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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 75g

4.7 of 333 reviews

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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4.7 of 333 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Use on a daily basis for smooth skin
Literally smooth your skin out, even if it's more salicylic than glycolic in this. I use it on a daily, and it's excellent

Most Helpful Criticism

Gently but very pricey
Can use on my sensitive skin, but still leave skin feel abit dry. Wont buy again coz it quite expensive and there is better product out there.
  1. Use on a daily basis for smooth skin

    Literally smooth your skin out, even if it's more salicylic than glycolic in this. I use it on a daily, and it's excellent
  2. This stuff is the best!

    I am prone to having dry skin from time to time. This exfoliator is so gentle and doesn't strip my skin after use. I love that you can measure out how much product to mix with water, depending on how heavily I would like to exfoliate my skin. I use it three times a week (Alpha Gold for the other days) and it's lasted me six months and I still have about a quarter of the bottle left. I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.
  3. Beautiful, gentle and works!

    Changed my skin for the better!
    The results for me were instant and life-changing. My skin was immediately so, so much smoother after the first use and continues to improve. Feels like a facial after every use. And makeup glides on so much more seamlessly.
  4. I’ll never be without

    Love this very much, such a deep and gentle cleanser. I’ll never be without this. It’s good to use as a second cleanser if doing the double cleanse system. Can use on body as well. Lasts ages.
  5. So gentle

    Super gentle exfoliant did not irritate my skin at all.
  6. Baby smooth

    I have sensitive, slightly oily skin and I love this. It’s expensive but it lasts me a while as I only use it twice a week. My skin can feel a little dry afterwards but I follow with a facial oil and wake up to baby smooth skin.
  7. Worth every cent

    I have fair, oily skin that has problem areas of dryness, mainly around my chin and nose, I also work outdoors and always end up with dirt over my face. This is the best exfoliator I’ve ever used, its gentle but still does the job and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean and doesn’t exasperate dryness like I’ve experienced with harsher exfoliators. I use it in the shower and the only disclaimer I have is to ensure you don’t allow water into the container as it will solidify. All in all I think this product is well worth the money and will always be a favourite of mine.
  8. great exfoliant

    Definitely helps my rough skin feel much smoother and softer. Especially in winter when I have quite a lot of dead skin on my face and it looks very textured, using this a few times a week really helps smooth out my skin.
  9. LOVE

    Love this product. Leaves your skin feeling so smooth. Just don’t leave in the shower like I did as it got water into it and ruined it. 100% would purchase again!
  10. pretty good

    This product is good but I think I prefer the ASAP daily exfoliating scrub better (cheaper and better result). The Dermalogica is nice and gentle to use everyday, and clearly has a lot of fans!

    I've had childhood eczema flare up on my hands/fingers a couple times after using this. Not 100% sure the two were related but I'll stick with the ASAP anyway.
  11. Great Exfoliator

    I used this years ago (not sure why I stopped really!) and received a sample recently of this product. The rice powder that thickens into a paste when mixed with water is unique and effective at clearing out pores. I would recommend this exfoliant for those who like a thorough cleanse without any harsh particles. I’m in my early 30s with dehydrated skin.
  12. Favourite Exfoliant

    I have been using this religiously for about 2 years. I can feel the difference in my skin texture when I stop using it. Highly highly recommend.
  13. I absolutely love this!

    From the very first use I noticed my skin change. It felt smoother & brighter. I suffer with oily skin and ever since I discovered this it has done wonders to my skin. I honestly couldn’t recommend this product enough.
  14. Best product.. many uses

    This has to be one of the best products on the market. Use daily as an exfoliater. Can tell the difference after only a couple of uses. Also can leave it on the skin to dry which works like a face mask.
  15. So worth the money...hear me out...

