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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 75g

4.7 of 520 reviews

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4 instalments of $19.58

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a unique Rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves skin noticeably smoother and brighter.
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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

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4.7 of 520 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



this always feels like it gives an extra deep clean without being harsh. works great for slightly sensitive skin to combo skin as its not too harsh and is great for use multiple times a week. lathers really well to work for a few minutes of exfoliating and isn't drying. have been purchasing for years and havent been able to find a substitute.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for sensitive skin


I have dry, sensitive skin so I always avoid using physical exfoliation. However, my skin has been clogged so badly recently that I feel the need to use physical exfoliation for a quick fix. After using it, I didn't notice any 'smoothness' on my skin and I have experienced dryness. Because of this, I doubt that I can use it daily. However, it does feel very clean.
  1. Good but not in love


    Enjoy this, but after using the Superfoliant I prefer the age range one. As I own both, I go back to this every now and then if my skin flares up and gets a bit sensitive. I also only use it 1-2 times max a week. I am sure some people can use it more but I have sensitised skin that loves to flare up. This product is good if you want to incorporate retinols into your routine, as my skin can't handl...
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  2. amazing


    this always feels like it gives an extra deep clean without being harsh. works great for slightly sensitive skin to combo skin as its not too harsh and is great for use multiple times a week. lathers really well to work for a few minutes of exfoliating and isn't drying. have been purchasing for years and havent been able to find a substitute.
  3. Good gentle physical exfoliator


    this is a nice gentle physical exfoliator which I used around my nose and chin, avoid if you have any sensitive skin issues.
  4. Good physical exfoliator


    I was able to try a sample of this. I consider this a good physical exfoliator as the granules are quite small but I personally prefer chemical exfoliators for my face now as I am using other active ingredients. I feel that physical exfoliators have the tendency to be more irritating than chemical exfoliators so I take the gentler option. But if I wasn't using other active ingredients (that could ...
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  5. All year round fave!


    You can't go wrong with this one one. I love it and goes such a long way skin feels super soft and clean afterwards
  6. great on irritated skin


    very good at exfoliating the skin without drying it out
  7. Obsessed! Smoothest skin ever


    First tried this product in a sample, fell in love and purchased full size to use daily. Easy to use, made my skin feel luxuriously smooth, soft and clean, loving the results
  8. makes skin smooth but


    causes really bad breakouts for me every time I use it
  9. Lovely product


    I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and am really happy with the results.
    I have been using it in between deep exfoliation and is lovely to using when you need to give your skin a break but still want a deep clean.
  10. My skin has broken out


    I think this is the product that has caused me to have breakouts. I have not used it for 2 days and my skin has settled? It didn't give me any sensitivity issues and i felt it was mild so still unsure... Its a bit messy and goes very quickly as you have to mix it with water. Not for me sorry
  11. Average


    I received a sample of this. It cleanses the skin but it's like any other exfoliant out there. Pretty average.
  12. Daily staple


    After trying pretty much every skin product under the sun for my adult acne, this has been the only product I've absolutely loved. The powder consistency can seem a bit odd to begin with but it deeply cleans your skin and pores without drying you out. I've now been using it for 2-3 years and couldn't live without it!
  13. Mild yet effective


    A great exfoliant for more mature or combination skin. Doesn't strip skin or make it extra oily afterwards. And good value: a bottle has lasted me 3 months.
  14. Brand new skin


    Wonderful exfoliater for using a couple of times a week. Makes so much difference to how my skin looks an feels. The only thing i dont like is the smell (bit like wee!).
  15. Love It

    Laura M

    I got this to try in the Dermalogica Meet Dermalogica Kit, I have since purchased the full size bottle.
    I used to scrub my face with an exfoliation glove, since using this product I haven't used it and my face feels nice and smooth. Gentle on face and doesn't leave it looking red.
  16. Not for sensitive skin


    I have dry, sensitive skin so I always avoid using physical exfoliation. However, my skin has been clogged so badly recently that I feel the need to use physical exfoliation for a quick fix. After using it, I didn't notice any 'smoothness' on my skin and I have experienced dryness. Because of this, I doubt that I can use it daily. However, it does feel very clean.
  17. Easy add on to morning routine


