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Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant 75ml

4.7 of 42 reviews

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4 instalments of $14.08


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A gentle, non-abrasive hydroxy acid exfoliation treatment that thoroughly removes dulling surface debris, dramatically improving skin texture.
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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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4.7 of 42 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Very gentle, a good way to get into exfoliating


Very gentle, a good way to get into exfoliating without going overboard.

Most Helpful Criticism

Very Gentle Exfoliant


I received this as a sample and I would personally recommend this for more sensitive skin. I found it very soft compared to a standard exfoliant and didn't notice much difference in terms of clean/clear skin after using. It had a slight tingly feeling and did feel nice on the skin but probably not a product I will end up buying full size.
  1. Great exfoliate


    Very gentle cream exfoliate. Great for sensitive skin and it’s not irritating or drying
  2. Very gentle, a good way to get into exfoliating


    Very gentle, a good way to get into exfoliating without going overboard.
  3. Great balance


    Gives a great clean with the perfect balance on not drying the skin out and not feeling too abrasive.
  4. Perfect mask for my dry skin


    This mask is amazingly gentle on my sometimes sensitive skin. It hydrates and nourishes and leaves me skin feeling clean and soft. This is now a staple in my skincare collection
  5. Very effective


    It is quite intense, but super effective and leaves my skin feeling clean and plump. I can have some minor dryness/peeling in the following days sometimes, it just makes for my serums to absorb and work faster!
  6. Made my skin so smooth!


    Ive suffered from really bad skin for as long as I can remember. I use to use Proactive and it completely messed up my skin. On the surface it looked 'ok' but close up there was A LOT of bumps and pimples under my skin. It was gross :(

    Anyway, I was recommended the Gentle Cream Exfoliant from the Dermalogica store at my local shopping centre along with other products. After about 2 weeks of using it my skin completely transformed.

    I 100% recommend this product. Every night I use the pre-cleanser, then the special cleansing gel and finish off with the skin smoothing cream.

    2-3 times a week I will use the gentle cream exfoliant in my nightly routine (before applying the smoothing cream). It has made all the bumps under my skin disappear. I honestly can't believe it!

    Every morning I just use the special cleansing gel and smoothing cream (depending on how dry my skin is)
  7. Absolute Must


    This product is an absolute must- a two in one exfoliant and restoration masque. My skin feels restored and alive after use. Its a perfect mid range product for those wanting salon feeling skin!
  8. Pretty good


    I asked my boyfriend to try this product and he said it works.
  9. Gentle on the skin. Leaves face feeling baby soft


    I fell in love with this cream exfoliator the moment I tried the sample. It left my skin feeling really smooth and clean from the first use. It’s gentle on the skin, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. It does sting a little when you leave it on the skin as a face mask, but it’s bearable and isn’t a problem once your skin gets used to the product. 10/10 for me.
  10. not for sensitive skin


    i used this product twice then had to stop, my face felt like it was burning - not for my sensitive skin
  11. Great exfoliant


    I have been using this for at least 2 years. It always leaves my skin feeling fresh, smooth and looking brighter. Love this!
  12. Staple skincare product!


    Have been buying this on repeat for the past few years. I have really sensitive skin that would react to other stronger acid exfoliants / this however has never irritated my skin and gives me visibly clearer skin with a glow! It used to mildly tingle on application when I first used it (this is mentioned on the package) but now my skin is used to it and loves it. I use this at least every week!
  13. Very Gentle Exfoliant


    I received this as a sample and I would personally recommend this for more sensitive skin. I found it very soft compared to a standard exfoliant and didn't notice much difference in terms of clean/clear skin after using. It had a slight tingly feeling and did feel nice on the skin but probably not a product I will end up buying full size.
  14. Super soft skin!


    I received a sample of this and waited quite a while to test it out, thinking it wouldn’t be for me. Having finally tried it, I’m a huge fan! Left my skin feeling super soft and all-round refreshed. Definitely recommended!
  15. great for a quick fix


    this is a great mask when you need a quick peel but don't have time to wait around, you can leave this on for 10 minutes and wash it off without your skin being red or aggravated
  16. Average


    I couldn't feel any grittiness in this product whatsoever and found it really ineffective.. maybe i am just used to rougher exfoliants but this was a bit eh for me.
  17. Holy Grail!


    When I trained as a Beauty Therapist, I was lucky enough to be trained by, and working with, Dermalogica. I’ve tried majority of projects of the brand and this is definitely my favourite!

    I have very oily, acne prone skin and this product exfoliates my face so wonderfully; it doesn’t irritate my skin or leave it feeling very dry - a perfect balance of removing oils and dead skin. Would highly recommend this product!
  18. Great exfoliant


    This Is an awesome exfoliant for in between peels, I use a stronger peel once or twice a week and then I use this once a week on my off days and it works really well
  19. Amazing


    I have really sensitive skin and this is the only exfoliant i use that does not irritate me. I will forever only use this.