    I have sensitive skin. I heard about Dermalogicas amazing Microfoliant but was hesitant because of the price. Last November I bought it while it was on sale. It's now May - 6 months later and I still have about half the bottle left. Its primary exfoliating ingredient is ground rice so it is extremely gentle on the skin. I use it about three times a week as advised by my dermatologist. The beauty of the Microfoliant is that it is in powder form so you mix it before you use it. You can choose light or thick consistency depending on your skins individual needs. Some people feel it's a hassle to have to mix it with water but it's so simple. Just pour the desired amount in your hand and add water. On alternate nights I use Alpha H Liquid Gold. So yeah, it's pricey but it lasts so long and I probably would have spent a lot more on another exfoliant. I am always getting comments on how good my skin looks too :)
  16. A very thorough scrub

    I use the Daily Microfoliant about once a week. I like the style of this one, being a powder that i mix with water - it gives me more control. It lathers really nicely on my face and while it does leave my face squeaky clean and dry, while I'm using it, it feels lovely and creamy. My only warning - this product seems t have a strong smell than most other Dermalogica products. But it's not bad. I really like how clean my face feels after using this. But be sure to moisturise straight after.
  17. Great Exfoliator

    I love this exfoliating scrub but the fact it is a powder I do find messy. It also gets up your nose if you accidentally inhale while putting it on your face. If you don’t mind a little mess, this product definitely delivers a beautiful finish with smooth clear skin.
  18. Terrible smell

    I found this way too harsh for my sensitive skin, and made my acne worse. Also the smell is terrible. However, I think if your skin can take harsh exfoliants then this could be a good product.
  19. good

    made my skin breakout but I did use it everyday which may have been a bit much for my skin. I loved how soft it felt and I would recommend to people with less breakout prone skin
  20. Worth the money!

    I’d been searching for a exfoliator that wasn’t going to strip my skin and leave it dry as I have sensitive skin I needed something that wasn’t going to be harsh!

    This is the best thing I have used. My skin feels like it’s a fresh layer of plump glowy skin and feels super clean without it being red and sore like others I have used. This will be a regular in my routine now!
  21. The best

    Works so well. My skin feels so clean after I use it. Yes the smell is not good and it is pricey, but... it last such a long time and you can get over them smell because it works so well. Love it, will re purchase.
  22. Amazing product

    This exfoliating product really helped with my skin type (oily). I found that every time I used it, my skin felt ultra clean and my pores felt cleansed. It was gentle on this skin, which some exfoliant products are not! I love using this and would recommend to anyone!
  23. Love this

    This scrub is the best exfoliant I have ever used. It is so soft and gentle on the skin, and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Would highly recommended to others.
  24. Perfect for everyday!

    This is such a nice gentle buff for an exfoliant! Leaves skin feeling super soft and bright. I used this everyday and have a normal/oily skin type and it did wonders to keep my skin clear! Definitely recommend using a more harsh exfoliant once a week in conjunction with this exfoliant too though to give your skin an extra boost. Also don’t leave this in the shower as the moisture can solidify this powder!
  25. The best.

    My favourite scrub ever. So gentle but it polishes your skin until it’s so smooth and clear ! Love it !
  26. Nice

    I received a sample of this one and at first I thought it was doing nothing as it wasn’t gritty like most exfoliaters but after washing it off omg amazing! Skin was perfectly exfoliated smooth and brighter! Love it
  27. Reliable as hell

    This product has been a staple in my daily routine for years. I have an oily T zone and sensitivity across the cheeks and this product is gentle and effective enough for both. My skin always feels soft and clean after using and it lasts AGES! Highly recommend.
  28. So gentle and effective

    The perfect exfoliant for sensitive skin. Softly rubs away dead skin and gives you a more even skin tone. You only need a small amount of product every day, so even though it’s expensive - it lasts forever. I feel like I’ve had it for ages and I’m not even finished my first bottle. I use it every second day and still see results
  29. Gentle but effective

    Love this microfoliant for daily use! It's very gentle but effective and doesn't dry out your skin like some other exfoliators can.
    I am using this along with Dermalogica's Special Cleansing gel and active moist moisturiser for my combination skin's care, and it is left soft, smooth and clear!
  30. Honestly hated this!!

    This product made my skin super inflamed and itchy. If you’re sensitive to products then I wouldn’t recommend. Not great.
  31. Awesome product

    This is an awesome product to help clear your imperfections
  32. Skins so soft!

    I love using this exfoliant, I use both a peel exfoliant and this one and it’s so perfect, it’s grainy without it being too harsh that you’d react, but it polishes the skin so good that your face just feels so soft after, like stepping out of a skin treatment. I don’t use it everyday like the name of it says but 3/4 times a weeks does the trick, and i find if you want it less grainy mix your cleanser into it and it’s so good!

