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Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 50ml 50mL

4.4 of 120 reviews


4 instalments of $17.25

Or 4 instalments of $17.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $17.25

Or 4 instalments of $17.25 with LEARN MORE

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The man, the myth, the legend. It's Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 50ml. Blendable, lightweight and SPF 30 with UVA/UVB and Blue Light protection. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Has SPF
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 50ml Reviews

4.4 of 120 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

New Favourite sunscreen - sorry lean screen...I may be back but goodbye for now


Ok first things first - Dear Dermalogica, please stop putting lavender oil in literally everything. That said, it doesn't seem to be a problem for me in this product. Which is lucky because I really like it. I have gone from medik8 physical sunscreen (too much white cast) to clean screen (quite liked) to lean screen (really liked but disliked the thick texture). And now after reading the really good reviews claiming nice texture and limited white cast I have just bought my second tube of this sunscreen and I'm a big fan. Texture is really lovely and spreads well, basically no white cast and sinks in well, looks good under makeup and doesn't pil with serums underneath. It is on the pricier side lasted me maybe 6 weeks using everyday.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for a physical sunscreen


I don't really like the texture of physical sunscreens, this one is probably one of the better ones I've tried, less white cast and peeling but still a bit thick for my liking.
  1. Just ok for me


    It's not light texture and a bit hard to apply on evenly. It is hard to remove as well and I need to use makeup remover everytime I use it. The good thing is that it has no oily smell.
  2. New Favourite sunscreen - sorry lean screen...I may be back but goodbye for now


    Ok first things first - Dear Dermalogica, please stop putting lavender oil in literally everything. That said, it doesn't seem to be a problem for me in this product. Which is lucky because I really like it. I have gone from medik8 physical sunscreen (too much white cast) to clean screen (quite liked) to lean screen (really liked but disliked the thick texture). And now after reading the really...
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  3. Not too bad overall


    This sunscreen was okay overall - I felt like it did the job but it did feel like it never completely absorbed into my skin which made my foundation slip around a bit during the day. This however might just be due to having an oily skin type. Generous amount in the tube which was nice for the price point. Not sure if I would repurchase again as I feel like I could find something with a higher spf...
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  4. Great for dry skin


    With dry and sensitive skin, I tend to find choosing a sunscreen that is suited for my skin rather difficult. This product feels thick but spreads evenly and absorbs well into the skin without leaving any residue or white cast. Unlike other sunscreens, this one doesn't leave the skin parched and the herbal like scent feels uplifting when applied.
  5. Not a fan


    I got this as a sample and as soon as I opened the sachet I knew it wasn’t going to be great. It is super thick and the smell of essential oils is so overpowering. I hate essential oils or fragrance in skincare, a tiny bit I can deal with but this has eucalyptus oil and lavender oil only half way down the ingredients list. I gave it go anyway and the white cast was real at first. I rubbed it in fo...
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  6. Very thick


    Received this as a sample. This sunscreen was extremely thick and did not wear under makeup well.
  7. Good sunscreen


    I received a sample of this goes on well and is lightweight and makeup goes on well after it
  8. Not bad


    I got this as a sample and was surprised it still left a slight white cast when applied, after it specifically advertises it is invisible. it didn't irritate my skin though and went on easily
  9. Okay


    This sunscreen definitely works well as SPF protection, however it is quite thick and tacky and left me with a slight white cast.
  10. Smooth, reliable


    This product was overall a good product. It went on very thick so you really did not need a whole heap of it andit lasted quite a bit of time.
    I would highly reommend this product
  11. awesome everyday sunscreen!


    I've been using this sunscreen for a while now and have used it religiously -- It applies so smoothly and a little goes a LONG way!
    I use it on both my face and body and it sets fine underneath makeup - not too oily etc!!
    Would definitely recommend!
  12. Fantastic!


    Being a redhead with fairish skin, I need a really good sunscreen. As I tend to get sunburnt easily. I've worn Invisible Defence on the hot days we've had in Melbourne recently and it did it's job while I spent most of the day outside.

    I love the Dermalogica Invisible Defence sunscreen. It absorbed easily without any white cast, which makes it perfect under makeup.

