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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 75g

4.7 of 645 reviews

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4 instalments of $19.58

Or 4 instalments of $19.58 with LEARN MORE

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a unique Rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates dullingdebris and instantly leaves skin noticeably smoother and brighter.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Reviews

4.7 of 645 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Quality product


Prior to trying this, I thought it was pretty unnecessary but after doing so I would totally recommend it. As with all Dermalogica products, it works and you feel you are using a high quality product. This daily exfoliant left my skin feeling soft and smooth, all in the most gentle way possible.

Most Helpful Criticism

Harsh for sensitive skin


This is a good product but too strong for sensitive or dry skin. Daily use is definitely too much.
  1. Smelly, hard to use


    This product wasn’t for me at all. It smelt like urine and I found it really hard to use, a cream or gel exfoliant is much easier
  2. Quality product


    Prior to trying this, I thought it was pretty unnecessary but after doing so I would totally recommend it. As with all Dermalogica products, it works and you feel you are using a high quality product. This daily exfoliant left my skin feeling soft and smooth, all in the most gentle way possible.
  3. amazing product


    I use this 4 times a week and its the best. It makes my skin smooth and glow. Amazing and not too rough on the skin.
  4. Totally changed my skin


    This product is phenominal. my pores are smaller, skin is brighter, smoother, and acne scares are diminished. I will always have this product on hand and use daily.
  5. Nice


    This product is a powder that you mix with water, so a little different to what I was expecting. A gentle exfoliator though, I was happy and would buy again. It lasted a while
  6. beautiful


    This is one of my absolute favourite skincare products. It is very gentle. It leaves my skin feeling soft like no other exfoliant ever has. I am in my mid-40s with combination skin and a fair complexion. My skin is prone to breakouts and redness; this product does not lead to either of these issues. It only lost 1/2 a star because of the cost—definitely a luxury item.
  7. not bad


    I tried this one with a small simple. No significant difference can be found after using it, which may because I only used a sample not a full size? However, I did not feel dry after using it, which is ok.
  8. Can’t live without it!


    verified purchaser
    Recently tried a sample and wish I had known about this sooner! Leaves my skin so so smooth and is great for unclogging my nose pores! I wouldn’t use this every day as I have very sensitive skin (eczema), but 2-3 times a week and my skin feels amazing and there’s no irritation. Also great for removing stubborn old fake tan on your face!
  9. gentle exfoliate


    this exfoliate really gently on my skin, its gentle enough to use everyday. theres no smell to it and it doesnt make my skin dry or anyhting
  10. Excellent exfoliation


    verified purchaser
    Excellent exfoliation but maybe not for everyday use for my acne prone sensitive skin. I use it the next morning after soaking my skin overnight in AHA and its perfect to get rid of the dead skin.
  11. AMAZING!!!


    love love love this exfoliant i have super sensitive skin and this exfoliant is so gentle and leaves your skin smooth and supple.
  12. Quality


    I enjoyed using the powder, while it's a little messier than a cream, the product works well and my skin looks and feels smooth without over drying. I wouldn't use it every day, likely every 3 would be happy to purchase again
  13. Refreshingly gentle on the skin


    When you have sensitive skin it can be hard to find an exfoliant that doesn’t cause irritation. I have had nothing but good results from this! It isn’t harsh on my sensitive skin and leaves my skin so smooth!
  14. Simply the best


    I have been using this product for a couple of years and absolutely love it. Sometimes I get lazy and stop using it, then after that first use seeing how fresh my skin looks and how soft it feels I am hooked again.
  15. So good


    It is a gentle exfoliant. I like the smell and texture. It is quite mild and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Just after one wash my skin is so bright and as smooth as ever.
  16. Strange smell


    I was super excited to try this as I got a sample in a goodie bag. I really felt like on the days that I did use it i noticed a difference, my skin felt smoother and looked clean. But for me, the natural clay smell was so off putting it didn't make me excited to use it and like other people I also found it hard to know the right amount of water to mix with it. I will use up the rest of the sample ...
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  17. Gentle & Effective


    A gentle and effective exfoliant that isn't over drying. However I always found it hard to ensure I mixed the right amount of water with it - too much and it was just foamy, not exfoliating and too little it became a paste like mess. I prefer to use a lactic acid serun.
  18. Does its job


    Skin definitely feels smoother and softer, it doesn't refine my pores or help with healing in any way I feel. However I am fine with that as i use other things for those concerns, I do wish it was a touch cheaper as I feel it is a touch up there giving the results.
  19. Good manual exfoliant


    I never used a powder scrub. Then it was the opportunity to test this sample of Dermalogica. I think that in this form, I mean in powder, it’s more economical because small quantity is enough. Actually, I find it quite convenient and effective. But I already use products with acids or chemical exfoliants and this manual exfoliant Is pretty abrasive. So I will not buy it at the moment and finish re...
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  20. Love it!


