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Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF 50 156ml

4.7 of 28 reviews

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4 instalments of $11.77


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Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF 50 is long awaited for the summer season, with 40 minutes water resistance, non greasy formula, and broad spectrum protection for the face and body.
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Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF 50

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF 50

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4.7 of 28 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Good value


This is a big bottle and I think it is great value. I have oily skin and usually sunscreens feel thick and greasy on my face but this one doesn't, it is nice and light weight and sinks in well
  1. Stays on!


    This is the only sunscreen I have found that doesn’t seem to drip off in excessive heat or when I sweat. It’s very easy to apply
  2. Great Sunscreen


    Received a sample. Glad I did as I was shopping around for a good one. I normally have combination skin however, tends to get a tad oily in the afternoon during warmer months. I applied this sunscreen over my gel-like daily moisturiser( let the moisturiser really absorb first). This product applies smoothly and absorbs easily. It lasted all day without producing a greasy feeling under my foundation. Looking at purchasing this product for everyday, summer-wear now.
  3. Dermalogica


    Thin and lightweight, stays on even if I'm working out. Great value in this bigger size too. High SPF is a major plus point if you're in the sun like I am
  4. :)


    Great 50+ protection and doesn't feel so greasy on the skin like other spf products
  5. Good value


    This is a big bottle and I think it is great value. I have oily skin and usually sunscreens feel thick and greasy on my face but this one doesn't, it is nice and light weight and sinks in well
  6. Non-greasy


    Great non-greasy sunscreen. Goes on quite light and spreads easily. Not too thick and doesn’t leave a white caste, so great for everyday use. Wears quite well under makeup too.
  7. Great


    This is an incredible sunscreen that blends super fast and easy. Just wish it had zinc oxide as I am trying to use mineral sunscreens in the future but this sunscreen is great in itself
  8. Great


    This has easily become my favourite sunscreen. It does not leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky, and there is no white cast. Just wish it was fragrance free
  9. Feels nice on the skin


    I use this as a face sunscreen. Rubs in easily and doesn't leave a shiny sticky feeling to the skin like most other sunscreens do. Doesn't clog my pores.
  10. very convenient


    This sunscreen is very quick and easy to apply it rubs in fast and doesn't leave a white residue on the skin, forcing you to spend ages having to rub it in. You can apply this without a mirror just as you would with a moisturiser which makes it very convenient.
  11. An amazing sunscreen


    I love this product. It's easy to apply, there's no awful chemical smell and I haven't noticed a white cast. It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and I haven't had any issues applying (a small amount) of makeup over the top. It's the perfect everyday sunscreen for me.
  12. Sunsational


    The price is literally the only bad thing about this product. I hate putting sunscreen on my face or arms because it often will break out after and its super oily. When my mum told me about this product I reluctantly bought it because you know sun safety and all that jazz. But this sunscreen is great! Its not heavy or oily and my skin doesn't break out from it. It also has such a soft beautiful scent and is so hydrating for my skin. Wasn't expecting to love it so much but it really is SUNSATIONAL!
  13. Non greasy


    Doesn't irritate my skin or leave me feeling greasy, will defiantly re purchase
  14. Great under makeup


    Like most Australians I have major sun damage. This sunscreen is a must when I'm working and I need protection under my make up. It glides on smoothly, doesn't feel thick, dries clear and is the perfect base under make up. I don't feel completely protected as I would with a zinc based sunscreen, however it's the perfect solution when trying to combine sun protection with make up.
  15. Perfect


    I bought this for husband who works outside in blistering heat all day. He suffers oily skin and has trouble finding a sunscreen that works. It goes on smoothly, does not leave a horrible residue and the smell isn’t over powering. A definite winner in our household.
  16. Good


    I really like this product- it provides a high level of sun protection for the face and body. Plus, it's non-greasy!
  17. Best sun cream


    I have tried many sun creams for my face and they have all left me feeling heavy and oily. This cream has never done that and it doesn't have that gross sun cream smell. Even works well as a moisturizer when I have run out of my day moisturizer.
  18. Great product


    The sunscreen doesn't leave a white cast and is very lightweight. Even though it does need a few minutes to dry, it dries to almost a matte finish so it works great under makeup. My skin is oily and so far I haven't had any issues - no breakouts and with a bit of powder over the top, I can get through the day with almost no touch ups. Also the bottle is quite big and it can be used for both face and body so it's a great investment.
  19. Best sunscreen


    I have suffered from sun allergy since I was little. I get red rashes mostly on my chest and arms even only after 5 mins of sun exposure and it can be really itchy at night. I’ve been using sunscreen all my life and hated the feeling and some of them didn’t really work so well. But when I started using this sunscreen, I’m hooked! Not sticky, really protects cos I don’t get the rashes anymore and doesn’t dry my skin out. I love it so much and can’t live without it now.
  20. Buy THIS!


    I have tried many many sunscreens and hate that oil sticky feeling. I bought this on impulse as it was on sale with high SPF and water resistant. Its amazing - so light weight - feels like moisturiser to apply and rubs its really well. Wish I had found this sooner!
  21. Great


    This is the first cream based sunscreen that has not broken me out, i can apply and reapply without the fear of pores getting clogged, wonderful product.
  22. Non greasy, great sun protection


    I use this on my body and Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive on my face. I love the non greasy feel and great protection it offers from the sun. It absorbs quickly. My boyfriend works outdoors and uses it too.
  23. Amazing


    I have terrible skin that is incredibly prone to break outs. I work outdoors so I have to wear sunscreen every day but pretty much every sunscreen I have tried leaves me covered in pimples the next day or a few days later. This is the only sunscreen that hasn't made me break out! I love it! I just wish I could buy it in bigger containers!


    This is not greasy and stays on even after I have been sweating. My job is outdoors and I have very sensitive skin and so far this has not caused me any reaction and keeps me protected! Small bottle lasts me over a month when I wear it nearly every day.
  25. The best sun protection around


    I have tried several organic suncreams and end up looking white as a ghost, or too oily. This sunscreen is the best one I have tried. The cream is light, easy to rub in, it isn't oily and doesn't make me whiter than I already am!

    I have been out in the sun for hours and didn't get burnt. One time I was out driving all day with the cream on, but missed one little spot on my arm. This spot was red and a little burnt, but the rest of me was fine. It really works! I am from the UK and white skin that easily burns, so it works just right for me.

    I am also really happy with the product because I can use on my face after putting on my moisturiser and blends in perfectly :)

    The only thing is it is expensive and wish I could get a bigger tube so it lasts for a good 3 months (instead of 1 month) if used on the whole body. The other options is to buy 2 for the price of 1 - that would be a great idea and then you have to last the summer :)
  26. repeat purchase!


    This is a lovely product, light and non-greasy. I use it year round on my neck and decollettage to stop that redneck look! The best I have tried, absorbs easily and non-whitening.
  27. LOVE this sunscreen!


    I have tried many different brands of SPF 50+ as I work on a cattle station so in summer I'm outside in extreme heat and sun exposure. This is by far the best, it does what it says and prevents sun damage, it doesn't sweat off and it doesn't leave my face feeling greasy and sticky. LOVE IT!
  28. Non greasy


    Very good and doesnt leave your face oily, very good product
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