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  13. Great SPF for Sensitive Skin


    Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 was fabulous for my sensitive skin.
    This product is quite thick but spreads evenly and easily and a little goes a long way. I also found it works really well under make up.
    I couldn't recommend this product more and it will definitely be a new staple in my skin regime.
  14. Great sunscreen!


    I'm loving this sunscreen! It goes on so smooth and a little goes a LONG way! I use this on both my face and body and love it for both... doesn't look too oily etc under makeup or feel sticky!
    Sunscreen is so important to me so I would definitely purchase again.
  15. It works wonders!


    I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and absolutely love it!! I have normal/oily type skin and this product has worked wonders. There is no oily residue after applying the sunscreen and it has protected my skin very well. I would highly recommend this product.
  16. Finally sunscreen that doesn't break me out


    My skin is super fussy with sunscreens, I find a lot break me out. A friend suggested to try this sunscreen and I impulsively purchased it. Suffice to say, I am really liking this so far and no break outs have emerged. This lost a star rating due to the 30 SPF rather than having 50 SPF
  17. Light and luxurious


    I really enjoyed this product, as it was light and easy to spread on my face and neck. I do not like sunscreen/moisturisers that are thick and heavy. It has a light scent that is not overbearing which was also a major plus for me. I have been using this only when I got for my midday walks as I am trying to give my skin a break from make up.
  18. Clean SPF that doesn’t make you break out

    Rianna B

    I’ve used SPF’s in the past and they’ve all made me break out. I have listened to so many podcasts lately talking about the importance of everyday physical sunscreen, so I knew I needed to find a product I loved using so I would actually wear it. This SPF has been a dream, I have noticed no changes in my skin, it feels like a lightweight eye cream and it smells like lavender (just me?!) oh and it ...
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  19. Glowing and protected


    I’ve been using the Dermalogica physical defence sunscreen for about a week. I’ve found it to be very finely milled, thin and lightweight. It's non-greasy and pleasantly scented. I look for a minimum of 20% zinc oxide in sunscreen so Dermalogica makes the mark but would be even better if it was 50+ for incredibly fair skin like mine.

    For me, it’s on the pricier side compared to other...
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  20. A lovely smelling and lightweight sunscreen


    I have been pleasantly surprised by this luxurious sunscreen. It lives up to all its top features; lightweight, can be applied liberally and the fact that its natural and vegan is fantastic. The smell is very lovely unlike other sunscreens and can fit easily in your bag. I used this product more than I ever have a sunscreen and I truly think it was its moisturiser similarities!
  21. Holy Grail SPF


    Ever since lockdown I’ve been getting really into skincare and discovered the importance of SPF. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for the best sunscreen but everything I tried I didn’t love... until I discovered this! It is very lightweight, sinks into your skin instantly and doesn’t leave a white cast. The best part is that it’s undetectable under make up and feels like another layer of moisturi...
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  22. Great Sunscreen!


    Super lightweight and not oily under makeup. Doesn't leave a sheen. Also has a nice fresh scent, didn't irritate my sensitive skin. ! :)
  23. Worth the money


    Love this sunscreen, has a nice smell to it which is so rare in sunscreen. I found it didn't leave a cast so I was able to wear it confidently without feeling greasy. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and have been diligently putting it on each day and actually reapplying as the day goes on because it is the perfect size for my bag.
  24. Amazing product that doesn't feel like SPF!


    This product feels like a light moisturiser or primer, it just glides on your skin! Which means I didn't have to use much of it for full coverage.

    I have combination type skin, oily t-zone but can get quite dry. This product was perfect on my skin in both areas. Doesn't clog pores and doesn't have a sticky texture like other SPF products.

    The only thing that could make t...
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  25. Great for any skin tone and type !


    Summer is here in full blast. I got sunburnt a few weeks ago. Always deterred because of the white cast most sunscreens leave considering my skin tone. Dermalogica’s SPF smelt good plus it glided so smoothly onto my skin with an invisible finish thanks to the physical component ZINC Oxide. This is worth the splurge as a facial sunscreen. A little goes a long way, it has a lightweight feeling. This...
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  26. The Only Sunscreen for me


    Dermalogica never fails to deliver, and this product is no different. It glides onto the skin and provides great coverage and protection against the sun. It never irritates my skin and doesn't feel heavy or sticky. Definitely recommend.
  27. Does exactly what it says!


