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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 75g

4.7 of 423 reviews

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4 instalments of $19.03


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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a unique Rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves skin noticeably smoother and brighter.
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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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4.7 of 423 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Changed my skin for the better!


Although it is expensive, this stuff has literally changed the tone and clarity of my skin. You don't need alot, therefore it will last you a really long time. Helped to clear my acne-prone skin and keep it looking bright and glowy. Will be repurchasing 110%!

Most Helpful Criticism

It was ok but not great.


I received a sample of this exfoliator and I found it a little too dying on my sensitive skin. I had a slight reaction to it. Although my sister used it and loved it so I think you would have to try it and see. But if you have sensitive skin I would be careful. I also found the price point quite high also.
  1. Changed my skin for the better!


    Although it is expensive, this stuff has literally changed the tone and clarity of my skin. You don't need alot, therefore it will last you a really long time. Helped to clear my acne-prone skin and keep it looking bright and glowy. Will be repurchasing 110%!
  2. The best


    Really lovely stuff. So good and gentle on my sensitive skin.
  3. The best


    I love this product. Although it doesn’t smell very good (a bit like a hospital) it feels very effective. My skin is left so smooth after using it. It has made a big improvement to my skin texture. I will always have this in my routine it’s that great.
  4. Smooth as silk !


    I bought this along with the cleanser and although I wasn’t keen on that one as it made my face flare up, the microfoliant is AMAZING!!!
    My skin is so so so smooth after and I use it once at night, it’s not too harsh and you only need the smallest amount. It lasts ages so the price seems steep but it’s really worth the money. If you use too much your face will be sure to tell you you are! So smaller is better.
    I’m so in love with this and I am sticking with it for sure. Going to order a large size next week as my small one has finally started running out after a couple of months.
  5. Scrubbed clean


    Face is completely white and scrubbed super clean. Probably don't need to use daily though - face would feel a little tight and dry otherwise.
  6. amazing


    I found hydrtaing on my sensitive skin. Helps remove any dirt and dead skin cells to reduce the amount of breakouts i have
  7. Gentle and super effective


    This product really impressed and surprised me at the same time. I truly didn’t know what to expect as it’s unlike any exfoliant I’ve ever used but I’m now hooked. It’s so gentle on the skin, yet manages to leave your skin so smooth and polished. I used it around 2 times a week but will now drop it to once a week as this is quite strong so can be a little during, but doesn’t leave your skin stripped at all. I am in my mid 20s and have been experiencing some texture and small breakouts under the skin, which is why I chose to try this and I’m glad I did. I’m only on my 3rd week and definitely see improvement. Yes, my skin still has breakouts to combat, but this has certainly helped. It’s truly worth a try.
  8. amazing to clear skin


    amazing for radiant skin. isn't too harsh to strip my skin. I have oily skin and really helped to reduce my oil production
  9. 100% worth the money


    This product is amazing, and so easy to add into any skin care routine it doesn’t take long, and it’s absolutely amazing it cleans my skin so well, it even takes my fake tan off it’s that good but it’s not harsh or too rough like some other products on the market. 100% worth the money I can’t go without this product.
  10. Holy grail


    Absolutely love the Dermalogica Microfoliant, so glad I tried it as it is now a staple in my nightly routine. Since using this product I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin, with less breakouts and overall more glowing skin. This exfoliator is gentle and hasn’t irritated my rather sensitive skin. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and soft. Highly reccomend!
  11. Brightening


    I received this as a sample before and fell in love immediately! My skin is sensitive so I can't usually use exfoliants but this one is very gentle but works very well leaving my skin soft, bright, and clearer! It wasn't drying at all and I could see that it would work daily even for someone with sensitive skin!
  12. Gentle and Effective


    I love this exfoliant. I use it mostly in the Summer (as in Winter I use a scrub with actives) and just adore it. It's light and gentle yet effective. I have normal to dry skin which is thick-ish and not generally sensitive, but I wouldn't use this every day (or any scrub for that matter) I use it 2 - 3 times a week and get a nice smooth finish on my skin.
  13. Really gentle, finely milled


    I really like this microfoliant.. Easy to use and very gentle. The smell is inoffensive and a little goes a long way. I find it leaves my skin feeling smooth and i have less congestion on my chin when i use this daily
  14. Not too rough


