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Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster 30ml

4.7 of 31 reviews

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4 instalments of $20.68


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Super-saturated hydration for the driest skin conditions, this intensive hydrating fluid revitalizes parched skin.
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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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4.7 of 31 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Good boost


This does exactly what it says, a few drops gives your skin a boost of hydration. I find it’s good to add a drop to a moisturiser that is a little basic and it amps it up!
  1. Good boost


    This does exactly what it says, a few drops gives your skin a boost of hydration. I find it’s good to add a drop to a moisturiser that is a little basic and it amps it up!
  2. Yes!


    Received a sample with my last order, it’s super lightweight but super super hydrating with a subtle herbal smell. No irritation. Thumbs up.
  3. Amazing during winter


    Super hydrating and lightweight, and it’s so great during winter as it hydrated deeply into the skin. Helps add a glow and brings life into dry/dull skin.
  4. So Hydrating!


    If you have dry skin you will love this product! It is so hydrating yet not greasy. You only need 2-3 drops for the entire face. I prefer to mix it in with my moisturiser, however if you're really dry you can apply it alone before moisturiser. It really help with my flaky skin, texture, and redness. It also helps to soothe any irritated skin and it has never caused any breakouts. Will be purchasing this for life!
  5. An amazing hydrating serum!


    This product is totally superb and I cannot do without it. One doesn't need to use a lot of it and it lasts a while as it provides so much hydration. The product is not oily or greasy and is absorbed so well into the skin. It has helped to soothe and fix up the very dry and flaky areas of my face. ​It also does not lead to breakouts and is brilliant to use in conjunction with topical prescription medication.
  6. Love it


    Probably the best serum for the price! It’s weightless and great for my dry skin I absolutely love it
  7. Good product but a bit greasy


    This is a good product and can tell the difference but it does make my face slightly oily. 8/10
  8. Provides amazing moisture


    I love this product!!! I apply just 3 drops to my fingertips, then smooth onto clean skin and follow with my other products. My skin feels moist and plumped and makeup goes on beautifully afterwards. I have very dry skin, especially around my eyes. I can apply the booster all over my face, even my eyelids, with no irritation. After a week of use I have noticed an amazing difference to the look and feel of my skin. No more tight feeling, no more dullness. Never want to be without this and highly recommend.
  9. Perfect for added hydration!


    I love how plump and nourished my skin feels after using this serum! Works nicely even for oily skins. I use this morning and night before my moisteriser and even add it to my foundation for added moisterisation. Absolutely love it
  10. Winter


    Highly recommend this product for dry skin. I find that it calms down flakey patches, but still doesn't make me look greasy/ feel heavy on my skin
  11. Winter BFF


    Highly recommend for dry skin especially in the winter months. This product allows you to customize your skincare regime according to your skins needs, but always provides intense hydration. I haven't used since last year, but I purchase it on repeat for the winter period.
  12. feels so thin but so many benefits


    This product is amazing. It goes on after you wash your face and before your moisturizer to boost hydration without additional greasiness or heaviness. It may seem a little expensive but it really does aide your moisturizer which in turn leads to you using less face cream. It leaves your skin so soft and makes it the perfect canvas for makeup. It is gentle and non irritating on my sensitive skin and does not sting my eyes. I recommend it to anyone with skin ;). Truly it’s a great product!
  13. Melts into the skin


    Really lovely product, mixes wel into any moisturizer and is effective on its own too.
  14. Weightless moisture


    I received a sample of this and brought it on the plane on a recent long haul flight to LA. It worked wonders on my parched skin without adding tackiness or weight. I have since purchased the full size and as others have mentioned, it's perfect for thinning out creams that are too thick and adding extra hydration without more texture.
  15. Great for dehydrated skin


    I bought this booster as a serum to use under moisturiser as I have dehydrated skin. It goes on really nicely - you only need a really small amount and it goes a long way. You can use it under your moisturiser or mix it in if your moisturiser is a bit heavy. I mix it in to the Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery as it helps the moisturiser go on evenly.
  16. Winter skin saviour


    This serum really helped my skin during its winter dryness last year, when the active moist moisturiser was not enough on its own. I would recommend it for dehydrated skin, and will repurchase it this year for winter.
  17. Love love love


    I looove this booster. I cleanse and exfoliate then put this as first product on my skin followed by moisturiser and it’s amazingly hydrating. Fills out fine lines and creepiness caused by dehydration and I think just gives moisturiser that extra punch as it works deeper than moisturiser. Can use on own or mix with moisturiser and I always change it up. Expensive but only need a tiny amount
  18. Super hydrating