    I've been in the sun more often for work recently so I needed a decent SPF but I didn't want anything that would sit on my skin and look like facepaint. This product still looks like and applies like any good quality sunscreen but it disappeared into my skin and didn't feel greasy. My skin is actually feeling less dry after a day outside as well. Absolute fan!
  28. Light and easy to wear


    First of all I never really enjoy wearing SPF as it tends to leave me greasy, clogged and overall does not suit my skin, especially under makeup. I've tried this for about 2 weeks now and i'm impressed. Firstly there is no scent, if your sensitive to heavy sunscreen smell that's a winner. Secondly has not left me with a white haze as it melts into the skin. Thirdly, its light and not greasy, I've ...
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  29. Everyday SPF!


    This is perfect for everyday SPF wear! This doesn’t smell like normal sunscreen and doesn’t leave any white and oily cast on your skin. I have oily skin so wearing sunscreen under my foundation always leaves me an oily mess, this product has saved me for summer!!
  30. loved it all


    can honestly say i love all there products but this one was amazing!!! def recommend, a must buy
  31. So lightweight


    I never like to use sunscreen on my face because it feels so greasy and heavy on my skin but the dermalogica face sunscreen is perfect! my shoulders and back got sunburnt on the weekend despite using 30+ from another company but my face didnt AT ALL with this product!
  32. AH-MAZING!!


    This product.. is everything I’ve been looking for and more!

    I’ve been trialing many sunscreens to go under my make up for day to day wear! We all need the extra protection but don’t want the greasy look or nasty smell. This product doesn’t do either! You can’t tell you’ve put it on under your make up at all and it doesn’t make the make up move at all throughout the hot days. All of...
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  33. Love how light this cream feels and it smells unlike your typical sunscreen! Love it


    This is a lot lighter than I expected which is lovely, and it seems so amazing! I hate the typical sunscreen smell and thickness so this is perfect, my go to!
  34. Holy Grail SPF


    Ever since lockdown I’ve been getting really into skincare and discovered the importance of SPF. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for the best sunscreen but everything I tried I didn’t love... until I discovered this! It is very lightweight, sinks into your skin instantly and doesn’t leave a white cast. The best part is that it’s undetectable under make up and feels like another layer of moisturi...
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  35. Invisible suncream with zinc


    I'm pretty fussy with what suncream I use on my face as I have hyperpigmentation, but this is great - it dries completely clear and doesn't feel like you have a thick layer of suncream on your face clogging up your pores. It's also good under makeup so good for everyday. Dermalogica products always feel a cut above the rest.
  36. Great sunscreen

    Melissa C

    This sunscreen is my new favourite. Easily absorbed, does not clog the pores and smells like a tropical holiday! I highly recommend.
  37. Super light and hydrating cream

    Dora D

    First of all, I love that this cream is vegan! But I'm also super impressed at how light the cream is, perfect for using every day without blocking my pores and causing me to break out. I also always look for something that's hydrating and really like how this feels under my make up.
  38. Perfect!!


    I love dermalogica products and this one didn’t disappoint! It feels beautiful on the skin and I found that it made my makeup sit beautifully too. I really love how it doesn’t leave white residue on the skin and goes on clear.
  39. Glad I found this sunscreen!


    I have been told forever by my beautician to use sunscreen regularly and I have got to say I haven't been so good until I found this Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 sunscreen! I carry it in my handbag and basically apply under my make up in the morning and have it at the ready if I need to re-apply. I love it because it's not sticky or does it have the usual sunscreen smell so its a definitely w...
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  40. My new favourite sunscreen!


    I usually have a hard time finding sunscreens that won't break me out, but I love this formula! It also works really well underneath my makeup. Huge fan of Dermalogica products, I highly recommend!
  41. Sunscreen for all skin tones


    As a person of colour, finding a sunscreen that doesn’t leave a nasty white cast is always an issue when it comes to sunscreens. I love that Dermalogica created an ultra-sheer zinc oxide so that people of all shades can be carefree and protected. I mix it in with my daily moisturizer and love how weightless the product feels on my skin.
    It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Consci...
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  42. Where has this been?


    Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense is like a heaven sent!! something that works soo good yet is free from so many chemicals is amazing. it not only protection you from the sun but has UVA and blue light protection. What more could you ask for. definitely re ordering this.
  43. Lightweight


    Since receiving this product I have been using under my makeup daily it is not thick and oily like other sunscreens if anything I feel like my makeup sits better and lasts longer. Extremely happy!! I definitely recommend this product if your after a lightweight sunscreen.
  44. Great for sensitive skin!!


    A great, lightweight sunscreen with no white cast. It sits really well under make up and is not at all greasy which I really like! I also have very sensitive skin in which I can react to certain drugstore sunscreens and get itchy, red, scaly skin. This sunscreen did not irritate my skin and made it soft, healthy looking and moisturised!
  45. Perfect for my sensitive skin


    I have been enjoying using this sunscreen!
    No faults!
    Would recommend.
  46. Summer bestie!


    I have used a few different sunscreens in the past, this by far has been the best i’ve used in a while as it doesn’t leave my skin looking grey or feeling too oily.

    This sunscreen is also amazing as a makeup base and my makeup stays put throughout the day.

    Highly recommended! x
  47. Simply perfect


    I’ve always said I needed to apply some sunscreen before I leave, but never found one that I liked and was friendly to my face. It is light but effective and easy to fit into your everyday bag when needed!
  48. Love this


    I usually hate using sunscreen on my face as most sunscreen products leave a greasy residue and break me out. Not this one. I found it blends really easily and I had no breakouts. Will buy and use again.
  49. Glad I found this sunscreen!


    I have had it drummed into my head that I must wear sunscreen by my beautician so I try to do this daily. I'm really glad I found Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense because its easy to apply, isn't sticky like some and I don't get any side effects (Some sunscreens give me a rash) All in all, I'm super happy with this one! I keep a tube in my bag at all time.
  50. So good for oily skin!


    I find sunscreen products always break me out on my face. I have a very oily T zone so it's really hit and miss with face sunscreens as they always make me extremely oily or break me out so bad I need to stop using them after 1 or 2 uses.

    This one is perfect. It doesn't make me oily at all! I can wear it under makeup or on it's own and there's no residue. My glasses stay on my face. ...
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  51. My New Favourite Sunscreen!


    I struggle to find sunscreen that won't make me break out - I love the formula of this and it's a great base for my makeup
  52. Impressive light sunscreen


    I was really impressed by how well it went on and soaked into the skin almost immediately with no visible residue or sticky feeling. My make-up went over the top perfectly with no greasiness or separation. As I have sensitive skin, I was concerned that my pores were going to block and break out into a rash but there has been zero reaction. Great product. My only suggestion would be to make an SPF5...
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  53. An impressive sunscreen product!!


    I have just started incorporating a sunscreen into my daily skincare routine and having only tried one other brand so far, am thoroughly impressed with this Dermalogica product! It's such a nice lightweight product that doesn't leave you looking or feeling greasy, instead it leaves a really subtle sheer glow on the skin which I've loved wearing without make up. It smells really fresh and not at al...
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  54. Great everyday SPF!


    As someone who doesn't love wearing sunscreen on my face due to it's oily sheen and smell, I have been pleasantly surprised by this! This product has a light texture that sinks into the skin quickly and sits so well under makeup, without causing excess shine. I actually enjoy the smell of this, making it really easy to incorporate into my morning routine. A great SPF option for someone struggling ...
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  55. Lightweight physical sunscreen!


    I love how lightweight this product is on the skin! Usually physical sunscreens are so thick and clog your pores so I love the feeling of this!
  56. Good physical sunscreen


    Good sunscreen for usual day to day. Sits well underneath makeup. I usually skip primer when using this sunscreen. It’s very hydrating and feels just like a moisturiser going on the skin. Physical sunscreens usually look very white on the skin but this adds very minimal whiteness after application. Would be even better if it was spf 50 so it can be also suitable for longer outdoor activities.
  57. Great defense against sunscreen without leaving skin oily!