    I have oily but dehydrated acne prone skin that can be sensitive too and I love this product as I have a lot of texture from acne and this helps the most when I feel like my skin is congested and rough.
    I only use it every 3-4 days and not on the same day as chemical exfoliants so I don’t irritate my skin.
  21. Gentle and Affective


    I would highly recommend this product. It's nice and gentle on the skin and won't strip your natural oils like other exfoliating products on the market. 5 stars!
  22. Gentle yet effective


    I love using this twice a week as a gentle exfoliating treatment for my skin. It helps to clear my complexion without being harsh or irritating. I would continue to use this as part of my skincare routine and would highly recommend it!
  23. Very Effective Exfoliant


    The microfoliant is very thorough and really polishes the skin well. I usually use this 1/2 times a week to help deeply clean the skin. I love this so much and plan on repurchasing it later.
  24. Gentle exfoliator


    This is a really nice daily exfoliator. I have rosacea and quite sensitive skin and have found that this product is gentle enough to use on my skin.
  25. The best exfoliator


    This is the most gentle but best exfoliator. I love that it's gentle enough to use everyday and is so effective on my congested, oily, acne skin. It gets the job done without leaving skin tight and stripped which is nice.
  26. Gentle but effective


    I have super sensitive blemish prone skin but this is soft and gentle on my skin and leaves it looking fresh and vivrant5. It's one of my staples.
  27. A bit too strong for me


    I love this brand and they make a great range however this product is too strong for my sensitive skin. I received this as a sample.
  28. loved the sample so buying a larger!


    i absolutely loved this product, you don't need much at all, super nice and gentle, and my skin has never felt dry afterwards either! i rave about this all the time, love
  29. Love!


    I love dermalogica - its gentle and makes my face feel smooth :)
    I pair it with the smoothing skin cream.
  30. KICKASS!


    Love this product. I initially received a small 13g version as part of a pack, and I felt it drastically change the uneven skin tone in my face. So I bought the bigger version! Dont think I do i could go without it now. Highly recommend if you have uneven skin tone
  31. Best Exfoliant


    This exfoliator is hands down, the most gentle one I've ever used and it thoroughly cleans my face. Not only does it make my skin feel baby smooth but it also clarifies my skin. I love it!
  32. Awesome


    Really glad I bought this. It lasts ages and the results are awesome. I use this once a day after using the dermalogica special cleansing gel. I have noticed an improvement in my skin.
  33. Baby soft skin


    A very unique exfoliant as it is a very gentle enzyme exfoliant that isn't abrasive to the skin. After using it and rinsing it off my face, my face is so super soft! This product really sloughs away dead skin cells and helps brighten up the skin. The only annoying thing is having to mix it together yourself with a little bit of water as it is a powder- but otherwise, it is a lovely product to use...
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  34. Magic cleanser


    This cleanser is great. At first the consistency is a little off putting but as you begin to work the product in to your skin you feel a huge difference in texture and smoothness.
  35. Twice a day essential


    I use this morning and night, my skin loves it, gentle enough to be used every day which is important as I don’t like to always be putting different products on my skin. Love the powdered application too.
  36. Smooth look


    This polishes my skin and is not harsh. I have oily skin and use this every other day.
  37. Don’t use it after waxing too strong


    If you have a sensitive product not the best to use Not even once a week I have a sensitive skin and everytime I use this product I get breakouts but there cleansers are pretty good so does the multivitamin power firm and the soothing cream
  38. Great physical exfoliant


    For reference: 47 yo, dry skin. This is a great physical exfoliant that lasts forever. I probably use it once every two weeks or so. Really great for when my skin is flaky due to tret. Smooths and 'polishes' skin like nothing else but also not harsh. Highly recommend.
  39. Good


    It is a bit expensive but it goes along way. Added perk is that because it's a powder it doesn't dry out or cake. It's also very long lasting. I got this as a promotion but I think I will purchase it when I'm done :) it's my travel companion. Small but big impact!
  40. Game Changer


    I've been using this product for about a week now and I honestly can't believe how much of a difference it's made to my skin. I've noticed a huge improvement in the overall texture of my skin, it feels softer, looks more even and feels very hydrated. I'm excited to keep using this and see if it changes my skin even more. Highly recommend!
  41. Best exfoliant I’ve found’


