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Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer 22ml

4.6 of 36 reviews

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4 instalments of $15.84


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Soften the look of fine lines and pores, whilst keeping your skin hydrated and brightened with Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer. This primer is light-weight and non-greasy, giving the look of naturally flawless skin.
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GREAT - 89% recommend

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4.6 of 36 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Holy grail


I have super dry skin and have never found many primers that work and this one is my absolute fave ! I received this as a sample gift from adore and I will forever be grateful!

Most Helpful Criticism



This is quite a thick cream, which certainly perfects skin, making it look poreless and matte. But it grabbed on to my foundation and made it patchy, so I had to wipe it all off and start again. Great without foundation, not-great with foundation.
  1. Holy grail


    I have super dry skin and have never found many primers that work and this one is my absolute fave ! I received this as a sample gift from adore and I will forever be grateful!
  2. HydraBlur the only Primer


    This product is fantastic! It seems to just erases imperfections and can be worn with or without makeup, applying over your general skin care routine for fantastic clear blemish free skin.
  3. Lasts long


    I love this primer because it hydrates without added shine. It blurs fine lines and has no colour on your skin. I have slightly oily skin and it does a good job for a few hours until I have to apply powder. I sometimes use it without make up to blur pores. It is a small tube but I don't use much so it has lasted me well long.
  4. Love this so much


    This is amazing! It helps control my dry skin which has a tendency to get flakey during the day, smooths out imperfections and makeup goes on so well over this. I have repurchased this about five times. Love it!
  5. Effective, but expensive


    I tend to use a light dusting of mineral powder foundation for my day-to-day, and I rely heavily on this product to even out my skin tone. I love the texture of the product and it leaves my skin feeling silky-smooth.

    My only gripe is that it's so expensive for the amount you get - only 22mls. I've tried other primers and am yet to find something that blurs as effectively or feels as nice on my skin though, so until then, I'm sticking to this!
  6. Nice but careful on dry skin days


    The product comes out as a thick paste which is initially a bit off-putting, it looks more like a facial scrub than a primer. However, when worked into the skin you can really see the blurring benefits.
    In saying that, on a dry skin day I felt the product got a little stuck in my pores, and if I put make-up on in a rush it would end up caking/pilling.
  7. Worth the price


    I was introduced to this primer by a friend of mine with dry/normal skin and although I have combo skin I thought I would give it a go. I'm really impressed, it blurs imperfections and a little goes a long way. It holds out pretty well on my oilier areas but I do recommend it to drier types.
  8. Great primer for dry skin


    I've got dry skin and I love this primer! It feels so good on my skin and a little bit goes a long way.
  9. Favourite find!


    So I have recently purchased soooo many primers for my combo skin as I hate how I get oily around my t-zone and my makeup ruins. Finally purchased this one and I absolutely love it. Only used a small amount on nose, forehead, top of cheeks and chin. My makeup looked flawless and stayed flawless. It’s super expensive but I honestly love it, definitely worth it.
  10. Can enhance dryness but great staying power


    This primer is fantastic for keeping my makeup in place. I have very dry, sensitive skin. If I don't prep well in terms of exfoliating and then using a moisture mask, or moisture infusion product, this primer can dry me out a bit. At times, the primer then the makeup clings to the dry flakes of skin and I have to take it off and start again. However, sometimes I have to do this anyway depending on where my skin is at. So I do love this primer for its staying power and ability to smooth out my skin. I just have to pick my moments.
  11. My favourite primer!


    I love this primer. It is so smooth and just glides over my skin. It doesn't leave my skin dry like some others. It does have a slight tint to it, which means it can be worn alone (when my skin behaves). It is slightly dearer than I am comfortable with but the tube does last a long time.
  12. Love it


    This primer has a thick consistency and adjusts to your natural skin tone after applying it. It's lightweight, gentle, non greasy, helps minimise fine lines and pores and mattifies skin without making it dry. It makes liquid foundation glide on effortlessly and a lot easier to blend.
  13. Silky


    Received this as a sample and its a really silky primer. Felt great to apply.
  14. Amazing


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    This stuff is magical even with expensive primers my makeup often settled into dry patches of skin but this has really solved the issues and gives me a smooth, matte base, love it.
  15. Good


    Received this as a sample. very thick consistency but goes on easily. Feels a little like silicone and goes into the pores well. Was very easy to apply foundation.
  16. Worth a try


    I have pretty average skin it usually isnt oily or dry and this worked really nicely for me. I only received it as a sample so only got to try it twice before it ran out but it helped my foundation go on really easily and it felt really silky when applying. The consistency is very thick which is confusing at first but surprisingly it goes on ok.
  17. Love this primer!


    This is amazing! It helps control my dry skin which has a tendency to get flakey during the day, smooths out imperfections and makeup goes on so well over this. I have repurchased this about five times. Love it!
  18. Thick but works


    When I first received a sample of this I was a little confused with it because it was so thick consistency and I was wondering how I would be able to put the small amount over my entire face but it went on easy and felt really silky on the skin. A little thicker than most but actually ended up really liking it. Makeup went on so well afterwards.
  19. Silky application


    I received a sample of this and it was quite thick so at first I was worried about using it as a primer for my foundation. Surprisingly it went on really silky and my skin felt easy to apply the foundation. Very thick consistency though.
  20. Lovely and smooth


    I've never tried the Dermalogica products until I received a sample of this. Went on really smoothly and felt silky. Kept my makeup feeling good on all day. Quite expensive but would definitely consider purchasing this.
  21. primer?