    Really nice product does a great job of exfoliating the skin without being too harsh and feeling like your face is raw after.
  15. insane


    This is essential for us oily skin ladies out there, keeps my oiliness at bay!
  16. Gentle


    This is a very gentle exfoliator. It can be used everyday. Definitely one of my favourite Dermalogica product.
  17. Great daily product


    This product is great for daily use - gentle on skin and works well to deeply cleanse. If you need something a little stronger, I would recommend the Superfoliant, but this is a great entry into an additional daily exfoliator for skin.
  18. A particularly gentle exfoliator


    A particularly gentle exfoliator, I love that I can use this quite frequently to keep my skin nice a fresh.
  19. Your skin will thank you for this


    This is probably my favourite product from Dermalogica. It’s so unique and I’ve never tried anything like it before. You basically dispense the powder in your hand and mix it with water to create a paste texture. I love that it has salicylic acid in the formula as it keeps my breakouts at bay and it’s gentle enough for me to use every night. My skin had never looked so good!
  20. Instant results !


    This micro scrub is great! I received it the first time as a sample. After using it for the first time, I was impressed with the immediate results ... the skin felt fresh, soft and revitalized. I bought it 4 months ago, I use it daily and I still have at least half of the container. I recommend it to everyone!
  21. microfoliant with the best


    One of the best facial scrub around. Gentle enough for sensitive skin but does its job in leaving skin smooth and bright.
  22. Most gentle exfoliant


    This is a beautiful, gentle exfoliant. I love that you can customise the level of abrasiveness by changing how much water you add to it. Though it says it can be used daily, I prefer to use this once or twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling super clean and smooth. I've tried the Tatcha one for sensitive skin and this is pretty much exactly the same thing for far, far less. Save your money and get this one instead!
  23. This over Tatcha


    Firstly, this bottle will last you forever. You only need a small amount each time, and compared with Tatcha this is actually great value. I use this when I feel that my skin is looking very dull. It's super gentle and does not burn my skin unlike the chemical exfoliants.
  24. In love!


    I have oily skin prone to congestion and occasional breakouts. This helps a lot to keep it under control and keeps my skin looking smooth, clear, bright and fresh. It doesn't dry my skin out as some exfoliants have previously done. I only use 2-3 times a week instead of daily and have had great results.
    I love that this is an enzyme exfoliant, and that you can control the consistency by using more or less water. It's a little on the expensive side but it should last at least a couple of months - worth the cost!
  25. OMG, very impressive product


    made skin so soft and clean, love this product!
  26. Love chemical exfoliant


    dermologica daily microfoliant has been a staple in my bathroom for years now, i love that you can add more water to make it less abrasive for daily use or keep it a bit drier for a deeper exfoliation. granted it is pricey but a bottle lasts ages
    I love this so much and will continue using it
  27. Very good


    A lovely exfoliator and the skin feels so soft after!
  28. Great exfoliator


    This exfoliator is great. It is super effective yet gentle. It is great at clearing skin and makes it feel super soft. It is my go to product for everyday exfoliation.
  29. Fantastic exfoliate


    Great for every day use even with sensitive skin
  30. Great light weight chemical exfoliant.


    Great light weight chemical exfoliant. I’ve been using this one for years now.
  31. Definitely one of the best!


    I can't use exfoliating scrubs or anything with invasive ingredients because my skin is so sensitive and I have patches of eczema that is easily triggered if I'm not careful. Luckily, I collected about 5 sample sizes of this product and decide to try it. Glad I did that because I've been hooked ever since. Obviously I do it only when I feel like my skin is congested but it's a charm! My eczema hasn't been irritated and overall it has helped with texture,dullness & left my skin looking brand new.
  32. Leave skin feeling so soft


    I adore this product. It's gentle enough to use daily and leaves my skin feeling amazing and soft. I can use it during major break outs as well. 10/10
  33. One of the BEST exfoliant


    I have combo skin and my skin has been looking dull during the Melbourne winter. I’ve know about this product for years and thought it would be too abrasive. I got a sample from my last purchase with adore beauty and since I’ve started using this product I’ve been hooked. I use it 3 times a week and my skin got its glow back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  34. Great exfoliator


    Such a staple exfoliator for me! I’m always trying other brands but keep coming back to this one. Although it’s pretty expensive it definitely gives great results and is worth the money
  35. One of the best exfoliants I’ve used


    I was introduced to this exfoliant a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. I love that it comes in a powder form which lasts forever! It’s also exactly the right texture, exfoliating my face just enough and never too harshly. I have normal skin and like to use this a couple of times a week as part of my skin care routine


    This product is insanely good - it has by far made the biggest difference to my skin out of any skincare I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried a lot. I have very dry, sensitive and acne prone skin and this has made my skin so incredibly soft and clear and brightened it substantially.

