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Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 50ml 50mL

3.9 of 43 reviews

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4 instalments of $16.95

Or 4 instalments of $16.95 with LEARN MORE

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The man, the myth, the legend. It's Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 50ml. Blendable, lightweight and SPF 30 with UVA/UVB and Blue Light protection. 

  • Alcohol Free
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free
  • Has SPF

What customers say

GREAT - 70% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 50ml Reviews

3.9 of 43 reviews

70% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My new go-to sunscreen


I'm religious about using sunscreen every day so need something effective that won't clog my skin. I love this new sunscreen, especially the fact that it contains non-nano zinc. It's lightweight, goes on invisible with no white residue and i don't feel the need to reapply it throughout the day. Best of all it really works and even with my sensitive skin i've never felt clogged or irritated even after two weeks of using it daily. This is definitely my new favourite sunscreen.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for a physical sunscreen


I don't really like the texture of physical sunscreens, this one is probably one of the better ones I've tried, less white cast and peeling but still a bit thick for my liking.
  1. Awakens the senses


    Firstly this product smells gorgeous and every time I apply it I feel instantly awakened.
    I have normal to combination skin and I was very wary trying out a new skincare product as it can give me breakouts, but not this one. My skin has felt absolutely lovely, you only need a small amount I think this is important, I use about a pea size amount and apply underneath my moisturizer.
    I l...
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  2. Did not meet expectation

    Jasmine Carpo

    Received this as a sample to try and I wear sunscreen daily under make up or on my make up free days. It left a white cast when applied under my foundation, it was also super oily and greasy feeling. I have quite tanned skinned tone so that could also play a part, however even without make up it felt heavy and greasy and my face was shining so much from the oily residue.
  3. My new go-to sunscreen


    I'm religious about using sunscreen every day so need something effective that won't clog my skin. I love this new sunscreen, especially the fact that it contains non-nano zinc. It's lightweight, goes on invisible with no white residue and i don't feel the need to reapply it throughout the day. Best of all it really works and even with my sensitive skin i've never felt clogged or irritated even af...
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  4. Good for a physical sunscream


    I receive a free sample. In my opinion, this suncream is good not to add fragrance. Maybe I will buy it next time.
  5. Daily staple


    I’ve been using this sample every day and it’s a wonderful daily use sunscreen - the initial whiteness absorbs quickly and makeup is easily applied over the top without and shiny residue or pilling. However, for the price tag I think I prefer Ultra Violette clean screen - sane result and roughly half the price.
  6. Nice texture


    Very light texture, but has a soft lavender scent.
  7. No white cast - but doesn't suit my dry skin


    This is actually a very good physical sunscreen. It leaves no whitecast on my skin. However, unfortunately my skin doesn't like it because I have dry skin - would suit oily skin types though!
  8. Not a fan


    I received a sample of this with an order, and was really excited to try it as an SPF fanatic. Unfortunately I really didn't like this sunscreen - it felt okay applied to the skin, but definitely couldn't handle my oily skin and became a greasy mess really quickly. It also left a bit of a white cast on my light-medium skin, so something to be wary of. Way better, more affordable sunscreens out the...
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  9. Great sunscreen


    Received this as a sample. It was really good, didn’t feel greasy at all, sets well on my skin before make up, does not even leave white cast on my skin. Definitely will repurchase.
  10. Isn’t for me


    I was happy to try this sunscreen sample from Dermalogica. I love the products of this brand.
    I’m disappointed. The texture is really nice and very soft. But As far as I’m concerned, I supperpose several treatments in the morning.
    It really has to be spread well otherwise the white remains in the pores. But when you rub, the material pill. So when you have several layers of care it is ...
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  11. Still has a bit of white cast


    I have tried every sunscreen under the sun (boom boom, pun intended) looking for a holy grail spf, and unfortunately this wasn't it. I received a small sample of it and was so excited to try as a fan of Dermalogica. But while it's by no means a bad sunscreen, it just isn't great. It is still quite thick and leaves a slight white cast, and having I prefer SPF50 products since I'm so pale and sunbur...
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  12. not a fan


    I love Dermalogica, however this is a miss for me. It might just be that I don't like physical sunscreen as much as chemical. Quite thick and hard to rub in and is only SPF 30. Will stick to Ultraviolette.
  13. Good physical sunscreen


    I was able to try a deluxe sample of this. It is good for a physical sunscreen. It didn't cause any irritation or white cast for me but it made my skin too dewy.

