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Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner 50ml 50ml

4.3 of 61 reviews

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4 instalments of $4.28

Or 4 instalments of $4.28 with LEARN MORE

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The best-selling Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner is now available in a handy 50ml size, ideal for travel.

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner 50ml Reviews

4.3 of 61 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Generally Good


The toner doesn’t dry out my face and I am loving it. I use it in my morning skin care routine as well whenever my skin gets dehydrated and my skin becomes better within 2-3 days.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice mist


It's average. But that doesn't mean bad. It's Gentle and great for every day. Great if you have sensitive skin. I recommend you try the travel size first.
  1. Good product bad packaging


    I used to use this every day years ago and re-ordered it again recently wondering why I stopped. I was then reminded that Dermalogica can't make a spray nozzle to save themselves. Or maybe I keep getting the one off faulty nozzles. The one I currently have seems to leak everywhere and make a foamy mess each spray, providing limited mist. I've had one before that was just 1 aggressive power squirt....
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  2. Generally Good


    The toner doesn’t dry out my face and I am loving it. I use it in my morning skin care routine as well whenever my skin gets dehydrated and my skin becomes better within 2-3 days.
  3. Great little pick me up throughout the day!


    This is a great travel sized toner and little pick me up throughout the day! Fit right in your hand bag so you can take it with you on the go. I use this product everyday and have been for years. Would highly recommend!
  4. Love the application


    I love how this toner is in spray form, making it so easy to apply to your face. Great toner
  5. light hydrating mist


    verified purchaser
    I like to use this first thing in the morning just before using any serums. It sinks into the skin nicely, and is not sticky at all. This is great for those with sensitive skin. I'd recommend getting the smaller size to try first.
  6. loved


    A few sprays of this toner following a cleanse helps absorb moisturiser so much better. My skin has never looked or felt better!
  7. Nice mist


    verified purchaser
    It's average. But that doesn't mean bad. It's Gentle and great for every day. Great if you have sensitive skin. I recommend you try the travel size first.
  8. moisture mist


    verified purchaser
    I really like this mist. I use it after cleansing at add moisture to my skin. It also assists with serums soaking into the skin better. I purchased the travel size just to try it and I will be purchasing the larger size.
  9. Great Toner for a great price!


    verified purchaser
    Really impressed with just how effective this toner is! 10/10 product! I will certainly be purchasing the full sized product as its such great value for money!
  10. Refreshing


    verified purchaser
    This was a refreshing toner but I didn't find it actually had any benefits for my skin other than feeling and smelling nice!
  11. Refreshing and Light


    This is a beautiful light weight and refreshing pick me up for the skin. Doesn't dry out the skin or leave a residue, soaks in quickly. Great price and trial/travel size bottles are good to try out products. Would repurchase
  12. Great toner, but annoying spray consistency


    Love this toner to mix with my serums, but the spray head is really intense - it's not a mist. Have to spray it on my hand first. I went through this very quickly because of this.
  13. A nice toner


    I have oily skin and I like the way this toner feels on my skin. However, unlike other reviewers I don't like the spray bottle. I prefer a pump bottle as I feel like I can control where the product goes. I'm not convinced the toner is doing much but as I said it feels nice on so I will continue to use it.
  14. Good


    very fresh and nice smell. does however sting a tiny bit if I have any spots on my face but still a good product id use again
  15. Didn't notice any difference


    Nice spray, not too powerful so can be used as a mist. Didn't notice any real difference in my skin.
  16. Relaxing


    Really lovely, relaxing toner. The essential oils in the toner help me relax in the evenings and unwind. Leaves my skin feeling comfortable and soft. I love the nifty travel size too!
  17. Nice spray bit didn't do anything


    Nice smelling and spraying product but I didn't feel like it did anything for my skin so I will try other products first instead of repurchasing.
  18. spray comes out way too strong


    I would spray it on my face and it would bubble. Didn't notice other benefit except hydration. I don't like the spray bottle, I find the spray comes out way too strong. Good product and I would give 5 stars if it has perfect spray pump.
  19. Best mist spray!


    I love that this product has a fine mist which spreads widely, so a little goes a long way. With some products you need multiple spritzes to get anywhere.

