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Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Firm 15

4.5 of 59 reviews

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Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Firm

Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Firm

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4.5 of 59 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I love this eye cream. It is very hydrating and lightweight but not oily like some can be. My skin looks so smooth afterwards. Would recommend to everyone. LOVE!

Most Helpful Criticism

Doubles as a lip balm!
I quite liked this eye cream because of the the silky texture but much prefered it as a lip balm too! Didnt find it helped too much with darkness or puffiness around my eyes but did leave them feeling a lot more hydrated!
  1. Obsessed

    I love this eye cream. It is very hydrating and lightweight but not oily like some can be. My skin looks so smooth afterwards. Would recommend to everyone. LOVE!
  2. A truly great product

    This is probably my favourite product from Dermalogica. You only need to smallest amount for feel completely hydrated around the delicate eye area. For me it’s best used at night and right before bed rather than in the morning. I also use it on my lips for added hydration throughout the day during the winter months.
  3. Love this, on to my second tube already

    I really enjoy this. I use it around my eyes and on my lips and will repurchase before I run out again next time as I don’t want to be without it for even one day.....i’m Hooked on it :)
  4. Great

    Very hydrating and silky, works very well around my eyes and also for fine lines around my mouth. Lips feel plums after using as well. Skin feels nurtured after using this.
  5. It certainly firms and minimises lines.

    This product is sensational for use around the eye area. It not only provides hydration but truly minimises fine lines/wrinkles around the eye area.The cream has such a smooth or silky feel and is quickly absorbed I have been this product for such a long time and it has become so much part of my routine. I am 51 and have minimal fine lines around my eyes due to this product. It is fantastic for use under makeup as well to cover up lines and wrinkles. This product is definitely most highly recommended.
  6. wonderful product

    I flit about with other skin care products but I *always* use this eyecream. I'm nearly 40 and barely have a visible wrinkle around my eyes. It's pricey but a tube lasts for months. I've recommended it to friends. Also, it's got a lovely fruity smell that just screams "vitamins"!
  7. Nourishing

    This is a lovely eye cream, my under eye area feels so nourished and plump after use. It also works really well under makeup and makes my under eye area look so much more youthful.
  8. good for eye area wrinkles

    I did notice a difference after using for a month and a half, would definitely recommend this
  9. Doubles as a lip balm!

    I quite liked this eye cream because of the the silky texture but much prefered it as a lip balm too! Didnt find it helped too much with darkness or puffiness around my eyes but did leave them feeling a lot more hydrated!
  10. Great for day wear

    This eye cream is great for day wear and sits beautifully under make up. It is gentle and leaves the eye area feeling extremely smooth.

    However, I think I will still look at purchasing a slightly stronger product for night time use with more anti-aging/hydrating properties.
  11. Best eye cream

    This eye cream is amazing, I really have noticed a difference to my under eye area since using this. My lines are less defined and I have a lot less darkness and puffiness. Plus a little goes a long way so lasts for ages. Definitely recommend
  12. Best eye cream

    This is one of the best eye creams! Really smooths our the skin around the eyes and makes them less puffy. Love it
  13. Lovely

    Really lovely feel on the skin around eyes. Seems to firm as it goes on and protect. Non greasy. Great product. Recommended
  14. It really does reduce puffiness!!!

    I cannot love this enough. I apply it as soon as I’ve blot-dried my face after a morning shower. Straight under the eye & lightly across the eyelid (try to avoid eyelashes as it can make them a little oily for mascara application later on). I rub it in on my eyelid, particularly concentrating on the inner corner. I let it melt into my under eye area for a few minutes before very gently massaging it in & drawing any excess up to my crows feet area. My eyes have never looked so good! I normally suffer from horrible puffiness after sleeping but this rescues me every time. LOVE IT
  15. Amazing

    Amazing eye cream which definitely reduces the appearance of fine lines. Make up glides perfectly over it and doesn't go into the creases. You only need a tiny bit for each eye and the tube lasts for ages
  16. Feels like velvet

    I love how this cream makes my skin feel. It tightens my skin and after several weeks of usage I saw a difference in my skin. This was my first time buying this product and will be rebuying it.
    It's velvety texture is easy to absorb and does wonders for my under eye area my crows feet.
  17. Preventative rather than treatment

    I have used this eye cream for many years and always rated it highly as an eye cream.
    I like the texture and the way it made my eyes feel and look BUT since having children and getting older I have found that this doesn’t help fine lines and has no visible difference to my eye area.
    I feel like this is a great preventative to prevent ageing, fine lines and dark circles... but I don’t think it’s a great eye cream for those who already have the wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles.
    I feel like this would be great for a younger audience but once you have had kids you need something stronger.
  18. Excellent under eye makeup primer

    This eye cream must contain silicon as it provides an immediate smoothing effect much like their barrier protect cream. Very moisturizing for the under eye area and doubles up as a great eye makeup primer. I use this every time under concealer for a creaseless air brushed look. I’m in my early 40’s and have been using this product for just over a year now.
  19. Bags from baby?