    This product is by far the most gentle exfoliant I have ever used! I have SUPER sensitive skin and this does not irritate it at all!
    I love how it starts off grainy but quickly develops into a liquidy lather
    I can certainly notice a difference after using this product.
    The only reason I would be hesitant to re-buy is the hefty price tag!
  34. Lasts so long

    This is so light & creamy without harsh fragrance. Lasts forever, definitely worth the price. My skin is so conditioned and squeaky clean after using. I’ve just received the agesmart super foliant from dermolofica and cant wait to see how it differs
  35. Drying, not for sensitive skin

    I wanted to like this product, but unfortunately I found it a bit too drying for me, and it was stripping my skin so in the end I ended up giving it away to a colleague. I don't think it's great for sensitive skin, and I prefer now to use chemical exfoliants without any sort of texture in them. If you have normal skin though, this could work for you
  36. Amazing

    This is the bomb. It smells great, it feels great comma and it leaves you looking great. I have to stop the boyfriend from stealing it. It is the best exfoliant I have used to date.
  37. Staple product

    This product has been a staple in my daily routine for years. I have an oily T zone and sensitivity across the cheeks and this product is gentle and effective enough for both. My skin always feels soft and clean after using and it lasts AGES! Highly recommend.
  38. so effective

    This is by far one of my favourite exfoliants to use. The ratio of mixing it can help a little bit with how the texture of it is and how harsh of an exfoliant you want to use. Gets rid of all the dry skin and some dry texturing after a couple of uses and it is well worth the money.
  39. Great gentle exfoliation!

    I'm just looking at buying this again. It is such a great product. Its so gentle and calming on my sensitive/combination/ blackhead prone skin. As someone who gets blackheads particularly on my nose its essential that I regularly exfoliate. I can't recommend this enough because of its ability to exfoliate as WELL AS calm the skin. Its truly a tough combo to find!

    My only criticism would be the price point. The bottle does last quite a while though!

    I really do think this would be a product anyone could use, no matter what your skin type.
  40. Lovely

    Lovely exfoliant! Received it as a sample and I just love it! doesn’t feel like it’s doing much but when you wash it off, omg! Skin feels amazing!!!
  41. Beautiful feeling skin!

    That’s what this product does! It gives you beautiful feeling skin and is very gentle. Paired with the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel this really shines. Just wish it were cheaper although one bottle does last a long time. It’s also great to use as a mask!
  42. Gentle product

    Quite gentle on skin, can use daily. My skin feel very soft but a bit dry after using it. need to do proper moisture afterward.
  43. Baby soft skin

    This product has been around for ages and you can see why. Its so so effective and gives you baby soft skin! I can't stop touching my face after. Just a small amount in your palm, mix with some water and I apply to my whole face and leave it on while I brush my teeth, before washing it off. Gentle enough to use every day, but I usually reach for it three times a week.
  44. Lifesaving product for dry skin!

    I am obsessed with this product and wish I had got it sooner! It is gentle enough for everyday use and it does not irritate my sensitive skin. It doesn't feel super rough but skin feels lush and soft after use!
  45. So glad I found this

    I love that this microfoliant is gentle enough to use daily! I am prone to congested skin, and since using this, I have noticed less texture and my makeup sitting wayyy nicer!

    My skin feels literally polished after using it!

    Definitely give this a try if you have a similar skin type to me
  46. Cleared my skin!

    I was very sceptical to try Dermalogica as I hadn’t seen much about it. But what a difference it has made to my daily skincare. My skin has cleared up and removed any pigmentation I had. Definitely recommend this, along with the other products in the range.
  47. Gently but very pricey

    Can use on my sensitive skin, but still leave skin feel abit dry. Wont buy again coz it quite expensive and there is better product out there.
  48. LOVE but expensive

    This stuff is amazing and makes your skin so soft and clean without feeling stripped! The only downside is the price, it's crazy expensive for an exfoliator and for that reason I don't plan on purchasing again as there are much cheaper alternatives that do a good enough job. If you can afford it, get it!
  49. so cool

    I bought this product around a mouth ago and it is incredible. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Also, love how it is a powder that foams up when wet !! Only thing wrong would be that it doesn't remove blackheads. But would one-hundred percent recommend this product.
    It is more messy than a normal exfoliant but maybe its because i dont know what im doing
  50. Just try it!!!!!!!