    I’ve tried many exfoliants, and always come back to this one! It makes such a noticeable difference in congestion and the brightness of my complexion. I have dry skin, so I only use every 2nd night and I avoid using it when I’m experiencing eczema or sensitivity on my face (I wouldn’t use any exfoliating product during this time). Highly recommend, just adjust your frequency of use according to sk...
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  42. Amazing


    Love this product so much, I have super oily skin and i get a bit of texture on my skin, this product really helps make my skin so smooth and clear out my pores.
  43. Harsh for sensitive skin


    This is a good product but too strong for sensitive or dry skin. Daily use is definitely too much.
  44. Gives smooth skin


    Clears pores and made my skin soft and smooth. Did not irritate my sensitive skin and skin looked clean. Safe to use everyday. Only took one star off as it is expensive.
  45. Good for oily skin


    I really liked how my skin felt after using it, however, it did have a difficult to use texture and smelled weird. Not bad but not my favorite salicylic acid product.
  46. Such a wonderful product


    Giving it 5 stars before I even use this product I’ve never heard such good things from something before. People swear by it and I hope I do too, only down size is the price but adore beauty came through with a wonderful discount!!! I love this website best for skincare, thanks guys!!!!
  47. WOW

    Amelia L

    I was previously using a chemical exfoliate that contained AHA's and although I felt it made a difference, I often found that my skin was quite red afterwards and felt a little sticky. This product is insane. It made my skin feel so soft, clean and I can already see the blackheads on my nose disappearing. Highly recommend!
  48. Good for blocked pores


    A little expensive for an exfoliator but quite good.
    Leave a smooth, fresher skin
  49. Great for congestion


    This product polishes the skin & leaves you glowing but without the irritation that some exfoliants. I noticed a huge reduction in my breakouts when using this product. Love it!
  50. smooth skin


    This is a very gentle exfoliant that I use a couple of times a week. It does not hurt your skin
  51. Epic.


    I have sensitive skin and this microfoliant is gentle enough to not irritate. Extremely smooth skin after and love that this is a powder.
  52. smooth skin


    This is a very gentle exfoliant that I use a couple of times a week. It does not hurt your skin


    If you’re looking for a physical exfoliant, PLEASE BUY THIS ASAP. Don’t hesitate! I have never known anyone who doesn’t love this product. My skin feels EXTREMELY refresh after using it. It doesn’t hurt your skin or too rough or anything like that at all. You hear me, stop going to Chemist & Priceline to look for an exfoliant, spend just a little bit more and you skin will honestly thank you.
  54. Wow


    wow wow wow what a fantastic product. This leaves your skin feeling so luscious! Highly recommend
  55. Physical and chemical exfoliation


    I love how this combines both a physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation (cant find too many of this combo that actually works). Fit for everyday use as well, it does wonders to my skin!
  56. Every other day exfoliant


    This product is gentler than it's sister (the superfoliant), and is more suited to every other day use. I really enjoy using this powder to milky formula product, it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, bright and looks more refined. I recommend this product to my sensitive skinned beauties :)
  57. Game changer


    Quite possibly the best skin cleanser I have ever used. Makes my skin feel soft and glowing! Wish I discovered this earlier!
  58. Amazing. I love this.


    Been using this for months. Always tends to make my face squeaky clean. Haven’t notice a huge difference on my breakouts however this does make your skin baby soft. And I love how this isn’t an oily formula. You simply just apply a bit of water to the powder and it makes a milky/ foamy consistency which is so nice.
  59. great product


    Lasts a long time as you don't need to use much and leaves the skin feeling very smooth
  60. amazing


    the fact that you can exfoliate with this everyday is why i love it. I love the feeling of exfoliating and this does it gently enough to use everyday. makes your skin feel so smooth and clean
  61. You wont regret buying this


    I had a facial and the therapist recommended this. We all purchase and use so many products and often wonder if theyre even making a difference. This does! I have pigmentation and uneven skin. The makes my skin clearer and more even. I'll definitely continue to use this product.
  62. I will use this forever


    I'm a skincare junkie, I use a lot of products, have been to a lot of skincare specialists and regularly have treatments. This is by far the greatest product I own.

    It immediately clears my complexion, removes texture and creates a really nice base for makeup. It also preps my skin really nicely for at home AHA peels. I'll use this before using Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel, or I'll u...
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  63. Did it had to be a powder?