    Definitely recommend this for anyone with bags below their eyes. I have them from a newborn baby and find this helps with appearance...it's the little things.
  20. Fantastic immediate smoothing

    I use this as a cosmetic thing rather than expecting long term results. It is silicone based and non greasy and immediately tightens my crinkly crepey bits on the inner corners as well as the slightly droopy parts at the outer. Foundation, concealer and shadow apply perfectly on top. It’s pricey but worth it.

    I’m forty plus with dry combo skin and the aforementioned crepes, crinkles and droops.
  21. Great

    Really lovely feel on the skin around eyes. Seems to firm as it goes on and protect. Non greasy. Great product. Recommended

    I cannot believe how beautiful this product is. It nourishes & protects my sensitive, dry upper and lower lids from irritation, flaking, and dryness & absolutely helps plump fine lines & reduce under eye puffiness. My new favourite Dermalogica eye treatment! Sits well under makeup too - give it time to absorb. LOVE IT!
  23. Love!

    This is divine! I’ve been using this for years and would never change. Great product, smells and feels amazing.
  24. Excellent

    This eye cream is the only one I'm actually happy with, make up glides on with ease and it is super soft and comfortable on my under eyes. I also use it around my mouth and find it excellent.
  25. Excellent eye cream

    I've been using this eye cream for years and love it. It smells fantastic. You only need a tiny bit - I use it twice a day and the tube lasts for ages. It's very light going on and is easily absorbed. I am in my mid-forties and although I am starting to notice some fine lines there aren't many and I credit this eye-cream with helping with that. Great product, one I will never stop using.
  26. Lovely

    Lovely smooth eye cream.
    Have used on and off for many years.
    Often deviate, but always seem to return to it!
    Great under make up.
  27. Best product ever!

    I’ve been this eye cream for a couple of years now and I just love it!
  28. Amazing texture

    This product has an amazingly smooth texture and feels great to touch. Smells nice too. I use it around my eyes and seem to wake up looking more rested, especially since I have 2 kids under 2 and get up multiple times a night! Product lasts for ages.
  29. Amazing eye cream!

    My favourite eye cream to date. Non-greasy and super nourishing. Makes those fine lines alot less noticeable under makeup, absolutely love it!
  30. I like it

    Skin type: Dry/combination

    I received this as a sample so I couldn't try it more than a few times but I did enjoy the way it made my skin feel, firm yet hydrated.
  31. Great

    Amazing eye cream which definitely reduces the appearance of fine lines. Make up glides perfectly over it and doesn't go into the creases. You only need a tiny bit for each eye and the tube lasts for ages
  32. Nice product but no long term difference

    I like the soft texture of this gel/cream, it sits nicely under the eyes and smooths out the area. It feels very hydrating without being sticky or moving under makeup. I usually use it under the eyes and around the lips, and find it to be a nice product but I haven't noticed much reduction in my few fine lines after long term use.
  33. Very happy with this product.

    I have been using this product for a while now and when I ran out of it I did notice a difference. I am just starting to get very fine lines around the lip area, thus my reason for purchasing it. Lovely smooth texture almost like a balm. I also use it around the eye area. Not too expensive for such an important part of looking after my skin. I would highly recommend.
  34. not my favourite

    I love Dermalogica, and have tried a few of their eye creams. This one is my least favourite, as I find the silicon quite heavy on my skin. I much prefer Stress Positive Eye Lift.
  35. This smells amazing!

    This product smells amazing and is so smooth on the skin.
  36. Good eye cream can also use on lips too!

    I am quite young however i still find this product is very handy to use as it makes under my eyes incredibly soft and any finer wrinkles have faded since using this product. it helps plump my skin and has also slightly reduced the colour of eye bags too!
  37. Good solid eye cream

    I have been using another eye cream for years but changed to this Dermalogica version around 12 months ago. I love how it goes on like a gel and leaves your skin feeling very hydrated. I notice it if I miss a few days or are travelling.

    Highly recommended.
  38. Power

    This is my 2nd tube of this. I am 54 and in need of gentle repair and moisture around eye area without being too heavy. This multivitamin power firm does just that in about 4 weeks I noticed a difference. It’s a great consistency. I use it also above lip and any wrinkles on forehead.
  39. Good, but overhyped and overpriced.

    It has a beautiful silky texture and a lot of antioxidants, but I didn’t find it to be the miracle eye cream that the internet touts it as being. Maybe it just wasn’t the product for me, as I’m in my thirties and only have a few lines but suffer from dry skin around the eyes, so I prefer something richer.
  40. The ultimate eye treatment

    I wish it came in a bigger tube.
    It absorbs well, not greasy, smells great, & you can feel & see that your skin loves it. I use it all over the skin not just eye area to give it a really good boost. You will notice a difference over night.
  41. Great moisturiser!

