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Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner 250ml 250ml

4.3 of 82 reviews

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4 instalments of $13.09


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Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner is an ultra-light facial spritz that refreshes and hydrates the skin while smoothing the surface
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GREAT - 79% recommend

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4.3 of 82 reviews

79% recommend this product

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So hydrating and refreshing! Perfect to spray and keep you hydrated all day

Most Helpful Criticism

Works OK But Wastage With Spray


I didn't mind this product. It worked reasonably well on my skin and was quite refreshing though it did promote oiliness during humid summer days so I mainly used it as part of my nighttime routine.

One thing I found was that there was a lot of product wastage with the pump spray method so I took to spritzing a cotton makeup pad and gently wiping it over my face and neck. The amount required was far less and I was guaranteed to get the product on my skin.
  1. Hydrating!


    So hydrating and refreshing! Perfect to spray and keep you hydrated all day
  2. effective and refreshing


    I use this product in conjunction with other Dermalogica products for combination skin.

    I love the ease of having a toner in a spray bottle. It's especially great in summer as it is quite refreshing. On really hot days, I have been known to put this in the fridge for a while and then use it to spray my face.

    I like the way my skin feels after use. It has not irritated my skin at all.
  3. Use it everyday, or just when you need it


    It's very light for use each day or night, or just use it when you feel you need an extra boost! Using just before applying serums can even help spread a small amount further. Really great product.
  4. So refreshing


    A great alrounder to prep all skin types for moisturiser, or to refresh during the day.
  5. lasts forever!


    i love love love that this toner is a spray. i spray it all over my face and neck about 5 or 6 times, twice a day, and it easily lasts me over 6 months! it is perfect after cleansing, and i put the next step on my face straight after. it seems to help absorb everything better. have purchased it twice already, and i tried another brand, but Will be coming back to this one.
  6. Calming toner


    When my skin is irritated or suffering from redness a few spritzes of this really helps to calm it.
  7. Awesome


    great for my dry and sensitive skin, very hydrating and doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy either
  8. Refreshing


    soooo refreshing and love the spray bottle as I waste too much when putting onto cotton pads, non greasy. Just beautiful.
  9. Love the applicator


    I love how easy it is to apply especially when I’m always out of cotton pads. The mist is a really nice one and this doesn’t sting or dry my skin
  10. Fresh spritz of aromatherapy on your face


    I quite enjoy using the spray as my face feels fresh and well prepared for moisturising. Lovely smell like essential oils but not greasy. The bottle lasts a long time.
  11. Great value, does the job


    One of my all-time favourites - does the job and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or dry. Love how the bottle is 250ml - lasts a long time!
  12. Didn’t do anything


    Didn’t do anything for me. Felt nice when I spray it but all mists do!
  13. Not for me


    This irritated my acne and caused a break out. Kind of disappointing as I’d heard great things. Didn’t work out for me :(
  14. Works OK But Wastage With Spray


    I didn't mind this product. It worked reasonably well on my skin and was quite refreshing though it did promote oiliness during humid summer days so I mainly used it as part of my nighttime routine.

    One thing I found was that there was a lot of product wastage with the pump spray method so I took to spritzing a cotton makeup pad and gently wiping it over my face and neck. The amount required was far less and I was guaranteed to get the product on my skin.
  15. Didn't really work for me


    I have mildly combination skin and had seen a lot of positive reviews for this product so was keen to give it a try! First thing to point out is the strong medicinal smell- it doesn't last on the skin but is pretty intense when first applied. Not a huge problem for me but I know some people prefer unscented/lightly scented skincare. The formula didn't seem to make a difference to my skin- I used up the bottle but decided not to repurchase as it's a bit pricey for something that doesn't give results. It may be that my skin type wasn't a good match.
  16. Goodbye toner


    Good toner. Really like the dermalogica brand. One of the more natural brands on the market. Makes my skin feel nice and hydrated.
  17. Not the best toner


    I didn’t notice any difference with using this toner, has a strong smell I think and for the price I’d definitely stick with my alpha h toner
  18. Would recommend


    Nice and refreshing on the skin. I use this before I moisturise and together they keep my skin feeling nice and hydrated.
  19. not for me


    I didn't get much out of this product unfortunately I didn't notice an changes in my skin when I used it nor did I notice a different when I stopped using it. I have combination skin so maybe just not right for me!
  20. Love, love this toner!