    It helps to use this under hyaluronic acid products as it helps hyrdate much better!
  20. Toner in a Spray Bottle


    I love how this toner is in a spray bottle, totally user friendly. It makes it easy to get on and I love how it bubbles on the skin, makes it feel like it's working. I find this less stinging on my skin than The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid.
  21. Great


    Loooove that this now comes in travel size for my bag! This feels so nice and refreshing on my face through day. I have quite sensitive skin and I feel a spray once or twice through day helps protect my skin from drying irritating aircon
  22. Not what I expected


    Used this as part of my usually skin care routine and as soon as I sprayed it on my face it burned and stung, I had to wash it off straight away! I have very sensitive skin and I think it’s just too strong for my face. If you have very sensitive skin I don’t recommend!
    Gave it to my mum and she loves it her skin isn’t sensitive at all!
  23. Refreshing Toner


    I bought the 50mL bottle of this toner to try it out. It's very refreshing and smells great. I am however not convinced it has any benefits for my skin so will not be purchasing the full size.
  24. Smooth skin dream


    This toner had come highly recommended to me , it is a great product that reduces pores and leaves skin soft.
  25. I like this toner because it's so easy to use


    I like this toner because it's so easy to use. I spritz it on before moisturising and have found that it keeps my skin feeling nice and clean.
  26. Freshness in a bottle


    I love this Toner- its so refreshing and feels great. I use it day and night after cleansing and have found its really hydrated my normally dry skin. It doesn't sting at all and only a couple of squirts does the trick.
  27. Perfect to use before applying face cream!

    Lindsey D.

    This toner is fantastic. I used it everyday and at night too. Even my husband is using it and I am seeing good results in his skin. My face used to have big pores and uneven coloring, not sure which dermalogica product is helping me since I am using various product at the moment for my cleaning and moisturizing regime, but my face is definitely make a change for the best.
  28. Average Toner


    I love the fact that it's in a spray bottle, makes it super easy and convenient to apply. I didn't find it did too much for me, it was hydrating but it also felt heavy on the skin under makeup. I found it gave me little bumps on my skin too
  29. Love how easy it is to use

    Elle H

    So easy to use with the spray bottle and perfect size for travel! Super gentle and effective.
  30. So convenient


    I love this and so glad it comes in a smaller bottle to pop in the handbag for a quick refresh! It feels soothing and hydrating and works well over makeup too!
  31. Not 100% convinced


    I have used Dermalogica products for a while with the toner included in the routine and when it is also not included. I don't notice much of a difference when it's not included. I think it's q step that can be skipped, unless you are looking for extra moisture.
    I find the small spray bottle is great to use for travelling on the plane for a burst of hydration. Other than than, I can go witho...
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  32. Not bad!


    I tried this out once and really liked it. Worked well with my sensitive skin
  33. Caused me to break out


    Unfortunately by using this product I had a quite harsh reaction on one of my cheeks and it has taken a few weeks to clear up. It left my cheek feeling dry and scaly, I haven’t been able to use any other products on that area of my face. The spray itself was very awkward to use, it was stiff and it did not evenly spray over my face. I would recommend and prefer the clear start toner from dermologi...
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  34. Great for travel


    My husband travels a lot for work and always takes this with him. Although it is small, it lasts ages! He has a normal skin type and pairs it with dermalogica special cleansing gel and active moist.
    Personally I find the multi-active toner irritates my skin, although my skin is dry and sensitive.
  35. Love it!


    I love this and so glad it comes in a smaller bottle to pop in the handbag for a quick refresh! It feels soothing and hydrating and works well over makeup too!
  36. Perfect pick me up


    I love having this in my handbag and spritzing my face whenevr my skin feels a bit dull during the day. Also is perfect to apply before your moisturiser as it just makes my moisturiser go further when I apply while my skin is still wet.
  37. Love this toner!


    This is a great toner and the price is a no-brainer! I find some toners only spritz a tiny amount, but this one of just perfect. Highly recommend this!
  38. Great to travel with


    Great to travel with. I like to buy the smaller versions of all my essential skincare products, it just makes travelling so much easier and helps stay in a routine.
  39. Great toner!


    Another win for dermalogica! This toner makes your skin feel soooooo clean and doesn’t cause any irritation. My skin is right and absorbs so much more moisturiser after I have used it! I just love dermalogica!
  40. effective and refreshing


    Iuse this product in conjunction with other Dermalogica products for combination skin.

    I love the ease of having a toner in a spray bottle. It's especially great in summer as it is quite refreshing. On really hot days, I have been known to put this in the fridge for a while and then use it to spray my face.