    I love this product. It settles into the skin nicely and leaves my skin feeling plump and soft. It doesn't feel sticky and goes well under foundation. I would recommend this product.
  42. One of my favourite products

    If I could only have a handful of products this would be one of them, fast absorbing eyecream that I also use on my lips and fine lines around my mouth, I use after moisturising in the morning before putting my make up on, really helps with fine lines around mouth and eye area, I noticed a huge improvement once I started using this product, I have been using it for around 18 months now, yes it is up there price wise but a tube lasts 4 months as you really only need to use it sparingly. I have fair sensitive mature skin, highly recommend
  43. Absorbs fast!

    Fast absorbing eye cream that really hydrates under your eyes. I use this morning and night and find it absorbs super fast so minimal waiting time to apply make up.
  44. Can see why people love this so much

    This has become such a staple in my rounte. It's so sliky and smoothing. Lines are instantly less visible!
  45. Wow

    So nice! This product glides on like silk and doesn't irrate my eyes! I am so happy I got this!
  46. Well worth the money!

    I've been using this product for a few years now and it is one of the best eye creams I have used. It glides on like silk and almost instantly diminishes the lines around the eyes. I certainly notice it when I run out. It is wonderful under make up and acts like a primer. Well worth the money as you don't need to use very much to notice a difference.
  47. It works

    I've been using this for 8 years (im 36) and have occasionally tried other expensive eye creams but always come back to this little superstar.

    It doesn't sting or irritate the eye area- it smooths the skin beautifully for concealer/foundation- it nourishes the eye area beautifully so that you wake up with baby soft, smooth skin - it softens wrinkles- its lovely on the lips - its a superstar.
  48. Worth every Cent

    I’m in my late 20’s and while I’ve always used great skincare I’ve somehow neglected my eye area, so this is the first eye cream I’ve really committed to. I am familiar with dermalogica hence why I chose this product and I was not disappointed.
    It’s a decent size, it smells AMAZING. The texture is so smooth and feels amazing to put on. I pat this on every morning after I cleanse my face and have noticed a massive difference in my under eyes. The skin is smoother and feels better hydrated. Concealer goes on and lasts now with next to no creasing!
    I will definitely continue to use this!
  49. OK

    I like the texture of this product and it goes on really well as a primer. Good thickness and easy to apply.
    However, I haven't noticed any reduction in fine lines, don't find it hydrating nor has it really 'firmed' up anything around my eyes.
  50. Power what?

    This eye cream is a great disappointment from a brand I really love. There's nothing *wrong* with the product, which I bought last year... it just doesn't do anything *right*. I didn't notice any visible improvement on fine lines.
  51. Great Eye Cream

    I received a sample of this little beauty and had to buy it as soon as the sample ran out. It feels like it smooths away your lines as your putting it on. You only need the tiniest amount. It's exceptional before makeup application as it works as a primer in the areas that need the most attention. It's also a pretty damn good price when you compare it to all the other eye creams available. Definitely recommend this one!!
  52. Disappointed!

    Although it does not bleed into the eyes which is a positive, it has yet to diminish the wrinkles around my eyes. I feel I've been duped, unfortunately. Will look elsewhere.
  53. It does wonders!

    I've been using Power Firm around my eye area for years now. I am 41 now and I can definitely see the reduction in fine lines around eye area. I also got my hubby to start using this product as it certainly works. Yes it is expensive but it glides and spreads well due to its texture, so it lasts for months as you only need little bit, morning and night....no wasting due to great packaging. Would highly recommend.
  54. Best Eye Cream

    I have just started using this product and love it. Other eye creams would bleed into my eyes after a while and leave them feeling irritated and greasy. Power Firm goes on smoothly and feels terrific. Think this product is worth every penny.
  55. Didn't Adore...

    I've never religiously used an eye cream as I have always found them to be too expensive, without any dramatic results. I researched all the other Adore reviews and purchased this, but have found although it goes on really nicely, it does irritate my sensitive skin and I haven't noticed any difference in my skin.
  56. Love it!

    Great product. I particularly like the texture of the gel, not runny at all - feels packed full of goodness. Great for smoothing out the eye area and making it feel firmer.
  57. Best eye cream!!

    This is the best eye cream I have ever found and used! I have been using it for years, and my skin looks great! No wrinkles. Make sure you use sunscreen over the top of course!
  58. I love this product. It is SO handy being packaged in a tube, and it means you don't waste any product, either. This little wonder smells like raspberries and very helpfully fills in any little lines under the eyes, which makes it a dream when you are applying makeup on top. It is very pleasant to use and I think it helped prevent more fine lines from appearing. Would definitely repurchase.
  59. Gorgeous product. Smells devine, and feels like silk. I noticed a big difference with the skin around my eyes firming up after only a few applications.
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