    I didn't expect this result but it's unbelievable !!!!!! Love it !!!!!! Just buy it and try !!!!!
  51. Amazing

    Perfect for everyday use. Leaves the skin feeling amazing after every use and most importantly isn't drying
  52. A great product

    A great product, a little messy but wonderful. I enjoy using this in the shower.
  53. Lifechanging skincare product!

    This stuff is amazing, I literally can't believe I ever lived without it. I use this daily and my skin is the best it's ever been, so soft. It creates the perfect smooth base for foundation as well. Using this product has visibly reduced pigmentation, dry patches and blackheads. What more can I say!
  54. Great

    My skin is super sensitive but I found this worked well for my skin. I do feel it didn't exfoliate as much as I thought it would but it definitely is a great product!
  55. Old Favourite

    Used to get Dermalogica Microfoliant at my old beauty salon but Adore stocks it cheaper - yay! There's very good reasons why this product has won so many awards - it works. Unlike other exfoliatiants its gentle enough to use daily if necessary. The silky fine granules are good for sensitive skin, and a small amount froths up and spreads well over the whole face and neck. I think the magic comes from BHA (salicylic acid) which is oil-binding and gets deep into my pores, really helps prevent blackheads. But it doesn't cause me irritation like BHA serums sometimes do. I've bought a few tubes over the years and keep a mini one for travel
  56. Highly effective daily exfoliant

    I have been using this product for a few weeks now and it has completely eliminated my breakouts and blackheads. It is a highly effective exfoliant that I use daily without producing any dryness or sensitivity. Highly recommend.
  57. Literally a perfect product!

    I used only physical exfoliants for years and was never happy with how they worked. I tried this once using a friend's bottle and I purchased it the next day! It has been the only product to actually even out my texture, get rid of pimples and (most) blackheads and consistently gives me a fresher, brighter appearance without drying me out or having me feel raw and tight on my face. I have no issues with using it every day.

    If you're undecided on the price, I bought my first bottle 7 months ago and have frequently used it and I'm only purchasing my 2nd bottle right now. It's absolutely worth it in every sense!

    I also use it on my upper back and it's the only product that has helped me clear my acne there completely. It's also great for keeping calloused areas exfoliated and smooth, like elbows and knees!
  58. My skin did not like it

    I like the concept of this exfoliant, being a powder and all. It was easy to use and it did indeed exfoliate my skin very well. My skin always felt really smooth immediately after using this but unfortunately it also was very red and raw although I scrubbed quite gently. It felt itchy and the next day I would have a lot of small bumps all over my cheeks. I of course gave up on using it since it seemed too harsh for my oily, acne prone skin.
  59. staple exfoliator

    sublime at cleaning the skin. love that it comes in a powder, so you can modify it to your liking. a little goes a long way, so I don't feel too guilty about the price tag
  60. Not the best dermalogica exfoliant

    This is very effective for my dry skin but you tend to use a lot. I prefer the dermalogica thermafoliant. I would use again but it’s not my favourite.
  61. Best product for exfoliation

    This product is amazing for my sensitive skin, clearing away my blackheads, and acne. I usually come out red and my face tends to sting with normal exfoliants. But I experience none of this when it comes to this microfoliant. Highly recommend to those with a sensitive skin type. It doesn't leave my face dry, which is amazing!

  62. Clear smooth skin

    I first tried this product as a sample and didn't think much of it at first. It did smell a little unusual (as some other people have commented) but after committing to give it a proper trial I was sold! I have only been using the product for about a month now but it has helped my skin so much! I had a lot of redness in my cheeks and my chin had become pimple-prone (which is the reason I was looking for a product to help). I also made a few other changes in my skin care routine but put the main change down to using this product, along with good moisturisers. My chin is significantly clearer than it was two months ago, and the redness in my cheeks has been reduced. At first I used the product every day or every second day, but now use it about twice a week, and it always makes my skin feel so smooth!
  63. Feeling like a Queen

    I have tried many Exfoliators but never found one that suited my sensitive skin, I received this in a travel pack I order and instantly feel in love, last so long and leave my skin feeling amazing
  64. Worth the effort