    Mature age

    I mean, it’s not hard to use. Wet hands, then powder, rub it together and ready to use. I did find it going everywhere at one stage. And I hate touching bottles with product on my hands, in case you need more. Besides that minor con, it’s great as an exfoliant. Skin is soft after one use.
  64. the best


    Straight up, not a fan of Dermalogica, BUT this is the best product to have in my routine. I have dry skin, and it is now maturing and the natural shedding is slowing down, so this product is FANTASTIC for a daily exfoliation of dead skin build up. The plus side is that there is no SCENT TO IT! Suitable for ALL skin types, so gentle it is recommended for sensitive skin types, made from rice powder...
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  65. My go to exfoilant


    I have been using Daily Microfoliant for years - its gentle but really effective and as my skin has aged I think it has gotten better and better. Gets rid of dull skin without dehydrating and leaves skin soft and lovely.
  66. Awesome Product!


    Exfoliates the skin very effectively but is also very gentle unlike some other coarse exfoliators.
    ALSO does not irritate breakout-prone skin, highly recommend :)
  67. Actually great for daily use


    Despite the grainy texture, it is actually gentle enough for everyday use because the grains turns into a paste after a bit of massaging into the skin. Both the chemical and physical exfoliation factor in one item!
  68. Great for daily gentle exfoliation


    I really like this product. I have oily, congested skin and like to use this after cleansing once a day. It’s gentle and doesn’t feel like I’m scrubbing my skin with anything too harsh. Will scrub then leave for a minute or so to let the acids continue working. Skins feels so soft after use!
  69. Absolutely love


    I use this exfoliant everyday! It's super gentle and doesn't upset my sensitive skin. Leaves my skin looking glowy.
  70. Bit messy


    It’s nice and none irritating. But it’s really messy to use.
  71. Dermalogica Microfoliant

    Dermalogica Microfoliant

    I have tried a range of exfoliators most are too harsh and chemical exfoliants do not remove the dry dead skin from my face - so I find they do nothing.

    This exfoliant was excellent and perfect for my skin (dry and acne prone). I have been using this every 1-2 days on my face, neck and chest (for the last 2 weeks) and it has almost completely cleared up the acne I had in these areas ...
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  72. The perfect exfoliant


    I’ve been using Dermalogica for years ever since I started in the beauty industry. Some of their products have been better than others but the microfoliant is the king of all the products I’ve used from the brand.

    My bottle has lasted me God knows how long, it really does go a long way. If you don’t like a gentle / chemical exfoliator this product is not for you. It is super fine mill...
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  73. Feeling clean!

    Elle Maze

    This is the product I go to when I am feeling dehydrated, congested or dull. It cleans the skin and gives it a tight glow! Perfect pre makeup as it is super gentle and leaves my skin clean and plump! Would recommend for most skin types!
  74. Made my skin lovely and glowy


    Started using this about three weeks ago, and was apprehensive at first as I believe exfoliating every single day isn’t good for skin. But I’ve changed my mind!
    My skin is so clear, refreshed, and has a lovely glow to it. I pair it with the dermalogica hydrating serum and active moist moisturiser
  75. Great daily exfoliant - poor packaging


    I LOVE this as a daily exfoliant - it leaves my skin feeling fresh and unclogged without the tightness of oil being stripped but the packaging just isn’t for me. I like to use my wash off products in the shower and because this is a powder, it does get wet and the product clogs up meaning a lot of wastage.
  76. Good exfoliant but not my favourite


    Good exfoliant. Would be good if you were using daily but if you are looking for something more intense I would try another product.
  77. Clear Skin Goals


    Love this product it’s like a gentle exfoliant it doesn’t irritate or strip my dry skin, if anything it helps with my skins plumpness and hydration. Love it used mine up and need to repurchase ASAP.
  78. Fresh and clean


    I know this says daily but I use this every second day as a like a boost up from my special cleansing gel. Leaves my skin feel soft and fresh and all the impurities gone like dead dry skin or bumps from black heads/pimples
  79. Gentle exfoliant


    This is a nice product, good for daily exfoliation, not too harsh on the skin and does a lovely job at making your skin appear fresher without the harshness of some more intense exfoliants
  80. Skin feels amazingly soft afterwards!