    I like the way my skin feels after use. It has not irritated my ...
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  41. refresh


    The toner i love using on my makeup free days. apply anytime of the day to make your skin feel fresh!
  42. Perfect Ravel Buddy


    I've been using this toner for years. I have sensitive, easily irritated skin and this toner is perfect. Plus the size and price make it great to keep one in every bag.
  43. A lovely toner and a great size


    My combination skin can drift from extremes of oiliness and dryness, particularly with changes of season. I have never been a huge fan of toners, but I wanted to give this a try and the smaller size made it less of a commitment. It hasn't left my face feeling tight and helped my skin recover from some extreme dryness. Worth committing to the bigger size.
  44. Good but average


    Nice toner, good for my sensitive skin, hydrating.
    Not exceptional though. Quite average.
    Good price
  45. Ok product


    Although it was definitely hydrating i really didn't rate the spray toner. It felt a little soapy and spritz was just awkward. It was a good product but wouldn't re purchase
  46. So hydrating!


    The most hydrating toner I’ve ever used! Doesn’t have a stripping effect on the skin like most other toners on the market - this one is super hydrating and makes your moisturiser/serum go a lot further than when using without a toner! Feels so refreshing after use!
  47. Great


    I bought this 2 weeks ago and after using it daily. It definitely helps the absorption of my moisturiser and leaves my skin feeling fresh. Love he scent too!
  48. Very refreshing


    I love how fresh this makes my skin feel after cleansing, a spritz of this and then moisturise is a great base before makeup and a spritz through the day on top of my makeup leaves my skin looking radiant and fresh l. Highly recommend for people with redness or acne prone skin.
  49. Good


    Great Toner- i apply with the Dermalogica skin smoothing cream. Eve out my skin tone and leaves it glowing
  50. Unsure


    Haven’t had this product long enough but I know that I won’t be repurchasing. I generally don’t like using spray toners but thought will give this a try after a beauty influencer I follow on instagram recommended it. Happy I bought the travel size bottle as it is pretty pricey. Doesn’t feel like it does anything amazingly different for my skin for me to pick it up again.
  51. Great value


    This is such a great product at an affordable price. The size of the bottle is also perfect for travelling or even to have in your handbag! I have fair skin and experience a lot of redness and flare ups, this toner has helped me by being so quick, easy and refreshing to spritz onto my face to help keep me comfortable and my skin under control.
  52. Excellent toner


    I haven’t used a toner in years - not since having one as teenager that was totally over powering. The Dermalogica one is great, especially during summer to help balance my skin.
  53. Love it


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    I love using this straight out of the shower, its so versatile, has a nice light spray and scent, doesn't leave me oily or congested or dry. Perfect.
  54. refreshing and hydrating


    I love everything about this: the smaller size that allows you to try it before committing to the full size; the fact that it's a mist; the natural ingredients and NO ALCOHOL; the trusted brand name.

    In all, a beautiful product that does what it claims without irritation and overpowering fragrance.

    TIP: Spray onto palms and pat into skin rather that directly spraying on ...
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  55. Great for travel


    Purchased this size initially to try out the toner and i loved it so much i bought the bigger size for everyday use and left this size for travel. Highly recommend for acne prone skin
  56. On the fence

    Kylie Q

    I’m still on the fence with this product. It’s a nice toner, nice smell, I’m just not convinced of the skin benefits as I’m not sure I notice a huge difference without it.
  57. Great toner


    I'd always thought toners are pointless but having oily and breakout-prone skin, my facialist recommended this toner. A tad pricey but after a week of spritzing this one my face, I understood why I needed it! It closes my pores! I admit, it tingles a little, and don't get it in your eyes, ever. Its got a slight medicated scent, which I love. If you're looking for an effective toner, definitely giv...
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  58. Yes I always buy it


    Love this product. Help me with balancing my skin tone.
  59. Can't say I'm blown away


    I didn't notice any benefit for using it.
  60. Refreshing!


    I have combination skin that often needs a pick me up throughout the day and this mist is perfect! It instantly brightens my skin and i use it after cleansing, applying my makeup and even just whenever I feel like it throughout the day. I will e purchasing the full size next as i highly recommend this mist.
  61. Will buy full size next time


    I purchased this product in the 50ml to trial. I was a bit unsure of the spray but really glad I gave it a go. Easy to use and absorbs into the skin quickly making my skin feel great. Will be buying the full size next time. Great Toner. Have falling in love with Dermalogica. Well worth the money
  62. Love this product


    I love this product, it is so easy to spray and apply on your face with instant hydration. Great for straight after the beach or working inside in an air conditioned environment.
    This is my go to beauty product
  63. Great buy!


    I purchased the travel sized Dermalogica products to try and I think this is a great toner. It leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped.
  64. A great, moisturising and light toner.


    Feels great to put on, great for my slightly oily skin. Highly recommend.
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