    I was buying a different dermalogica exfoliant simply because it was a creamy formulation in a tube and, I assumed, a bit easier to use. However this product kept being recommended. I love it and won't use anything else. It brightens and refines my skin without overdoing it. I don't find it hard to use and appreciate the gentler texture. If you like a really coarse scrub this may not be for you. I have extremely sensitive skin and this doesn't aggravate it dry my skin. Over time it helps to bring out blackheads and more stubborn milk spots.
  65. Holy Grail

    I love most dermalogica products though I can't always afford to purchase them. Though this is one product I can't live without. Makes your skin feel so smooth, reduces the appearance of pores and I feel like my skin absorbs products better after using.
  66. Good but not great

    I've received a few samples of this over the past couple of years and whilst it foams up and cleanses nicely I prefer Dermologica's Age Smart cleanser. I also found it was a little irritating to my eyes and easily wasted having to shake it out.
  67. Exfoliating Heaven

    I have used lots of different exfoliants and this is definitely in my top 5!! It gently sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal your skins radiance. I was amazed at how smooth my skin was after using this for the first time. LOVE it!!!!
  68. Best ever

    I love this for daily exfoliation that is gentle and doesn’t strip my skin yet keeps it polished and fresh.
    I also enjoy the powder formula and making it into a paste to apply. Bottles of this go on foreverrrrr so it is great value for money.

    For ref I have 40+ dry combo skin.
  69. Gentle exfoliant

    I used this exfoliant after a Bio Surface Peel and it’s definitely gentle enough to use every day. My skin felt smooth and clean.
  70. Excellent for mature skin

    I bought this for my mum. It was her first foray into serious skincare. She loves it and says her skin is baby soft after use.

    I think it is a good purchase for mature skin.
  71. Fabulous!

    Love love love this product. Leaves my skin smooth and glowing every time!
  72. Great

    I bought this on the weekend and so far it's been an amazing product, it's cleared the pimples on my chin right up, as well as having got rid of a few pesky skin flakes on my forehead
  73. Love this

    This is my favourite skincare product. Helps to keep my texture at bay, and my skin bright and smooth without drying it out. The product lasts a good 4 months and I use it daily. Can’t get enough of this one! Will be repurchasing!
  74. I wish this was more like Japanese washing grains

    Does anyone remember them? Now I am showing my age. They suit sensitive skin but I prefer a deeper cleanse
  75. Great gentle exfoliant

    I received multiple samples of this with my Adore Beauty purchases and thoroughly enjoyed every use. It is a really nice gentle exfoliant which is good for everyday usage. I really helped with reducing oil production. I found makeup stayed on longer after using this in the mornings. The only con of this product is, it does get a little messy.
  76. Will buy again!

    I cant recommend this product enough. It works with your skin and is entirely dependant on the pressure and water ratio you chose but, it can still be used daily as its extremely gentle, especially for super sensitive skin types like myself. You pour a small amount onto your hands and mix with as little or as much water as you would like in order to help lather the microfoliant into the skin and really get into the faces crevices. The more water you use, the more gentle the product will be on your skin, therefore, the less water you use the more concentrated the texture, which I use for spot treatment/ problematic areas. Even using daily, I have hardly used much of the product as a little does go a long way, making your moneys worth. There is a pleasant smell and the after results are amazing. My pores seem less large and breakouts are kept at bay. I should also add that my skin feels so smooth after using and helps control the oils balance of my combination skin.
  77. Good stuff

    Love this exfoliant, gritty enough that you can feel it polishing your skin, without being too harsh. My skin has been so smooth since I started using this, and even with daily use it lasts forever.
  78. Great exfoiliant

    I received a sample of this and used it while on holiday. It really worked for my normal skin type, and wasn't too harsh to use on a daily basis. I am considering purchasing this when my regular exfoliant runs out.
  79. Clean skin

    This is great after I use my clay cleanser, it leaves my skin soft and feeling fresh and clean.
  80. Smooth skin

    My skin is sensitive, combinaion, dry and I bought this with the ultra calming water gel (also by Dermalogica)
    This gentle scrub reduces my open pores and prepares the surface to soak up Dermalogica's soothing water gel. I really like an exfoliant I can use at the end of every day. I can highly recommend both products.
  81. smoothing

    This is a great daily exfoliant, it smooths without irritation, would re-purchase
  82. Skin so smooth!!