    My skin has never felt so soft and smoother right after using this! I found it to be gentle enough to use every day, and since it comes in powder form, a little goes a long way since you're not paying for the water!
    Only small downside is that the smell isn't great - I kind of hold my breath when I rub it against my face, but it's totally worth it!
  81. Pretty awesome


    I had tried this product about a decade ago and didn't think much of it. Purchased as part of a sample pack that I bought for other products included. The daily microfolient was such a pleasant surprise! Easy to use, didn't irritate at all and definitely helped decongestant and minimise pores. Definitely have to use daily though as the effects don't last long. Smells a little weird but otherwise I...
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  82. a great daily exfoliant


    my skin tends to need exfoliation every day and this is perfect because its so gentle
  83. Excellent product


    I received this from adore beauty as a sample (which I love getting!). At first I was a bit worried as I have rosacea and very sensitive skin and can react to anything harsh or any exfoliating products. After the first use I was so surprised to find that I had softer skin without any irritation! I now use it regularly and am sold. Definitely recommend.
  84. Great, not too harsh exfoliator


    I love this product! It really reduced the size of my pores, and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. It's also not too harsh, and I use it twice a week, with a chemical exfoliant on the other days. The only gripe I have is that I'm not a fan of the smell (to me, it smells like fermented rice or dry yeast), but since it's not on the skin for long it's fine.
  85. Gentle but effective exfoliant


    This is a nice gentle exfoliant to use and a little goes a long way. It has a nice light minty fresh scent too which is really pleasant. I was a bit uncertain with it being a dry powder that you make into a paste, however it lathers really well with little water.
  86. So far so good


    Got a sample of this and feel like i have found something my skin has always needed... Slightly drying on my dry skin and made my skin purge for a week but am on week four now and so far really happy with how smoothe my skin has been looking.
  87. Great product - leaves skin feeling amazing


    This is a very nice and gentle daily exfoliant. I really really love how it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft after. Defintely a must have before using makeup.
  88. Great gentle exfoliator


    I am using this product every second night.. I find it gentle enough for this.
    My skin feels fresh afterwards. This product is helping clear my skin.
  89. Smoothness in a bottle


    This is honestly one of the best exfoliants in the market. The product is a soft finely milled powder that activates upon contact with water. It forms into a paste consistency. My face has never felt softer and brighter. I highly recommend for daily use.
  90. Skin felt squeaky clean


    I didn’t know what it would be like for a powder formula. But it’s really great, goes a long way when you work it into your face with more water.
  91. Fantastic!


    This product is absolutely fantastic, My skin is gleaming after this and doesnt feel too harsh or leaves my skin dry. Effortless exfoliation. The only downside is that you always feel like you need to use more than you need to so the bottle runs empty quite quickly.
  92. My Daily Go to Exfoliant


    At first I was totally clueless on how to use this product. It took a few attempts before I could understand how to use it correctly. I mean, it's a white powder how was it going to exfoliate? So, I followed the instructions which caused a bit of a mess, slapped it on my face in a dripping wet mess and rubbed it in and WOW. It felt amazing on my skin, it bubbled up and became foamy and creamy....
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  93. Seems to work well


    Have been using this for a week and have started to see results already. Had been using another Dermalogica product for a few months since the Active Scrub was discontinued - which left me with clogged pores and frequent breakouts.
    In a week, the breakOuts have stopped and the clogged, bumpy pores around my chin have decreased in size and are becoming gradually become clearer. So glad I cou...
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  94. Exfoliates well - use weekly!


    Overall, the product does what it needs to as a rice based exfoliant. The only downside is that there is still a fair bit of chemicals in its ingredients when compared to other rice based natural exfoliants.

    When used, the exfoliant turns into a foam with water and provides a physical and chemical exfoliant. The price point is a little steep and will only recommend using once or twic...
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  95. Scrubbed to perfection


    I didn't expect the product to be such a fine powder but when combined with a little bit of water, it can double up as a mask and a cleanser. It is a little too harsh to be using everyday but has perfect results for me if used 2-3 times a week. The micro-sand gets in deep and digs out dirt and oil build up - Love this product.
  96. Great product!


    I have been using this microfoliant for the last couple of years and honestly, I couldn't live without it now! It's the perfect way to prep your skin in the morning, ready for the day ahead. I have oily and acne prone skin and this product is gentle enough to use every day without aggravating my skin.
    The only thing that does get a bit annoying is when you get water near the opening where th...
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  97. Gentle Exfoliant


    I have very dry skin and break out every time I exfoliate so after reading the reviews I thought I'd try this out. I LOVE it. It's so gentle on my skin that it doesn't cause irritation or breakouts and I love the way my skin feels after use - super clean and soft.
  98. Best in-shower exfoliator


    This is a great clearing, exfoliating, tightening product. It is the best in shower exfoliator i have tried, i have sensitive skin and i use it with not a lot of product and a gentle rub instead of a faster or harder scrubbing motion with my hands and it doesn't make my skin angry and i get clear, clean and smooth results from it.
  99. Great


    This is a great product. I feel it does a really good job of exfoliating. The only downside is that it can leave your skin quite dry so you need to follow up with a nice moisturiser.
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