    Easy to use daily exfoliant that leaves my skin soft.
  18. Great exfoliant


    I bloody love this stuff. After using it, my skin feels really clean and soft. I use it every day. I would prefer if it came as a liquid instead of dry, because it's a little messy sometimes, but I'll deal with it because it feels great on and I'm really happy with the result!
  19. I love this more than my bf


    I would leave my man for this product. That’s how much I love this and are committed to this!!!
  20. Perfect for every day


    This exfoliant might be pricey but the bottle will last you forever! I love the way this product transforms into a creamy paste when mixed with water; it's perfect for every day, leaving skin soft and smooth.
  21. Good for sensitive skin


    I have quite sensitive, dry skin so I was a bit nervous to try this product, but it worked wonderfully, didn't irritate and had great results - very fresh looking skin.
  22. love


    love this so much ! it’s the best exfoliating product i’ve used and will continue to use because my skin loves it (i have pretty oily skin) but this isn’t too harsh or drying and leaves the skin feeling super clean and smooth without feeling like it’s striping my natural oils !
  23. Best exfoliant!


    I really like the idea of this exfoliant, starts as a powder and turns to paste with water! I use it maybe once, twice a week, it leaves your skin so so soft
  24. Suitable for daily use


    I used to forgot exfoliant every week and since I found this product I have been using it every night. great product, great for my sensitive skin.
  25. daily great!


    This is a gentle exfoliate that feels that it is still deeply cleansing. great for sensitive skin
  26. Hands down your best friend


    If you wear makeup everyday. This is your best friend, it's gentle enough to wash your skin everyday and assists your clenser that little bit more make sure all your make up has been removed. Leaves your skin really fresh..and a perfect base for serums etc .
  27. amazing


    I have been buying this for years. It is super gentle, yet effective, and perfect for my sensitive skin. hydrating while helping clear my clogged pores
  28. Smoothing skin texture


    I use this right after cleansing with my cleansing gel. This microfoliant is gentle enough for my sensitive skin , this makes my skin feel soft, supple, and smooth. Super happy with this product. my skin like a baby .Totally recommend this!!!
  29. Only exfoliant I can use!


    I have been buying this for years. It is super gentle, yet effective, and perfect for my sensitive skin.
  30. Gentle yet effective


    I love how fine this exfoliant is which is very gentle on my sensitive skin.

    I use this every second or third day which leaves my skin clean and so soft.
  31. Great exfoliator!


    I actually use this microfoliant every 2 days and it still gives me great results! My face feels so soft and smooth!
  32. Brilliant gentle exfoliant!


    I used this after an oil cleanser at night time to really get all the traces of makeup and ‘the day’ off! Works a treat!
  33. Gentle but effective


    This provides the perfect amount of exfoliation, and is very gentle.
  34. Great exfolliant to use a few times a week


    I was introduced to this product while getting a facial and I bought some after and really like how it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. I have sensitive skin and this works well for me without irritating my skin. Use it a few times a week.
  35. Love this!


    This is such a gentle exfoliant - hense why it can be used daily. I do just that and I can't live without it! It's so amazing makes my face feel so soft and refreshed and I feel that if I get a pimple (which is rare now thanks to using dermalogica) this seems to really clear it up!
  36. THE BEST


    Love love love this product and will not buy anything else. Your skin feels so good and glows after the first use. It's not drying and truly buffs away everything. A little goes a long way too so you can skimp on use of the product. I use weekly, sometimes twice weekly, on my face, neck and decolletage.
  37. The most gentle effective exfoliant


    I started using this product 10 years ago and I haven't stopped. It lasts for ages and you just have to mix a bit of water in and rub it on your face. So incredibly gentle and effective. Skin feels noticeably softer straight after. I like to leave it on as a mask, while I brush my teeth for 2 mins and then wash off. A little bit also goes a long way, so it's great value too. Will continue to use t...
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  38. Awesome product!