    OMG this product doesn’t disappoint, it delivers all of its claims.
    My skin feels so so smooth and radiant after using this cleanser, my skin soaks up my moisturiser in a flash.
    I was really surprised at how great my face feels from a just a week using this cleanser.
  83. Love it

    2nd time I’ve purchased. Love to use it every morning, really clears my skin and makes it feel silky! No other exfoliatior I’ve used compares
  84. Not for me

    I recently invested in Dermologica because I suffered from mild acne on my chin and mouth area. This, however, did not work for me. It broke me out on my cheeks and forehead, which I have never had before. I asked specialists if this was normal and everyone said it may be going through a purging stage but this purging stage lasted 4 months and it has now been over a year and I still have mild scarring.
  85. This is hands down the best physical exfoliant for all ages and skin types

    I love this product. It is so effective yet so gentle it can be used daily on all skin types, including around the eyes. It does a great job without scratching or irritating the skin. The bottle will last for AGES as long as you don't get any water or moisture in it in which case the product will clump together. I'd say ensure you put the lid back on properly as soon as you put some on your hands, so that no steam or moisture from the bathroom gets into the bottle.
  86. Smells awful

    Terrible smell, reminds me of a cubicle. Doesn't administer evenly, beads seem to disappear quickly. Doesn't feel like it's exfoliating, but maybe this is the purpose of being used everyday? Won't purchase again.
  87. Worth the money

    A great exfoliant I use this once to twice a week instead of daily and it’s just enough to remove the dry skin and build up. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and never dry.
  88. A gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin

    I love using this exfoliant. With sensitive skin it is gentle and still extremely effective, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. Would highly recommend.
  89. Amazing!

    I have incredibly oily skin and nothing seemed to calm it down, until I bought this. I use it every night and my skin feels less oily when I wake up and I am not waking up with little whiteheads. I'd highly recommend this product, 10/10!
  90. Best daily exfoliate

    So gentle and fantastic for every day use
  91. Truly amazing

    So gentle, yet so effective.
    This leaves my skin feeling brand new!
  92. great daily exfoliant

    I have oily skin and have been trying different exfoliations - physical scrubs, glycolic scrubs, brush types. They all felt a bit harsh so I tried this one. Very gentle but definitely exfoliating, and skin feels fresh and clean afterwards. Love the small of rice also. Minus one star because I can't keep it inside the shower.
  93. My holy grail exfoliant

    I’ve always been a chemical exfoliant kind of gal but saw great reviews of this so I decided to give it a shot.
    Its definitely in my top three must-haves and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.
    It’s gentle but effective.
    It doesn’t smell great but it’s easy to look past that when you see the results this product provides!
  94. Lasts forever!

    this bottle literally lasted my four years. Its good but not amazing. Definitely suitable for sensitive skin! It never irritated my skin
  95. Beautiful, fine exfoliant

    Such a finely milled powder that is not too coarse and rough but exfoliates the skin beautifully! Perfect for my sensitive skin.
  96. Cult favourite

    I love this product!

    Gentle enough to use it everyday and hard working enough to keep my skin clean and fresh. This product is a staple in my skincare routine.
    Would definitely recommend to a friend!
  97. Amazing!!

    I am on my second bottle I love this so much. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and really helped to clear any small bumps I had on my face. The bottle lasted me over 6 months and I use it twice a day. Good value for money. Definitely recommend.
  98. Expensive but beautiful

    I was a bit skeptical about any exfoliant being able to be used daily but when I first felt the consistency of this, I changed my mind. When mixing with warm water, it turns into a creamy paste and it truly is a microfoliant as the particles are very fine, making it suitable for everyday use. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and my skin always feels soft and balanced after using this.
  99. Gentle scrub

    Probabaly the best exfoliating scrub ever! I use it once a week and it works wonders for my skin.
  100. The best daily exfoliant!

    I first experienced this product at a salon and then bought it to use at home. It's SUCH a good daily exfoliant and feels so gentle on skin. You can choose to add more or less water to get a deeper scrub based on your preference. Even my husband uses it and often is the one repurchasing!
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