    I have found this cream much better than other SPF products I have used in that this cream does not leave your skin feeling extremely oily. It doesn't take long for the cream to sink into your skin and you can apply makeup over the top pretty much straight away. It also doesn't come with that strong sunscreen scent which is great. I did although still notice it made my skin slightly pale due to th...
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  58. Light and Luxe


    I have been searching for a sunscreen that I can wear under my make up which isn’t tacky and thick and have finally found it.
    This sits lightly on your skin and after 5 minutes its fine to apply your make up as normal. We haven’t had many hot days yet to test out the spf effectiveness but so far so good. Another great quality product from Dermologica.
  59. AT LAST.... a great feeling sunscreen


    I have struggled to find a sunscreen I enjoy wearing as most leave my screen feeling heavy and greasy. This is really light weight product which feels kind to my skin, yet projects well. Really pleased to have found this solution and now converted!
  60. My NEW go to Sunscreen for Family! JUST FABULOUS!


    I LOVE this sunscreen as I didn't feel like I put sunscreen on as its so lightweight and not greasy like most sunscreens feel. I love how it comes on the skin clear and the smell is amazing! I get excited to have to put this product on when I'm out in the sun for long periods and my children like using this sunscreen too! would highly recommend this product!! :-)
  61. My new fave.


    I always get worried that a product will clog my pores and will cause a break out, but this product did neither. It was easy to apply without leaving white marks and is a great base to then apply my mineral powder. It is really important to me to have a good sunscreen on my face everyday and this is now my new go to.
  62. Doesn't smell like sunscreen


    My favourite part about this product is that it doesn't have that 'sunscreen' smell, that puts me off a lot of products. But this smelt pleasant enough to face on my face. Easy to apply, didn't make my face feel too oily. My only critique would be it wasn't as thin as I would like for a sunscreen that I would wear under my makeup. But, if you're going makeup free this is a great product, I use it ...
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  63. Light-weight sunscreen

    Brittany B

    I've been using this product whilst on holiday in Byron Bay. It is super light weight, which is a first for me! I normally dislike using sunscreen on my face, due to the heaviness of it...
    Really happy to have discovered this product! Great that its 50+ too!
  64. New favourite SPF


    I use sunscreen every day because I work in the sun and this is by far the best face SPF I have ever used. My skin doesn't feel oily and there's no white residue on my skin or that shows when I sweat. It makes my makeup glide on and works really well as a primer and at the end of the day my skin is clear and feels so moisturised. The packaging is super cute and the SPF actually has a really nice f...
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  65. Physical Defense


    I appreciate that this product is a physical sunscreen that is cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan!

    Overall I quite like this product and it is my go to for more heavy duty outdoor days - think gardening, beach, outdoor walks etc. I find that it stays on my skin and have not been burnt once when outdoors using this product. It takes a little while to 'dry down' and I have not yet tri...
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  66. Works well under makeup


    Received a sample and definitely impressed me. Feels light on skin and works well under makeup. Doesn't feel oily after use and didn't break me out.
  67. Love love love !!


    Finally found a sunscreen that doesn’t clog my skin and cause breakouts! Super happy with this purchase and highly recommend! Feels super light and I’ve been using it on my neck and chest as well. Definitely will be repurchasing!
  68. Great sunscreen, wears well under makeup!

    Sarah C

    I'm pretty picky with my facial sunscreens, as many can be too thick and difficult to rub in under makeup. The Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense is super sheer and blends into the skin without leaving any sticky residue. It wears well under makeup without making my skin feel too heavy or greasy. I would certainly rate this sunscreen highly and it will be my best friend during Queensland summe...
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  69. Best physical defence sunscreen!


    Just two weeks ago I had 10 sunspots burnt off my face and the dermatologist said I had to up my sunscreen game immediately. He recommended a physical sunscreen in keeping with my lifestyle, but I was hesitant as the physical sunscreens I've used before are greasy and make my skin feel like it can't breathe. Thankfully, the Dermalogica Invisible Defense is totally different. It goes on white init...
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  70. Great under make up!

