, and this is the one I reach for every time. I have to force myself to use the others.
  32. A new favourite!

    I received a sample of this with an order and sat it in the bathroom drawer. Just now I tried it.. AMAZING! My skin was instantly smooth and lush! This is definitely going on my next Adore Beauty order. Just awesome!
  33. My ABSOULE favorite scrub!

    I am obsessed with this scrub after receiving a sample I had to buy the full size. It gives my skin the serious deep clean it really needs! Lots of other exfoliaters I have tried are to soft but this is what I have been looking for for so long.
  34. Left my skin sooo soft

    I got this in a sample, and I instantly fell inlove! It has so many grains but they are incrediblely tiny, however, I feel like this is a scrub I would use in the shower to be sure to wash off the product. Washing in the sink I thought I washed it all way but apon applying my serums I soon realized there were many grains left behind.
    My skin was left feeling extremely soft, dry patches were lifted. I really want to purchase the full size!!
  35. A nice surpise

    Was sent a sample of this and fell in love with it. I have combination skin; so I like to exfoliated regularly (like 3-4 times a week) and find that it isn't too harsh/abrasive, nor does it strip my skin of any natural moisture it has. It does provide a pretty nice, fresh, clean base for whatever comes after in your routine. I use this every other day in the evenings for maximum absorption of serums and moisturiser.
  36. Brilliant scrub

    This was a nice discovery! A very fine granule scrub that is gritty enough to give the skin a good polish but without being rough. You don't need much and the dense grains hang around for a good scrub, rather than dissolving away straight away like some scrubs. A nice alternative if you don't want a chemical exfoliant. Currently favoriting this (just!) over alpha-h's microcleanse super scrub. Use it 2-3 times a week.
  37. Love it

    After searching for a scrub without micro-beads (yes I began as one of "those"), I found Dermalogicas Skin Prep. Its little grains feel amazing on your skin and can be mixed with other facial cleansers for a smoother scrub.
  38. Great product

    Always impressed with this product. Fantastic for a fine exfoliation of the face and décolletage.
  39. Skin Prep Scrub

    i've only recently started using Dermalogica range, although it is way pricey i do really like the products. It is the best stuff i've ever found for my skin.

    i use this scrub every second day as i have sensitive skin and don't want to over do it, works like a treat. helps keep my skin smooth and clear to the point where if i forget/don't have time for everyday makeup it's no big deal cause my skin is looking fantastic :D
  40. Love this scrub. It has alot of grains which are quite small which gives s fantastic over all exfoliation without being too corse. It is easy to rinse off and has a pleasant scent. When mixed with a Dermalogica cleanser it makes a fantastic daily exfoliating cleanser.
  41. Makes skin feel fresh and cool.. Used a little bit of my sisters starter pack.. and overall made my skin feel really cool and fresh :)
  42. Lovely smell, woody but not overpowering. Leaves the skin feeling really clean and glowing. One of my favourites although I do think it is overpriced.
  43. Definitely my favorite scrub. The texture is fabulous, not too harsh, not too gentle. I just adore it. It smells great and you only need a little bit to scrub your whole face and neck. Tops.
  44. Quite liked this scrub.The grains are tiny but there's lots of them,it has a great consistency,it's easy to work with,the smell is woody and earthy and my skin felt fantasic afterwards!!
  45. Great manual exfoliator! A deep scrub however no tightness at all on the skin. Lasts a good while as well. A woody smell. Just a great product all round.
  46. Such a great exfoliant, in fact is vying for #1 spot ahead of Alpha-h Microcleanse. Grainy but not scratchy and a little bit goes a long way. Top stuff.
  47. Skin Prep Scrub is probably my favourite exfoliant! With a lovely natural woody scent and a beautiful paste full of dense grainy bits which feels lovely on the skin, this product is a winner. It contains no active ingredients so relies on mechanical exfoliation to remove those dead skin cells - and it works very well. It's not too gentle but certainly not too scratchy. Guys and girls alike will love this product, and it's suitable not only for the face but also neck and decolletage.
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