    Love, love this toner! I have dry, sensitive skin and this helps add moisture while giving the skin a glow before applying a moisturiser. Love all dermalogica products!
  21. Love this


    So refreshing and smells really pleasant- the lavender makes me feel ready for bed! I follow quickly with the moisturizer and I love the combination of them both
  22. Good


    As usual after washing my face I felt my skin dry. When I apply this toner, my skin becomes silky and well looking. Than I apply skin smoothing cream and it's enough for my skin for all day to feel comfort. I like dermalogica! It works and that's why I recommend it!
  23. fantastic


    I cannot live without this. Seriously, I don’t know how I lived before I found it! Dismissed as just do it fresh, I spritz some on my face in the morning before I put on my moisturizer that I use it to set my make up. And then at night after I cleanse I missed again and add more moisturizer. This is absolutely beautiful stuff. And it smells so Fresh and clean. I love the stuff
  24. refreshing


    this is a great toner that isn't heavy or excessive on the skin and really good to apply during the day when you need a refresher. Is great in a small pump pack while travelling on planes with a light moisturiser to keep skin from drying out and looking dull.
  25. Fresh


    I'm not sure if I would recommend to a friend or rave about it but it's a nice product I don’t think I would buy again.
  26. Pretty good and love the size.


    Love the size of the bottle. The fact that it's a spray bottle makes it super convenient. It's only downfall is it leaves a kind of disinfectant smell. But I would still order again. No issues with my sensitive skin which is a bonus
  27. Youthful and Fresh


    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Can’t stress the quality of this product enough, my skin is left feeling soft and full of moisturise after only a couple of sprays in the morning before work
  28. Not the best toner I have used, smell unpleasant too


    Doesn't do an amazing job on sensitive skin and smells of chemicals. It doesn't really sink in quickly either and sits on the skin, and requires patting in unlike other sprays. I actually stopped using it before I was finished for something cheaper and better smelling.
  29. Great


    Loved this toner. Left my skin feeling fresh and clean.
  30. Not a favourite


    I love dermalogica products and was keen to try a toner and I just found this one a little to drying for my skin. I have normal to dry skin and can get a bit oily in my t-zone and this product left my skin feeling tight and irritated. Definitely don’t recommend if you struggle with sensitivity but could see how it could work for someone with oily skin.
  31. Refreshing and gentle


    A great refreshing toner that is gentle and doesn’t make my skin tingle. Light weight and just enough to give me a boost of moisture without being heavy or greasy. My all time favourite and I can use daily
  32. Great all round toner in handy spray bottle


    I have stuck with this toner for a few years now. I have dry and sensitive skin and love the gentle coverage this toner providers, leaving the skin hydrated and happy! I absolutely love that the bottle comes with a spray top and you don't have the worry about using a cotton ball or make up pad, just spray it on! Adore beauty usually has this product cheaper than you can buy it for in the shops so it's good value for money here.
  33. Doesn't dry out skin


    Ive always found toners tricky because I have congested, oily skin but it's also dehydrated. I use this every second night to remove traces of make up and it doesn't over dry my skin.
  34. Stings sensitive skin


    I didn't like this as it stung my skin, My skin is slightly sensitive, but not overly so. I think it probably works best for normal skin types.
  35. Love it


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    I love using this straight out of the shower, its so versatile, has a nice light spray and scent, doesn't leave me oily or congested or dry. Perfect.
  36. Light hydrating toner


    This toner is a lovely light spritz to use before serums or moisturiser. I don’t think it contains anything amazing in terms of active ingredients, but it smells lovely and is nice and hydrating.
  37. Simple and effective


    Amazing product, so simple, quick and easy to use, makes my skin feel great!
  38. Good but not a must have


    The fragrance is light and fresh, the spray bottle makes for a quick and refreshing application and ensures minimal product wastage. The toner itself is gentle even on my sensitive combination skin. However, as nice as it is, I don't feel this is a standout product, particularly when considering the price tag.
  39. Great


    This multi-active toner is such a nice cooling effect on the skin and refreshes and invigorates my skin, without drying it out too much. Works perfectly used before the active moist, moisturiser.
  40. Average toner


    I purchased small sized toner for trial and honestly this toner is ok but nothing special. I have combination skin with dry patches around my mouth and cheekbones and I use toner twice a daily morning and night.

    - the smell is very nice like very gentle and natural fragrance
    - the mist is fine and spreads evenly
    - last long time, only 3-4 pumps enough to cover my face
    - once the toner is applied and dried, this helps dermalogica moisturiser like active moist to absorb better
    - Keeps your skin hydrated throughout day
    - my skin doesn’t breakout as every time when I try new toner or other products on my face, it breakouts.