    Vic Byrne

    I really enjoyed this sunscreen. Its a nice consistency so sits really well under make up so is great for everyday wear!
  71. Dermalogica invisible physical defense


    I've used SPF before and found them to be too thick. The Dermalogica one didn't surprise me though because I've used their products for years and know how light they feel on my skin. The cream is fragrance free, blended in seamlessly to my skin and didn't feel oily, and my make-up went on over it without any streaks or clumps.
  72. Perfect everyday sunscreen


    I love this sunscreen! It is so lightweight, no greasy feeling and didn't leave a white cast. I use it underneath my moisturiser and before my makeup everyday. I look forward to using this product every morning because of its smell, it smells so good and leaves my skin feeling awake.
  73. recommend for the whole family


    I have and use several Dermalogica products so when I saw the Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 come on the market, I knew I had to try it as I have a 4 year old son and we spend a lot of time outdoors. The Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense sunscreen isnt too thick/heavy and the packaging is a great size to put in your bag for the park/beach. I have sensitive skin and it didnt irri...
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  74. Amazing!

    Gabi B

    A fantastic sunscreen. My skin is temperamental with SPF but this was great. No irritation, the scent is a nice fresh citrus-y one, no harsh chemical smell like normal sunscreen. The product is super thin and lightweight, you don't feel greasy at all. Definitely a win!
  75. A great addition to my morning routine


    I was so pleasantly surprised to be gifted the latest Dermalogica Physical defense SPF30. Delicate on my sensitive skin it applies so smoothly underneath my make up and morning skin routine. It has a delicate scent and once applied it's invisible with no harsh after white marks. A great addition to my skin routine all whilst providing sun protection. A small amount goes a long way and will be in u...
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  76. Smells beautiful


    I’ve been using testing out this sample and it’s a great daily use sunscreen. it rubs in very quickly and easily, it wasn't overly oiling in terms of a sunscreen and it doesn't smell like a sunscreen either. it absorbed so quickly and left no sticky residue.
  77. Not your average sunscreen

    Angi B

    Lets start with what is great about this product. It is nothing like your usual sunscreen, it has a unique texture and doesnt have that horrible sunscreen smell. It also doesnt leave the heavy white streaks of a usual sunscreen so it does feel more like a moisturiser.
    For my skin I did find it left me quite oily, but I live in QLD so its always very warm up here and SPF protection...
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  78. My new favourite


    I had trouble finding certain sunscreens that didnt irritate my sensitive skin... have been using this one for over a week and it has been amazing with no issues and leaves my skin smooth even when worn with makeup! also has a pleasant scent compared to ordinary sunscreens
  79. No weird haze!


    I tend to prefer chemical sunscreens (my skin doesn’t like physical), but as far as physical ones go this one is decent. It has a faint lavender scent and still goes on with a white haze, but dries clear and semi-matte. I’ve tried others that give my skin a weird pink tinge, but this one doesn’t do that. After it fully dried it felt like I could easily apply makeup over the top, although I didn’t ...
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  80. Good for daily use


    I’ve worn this sunscreen both under my makeup and on it’s own. It drys quickly after being rubbed in, but it’ll take a few minutes before it’s fully dry. It leaves bare skin with a slight sheen, but nothing too noticeable. I have quite sensitive skin and have no problems with breakouts or redness/tingling. I would definitely recommend it for daily use. And surprisingly, it’s vegan and gluten free....
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  81. Awakens the senses


    Firstly this product smells gorgeous and every time I apply it I feel instantly awakened.
    I have normal to combination skin and I was very wary trying out a new skincare product as it can give me breakouts, but not this one. My skin has felt absolutely lovely, you only need a small amount I think this is important, I use about a pea size amount and apply underneath my moisturizer.
    I l...
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  82. Did not meet expectation

    Jasmine Carpo

    Received this as a sample to try and I wear sunscreen daily under make up or on my make up free days. It left a white cast when applied under my foundation, it was also super oily and greasy feeling. I have quite tanned skinned tone so that could also play a part, however even without make up it felt heavy and greasy and my face was shining so much from the oily residue.
  83. My new go-to sunscreen


    I'm religious about using sunscreen every day so need something effective that won't clog my skin. I love this new sunscreen, especially the fact that it contains non-nano zinc. It's lightweight, goes on invisible with no white residue and i don't feel the need to reapply it throughout the day. Best of all it really works and even with my sensitive skin i've never felt clogged or irritated even af...
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  84. Good for a physical sunscream


