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Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash 500ml 500ml

4.9 of 37 reviews

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4 instalments of $19.70


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Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash 500ml

Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash 500ml

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4.9 of 37 reviews

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Love this for breakouts and acne
I use this for my sons acne skin and mine is also prone to breakouts we love it highly recommend and the bootle is massive for the price also will last a long time w
  1. Love this for breakouts and acne

    I use this for my sons acne skin and mine is also prone to breakouts we love it highly recommend and the bootle is massive for the price also will last a long time w
  2. Good for acne

    This is a really good cleanser for acne prone skin. Good for preventing and treating and is gentle on the skin. Foaming but not drying. Overall good product

    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  4. Awesome

    I tried this product in the smaller size and loved it so much i just had to buy the biiger option. My skin feels clear and refreshed. It's really helped reduce my whiteheads.
  5. lovely product

    i am absolutely obsessed with this range!I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a similar skin type! Cleans my face super well!
  6. Love it

    I absolutely love all the dermalogica face washes!! This one particularly is my fav! Makes skin feel fresh and skin without making it feel tight and dry! Amazing
  7. Amazing

    This skin wash is the only product that has ever controlled my hormonal acne without harming my skin. The formula leaves my face feeling clean without drying out or removing the good moisture within my skin. Highly recommend to anyone with acne issues.
  8. My Go-To when breakouts strike

    This is a great cleanser for oily skin & acne breakouts. It’s specifically made for adult skin so is better than products aimed at teenage oily skin. I have used this for years and find it especially effective during 'that' time of month.
  9. Good

    Since using this cleanser my acne has reduced massively. Been using it for over a year now and will always keep it in my skin care routine.
  10. Great

    Amazing face wash, makes my skin feel cleansed and refreshed without stripping all oils. Have noticed a difference in my skin- less blackheads and pimples for sure.
  11. Been using for years

    Love this product. A 500ml bottle lasts me about 8-10 months. I've been using the skin clearing wash for about 5 years now. Not drying on the skin and makes a nice lather. I find for me it controls my oil production and very rarely get pimples
  12. Results

    After only a short time, I’m already seeing results. Decided to switch from the special cleansing gel after I started getting more breakouts, but was worried about it drying my skin out. That definitely hasn’t happened and it actually leaves the skin feeling quite hydrated.
  13. very luxurious

    does not dries my skin out and very soothing. i used a sample and i am already tempted to buy it
  14. Great

    Love this face wash. It's been so good to help fight off my nasty adult acne and doesn't over-dry or cause any discomfort. Absolutely worth a try!
  15. Can’t Live Without

    I got this as part of the MediBac Sample pack and this, paired with the oil control lotion absolutely cleared my skin up and kept the oiliness and breakouts at bay. This is the only cleanser I’ve purchased more than once in a row - 3 times now.
  16. Amazing cleanser

    This is my go to cleanser for whenever I have an acne breakout. It is the only product that actually works to clear my problem skin, yet gentle enough for everyday use.. I continuously repurchase
  17. Can't live without

    This has been my go to cleanser for the past 7 years. I have relatively sensitive skin and find that it keeps my breakouts under control without irritating my skin. I have tried many cleansers but this is the one I continue to return to.
  18. a skin care staple for troublesome skin

    I used to suffer from classic teen acne.... killer! And this was one wash that got me through. Never stripping, gentle yet you still felt like it removed all dirt and bacteria. So cost effective in the large size it is really amazing value for the quality of product that you get. You can easily see why so many spas & skin therapists love Dermalogica.
  19. cleared up my body acne

    this wash basically cleared up my Keratosis pilaris on my arms within a few weeks, washed my body daily in the shower with this skin wash and my skin was and has stayed clear, love it!!
  20. Very nice wash

    Combined with the other medibac products, this is amazing! It washes all my makeup off thoroughly and doesn’t strip my skin or make it dry. It’s natural and lovely scent is so nice.
    This has been a life saver for my acne after trying so many washes!
  21. Best product post The Pill

    This product saved my skin after I went off the pill!! Helps keep breakouts to a minimum and they resolve quicker than they were
  22. Great for oily skin

    This is a great cleanser for oily skin & acne breakouts. It’s specifically made for adult skin so is better than products aimed at teenage oily skin. I have used this for years & it’s the best one I’ve found.
  23. Great cleanser

    I received this cleanser as a sample, I often have hormonal breakouts and found that this reduced them and unclogged my pores!
  24. Great product

    My favourite skin cleanser. Great for oily and acne prone skin type.
  25. For the breakout prone