    The most significant improvement has been in the texture of my skin - I was already exfoliating on a regular basis (I was previously using the Kate Somerville instensive exfoliating treatment 2 times per week and the Drunk Elephant TLC serum) but I’ve never had skin this even or smooth! I’ve also never experienced any irritation or redness from this which is uncommon for me when it comes to exfoliation. As with any exfoliator it does need to be followed with hydrating and moisturising products.
  37. Worth it


    I have sensitive skin and can sometimes suffer from dryness but find when I’m using this morning and night my skin condition is always best! Highly recommend!
  38. Love love love


    Absolutely love this exfoliant!! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and clear. Not really into the smell of it but you can definitely get past that with the amazing results!!
  39. Dermologica's standout product


    A fantastic gentle exfoliator that leaves skin smooth without irritation. Brilliant.
  40. Great for smoothness


    Love this exfoliant. Leaves skin smooth and clean . Does not leave your skin feeling dry . Very gentle . Highly recommend.
  41. The only product I can't live without!


    I have been using this product for going on 5 years now and I can truly say it is the ONLY product I can't live without. Whether or not you have any particular issues with your complexion, this product will gently yet effectively improve your tone, texture, pigmentation and congestion without stripping or sensitizing your skin. I suffer with hyper pigmentation from acne and this product is one of the only in my experience that helps to fade it and prevent further breakouts from leaving scars. There is a reason you see this product everywhere and it is recommended by everyone!
  42. Exfoliating


    Super great for exfoliation and skin feels so smooth after. Just have to be careful with how you store this, because this is powder based, and as soon as it touches water it becomes a paste. So i like to keep this powder in tiny containers and refill each time.
  43. Love Love Love!


    This is my fave go to exfoliant, I can use this everyday without feeling worried I’m over doing it cause it’s so gentle, the more water I add to it the less abrasive it becomes, it makes my skin feel like a baby’s bum. And gets me mask ready for my next step. Just get it already! Won’t regret just always keep the lid on tight if you leave it in shower
  44. Love it.


    This leaves my skin feeling super clean, smooth but also moisturised! It doesn’t feel too harsh and is great to do everyday. I use it after I cleanse. Such a fan!
  45. Love it!


    I love this exfoliation powder. It works wonders when mixed in with my cleanser. Not too harsh but exfoliating enough to make my skin feel extra clean
  46. A breath of fresh air


    I have used multiple exfoliators, but nothing compares to this. Every exfoliator I've used has triggered my skin sensitivity, but this is so calming and cooling. My skin has never felt better!
  47. Does an average job!


    I enjoyed this exfoliator but unfortunately didn’t think it was anything special. I found makeup applied on more smoothly after using this but again, most exfoliators I’ve tried does the same!
  48. the best one!


    Best for sensitive skin
    removes everything
    very tender but hardworking!
    love it !!!!


    After being recommended this product from a beauty therapist to help my oily skin, it has worked wonders. I generally use it after a gym session just to strip away excess oil and it is amazing.
  50. Something different


    I got a free sample of this. The sample lasted ages. It doesn't smell good at the start every time I used it. But it did what it said, became a powder paste and cleaned by skin. It's probably a little bit too much work for me to do every day after cleansing. But it did clear my skin so it felt smooth.
  51. It was ok but not great.


    I received a sample of this exfoliator and I found it a little too dying on my sensitive skin. I had a slight reaction to it. Although my sister used it and loved it so I think you would have to try it and see. But if you have sensitive skin I would be careful. I also found the price point quite high also.
  52. Great but pricey


    Received a sample of this and just finished using it all up. Very gentle on skin and it leaves it smooth and soft, but honestly you can get the same results with almost any other exfoliant for a lot cheaper. Nothing really bad to say about it aside from the price point though!
  53. Nice !