    I usually use a chemical sunscreen and its probably not something I would rush out to buy but should I need a physical sunscreen, I would consider it.
  14. Good for a physical sunscreen


    I don't really like the texture of physical sunscreens, this one is probably one of the better ones I've tried, less white cast and peeling but still a bit thick for my liking.
  15. Peeled


    I received the sample of this product, which I was really excited to try as I still haven't yet found a physical sunscreen that doesn't peel! Unfortunately, this one did. I didn't even get to try it under make up. I'll have to keep looking!
  16. Decent Physical Sunscreen


    I got a sample of this sunscreen and it's great if you're not using make up on top. The texture is a little thicker than I like. I'd use this if spending the day outdoors hiking, the beach with no make up on skin.
  17. Leaves a white cast


    I’ve been looking for a physical sunscreen for a while and have yet to find the perfect one. I received a sample of this and while I liked the formula overall, the white cast was definitely noticeable. Would definitely retry, but the price is definitely a worry for me!
  18. Very good


    I've had this as a sample recently and I'm very impressed with it. You don't need much and it rubs into the skin easily. When I first saw it come out of the tube I was worried because it looked thick and gluggy but it was fine. Doesn't leave any residue on my skin. It does make my skin look a little lighter than it actually does, but I'm probably the only one who would notice it.
  19. The strong lavender smell is very off-putting


    I purchased a 7mL sample of this as part of a sample set. Upon applying I was immediately hit with an overwhelming lavender scent, followed by a nasty metallic after-scent like your hands might smell after touching an old rusty metal railing. Definitely not the sunscreen for me, as I'm not a fan of either of those smells. Honestly with how strong the lavender is, they should have it in the name of...
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  20. Nice, but don't Love


    While this was a very beautiful product, it still left me a little pale than usual and I felt compelled to put on my foundation afterwards when I would've preferred to have gone without
  21. Great physical sunscreen


    This is hands down one of the best physical sunscreens I've used, but it does still leave a slight white cast. But compared to others, this really is invisible. I like that it's a bit thicker and more hydrating for my winter skin at the moment.
  22. Average!


    I got this as a sample and find it a bit thick for my liking. It does rub in well though, but I don't think I would buy this. It sits under makeup okay.
  23. Love this!


    I received a couple of samples of this recently, and I love it! It's soothing on my sensitive skin, and rubs in easily and with absolutely no white cast! It doesn't really have a scent, and sits perfectly under makeup. My only hesitation is the price. It's right up there for sunscreen, but for a physical sunscreen of this quality, I'm very tempted to purchase the full size. I don't go a day withou...
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  24. didn't work for me


    i got it as a sample and when i tried it, it crumbled on my skin. i think it was because i had put on skinstitut's laser aid before applying this on. it didn't leave white cast which is good but i really didn't like how it crumbled.
  25. Not sticky at all. No pills


    I got a sample. It’s my first time use physical sunscreen. I tried Aesop zinc before, and the felling is very weird on face. But this one is amazing. I will purchase this one if physical is better to skin than chemical sunscreen
  26. no white cast


    i got it as a sample with purchase and it has no white and applies smoothly. i really wanted it to be SPF 50 but it is hydrating too so i am happy with it. will purchase full size soon.
  27. Lightweight sun protection


    I received a couple of samples of this recently and have begun using it in the mornings. Firstly, it has a pleasant smell (not an overpowering sunscreen smell). When you put it on your hands you can see it is very white and has the look of a sunscreen but when you apply it to your face it doesn't feel at all as heavy as a traditional sunscreen. Glides on well, soaks in well and doesn't leave any c...
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  28. Lightweight and great under makeup