    I'd been an active user of the special cleanser but I've also added this one for periodical cleansing as I have breakout prone skin. After about a week, I have less breakouts and everything seem to have calmed down. Slight medicated scent which I really love. Definitely effective.
  26. Breakout Buster

    This is my go to cleanser and my skin noticed when i ran out! I initially bought the 250ml to see if i like this cleanser and was more than satisfied! My usually spotty skin cleared up dramtically and any breakouts were less in intensity and duration.
    Bought this size as i hate running out
  27. Hands down best cleanser

    I wish I had of known about this product before, it is hands down one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used. I have acne prone skin - pores & textured skin and the first week of using it I noticed a huge difference in my skin. My skin is so much more smoother now, pores are smaller and I have less break outs. I definitely would recommend this to a friend!
  28. Great at clearing acne but can irritate if skin is clear

    I have freckled, fair, sensitive skin which is combination and I find this is product is great for acne clearing.

    I recommend using it every other day otherwise it inflames my skin by making it overly sensitive. Don't use on your lips or they'll get so dry.

    It is good for its purpose though. Recommend its use for every third day in conjunction with a gentler cleanser like skinstitut gentle cleanser, and a glycolic scrub once or twice a week.
  29. Excellent product for adult acne

    I have combination/oily skin and in my late 30’s have broken out in adult acne mainly on my T-zone. I tried this product using it twice a day and could see a dramatic improvement in my skin. It’s a fabulous product that clearly works and quickly too. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with adult acne as you will see the results in days.
  30. LOVE

    I have combination skin and hubby has oily skin. We both love this product as it doesn't dry my skin out but also helps manage his oily skin.

    Dermalogica has always been my go to skin brand for any concerns. I have suffered teen cystic acne and kept it at bay and reduced breakouts when using this wash! Now at 21 I began to get breakouts and cystic acne signs again so I straight away went back to using the skin clearing wash and I have no regrets. WIthin a few uses I could tell the signs of my pimples clearing! Using this skin wash helps to reduce pimples, keep my skin clear and cleans off even the heaviest of makeup to clean my pores deep down!
    I love this wash and would recommend it to anyone struggling with breakouts.
  32. Best cleaner for acne prone skin

    I've struggled with acne for years and this is the only thing that has worked for me. Have been using it for over 5 years now. Highly recommended :)
  33. Best for clearing break outs

    This is by far the best acne facial cleanser I've ever used, like most products your skin will get worse before getting better, which usually indicates that the product is working, it does this as its removing all of the dirt etc. from your skin bringing it to the surface so the white blood cells can come in and do their magic, after about a week of my skin going through this process it started to clear up, my skin has never looked as good as it does now. I started using this two years a go and have only gone through two bottles. A little goes a long way, the only negative thing I can say about this product is the actual packaging, i feel as though a lot of product comes out with one pump therefore you can end up using a lot more than needed, I've just learnt to be careful! This product paired with the sebum clearing masque and active moist moisturiser is great for acne prone skin. Try the medibac clearing range kit to try out all the products and see what works for you, especially if your on a budget. That's what I did and I've never looked back.
  34. Does what it says

    I bought Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Skin Wash for my 14 year old son - and myself - to use in the shower. He loves the smell and uses it every day. His skin has cleared up well and I am impressed too - like I am with most Dermalogica products.

    I think buying the supermarket brands is actually a waste of money as they are totally ineffective against spots and can be very detergenty, or scratchy, or both! Price wise - Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Skin Wash is less than twice as much as supermarket brands per volume yet twice as effective ...so overall it is good value, and a pleasure to use. I know Dermalogica mediBac is a quality product because you can feel it, smell it and see the results - which is why you are buying a clearing product in the first place - you want it to work - and this does.
  35. Helps Reduce Breakouts

    I was recommended this product from a beauty therapist who used to sell this product. My skin concern was break outs on a monthly basis and I was advised to use this product about a week before. I still get that one stubborn hormonal zit but the rest of my skin stays pretty clear. I use the milder cleanser for the rest if the month and the daily microfoliant and active moist as my routine and am very happy with the results.
  36. Great value and it really works.

    I purchased the Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Skin Wash for my twenty year old who has been suffering breakouts recently, due to his training routine both indoors and outdoors, after purchasing shelf products claiming to calm and clear the skin, these did not work, adding both frustration and disappointment to my son, I decided to go online where I purchase my own products and see what I could find.
    I am so happy with the product, it did cost a little more, but considering the products already purchased, the time factor and disappointments, it was worth the cost, the product worked almost immediately, and you only need to use a small amount, we found the product outlasts the supermarket products purchased originally. Great buy with results.
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