    I love this Microfoliant! It cleans my skin very well, leaves my skin fresh with less visible blackheads! Doesnt dry skin. Its refreshing. No smell.
    The only minus is when I shake the powder onto my hand the powder 'dust' that comes out trickles in my nose and makes me cough. So the suggestion is to have open window, hold breath and shake it as far away for my face, drop a water in it and ...
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  39. Hands down the best exfoliant!


    I have fair skin and use this product once or twice a week. It always makes my skin feel super soft and clean. I find if I use it more often my skin becomes more irritated. I absolute would not use any other product though!
  40. Used to love this product but....


    I used to L O V E this product. I personally think the price is alright considering a little goes a very long way. Some people claim it’s messy but I love the way you can control the amount and consistency. It used to help my face firm up and glow. However, after getting hormonal problems that has worsened my acne, I found this product started making it worse. Even when I reduced my use from daily...
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  41. the perfect everyday scrub


    this scrub is great on a daily basis. it makes my skin feel amazing and gets rids of all the congestive stuff. definitely recommend
  42. lovely product


    a lovely product that is an excellent addition to my skincare routine
  43. really nice!


    I try not to exfoliate often but this is lovely and I love the milkyness when you add water!
  44. Does not disappoint


    So much happiness for my skin after one use. Cleansing, exfoliating, smooth skin! Even after one use.
  45. Love this


    Cleans skin well, I have oily skin and its not drying. Smells nice and fresh.
  46. Literally a daily exfoliant


    Most exfoliants are too harsh to use daily, but this i use every morning. Becomes like baby skin after each use!
  47. ADORE this product!


    I had heard a lot of hype about the Daily Microfoliant, and decided to give it a go by purchasing a Dermalogica starter pack. It has made a world of difference to my skin.

    It feels soothing, isn't too coarse or harsh on my skin, and definitely leaves it feeling a lot softer and smoother the next day. Definitely a must have!
  48. Very gentle


    So gentle you can use it every morning. Easy to mix in your hand and apply, rinses easily and makes your skin feel clean and smoother.
  49. gentle exfoliant

    Chele Pagno

    I really feel the difference after applying: my skin looks more radiant, feels soft and totally clean. I have sensitive skin though, so I only use it twice a week during summer, once a week during winter.
  50. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant


    This is a really gentle exfoliant that leaves your skin smooth without any abrasive grainy bits. Not drying. Great for a busy life as it’s quick and clean.
  51. My favourite exfoliator


    I've been using this for about 4 years now and it's honestly my favourite dermalogica product.
    Although it is expensive, you can usually get it on sale. I find the 75g bottle of this lasts me at least 6-7 months.
    The product itself is a powder and when you mix it with water becomes a smooth paste. Always leaves my skin feeling so soft and looking glowy.
  52. Daily skin exfoliating perfection.


    I'm a big fan of Dermalogica skin care, especially their cleansers, as they deliver what they promise, a little goes a long way so it's great value for money, any and all skin types can use them, and they're Australian made and owned, using beautiful natural ingredients, so you really feel like you get a spa experience at home every day and night.

    Being quite sensitive skinned, as wel...
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  53. Great for my sensitive skin


    I adore this product! I can make it as thick or thin as I like. I use it on alternate nights with a glycolic exfoliator. This is gentle and has lasted me ages. I highly recommend. Dermalogica products are the absolute best!
  54. Clean and refresh your skin


    This microfoliant is perfect for those with sensitive skin as I do, as I have found other products can be too harsh. I use this product twice weekly and always find my skin feels really clean and gets rid of any build up on my skin. It exfoliates just enough to not strip your skin. Have been using this product for years and will continue purchasing.
  55. Great


    This felt a bit harsh for my sensitive skin but it does exfoliate my skin very well
  56. Absolutely love this!