    This is awesome and leaves my skin so incredibly soft. Great brand and great way to remove dead skin.
  54. My go to


    This product is great and can be used every day - its really helped minimize my pores.
  55. Makes skin so smooth


    I love this exfoliant. I like to use it every night. I will use a gel cleanser first and then use this as my second cleanse. It really buffs away dead skin and makes my skin feel so smooth. Is deffinately one of my favourite products and is worth a try
  56. Feel smooth


    I got this as a sample. After clean my face to use this I feel my face very smooth and I saw less blackheads. I'd like buy a full size next time.
  57. actual obbsession


    I am actually obsessed with this, I have not bought another cleanser in such a long time, I cant even remember. this just ticks every single box. I find for me it is amazing for brightening my complexion makes my dull skin just absolutely glow, helps get rid of stubborn acne stars, which is just incredible! and you can make it to your liking, depending on the thickness you like. it will take a little while to get the consistency right at the start but you'll figure it out. such a great product and last such a long time. do not use in shower as it ill ruin the product in the bottle
  58. My favourite exfoliant


    I LOVE this. I will not ever be without it again. It is so gentle to use every day, a nice change for your skin if using AHA and BHA chemical exfoliants. My skin feels so smooth afterwards.
  59. Simple yet effective


    I use this product every morning, it feels luxurious, deeply cleansing, yet gentle. I love how this product doesn’t exacerbate my dry patches either! Highly recommended!
  60. Gentle and good value for money


    I was looking for a nice gentle exfoliant that is suitable for daily use. I know and trust the Dermalogica brand and I know they're a solid, science-based brand and doesn't waste money on fancy packaging or flashy advertising. So I chose this one and it didn't disappoint, it's gentle and easy to use, doesn't have any smell or anything that irritates my skin. Satisfies my requirements. The powder texture is a little different but easy enough to use, the only thing is be careful not too pour too much in your hand because the powder comes out very easily.
  61. Good every day product


    I got this for try. Very gentle on skin, i using it 3 times a week and my skin feel soft and smooth after using. Only minus point is the price
  62. Lovely smooth skin

    Stephanie G

    This was my very first Adore purchase and it didn’t disappoint. I have a combination “experienced” skin, a little texture and lines. This fine powder has really helped to smooth the surface of my skin, and allows makeup to sit well. It’s most convenient to use in the shower, leave it on for a few minutes, and rinse off to find silky smooth skin. I use it every 2 or 3 days, and, while it seems expensive, it lasts and lasts. Little handy hint, use the leftover on the backs of hands for amazing smooth hands.
  63. Does the job but not amazing


    I bought a sample size of this and enjoyed the way you used it dry and make a paste. A nice exfoliant, not too strong or abrasive.
  64. A gentle exfoliator.


    I enjoy simple products.

    What I enjoy so much about this product is that you can tailor it to suit YOUR skin's needs. Depending on how much water you add, you can create a grittier paste for deep exfoliation or a more watery paste for a lighter exfoliation. Regardless of what you choose, this exfoliator is SO GENTLE.

    I have relatively normal, sensitive skin and I use this product at night. I use this product once every 2-3 days or whenever my skin needs a good clean.

    It is an effective exfoliator which does NOT leave my skin feeling too dry and tight. I am lucky to have clear skin but sometimes I have little bumps growing under the skin and this product really helps to combat these.

    - It has a faint smell of baby formula (very very very very faint)
    - packaging can be a bit messy (powder flying everywhere)
    - too risky to use in the shower (if water goes in the bottle, product will be ruined)

    Overall, I would repurchase and recommend to everyone. My skin feels so clean and polished after using this product.
  65. Great product!


    This product leaves my skin feeling so smooth and fresh! I use it along with the Dermalogica special cleanser and soothing lotion, i find using all 3 works best. I wouldn't use the mirco exfoliant everyday, but i do have sensitive skin, i used it every 3 days and it helps improve the texture of my skin. For the first few hours after use my pores look enlarged, so i use it at night , but the next day they are actually smaller and tighter and my acne scares also look better after every use. I would recommend, and i will be purchasing again!
  66. Great product!