    - a bit pricey
    - doesn’t really do much except just keeping your face hydrated and better absorption for moisturiser

    Overall, I wouldn’t buy it again and surely there are other toners that can do much more than dermalogica toner as well as good price. Therefore, if you just want a toner that hydrates your skin then this toner is for you.
  41. Hydrating and light


    I have normal to oily skin and love the light feel of this toner. Its hydrating without feeling heavy and helps my moisturiser go further and absorb better. Love using it when I travel (travel size in my hand luggage) to prevent dehydration from the cabin pressure.
  42. Love it


    I love the application of this product because it is so quick and effective and hassle-free to simply spray it on and tap into the skin. This is a great product for all skin types as it helps to balance the PH levels and bring back hydration which can be lost after cleansing the face. Highly recommend
  43. Love this toner!


    I received a free sample of this product and decided to splurge on the full size and I’m happy I did. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. Its also a great travel companion on flights when your skin tends to dry out. Definitely worth the price.
  44. Fresh and lovely


    This toner is nice. Has a great scent, and is hydrating, which is what my dehydrating skin needs. It helps keep the oil at bay as a result. The only downside is the pump spray - it’s a bit of a harsh mist instead of a light mist, but other than that, it’s a good product.
  45. Unsure

    Kylie Q

    I’m still on the fence with this product. It’s a nice toner, nice smell, I’m just not convinced of the skin benefits as I’m not sure I notice a huge difference without it.
  46. Dermalogica MAGIC active toner!


    I love this toner! I use it through the day to freshen up my skin. Definitely on my reorder list...and with 12% off woohooo
  47. Feels lovely


    I love a good toner mist and this one is fabulous. Great to keep your makeup staying on all day (12 hour days)
  48. Pricey but it works


    I'd always thought toners are pointless but having oily and breakout-prone skin, my facialist recommended this toner. A tad pricey but after a week of spritzing this one my face, I understood why I needed it! It closes my pores! I admit, it tingles a little, and don't get it in your eyes, ever. Its got a slight medicated scent, which I love. If you're looking for an effective toner, definitely give this a try.
  49. Quick, easy and hydrating!


    I love how quick and easy this toner is with being in a spray bottle. It gives moisture back into the skin, it smells nice.
    I love using it after the shower, it actually calms my skin down if i have exfoliated prior to the toner. Love it.
  50. Amazing


    Absolutely amazing product, havnt had a single pimple on my face since using it.
  51. So good!


    I love everything I buy from this line. This is great toner because it leaves your face feeling clean and balanced. If you have never used a toner before try this one and you will see why people love to use it!
  52. LOVE


    This spray is really great value considering all of the ways that you can use it! I use it after I wash my face in the shower to add moisture back in. I spray before my setting spray to lessen that "cakey" look that powder can give. Its a miracle product!
  53. Great with Intensive Moisture Balance


    I love this toner. I first tried it in the Dry Skin Kit and once I ran out, I bought big versions of the toner and moisturiser. I bought the moisturiser first and though it's excellent, sometimes if I waited too long after washing my face it would be really dry - this just helps everything absorb in a more silky way. They work brilliantly together. Next I'm going to try a Dermalogica primer... these products are very moreish!
  54. Smell nice


    This product is hydrating and smells nice but did break me out a little.
  55. Unsure


    I tried this yesterday but woke up this morning completely broken out! The only thing I did differently in my routine was use this toner... It smells beautiful though!
  56. Overall good product

    Ms Zig

    I received a sample of this and geez it lasts for ages so it’s a good valve for your money I found the product quite light and refreshing on my face and I actually quite like the smell it’s calming.
  57. Average


    I received a small bottle of this in a sample pack so i thought i would give it a go. It felt nice upon application however i woke up the next morning with red bumps around my forehead. My sensitive skin clearly didn't like this product. Unfortunately not for me!
  58. So refreshing!


    I love this toner. I’ve been using it for years now and it I use it twice a day and this size lasts a month. It’s such great value. It makes my skin feel so refreshed and softer too. I definitely recommend the product. Great price for such a great product too. My skin is combination and I have no allergies to this toner. Very light and gentle toner.
  59. Everyday essential and fantastic value


    This has become a staple in my daily skincare routine! I chase it with the Dermalogica Active Moist moisturizer and the combination leaves my skin dewy and supple. The bottle goes a long way, so the relatively low cost (for Dermalogica) makes this a no-brainer for me.
  60. Nice toner


    I like this toner, I love that it's in a convenient spray form for quick and easy use and I really like how calming it is on my skin after I cleanse and exfoliate!
  61. Highly recommend


    This is a great toner, I really feel like it balances my skin after cleansing and prepares it for my serums and other treatments. I have just re-purchased after buying my first bottle in Feb so thats about 4 months of twice-daily use.