    This is quite a thick cream, which certainly perfects skin, making it look poreless and matte. But it grabbed on to my foundation and made it patchy, so I had to wipe it all off and start again. Great without foundation, not-great with foundation.
  22. Blur perfection


    This primer creates the perfect base for makeup application. It softly blurs the skin leaving a perfectly smooth canvas. It applies easily and doesn’t ball up like some blurring primers. It feels light weight on the skin and doesn’t clog my pores. And better yet, keeps my foundation looking great for hours on end!
  23. Nice primer

    Kylie Q

    I received this as a sample. The texture was thick however the primer smoothed out nicely.
  24. Dries quick & leaves skin smooth


    Received a sample of this - makes skin feel really smooth. Doesn't feel sticky.
  25. Looks great by itself or under makeup


    Love this primer, no strong smell and great for sensitive skin. I apply it even when I'm not not wearing foundation because my skin looks so much nicer. It lasts ages so definitely worth trying.
  26. Amazing


    I am 35 with oily skin and large pores, and this worked amazing. I use mostly all dermalogica skincare and decided to try a primer and didn’t regret it. It actually did blur any imperfections and made my skin appear more even toned. My makeup sat nicely on top. I would 100% get this again.
  27. Perfect Primer


    Does such a great correcting job and really evens my skin tone so it’s perfect for applying foundation. Subtly illuminates without being too over the top.
  28. Good makeup primer!


    I received this product as a sample and I was pleased with how well it prepared my skin before I applied my foundation. Will likely purchase!
  29. Great for mature skin


    Before trying this primer I was sceptical as it is marketed to those with dry skin. I have oily skin and typically need a mattifying primer. I'm so glad I tried this. I received it as a sample and was amazed at how hydrating it was without triggering my oily skin. It kept my makeup in place all day and kept my foundation and powder from collecting in any fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes.
  30. Smooth Application


    I received this as a sample. I have never tried the dermalogica products and this one is great. The texture was quite thick so I wasnt sure at first but it went on smoothly and tried really well.
  31. Holy grail primer


    This primer applies extremely nicely to the skin, I love how it controls my excess oils giving me a matte appearance while also hiding any enlarged pores and fine lines. One of the best primers I have ever used and something I have repurchased a number of times.
  32. Best primer for oily skin


    This is another amazing product by dermalogica. I received a sample size of this primer and I decided to buy a full size. Every sample I used by this company I wanted to get the full size. They have so amazing products. I had a long-term love for hourglass vanish primer, but I can tell I love dermalogica hydra blur primer much more now. It really blurs the skin and absorbs in skin smoothly. Sometimes I only use this product without even put foundation on top. It gives me a nice base to add blush and bronzer for a lightweight makeup.
  33. A lovely primer.


    This, along with Benefit’s Porefessional has become one of my two fave primers - and as a beauty & makeup junkie I’ve tried a LOT of primers over the years. It doesn’t feel as silicone-like and doesn’t cause that slippery effect when you apply makeup over it that some other similar products have. Non intrusive, works well with whatever makeup you’re using and lasts well throughout the day/night. I have combination olive skin prone to greasiness and dry patches around the eyes. This keeps my skin hydrated and boosts radiance, while valiantly keeping the dreaded grease at bay, even in summer. The only reason I haven’t given it five stars is because there is only 22ml, and for the price I wish you could get at least 30ml. That said it’s still a fantastic product and I’ll most probably buy it again. It also works well as a general complexion improver without makeup and I’m hoping they release a version of it with an spf so I can wear it on no makeup days.
  34. Pore blurring and long lasting


    This primer got me hooked from a sample (thanks Adorebeauty). At first touch the texture and colour are weird. But once it is apllied it has a soft blurring effect, and I think it is helping my foundation last longer.
    It is hard to describe the effect of this primer. It just makes you skin look smoother. It isn't glowy, or particularly mattifying. But it is beautifully smoothing. And it doesn't make my dry patches feel stiff or look drier as some pore-filling primers do. I think that is the 'hydra' part of the claim, though I don't think it is actually hydrating.
  35. Best pore minimising primer


    HydraBlur is the best pore minimising primer I've found. Others I've found feel like silicone or are REALLY matte and drying. This primer minimises the pores on my nose while not drying out my dry patches. Not a glory finish like the skin perfect primer but still lovely.
  36. I cannot believe how well this works

    Alexandra (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Okay. I'm not going to lie to you. Before I used this primer, I didn't think pore refining primers were all that. In fact, I wasn't even sure they worked at all. Sure, some of them made my skin feel smooth, and stopped my foundation from sinking into my pores - but did they make them look smaller, or invisible even? No.

    This one does.

    I am honestly so impressed by this primer. It's a weird texture to get used to at first, but once you adjust, it makes your pores look pretty much invisible. I use this even on days when I'm wearing no makeup, just to make my skin look a bit more flawless. It's not cheap, but I only use it on areas where my pores are quite visible (generally across the nose and a little on my chin), so I know it will last me ages.

    This has absolutely no fragrance at all, which is perfect for me and my temperamental sensitive skin.

    My skin is quite dry, and this definitely doesn't feel uncomfortable or dry me out further (although that being said, I do only use it in certain areas). I imagine this would work well for most, if not all, skin types.

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