    This serum is great to use before bed, I use it in targeted areas of dryness only, and it really helps to balance out my skin. In the morning your skin feels soft and hydrated.
  19. My new best friend


    After one application I literally saw results. I’ve recently tried some cheaper serums with no result. I bit the bullet and bought this, and there’s no turning back for me now. My makeup looks so much better on now. My pores are filled out. I’m in love.
  20. Great for All Skin


    I have combination skin and this hydrator is amazing! It is so lightweight but you only need a small amount. I use this morning and night before moisturising and have noticed a huge difference. My skin used to peel all the time around my nose but no more!
  21. Extremely hydrating


    I have combination skin and it was been very dry and flaky lately and I’ve felt like nothing has been really hydrating it. I received a sample of this and it truly does hydrate your skin without being too oily like some oils can be. I love applying this at night and waking up with healthy glowy skin for a change! Although it’s a bit pricey I really do think it’s worth it. A little bit goes a long way and I’ve applied it directly to my skin as well as mixing with moisturiser and it works just as well either way. This is my new holy grail!
  22. My saviour in winter!


    I finally gave this product a go this winter to see if it'll help keep my dry skin moisturised and it didn't disappoint! You can use it on its own as a serum to treat select areas or mix it with your moisturiser to boost hydration all over. You only need to use a few drops at a time so despite it being a small bottle it goes a long way! Your skin absorbs it immediately and it doesn't leave an oily residue which is great.
  23. So versatile


    Saviour for dry skins, its very hydrating and can be used so many ways; as a serum, mixed with moisturiser etc. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid is the main reason I purchased it, it honestly works a treat.
  24. Great rescue product for dry skin!


    Highly recommend for dry skin especially in the winter months. This product allows you to customize your skincare regime according to your skins needs. Works well when applied after moisturizing.It can be applied to the eye area for extra protection against ageing.
  25. So light


    This is so light to use that I think any skin type can use it. Makes my skin so soft and smooth.
  26. Great for acne prone or oily skin types


    This product is amazing for reactive acne prone skin. It won’t break you out or cause oiliness. It is light and keeps your skin hydrated at those times when your skin is simply too congested for a moisturiser. I use this in conjunction with other dermalogica product and over as little as a month you will notice a improvement in the texture of your skin.
  27. An effective hydrator.


    I have combination skin prone to greasiness but also frequent dehydration especially around the eyes. I usually apply this to the tops of my cheekbones under the eye socket on parched days, or I’ll mix it into my moisturiser. It has a watery texture that absorbs well and isn’t greasy, so it’s ideal for using under makeup. It definitely does keep my skin plumper and less parched throughout the day. I bought my current bottle a year ago and I still have a bit left, so if you’re willing to pay the price it will go a long way.
  28. Well worth the money


    I've been using this booster on and off for a number of years now and I certainly notice the difference in my skin if I stop using it. It hydrates the skin and keeps wrinkles at bay. I use it mixed in with my moisturiser or on its own if I feel my skin needs some extra care.
  29. Pleasant


    I have chemically dried skin from combating acne, this Hydrating Booster delivers relief, and enhances my moisturiser.

    This product is essential in my morning and night routine as it improves my makeup application, and ensures I wake up up with hydrated, refreshed skin

    Have used similar products in rival brands and am thoroughly enjoying this booster in comparison.

  30. Not making a difference for my dry mature skin unfortunately


    This may be one of the products I keep for backup when I run out of others. I am not noticing any difference when I use this between my serum and moisturiser unfortunately so it has been left at the bottom of my skincare drawer. I have tried adding this to my liquid foundation but it has not made a difference I can notice with the feel of the foundation, texture on skin or keeping dryness at bay. I love this brand but this is the one product of theirs I have purchased that I have felt let down by. Perhaps this may work for others not so close to 50!
  31. Unbelievable


    This product is ridiculously awesome, I've used it for years. I recall one time I'd been traveling, eating questionably, not drinking enough water, just busy & stressed. I went for a facial, and the aesthetician inspected my skin under the light & said "well I can see you drink a lot of water, your skin is beautifully hydrated." I was shocked lol. I hadn't even had time for moisturizer most days, just this serum. Since then, every beautician comments on the hydrated, plumped quality of my skin. And all I use is this :) Occasionally I have time for moisturizer but not often. The firming serum is great too, for neck & under eyes when tired. I swear by this product :) Great texture, absorbs quickly, great under makeup, colourless & odourless. Perfection! I love it.
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