    I receive a free sample. In my opinion, this suncream is good not to add fragrance. Maybe I will buy it next time.
  85. Daily staple


    I’ve been using this sample every day and it’s a wonderful daily use sunscreen - the initial whiteness absorbs quickly and makeup is easily applied over the top without and shiny residue or pilling. However, for the price tag I think I prefer Ultra Violette clean screen - sane result and roughly half the price.
  86. Nice texture


    Very light texture, but has a soft lavender scent.
  87. No white cast - but doesn't suit my dry skin


    This is actually a very good physical sunscreen. It leaves no whitecast on my skin. However, unfortunately my skin doesn't like it because I have dry skin - would suit oily skin types though!
  88. Great sunscreen


    Received this as a sample. It was really good, didn’t feel greasy at all, sets well on my skin before make up, does not even leave white cast on my skin. Definitely will repurchase.
  89. Isn’t for me


    I was happy to try this sunscreen sample from Dermalogica. I love the products of this brand.
    I’m disappointed. The texture is really nice and very soft. But As far as I’m concerned, I supperpose several treatments in the morning.
    It really has to be spread well otherwise the white remains in the pores. But when you rub, the material pill. So when you have several layers of care it is ...
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  90. Still has a bit of white cast


    I have tried every sunscreen under the sun (boom boom, pun intended) looking for a holy grail spf, and unfortunately this wasn't it. I received a small sample of it and was so excited to try as a fan of Dermalogica. But while it's by no means a bad sunscreen, it just isn't great. It is still quite thick and leaves a slight white cast, and having I prefer SPF50 products since I'm so pale and sunbur...
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  91. not a fan


    I love Dermalogica, however this is a miss for me. It might just be that I don't like physical sunscreen as much as chemical. Quite thick and hard to rub in and is only SPF 30. Will stick to Ultraviolette.
  92. Good physical sunscreen


    I was able to try a deluxe sample of this. It is good for a physical sunscreen. It didn't cause any irritation or white cast for me but it made my skin too dewy.

    I usually use a chemical sunscreen and its probably not something I would rush out to buy but should I need a physical sunscreen, I would consider it.
  93. Good for a physical sunscreen


    I don't really like the texture of physical sunscreens, this one is probably one of the better ones I've tried, less white cast and peeling but still a bit thick for my liking.
  94. Peeled


    I received the sample of this product, which I was really excited to try as I still haven't yet found a physical sunscreen that doesn't peel! Unfortunately, this one did. I didn't even get to try it under make up. I'll have to keep looking!
  95. Decent Physical Sunscreen


    I got a sample of this sunscreen and it's great if you're not using make up on top. The texture is a little thicker than I like. I'd use this if spending the day outdoors hiking, the beach with no make up on skin.
  96. Leaves a white cast


    I’ve been looking for a physical sunscreen for a while and have yet to find the perfect one. I received a sample of this and while I liked the formula overall, the white cast was definitely noticeable. Would definitely retry, but the price is definitely a worry for me!
  97. Very good


    I've had this as a sample recently and I'm very impressed with it. You don't need much and it rubs into the skin easily. When I first saw it come out of the tube I was worried because it looked thick and gluggy but it was fine. Doesn't leave any residue on my skin. It does make my skin look a little lighter than it actually does, but I'm probably the only one who would notice it.
  98. The strong lavender smell is very off-putting


    I purchased a 7mL sample of this as part of a sample set. Upon applying I was immediately hit with an overwhelming lavender scent, followed by a nasty metallic after-scent like your hands might smell after touching an old rusty metal railing. Definitely not the sunscreen for me, as I'm not a fan of either of those smells. Honestly with how strong the lavender is, they should have it in the name of...
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  99. Nice, but don't Love


    While this was a very beautiful product, it still left me a little pale than usual and I felt compelled to put on my foundation afterwards when I would've preferred to have gone without
  100. Great physical sunscreen


    This is hands down one of the best physical sunscreens I've used, but it does still leave a slight white cast. But compared to others, this really is invisible. I like that it's a bit thicker and more hydrating for my winter skin at the moment.
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