    This is one of my holy grail products. It is very gentle on the skin and makes it feel wonderful after. Also, the one bottle will last you for so long! I also love that you can vary the amount of exfoliation you like based on how much product you use!
  57. Great for people with more resilient skin


    This worked really well for about a week and I noticed the skin brightening effect....until I started breaking out all over. I definitely dehydrated my skin from over exfoliating.
    I’ve switched to chemical exfoliation again but I’ll keep this to use on areas that can withstand the abrasion; usually my nose and forehead area.
    I still gave it a fairly high rating because it really is a ...
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  58. Smooth Skin


    I got a sample of this in one of my orders and I absolutely love it. It's gentle yet exfoliates your skin so well that your left with the smoothiest skin ever. I will be purchasing the full size once my sample runs out. Only problem is I have so many products I like it's hard to choose which one to use.
  59. Literally the best daily exfoliator


    This is literally the best exfoliator to use on a daily basis and to feel the results in an instant!
  60. Gentle yet effective

    Laura O

    I have sensitive skin (both face and hands) and I was impressed with this product after one use. It's gentle yet provides a deep clean of the skin. The powder texture surprised me at first but was no different to any other exfoliant when applied.
  61. Great Exfoliant!


    I use this exfoliant 3 x week after cleansing as part of my cleansing routine. The result is a clean smooth polished skin. It is a little pricey but totally worth it if you're looking for a non abrasive exfoliant. The rice based powder is gentle but effective.
  62. Great product


    Dermalogica Microfoliant is hands down my favourite skin care product. I have a very oily t zone , and so I get a lot of buildup and texture under the skin. I also get dry and flakey on my cheeks and lip.
    This scrub leaves my skin looking so fresh and smooth. I used to use the skinstitut glycolic scrub but this product is much better for me
  63. Still too harsh for my sensitive skin


    I did not use this product daily, instead once a week. It did the job and exfoliated well, leaving me with clear skin, but the micro particles were still too harsh for my impaired skin barrier.
  64. Dermalogica


    This exfoliant is really gentle considering that it's so effective. It definitely gets rid of rough bits on my face and helps makeup go on smoother, but I never experience dryness with it
  65. Gentle but tough


    This is a gentle product but still gets rid of the dead skin build up. It’s the only part physical exfoliant I like. It doesn’t make my skin break out and skin doesn’t feel dry after using (which I have been for 12 years)
  66. Love this!


    This exfoliant is so gentle but effective. I love that you can mix it as thick or thin as you wish, considering on how much you need to exfoliate your skin. One of these lasts me ages and while it is quite pricey, it's got to be the best physical exfoliant out there!
  67. My favourite exfoliant


    I am a big fan of powder-based exfoliants. This product has become a staple in my skincare - it's super effective in gently buffing away any flaky bits which makes it great for daily use. My skin is always left feeling refreshed and smooth afterward, and I think it has helped my complexion improve.
  68. the absolute best


    When i first saw this product i was hesitant about the daily bit but it truly is so gentle yet my skin feels fresh and revitalized after i use it. I prefer to foam it up a bit before application and give my face and neck a thorough scrub with it. It's become an essential in my routine
  69. Probably the best exfoliant I have ever used


    This is a beautiful product! Probably my favourite Dermalogica product. It is gentle enough to use everyday and on a wide range of skin types. It can be added to cleanser or on it's on with water added and it becomes a paste. It exfoliates well and leaves skin glowing, but is still super gentle due to the rice bran. I couldn't recommend this enough, when I'm no longer a broke student I will be rep...
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  70. Only granular exfoliant i use


    I use retinoids and other acids but find after a week or so my skin can sometimes feel like it needs something more. This is where Daily Microfoliant comes into play. Its extremely gentle and is just enough to buff away any flakies/bumps and leaves my skin feeling fresh and glowy. Make up is always flawless the morning after too!
  71. One of my favourites


    I love this! I only use it three times a week but it does a wonderful job.
    Not only does it polish with the little grains but the enzymes break up the dead skin making your complexing so smooth and soft
  72. skin feels so soft after this


    very gentle and perfect for reactive skin
  73. Eliminate white head and unclog pore


    After one use, I realise my pore became smaller.
    After constant use, I realise there were no white head build up on my nose.
  74. Love this product


    I suffer with extremely dry skin due to an autoimmune disease and this takes away the dryness so my moisturizer can do its thing! Gentle enough for everyday use!
  75. quality


    gives a great sheen to your skin, super effective in removing dead skin cells without stripping skin of natural oils, great for daily use and gentle yet highly effective
  76. Love it


    For my sensitive skin, I use three times a week when my skin is stable. Great product
  77. love it


    been using it since forever...love everything this brand offers.
  78. Good for sensitive skin


    This is an excellent product for sensitive skin, however if you have breakout prone oily skin I would go for a 'rougher' scrub like the Skinstitut Glycolic scrub.
  79. My HG product!