    This product leaves my skin feeling so smooth and fresh! I use it along with the Dermalogica special cleanser and soothing lotion, i find using all 3 works best. I wouldn't use the mirco exfoliant everyday, but i do have sensitive skin, i used it every 3 days and it helps improve the texture of my skin. For the first few hours after use my pores look enlarged, so i use it at night , but the next day they are actually smaller and tighter and my acne scars also look better after every use. I would recommend, and i will be purchasing again!
  67. I’m a cereal scrubber!


    So I’m a chronic exfoliater haha. I have an addiction. I just love a good scrub. But, I know I’m doing more harm than good cause the scrubs I’ve always reached for daily were quite harsh. But this, omg, this is something else. It’s so gentle so I can use it daily but it gives such a beautiful exfoliation I look so fresh! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I mix a little with the special cleansing gel for an added clean once a week as opposed to just water.
  68. Not sensitive skin friendly


    I heard a lot of good reviews on this product but I was hesitant to purchase it since I have rosacea. I was so happy that I finally received a sample from my AdoreBeauty order recently. Note that, when I tested out the product, my skin is pretty much under control, I have no redness or inflamed skin at the moment. However, this still burn my skin! I was really disappointed as I have always wanted to try physical exfoliator to get rid of my acne scar and smooth out the bump on my skin. Nevertheless, I am glad that I get to try out the sample before purchasing it as it is quite pricey.
  69. Love


    Makes your skin so smooth! Excellent exfoliant option bc it isn't harsh on skin. it keeps skin clear and free of dead skin cells plus the bottle lasts FOREVER!!! Excellent addition to a daily skincare routine
  70. Good


    I like the concept of this product. Gotta be careful with how hard you scrub your face when using it. Overall good product
  71. Great exfol & creamy cleanser


    My skin always feels super smooth after using this exfol cleanser - the fine micro exfoliating power quickly turns into a creamy lather once mixed with water. Does the job of 2 products without it stripping your skin. Will keep using!
  72. A Little Goes A Long Way!


    I've used this product for quite some time and have found it to be really great! You really don't need to use much to get full effect. I had great results with about half a teaspoon.

    I've sensitive skin so it was a bit much to use every day however every other day was the sweet spot for me.

    NOTE: Dermalogica are very serious about not getting it anywhere near your eyes. I accidentally got some in one of my eyes and it did cause a noticeable irritation that required prescription medicated drops to relieve.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not blame Dermalogica for what occurred, this was a freak occurrence and packaging clearly displayed the warning.

    Aside from that, it's a great product that leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean without being harsh or abrasive.
  73. Clears up congestion


    I was using an exfoliating scrub a couple of times a week but felt it was not working, and if I used it more often it was too harsh on my skin. I have congestion on my chin and sides of my nose, I love that I can use this product everyday and keep those areas clear without irritation.
  74. Smooth skin


    I love how smooth my skin feels after using this microfoliant. I use it every second day because my skin is sensitive. I’ve tried the superfoliant but I think the microfoliant is much gentler for my skin.
  75. Not for me


    When I started using it, I can see my face was brightened but after using it religiously every morning, and I have finished the whole bottleI can’t see the different. Was that just me? If you are looking for a gentle exfoliator this is the one for you because it is very gentle that you can use it daily.
  76. One of my favourites


    This is an excellent cleanser, very gentle and leaves my skin perfectly polished, the bottle lasts a long time as you don’t need a lot.
  77. Nice and gentle


    This is such a nice product to use. I like mixing it up! My skin always feels SO super clean after I use it. There are honestly better exfoliants out there (for my skin) but I keep this on hand because I like the 'squeaky clean' feeling it gives me sometimes. My husband has sensitive skin and he really likes it too, it keeps dry flakes at bay without irritating.
  78. Great for everyday


    The product is in powder form and activated with added with water. I use this everyday and really polishes my skin, it’s not harsh or Sharp and seams do gently dissolve into the skin during the exfoliation and creates and lather. I use this after the special cleansing gel and now my favourite exfoliate.
  79. Great for congested or acne skin


    This is a really great gentle exfoliator, add water in your palm and gently rub it in, helps get rid of the junk in your skin while still being gentle. Has been around for many years as a top seller and is completely worth it. I probably wouldnt use it daily however as I dont think you need to be doing this every day
  80. Obsessed