    I had never used a spray toner before and was pretty sceptical at first, I even sprayed it onto a swissper so I could use it like my previous toners. However now I just spray it straight onto my face and it's definitely the way to go lol
  62. A little too drying


    I love this toner and have been using it for years but as I age, I find it’s getting a bit too dry for me. It definitely suits younger skin as it’s very fresh.
  63. Best toner ever


    This is a amazing toner, I use at morning after cleaning my skin, my skin feels hydrating, glowing.
  64. Best toner


    Love this toner. Makes a massive difference to my skin care routine.
  65. Not for me


    Perhaps I shouldn't be reviewing Dermalogica products, as they are clearly not the brand for me. I hated the smell of this. While this is meant to be good for dry and sensitive skin, I found it highly irritating. Perhaps it was the lavender oil? I think I'd better steer clear of their more fragrant products in future.
  66. Fine mist


    This has a very beautiful, fine mist that distributes product evenly across the skin. I find I need to spray about 4-5 times to cover the entire face and prep the skin so it runs out relatively quickly. Packaging is nice but I don't like the scent... it smells like sweet corn with a touch of plastic. Really weird and hard to describe. It's not unbearable but I do find myself holding my breath for a few seconds. Hydration wise I have extremely dry skin so it only offered ever so slightly light hydration, but my skin definitely feels soothed every time I use it and a bit more radiant. I use it in the morning before I put makeup on, after makeup, throughout the day when it is hot and before skincare to prep the skin. So many uses!
  67. Lovely toner but not for me


    This toner is a lovely toner and is extremely hydrating. However, it made my dry, sensitive skin breakout, unlike other toners.
    This is a lovely hydrating toner but it just didn't work for me.
  68. Amazing toner


    This toner is amazing, no more cotton rounds and wiping my face, just a quick spritz is all that's needed. It's refreshing, smells amazing and helps my moisturiser go further. I love the way my skin looks and feels using Dermalogical products.
  69. Never understood the point of toners, until this!


    I recently purchased this spray and have already noticed a huge difference in how much moisturiser I have to use. Love it!
  70. Much more than just a toner


    This toner is a must have when applying moisturiser. I use it in conjunction with my cream and it increases absorption and makes the moisturiser go further so you actually use less product. I also use it occasionally to set my make up if using a powder foundation, or just to refresh my face. Would not be without it!
  71. Great toner


    Smells so good and I love how my skin feels after using this toner! Will purchase again.
  72. Great product


    This is my favourite product of all in my beauty cabinet. I've tried many other toners and can't find one that is (a) as easy to use, (b) feels nice on my skin and (3) helps my skin to absorb moisturiser better. Also I love that it is a spray application - no need for beauty pads to apply. Would highly recommend to anyone to try it - particularly if already using other dermalogica products.
  73. Easy to use toner


    The spay toner is brilliant. I never kept up using other toners because I hated having to find a cotton ball to put it on. With the Multi-Active Toner I just spray and go onto the next step.
  74. Multi Active Toner


    i've only recently started using Dermalogica range, although it is way pricey i do really like the products. It is the best stuff i've ever found for my skin.

    i use this toner everyday, i have sensitive skin but find this is gentle and works like a treat and i love how quick and easy it is to use, just spray on and your done!!
  75. Anonymous

    This product has worked great at balancing my combination/oily skin. It has a nice citrus scent and is also very refreshing as a face mist in summer
  76. Anonymous

    Feels good.. But probably not for my combo/dehydrated skin, as it really didn't do much.. Might be better for oilier skin types (as it was recommended for my sister who has oily/acne prone skin.)
  77. Anonymous

    This toner was ok. It balanced my kin after cleansing quite well. I prefer to use cotton balls to apply so I dont care too much for the pump. It does it's job.
  78. Anonymous

    I'm not a fan of toners in the first place but I did give this one a go. The smell was pleasant and I like the pump bottle but I just don't think it made a difference to my skin.
  79. Anonymous

    I really did give this a good go, but can't say it has done anything for my skin. It actually stings when I put it on. Will probably not purcahse it again in the future.
  80. Anonymous

    I have never incorporated a toner into my skincare routine as I don't regularly moisturize my combination skin unless it is winter. Therefore it is difficult for me to compare Dermalogica's Multi-Active Toner to others. The cucumber, mint, mallow lavender and ivy (!) all combined to soothe and delight in its scent. A spray pump is handy so that there is no need to spoil your newly cleansed skin and I found this to soak in well in preparation for moisturizer. I am not the most qualified judge of this toner, but if I had to choose, I would be most happy with this one.
  81. Anonymous

    Price $47.50. What a great toner lotion. Dermalogica's Multi-Active Toner works wonders and it is so handy as it comes in a spray pack! Whether you purchase it on its own or the small size in the travel pack, you will not be disappointed! (Although the large one can leak when tipped over)
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