    Sunscreens I've used in the past leave a white cast and don't layer well under makeup. This one is great as a layer of this sunscreen doesn't make your face white and leave your face greasy. It works well with or without makeup!
  29. Not great


    This isn't too heavy but it flakes and 'pills', even without makeup. I tried with different skincare combos too. Also has a really strong Aesop like scent which I am not a fan of for my face.
  30. Not bad


    I was expecting no residue from how this is marketed. I felt like I could still see a slight white haze. Although it does wear really well under makeup for despite this. Pretty good product however there are SPF50+ facial sunscreens that wear better and are cheaper.
  31. Invisible


    Received a sample of this and tried it today. When I put it on it was very white but the whiteness disappeared quickly as I rubbed it in. It felt weightless and my foundation glided over it beautifully. To me it had a primer feel on my skin. It lost a rating star because of the high price.
  32. Amazing physical sunscreen


    FINALLY a physical sunscreen that doesn't leave a white cast! It has a subtle matte finish that is great for my oily skin. This is an amazing product. The only downside is the price - it is very expensive for such a small amount (50ml). I'm hoping it will last a long time since it is very thick.
  33. Great physical sunscreen


    I received a sample of this and absolutely loved it. While it initially can look quite white on your hands, as soon as you start to rub it into your skin it becomes transparent. It's very light weight, I didn't feel like it was clogging my pores and wore nicely under makeup. Would purchase!
  34. Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defence SPF30


    I have just tried this sunscreen. First impressions....WOW! I'm in my late 30's and have rosacea and am sensitive to most sunscreens! This is by far the best sunscreen I've ever tried. Unlike most physical sunscreen this one does not leave a white cast and is very very lightweight. After applying it the skin doesn't feel heavy/thick and it's not sticky like most physical sunscreens. It is slightly...
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  35. a good physical choice


    I have an oily skin with blemish, so I tried many physical sunscreen before. This one doesn't leave white builts up and will not feel dry after applying a few hours. A good choice for daily uses.
  36. Works well under make-up


    I received a sample of this with a recent order. Unlike most other sunscreens it didn't irritate my skin, but it left a slight white cast and made my skin a bit more oily than normal. When I applied make-up over the top it didn't pill or crease, which is a bonus! This product is probably best suited to those with dry skin, as it does tend to make your skin slightly greasy.
  37. Great sunscreen


    This is a hard brand to beat. This is a lovely sunscreen. Feels thick but is actually very light. Great coverage.
  38. Brilliant spf


    I received a mini sample with a recent adorebeauty order and have been using this spf while I go running and it’s great - my skin is very sensitive to oily spf products but this is so smooth and also stays on my face while I run and sweat. Would recommend!
  39. Not too heavy or shiny


    Got this as a sample in my last order and am pretty impressed. A little goes a long way, it doesn't leave any white cast, it's not too thick and greasy for my oily skin and the finish is only the tiniest bit shinier than dermalogica's oil free matte sunscreen.
  40. Pretty good!


    Probably the best physical sunscreen I've used. It only leaves a slight white cast on my skin, and it sits relatively well under makeup. The only thing I don't like is that it is quite thick. I still prefer Ultra Violette, but I would recommend this too.
  41. No white/ashy cast


    I got a deluxe sample to try in my last adore beauty order. I was very excited to try it out and would have purchased it to try anyway as I am a fan of dermalogica's other SPF products (defense booster, prisma protect and ultra matt) all in which I have purchased many times before. Finally a physical SPF that has no white ashy cast (on NC38 ) woo hoo and most important of all - No stinging and wat...
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  42. I love this product. It's the first spf I've been able to use on my very sensitive skin.


    Love this product on my skin! I have very sensitive skin. This sunscreen doesn't make my face feel oily or greasy. Very lightweight. The smell is a fresh and clean scent. It goes on nice its invisible. Great for working out!
  43. Nice sun protection


    I get quite sensitive skin that reacts to so many sunscreens but this one it didn’t. There’s no whiteness left on skin and not overly greasy. Sits well under makeup
  44. Wears really well under makeup


    This is really nice under makeup, it provides a nice canvas without causing any pilling. The big issue I have with this is that it's not SPF50 :(
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