    This is a game changer for me. I've always exfoliated with harsh products thinking I had to really scrub to get my acne prone skin really clean. Now I know that you can use enzymes to exfoliate that are not abrasive, hence the gentle part of the label. But you really should be sure to use a sample before buying this because it can be quite strong on sensitive skin.
  21. Love it


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    Its really hard to find an exfoliator that really cleans my oily skin but doesn't irritate me, but this one has done it.
  22. Holy grail product


    This is one of my holy grail skincare products, I use twice a week, and it leaves you’re skin looking clear and polished, and helps battle congestion. Just be mindful to wear an SPF when using this product as it contains AHAs.
  23. Gentle but effective


    This product is super easy to use and it's nice to use an exfoliant on my face that doesn't require scrubbing but is still effective. My skin always feels smooth and refreshed after using this exfoliant and when followed up with the skin hydrating masque it takes it to a new level
  24. Exactly as the name suggests


    I bought this on the recommendation of professional MUA Lisa Eldridge. I have combination skin that is hormonal (jawline) acne prone and found this to be an exceedingly gentle yet effective chemical exfoliant.
    This contains lactic acid which is an AHA and is suited for all skin types but tends to be a favourite for dryer types due to how gentle it is and it's purpose of cleaning off the top dead/dry skin cells of the skin.
    This truly leaves your skin incredibly soft as soon as you wash it off.
    Unfortunately, I seem to be a bit sensitive to it and cannot use it often anymore. Previously, I could use this once a week but now I need to have very good, strong skin to use it or I can get flushed and stung.
  25. One of my favourite dermalogica products!


    I initially recieved a sample of this and was quite curious by it. After the first use I knew I had to to buy it. It leaves my skin so smooth and refreshed, and definitely helps to clear congestion. I use quite a few dermalogica products and this is definitely one of my favourites!
  26. AMAZING product

    perfecting skin

    i actually saw results right after 1 use. i have dry skin, it hydrated my skin and my skin felt baby smooth just after 1 use. plus it is very gentle on the skin. never seen a product work so quickly before. a must have.
  27. awesome


    left my skin feeling renewed, it felt smooth, soft and was very gentle unlike alot of other chemical peels ive tried
  28. Gentle, Skin Smoothing Holy Grail Product


    I have loved and used this product for years. It helps to reduce texture on the skin (I get annoying bumps over my forehead) but uses lactic acid which is so genlte, you will not need to worry if you have sensitive skin. I have also noticed oiliness around my t-zone is reduced (I have combination skin) and pores don't appear as large. Holy grail product!
  29. Nice


    Pretty good for daily use. I use it every other day or so as part of my routine. So far its been good.
  30. My favourite exfoliant!


    I have combination skin with dry/dehydrated cheeks and some oil on the noise, occasional breakouts on the chin and forehead, but I am also quite sensitive. This mask is gentle and highly effective, if I get a breakout I put it on and it almost instantly reduces it. It is pretty tingly at first, but don't worry it goes away quickly (but I like it because I feel like it's working)! This product leaves you feeling smooth and it's gentle enough for sensitive skin once a week or every ten days etc. I recommend it to everyone!
  31. Great, gentle exfoliant


    This is a great exfoliant as it has no physical beads so it’s very gentle. It goes on like cleansing milk but once you rinse it off, your skin feels so smooth, like it’s had a good scrub! I love it but for the price I have been using the skin prep scrub as it’s cheaper.
  32. Love it!


    I have very dry skin which is usually made worse by abrasive exfoliates. I bought the full sized bottle after receiving a sample in the dry skin kit. This product does exactly what it says, my face is bright and glowing after use and it allows my dermalogica moisturser to soak right in. Would 10/10 recommend!
  33. Does what it says!


    This is the second time purchasing the product and am still impressed.

    Apply onto face and leave for a couple of mins. You might get a small tingling feeling but its not painful. Leaves the skin silky smooth and I have not had any adverse reactions.

    Prefer using this than harsh exfoliators with beads.
  34. Effective exfoliating mask


    A great, once a week mask which effectively exfoliates the skin. Has a creamy consistency, and you only need to apply a thin layer so the tube lasts quite a while (that is, if you use it once a week only). Can dry my skin out if I use it with other products with exfoliating acids, so recommend avoiding mixing such products for sensitive skin. Overall, highly recommend.
  35. Amazing product!


    I have sensitive, aging skin and so I steer away from harsh physical exfoliants so I was keen to try this product. When I first tried this a few years ago, my skin went quite red after the first use but it quickly returned to normal. I no longer get any redness with this product and am careful to use a very thin layer for the suggested time. This exfoliant leaves my skin so beautifully smooth and clear. If my skin is a bit hormonal, I use this and it seems to nip the blemishes in the bud. I have repurchased this product twice already. Would recommend to anyone who wants beautiful, glowing skin.
  36. Love love love


    I have used this for years now and it never disappoints. I have very sensitive skin and can't tolerate many exfoliants, but this is perfect. It's not abrasive, and gentle on my skin, just like applying a mask. I get a lot of dead skin build up, and find using this twice a week does wonders for my skin.
  37. Leaves skin glowing and soft


    I love this product. It does tingle a bit on my skin but after 10 minutes and washing it off, it left my skin soft, smooth and glowing. I love how it doesn't need tiny beads etc which is too harsh. Love it!
  38. amazing !


    this is brilliant ..it actually does what it claims to do !....I only use it once or maybe twice a week ..and its like a Spring Clean for your face ...your skin feels great , soft ..super clean and the texture looks so much better ....I think its quite strong , so I will go easy and not overdo it too much !
  39. erp

    always makes my skin look and feel clean. good exfoliant. i find i need to use it twice per week for maximum results.
  40. Anonymous

    Gentle Cream Exfoliant is a gentle, scrub-free exfoliant which gently encourages the dead skin to come free. However after using up the bottle, I found my skin was a little more clogged that it could have been. Perhaps it was too gentle for me as I need a gentle scrub to buff the dead cells which build up around my nostrils regularly.
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