    This product is amazing! I have used this for years. I use it every couple of days after a double cleanse. Simply sprinkle a little in your hands and add a little bit water to make a thick consistency before putting the gritty mask onto your face. I love the way my skin feels after using this. Best exfoliant ever for post-chemical peel or laser flakiness.
  81. Love


    This is such a beautiful non abrasive but effective exfoliant. Have used this since back in my days as a beauty therapist and it’s one I always go back to. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Bottle lasts ages too.
  82. Not entirely convinced


    I got this as a sample and had heard so many wonderful things about it, that I was excited to try it. The first couple of uses, I could have sworn my skin felt and looked better. Then, not so much change. I thought perhaps daily was too much so went down to second then third daily. But whilst I can't say it does terrible things to my skin, I'm not convinced it helps it either. A shame, because at that price point, I can't justify purchasing the larger bottle ....
  83. Good exfoliant


    A little bit of a gritty texture. Good exfoliant for sometimes use. I wouldn't use it on my skin daily as I have dry skin and made it more drying if used daily.
    Skin feels clean and we'll washed after used.
    Recommended alternative nights. Not morning use though.
  84. Better skin


    This product has helped my skin a lot. It works like a facial and gives me the smoothest, polished and most cleansed skin. I would buy again
  85. Squeaky clean!


    Oh my goodness, I am absolutely OBSESSED with this product! I first tried the mini version a few months ago and it worked beautifully with my skin. It's not too drying and it helps keeps my breakouts at bay! I could not recommend it enough.
  86. Squeaky Clean


    This is a great product for people looking for a gentle exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. However, I think it is still slightly too harsh to be using everyday and recommend every second day
  87. Love love love


    I've been using the microfoliant in conjunction with the clay cleaner for about a month now and I love how it makes my skin feel! It feels polished and clean. I do use it daily but I can see why some people might say it's too tough for daily use. We'll definitely be repurchasing this product, I LOVE it!
  88. Use on a daily basis for smooth skin


    Literally smooth your skin out, even if it's more salicylic than glycolic in this. I use it on a daily, and it's excellent
  89. This stuff is the best!


    I am prone to having dry skin from time to time. This exfoliator is so gentle and doesn't strip my skin after use. I love that you can measure out how much product to mix with water, depending on how heavily I would like to exfoliate my skin. I use it three times a week (Alpha Gold for the other days) and it's lasted me six months and I still have about a quarter of the bottle left. I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.
  90. Beautiful, gentle and works!


    Changed my skin for the better!
    The results for me were instant and life-changing. My skin was immediately so, so much smoother after the first use and continues to improve. Feels like a facial after every use. And makeup glides on so much more seamlessly.
  91. I’ll never be without


    Love this very much, such a deep and gentle cleanser. I’ll never be without this. It’s good to use as a second cleanser if doing the double cleanse system. Can use on body as well. Lasts ages.
  92. So gentle


    Super gentle exfoliant did not irritate my skin at all.
  93. Baby smooth


    I have sensitive, slightly oily skin and I love this. It’s expensive but it lasts me a while as I only use it twice a week. My skin can feel a little dry afterwards but I follow with a facial oil and wake up to baby smooth skin.
  94. Worth every cent


    I have fair, oily skin that has problem areas of dryness, mainly around my chin and nose, I also work outdoors and always end up with dirt over my face. This is the best exfoliator I’ve ever used, its gentle but still does the job and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean and doesn’t exasperate dryness like I’ve experienced with harsher exfoliators. I use it in the shower and the only disclaimer I have is to ensure you don’t allow water into the container as it will solidify. All in all I think this product is well worth the money and will always be a favourite of mine.
  95. great exfoliant


    Definitely helps my rough skin feel much smoother and softer. Especially in winter when I have quite a lot of dead skin on my face and it looks very textured, using this a few times a week really helps smooth out my skin.
  96. LOVE


    Love this product. Leaves your skin feeling so smooth. Just don’t leave in the shower like I did as it got water into it and ruined it. 100% would purchase again!
  97. pretty good


    This product is good but I think I prefer the ASAP daily exfoliating scrub better (cheaper and better result). The Dermalogica is nice and gentle to use everyday, and clearly has a lot of fans!

    I've had childhood eczema flare up on my hands/fingers a couple times after using this. Not 100% sure the two were related but I'll stick with the ASAP anyway.
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