    I've been using the daily microfoliant for over year 10 years!

    Have tried many other alternatives but just keep returning back because it just keeps delivering results. Contains salicylic acid for a deeper cleanse for those with combo skin like mine, and the rice based enzyme gives a non evasive physical exfoliation. Gentle to use daily and the powdered form is perfect for travel too...
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  80. Lovely everyday exfoliant


    I find this to be the perfect daily exfoliant. I don't want to be using something too harsh and abrasive, and I find this is just the right consistency! Skin is radiant after using. Dermalogica products are a bit pricey but worth it in my opinion!
  81. Daily!


    this is good to use daily! lasts ages! only need a small amount, ok for sensitive skin!
  82. Can’t live without this


    The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is one of my holy grail products. This combined with AHA products has transformed the texture of my skin - it’s so smooth I even notice a difference with how my makeup applies. It’s so effective yet gentle enough to use every day on my sensitive skin and doesn’t cause any irritation. HIGHLY recommend
  83. One of the best exfoliators I've used


    This is a fantastic exfoliator. I have extremely sensitive skin yet I can still use this every night. It both physically exfoliates with its gritty texture, and chemically exfoliates at the same time resulting in really smooth skin. I use this after the Special Cleansing Gel and no longer suffer with flaky skin and patchy makeup applications like I usually do.

    It only loses half a poi...
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  84. Breakfast for your face


    This daily exfoliant has done wonders to my skin. It's improved my overall texture, redness, dry spots, blackheads and makes my skin so much smoother for applying my makeup. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin like a lot of other products. Worth the price
  85. groundbreaking daily cleanser


    Cant say it does a deeeeeep exfoliation, but this is groundbreaking stuff to use on a daily basis. I use this in the daytime + SPF, and it shouldnt be used as a make up removing cleanser. Have been using this for a while now, probably wont use any other morning cleanser for a while.
  86. It cleans well.


    Received a sample of this. I have combination skin. After cleansing, I applied this product to exfoliate. It is a powder that needs to be mixed with a little water to make up a paste. It was a little confusing as I didn't know how thick the consistency was supposed to be. Don't expect to feel the usual "grainy" texture as it is a smooth paste. I could feel my skin very clean after rinsing. Maybe ...
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  87. Good


    Nice and light exfoliator that doesn't feel harsh or rough on the skin. This has really helped with texture on my skin
  88. gentle microfoliant


    Doesn't do a 'deep' clean but rather cleans off the superficial textural residue on the skin.
  89. good product


    Got a sample of this but I think I can't use it daily. I'm sensitive skin.
  90. Gentle exfoliant on sensitive skin


    I purchased the full size after having tried out a sample I received in an Adore order. This worked wonders on my dry and sensitive skin. The powder formula works well for exfoliation, but if not careful, you can loose some product. Having since tried another daily exfoliant, I prefer the other one to the Dermalogica as the other is better value for money and application is easier.
  91. awesome


    this is such a great exfoliator but don't overuse as it can make you break out
  92. Amazing exfoliator


    This is a really good exfoliator, it is very gentle however it makes your skin feel so smooth afterwards. It is a bit weird to use a powder but it works so well and it lasts for so long.
  93. Changed my skin for the better!


    Although it is expensive, this stuff has literally changed the tone and clarity of my skin. You don't need alot, therefore it will last you a really long time. Helped to clear my acne-prone skin and keep it looking bright and glowy. Will be repurchasing 110%!
  94. The best


    Really lovely stuff. So good and gentle on my sensitive skin.
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